Political INcorrect Constructs Arranged To Awaken Slumbering Minds…

Stupid WHITE Man Commercials

T.V. Commercial – “Smart” BLACK “Leader” – “Dumb” WHITE “Follower”
Note the group positioning: White woman placed next to Asian man and the White “dolt” asking Black woman out for a drink.

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8 thoughts on “Stupid WHITE Man Commercials

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  4. northernsea on said:

    Thanks for the links. I had found the first one, but not the second one.

  5. Two websites that are diligently trying to change the narrative tone of those “evil” Germans, and of that country are:



  6. northernsea on said:

    Yes indeed, the violence against Whites in Europe and the US is escalating and there are few that are fighting back. However, there are some and of course they are denigrated in the mainstream press as Nazis or Fascists. I broke the taboo, the demon of fascism by reading Mein Kampf and realizing that Hitler was not a demon and that he was trying to save his race. Albeit, there were things they did that I personally could not tolerate, but war is war and Stalin and the Jews killed more whites than Hitler did Jews and the allies killed and starved more Germans than Hitler killed Jews and yet we are supposed to think the Jewish hollowcaust was the worst thing in history. Sorry, no. Perhaps when all the those who blindly went to war against Hitler die, people will wake up. In Canada, it is the legion who will not let people know the truth. I always wondered as a child why men who fought in the war never ever said what they did. We were just supposed to believe they were somehow heroes.

  7. northernsea on said:

    The thing is this ad is a total inversion of reality. Who invented the computer? It is usually hysterical people who use all caps and invent lousy excuses. Once you see the inversions and role reversals, the subversive intent is obvious. I stopped watching TV about 8 years ago and have not missed it at all. I call it reclaiming by brain.

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