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Anti-White Police Hiring

A York Regional Police cruiser at Highway 7 an...

York Regional Police cruiser subtly positioned in front of a Chinese restaurant

We’ve also worked hard to change the FACE of the force…”

Those are the words of a now-retired 56 yr. old York Regional police chief who, since 19 yrs. of age had remained with the same employer until his recent retirement.

Armand La Barge boasted how the York Regional Police had increased its NON-white racial proportion  from 6% to now 16%, but he doesn’t mention at whose expense. Dare we say…. better qualified WHITE Canadian males??

Although La Barge touts of being a champion of racial diversity in one of Canada’s larger police services located on Toronto’s northern boundary, what qualified him to implement this transformation and why?

Beating the drums in celebration of “racial diversity” demonstrates a serious lack of understanding of how racial politics really works.

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One-trick” ponies are more easily led around the circus tent by holding a carrot in front of their noses. Being thoroughly conditioned to follow a set pattern, they’re offered even greater rewards to remain within that circular perimeter, on the condition they follow “the program“.  Needless to say, independent reasoning abilities are neither encouraged, nor accepted during or after these  indoctrination sessions.

Thinking outside of their box ring becomes a truly frightening experience for those who are brainwashed with the latest socially-engineered program designed to further dis-empower Canada’s “privileged” White citizens.

[ Of the 7,000,000,000 people on this planet, what percentage of  those people are of the minority White race? ANSWER]

Simply expressing the words “white race” in a sentence becomes anathema to these “useful idiots” — lest their listeners suspect them of being “racist“.

Black, Brown and Asian (yellow) races have no problem supporting their racial entitlement rights, ….so what prevents White people from exercising their equal rights to similar causes?

Diversity is a code word, a euphemism for a racial preference system where chosen minority groups are given special preferences… BECAUSE of their skin color. The gentle veneer of  the word ‘diversity’ shrouds an illegal, dishonest, and hypocritical racial agenda.

Real people get hurt by diversity. Qualified candidates get passed over while unqualified persons attain positions well beyond their capabilities. Educations are denied. Excellent businesses never get funded… meaning jobs don’t get created. Shaky (minority) businesses get government guaranteed loans and then default. Careers and businesses get ruined. The taxpayers pick up the tab. ….more.

The indoctrination of “White guilt” is never thoroughly examined by members of the White race, but simply accepted as part of their conditioning process. For this example, no questions are asked as to why “racial diversity” should become a matter of great importance within a Canadian police service.

Do the Punjab Police make a gallant effort in accommodating NON-Indian police recruits as our Winnipeg Police Service have done in accommodating their foreign nationals? Do the Chinese police make great strides in promoting the “joys of diversity” within their police forces, and at the expense of Chinese-born police recruits? Absolutely not!

Almost none of Canada’s population of 35 million people are eagerly flocking to India (1.2 Billion) or to China (1, 300,000,000), yet their nationalities are arriving here by the thousands every week!  

To acquiesce to 3rd-world colonization through self-defeating immigration policies is foolish enough, but to aid & abet foreign colonizers by offering them OUR well-paid jobs based on the phony “principles” of employment-equity (affirmative action) programs, should raise a hue and a cry.  On the contrary, there’s nothing heard but deadly silence on these  racial displacement policies. After all, we wouldn’t want to be called a “racist“, eh?

European pioneers (not immigrants!!), and their descendants (that’s us!) — who through blood, sweat and tears — are the very people who invented and developed a sovereign nation called Canada in 1867.

It was our European forefathers who designed and built our railroads and highways to accommodate our forestry, mining and manufacturing industries that led to the modern national infrastructure that supports us today. Our hard-won infrastructure also supports those millions of  incongruous 3rd-worlders now living amongst us, and whose own overcrowded countries still wallow under 3rd world conditions after thousands of years.

JUST TODAY, (and every day) more than 1,000 new immigrants, and temporary” foreign workers land on Canadian soil seeking to partake in our national welfare state. An astounding 87% of these arriving foreigners hail from 3rd-world, NON-white countries!

If you’re curious of how Toronto has “benefited” from all the needless immigration, read this Globe & Mail story.

Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman admonished the Wall Street Journal for its idée fixe on open-border immigration policy. “It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state,” he warned.

Immigrants immediately begin competing against Canadians in a stagnant job market (including those $90,000 police jobs) during an economic downturn that’s not expected to improve in the near future.

Through our ANTI-white employment-equity programs, recent immigrant visible-minorities are often given special treatment over and above White Canadian-born citizens in their own country!

Imagine the governments of Pakistan, the Philippines, India or China offering arriving White Europeans special job preferences/work promotions due to their skin colour. Of course, that foolishness would never happen in those countries. This insane practice is not only tolerated in Canada, but is actually promoted in this land of pandering fools. How many White Canadian generations are left before we succumb to the same treatment meted out to Canada’s Native Indians?

White European Canadians are simply committing racial suicide by allowing mass 3rd world immigration to swamp our country at a furious pace. (See the chart below.)

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001 --Stats Canada

[Those Visible-Minority (NON-white) numbers now exceed 19% according to the 2011 Census Report. The 6,000,000+ foreigners (six million!) who've landed on our sovereign soil since 1981 is the greatest immigration deception ever perpetrated on White Canadians who are destined to become a minority-race within the next few decades.]

In their lemming-like quest to justify racial diversity, the “useful idiots genuflect before their multi-culti gods and parrot inane clichés such as “it’s now more reflective of the multicultural community it serves”or other such patronizing drivel.

How would a 19 year old “Armand La Barge” react in TODAY’s Political-Correct Canada after discovering that his lifelong ambitions in police work were thwarted when it was suggested to him that White men need not apply after being DISPLACED, e.g…. by some recent Black African immigrant for the sole purpose of filling a colour-coded quota system? These are the ANTI-White hiring policies that exist today.

 Power-Tripping NON-white Cop Abusing White Canadian Woman

White people have been thoroughly brainwashed to act against our own best interests, and one that calls for immediate de-programing to help extricate ourselves from this web of deceit, lies, and social engineering. Cultural Marxism is the guiding force that holds us spell-bound for purposes of converting us into their compliant and obedient slaves, and it’s those “principles” that must be challenged at every opportunity.

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