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IRISH People Being Dismantled

Read:   http://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/50-million-africans-invited-to-europe/

ONE DECADE to DESTROY one Homogeneous White Nation

Population of NIGERIA170,000,000 people

Population of IRELAND —      4,680,000 people



ICELAND, too! … Incongruent Black Africans introducing their primitive cultures to Icelanders!

So, not to leave you entirely depressed … listen to the uplifting musical brilliance of Franz Schubert.   H/T to:   http://aryanstreet.com/2014/06/13/make-your-life-count/


LEARN from ancient history what befalls the White Race when allowing incompatible NON-whites into our nations.

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Today’s White Nations are “BROWNING OUT” as did former White nations from thousands of years ago.


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S.O.S. – Saving Our Selves

 FOR us!




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Why We Deny Reality

From DailyKenn.com

I recall the first time I viewed VDare.com.

It was years ago when the site was still in its old cumbersome and difficult to read format. My mind was awash with guilt and foreboding as I realized, to my shock and horror, that I had landed on one of those “racist”, “white supremacist” websites. I shirked away in sullen guilt, overwhelmed with shame that I had allowed myself to cast a glimpse at such disgusting content … even though I hadn’t actually read it.

Later, I learned my assessment of VDare.com was wrong. That false impression was subtly implanted in my mind by external sources, critics whose agendas were contrary to those of American patriots.

Fortunately, my curiosity drove me to investigate. I discovered that the web site’s publisher, Peter Brimelow, was a highly respected and well-known investment guru. He was hardly one of those hooded hillbilly caricatures concocted by the left. Furthermore, Brimelow is not even from the South.  He is of British birth.

My second look at VDare.com included a few moments of actually reading the content. Still a bit of flush tinged my face from residual brainwashing encounters that flood the media, I tepidly proceeded only to learn that VDare.com had been grossly misrepresented. It’s content had little to do with race, but focused instead, on immigration. Racial aspects were, of course, included.

What I previously presumed to be brain poison turned out to be the cure for latent traces of Marxism that tainted my otherwise libertarian-conservative brain. A lust for reality and quest for truth compelled me to continue to visit the site almost daily.

In time I discovered other web sites, such as Amren.com and the coarser, but honest (Stuff Black People Don’t Like)  SBPDL.com, and the more docile but ever-so-sexy AngryWhiteDude.com. No longer restrained by chains of guilt, I was free to explore in search of simple truth.

A question arises:

Where does the guilt sensation come from when we encounter bits of reality that conflict with the prevailing cultural Marxist agenda? Who laid the mental track that our minds are to run on? Why are we awash with guilt when we allow ourselves to consider reality regarding racial and other matters? Why did our great-great-grandparents thinks so differently? Are we truly enlightened? Or has our thinking been dulled and darkened?

Our environment, particularly entertainment television and cable news, are an ongoing sensitivity class that instructs us what to think and what thoughts are taboo. When public figures defy those taboos (think Michael Richards and Don Imus), they are presented to us as demonic examples; evidence that abject evil still exists in this world in the form of racism (always White racism!) Their sins are greatly exaggerated while more serious racism — such as the epidemic of black-on-white violent crime — is ignored. In time our minds are molded so efficiently that we think their thoughts are our thoughts and, eventually, they actually become our thoughts.

We become so sensitized that we shirk in horror at the slightest suggestion of “racism”, even where it does not exist. Liberals use this to their advantage. The so-called “race card” is effectively used as a noose that drags us about at will.

We live in perennial fear of being labeled a “racist”.

Our fear is then channeled by projecting it back on the source by denial. Our denial is often expressed as sarcasm and ridicule (and occasionally anger).

Nonetheless, reality remains.   >Source

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Muhammad Ali Spoke The Truth

Citizen Reporters Wanted

Dr. David Duke and his incredibly, important work … need you!

Davidduke.com needs eloquent and intelligent advocates to contribute articles and information for the benefit of its readers.

English: David Duke in Flanders, Belgium.

David Duke in Flanders, Belgium.

This website, and its affiliates have become the Internet’s leading source of information, news and views on the Zio-Globalist threat to all mankind.

People from all over the earth come to this website every day to find out the truth behind world events. Our loyal readership and dedicated supporters continue to grow dramatically. This site’s popularity is built upon the lifetime efforts of my work and the efforts of a growing team of individuals like you.

Do you have something important to say which should reach a wider audience? Would you like to see your writing featured here? Now is your chance to do more than complain! If you are up to the challenge, your talents can join with ours.

We need advocates who will give our people the guidance they need to transform their thinking, learn the truth, empower their own lives and change to the world. If you can write with intelligence and good grammar, we would love to see your writing featured here. We need you to write original articles exposing the hypocrisy of our enemies and illustrating the reality of our truth.

If you can go through news and find articles, and explain them to our people in terms of the impact they have, and can present it in a clear and effective way, then we would love to have you join our team. You have probably seen articles in the general media or on other sites that deserve to be shared with other people. If you think such articles would be valuable to our readers, we would you to share them with our followers around the world.

You can submit them under your own name, a pseudonym, or no name at all, if you want.  >Source

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The Best of Russia

Русы – Белая раса

H/T http://hardons-blog.blogspot.co.uk/
We must secure the existence of our people, and a FUTURE for White Children.

Мы должны защитить само существование нашего народа и будущее для белых детей.

Wir müssen den Fortbestand unserer Rasse bewahren und die Zukunft der weissen Kinder sicherstellen.

[The percentage (%) of the diminishing WHITE PEOPLE on Earth?? ANSWER]

English: A very low res snip of the duo Ill Ch...

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Historical WHITE Slavery Revealed

From Resisting Defamation

If an ANTI-white American teacher or professor mentions some destructive effects of European exploration and settlement in the Western Hemisphere without mentioning the lessons that indigenous White Europeans received in destruction at the hands of Mongols, Turks, and Arabs for 900 years PRIOR to, and simultaneously with, the great European explorations in the 1400s, 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s,… then remind them about the great invasions, and their likely influence, on the mind-set of (today’s) Europeans.

Taizu, better known as Genghis Khan. Portrait ...

Taizu, better known as Genghis Khan.

A critical tactic by white-hating people is “clock-setting” or “clock-starting.” This means that any narrative, or story about history, has a beginning point which is always arbitrary, and serves to deceive readers about history by selecting a beginning point that disadvantages one or another of the narrative’s participants.

An excellent example appeared on the 01/02/03 CounterPunch website in an essay by a professor of economics at Northeastern University named M. Shahid Alam. The relevant part is in the sixth paragraph which engages in “clock-starting” in 1492, as follows:

“Starting in 1492, the guns of the West have been pointed incessantly outward. For more than five hundred years, the steel of the Western sword, lance, gun and bomb have been planted in the bones and flesh of Africans, Australians, Asians and native Americans….Over 500 years, entire continents were devastated, societies over-thrown, their civilizations denigrated, their peoples decimated, herded into slavery and stranded without dignity.”

This is the Big Lie version of world history that is taught today at most universities and high schools in the USA. Professor Alam resolutely ignores the dangers and destructions facing White indigenous Europeans and cultures from the Asian-based Mongols, Asian-based Turks, and Asian- and African-based Arabs during the same time period.

Diverse White European cultures faced destruction many times before, and since 1492, but those parts of history are concealed by dishonest professors like Professor Alam whose only interest is in promoting a debased picture of White European histories, diversities, cultures, and societies that magically commenced in 1492. Incidentally, “1492” and “five hundred years” are frequently code words that identify the Alam historical narrative.

The campaign of defamation against the diverse White American peoples has included the suppression in high schools and colleges, of knowledge about the invasions of Europe within historical memory, each of which had a profound and continuing impact on the shared perceptions of the diverse White American peoples. Young White Americans never learn of these profound influences on their histories, heritages, cultures, and diversities in our public schools.

For example, research reveals that the anti-Asian sentiment in California in the mid-1800s, included vivid memories of the great invasions and destruction of homes, hometowns, churches, states, and people by the Mongol Empire which wasn’t finally crushed until the time of Catherine the Great of Russia — when George Washington was president.

Catherine the Great - the most famous Russian ...

Catherine the Great – the most famous Russian Empress of German descent

True history would include the long-lasting and historically recent Mongol, Turkish, and Arab invasions into Europe that shaped the indigenous White European perceptions of each of the three peoples, and continues to frame those perceptions among many diasporic White Americans.

One centuries-long series of brutal militaristic invasions into Europe was the North African-based Arab, Berber, and Turkish incursions and slave-takings for 700 years in Southern and Western Europe that only ended in 1492.

Given that the generally ANTI-European and ANTI-Christian bias in Wikipedia, the reader may find there, a moderately accurate account of the Battle of Tours in 732 which marked the farthest invasion of Western Europe by Arabs.

MILLIONS of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Sicilian peoples were slaughtered, or enslaved and sold at slave markets in Africa and Asia. There were no fewer than 4 major bloody Arab and Berber crusades into Southern Europe during this period.

Also — for centuries — Turkish warlords on the North African coast indulged in massive slave-taking operations and massacres of indigenous European peoples from Ireland, England, Scotland, Iceland, and all along the Adriatic, North Atlantic, and North Mediterranean coasts.

American shipping in the early years of the American republic was also oppressed by the Turkish warlords dwelling among the Arabs and Berbers along the North African coast.

A 2nd – centuries-long series — of plundering and butchering crusades was by the Asian Mongols and lasted for 550 years in Eastern and Central Europe.

Millions of Europeans were slaughtered or sold at slave markets in Asia. These invasions did not completely end until around the end of the American war for independence when Catherine the Great of Russia wiped out the last Mongol-installed khanate (kingdom) on the Crimean peninsula in 1783.

Dozens of European principalities and cities were destroyed by Mongol armies as they converted the populated plains and river basins of East and Central Europe into grazing grounds for horses and cattle.

More Europeans were killed by Mongols than those killed by Stalin, Hitler, and Napoleon combined. (You may also include Eisenhower, Roosevelt & Churchill in that group – ELN Editor)

The viciousness of the Mongol invasions is shown by the fact that they engaged in the first recorded biological warfare. European merchants at trading posts on the coast of the Black Sea were driven out when Mongols hurled dead bodies of victims of the Bubonic Plague (the Black Death) over the trading post walls. When the traders retreated to Venice, the Bubonic Plague accompanied them and led to death by disease of up to 50% of all Europeans in the mid-1300s.

A 3rdcenturies-long series — of marauding and vicious militaristic crusades into Europe was the Asian Turkish invasions and slave-takings in Central Europe for 500 years that ended only about 90 years ago with the collapse of imperial Turkey into its present boundaries. These imperialist crusades took the Turkish empire all the way to the coast of Italy and the walls of Vienna. (More) millions of Europeans were enslaved and sold at slave auctions in North Africa and Southwest Asia.

(Again), given the generally ANTI-European and ANTI-Christian bias in Wikipedia, the reader may find there a moderately accurate account of the Battle of Vienna in 1529 which marked the farthest invasion into Central Europe by Turks.

One depraved feature of the Turkish empire was the frequent slave roundup (“child levy“) throughout the Slavic nations, as far north as the city walls of Moscow and Warsaw. These were no simple, mercantile affairs like the Asian Arab slave-taking expeditions hundreds of miles into the east coast of Africa. These were well-financed and state-run roundups (child-stealing) of young Europeans (often followed by the murder of their parents). >Source

A short 50 minute history lesson you were never taught in school.

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“Racism” – A Talmudic Invention

By Rufus

The word “racism” is a weapon which works on an emotional level to keep the peoples of the world focused on an illusion. Until the last century, the word “racism” didn’t even exist. The word has become another tool of our oppressors, but what does it really mean?

No political correctness

To the non-thinking liberal, the word “racism” provokes feelings of anger at perceived oppression, resulting due to skin colour. This, of course, is exactly what the International Enemy wishes to convey. The powers-that-be have so crafted their politically-correct words of warfare, that the brain-washed liberals who populate much of the West, have come to believe that only NON-Europeans (“NON-whites”) can be oppressed — and thus — that Europeans can be the only people capable of mistreating others due to racial identity. This — like all aspects of “Political Correctness” — is absolute nonsense.

When liberals use the word “racism”, they unconsciously think of hostile actions founded on a belief in “racial supremacy”.

They conjure up, in their own minds, images of hooded (White) Europeans in the USA wearing the robes of the Ku Klux Klan, burning crosses and lynching Africans. This imagery leads to anger, and is focused entirely upon any Europeans who dare question the “wisdom” of multiculturalism. Leftists don’t even consider the fact that many non-Europeans also have no desire to see their people destroyed in the multi-culti ‘melting pot.’

For liberals, the plight of the people of Tibet is a tragedy. Indeed it is.

However, the people who chant “Free Tibet“, and who campaign to have the Chinese withdraw from that occupied nation, recoil in horror at the suggestion that all colonisation should be ended wherever it occurs. The occupied territories in Europe are of absolutely no interest to the wilfully blind liberal bigots, who can only perceive tyranny when the victims have non-White skin.

If Tibet was a European land, the liberals would be shrieking hatred for the indigenous population who wish to hold on to their identity. Those who rejoiced at the end of the British Empire in India idolise those who fought to make the British quit India and restore that land to its people; but they would happily lynch those who argue that the colonists from Pakistan who have swamped many English cities should quit Europe!

Liberals have been poisoned by the ideology of the International enemy, to the point where they have become consumed by self-hatred; which, to use their own term, is nothing but ‘racism’ – racial hatred of their own kind. [ ... ]

However, there is one people which stands out from the rest of humanity; a people led by lunatics who not only believe in Racial Supremacy, but who believe in an all-powerful invisible entity which hates everybody except them, and which will deliver all humanity into slavery to serve these megalomaniacs. That one people — does not come from Europe!  >continue to Full Article


Learn what you’ve never been taught before.

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Ireland’s Unwelcomed Diversity

English: engraving of 'Emigrants leaving Ireland'

There’s actually an expression for this kind of thing. What is it again?

Oh yes, I remember now.  It’s called Population Replacement!  >Source




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…and how goes England & Wales in this losing “population replacementgame??

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