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2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 110,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 5 days for that many people to see it.

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Leftists/Conservatives Equally Guilty

By Vanishing American

English: Assemblyman Rory Lancman, Public Advo...

Assemblyman Rory Lancman, Public Advocate Bill De Blasio, and New York City Councilman Brad Lander.

Both Sides Do This

The left-wing columnist named Richard Cohen is being pummeled by some of his liberal brethren for making certain observations about Bill De Blasio, New York City mayor-elect, and his family. This is causing Schadenfreude by some on the pro-White right.

But this is just what we see on the ‘respectable right‘, where they police conservatives and Whites, in general, to find any evidence of ‘racist‘ speech or actions. I would expect that most of the media leftists who are calling for Cohen’s head are White or Whitish. So this is just another case of Whites turning on each other to prove their own virtue and innocence regarding these radioactive racial issues.

This is just a consequence of ‘diversity‘, this mandated and enforced state of living amongst Others. We cannot discuss freely amongst ourselves lest some holier-than-thou fellow White excoriates us for not toeing the PC (political-correct) line.

Diversity leads to conflict among the people of a host nation which has many people of disparate groups living within their territory. Some people, for whatever reason, will defend unknown outsiders in preference to their own kin and neighbors, or even family members.

As it stands now, blacks are the people who have the most advocates and militant defenders amongst Whites. Ever since the Civil Rights Revolution, Whites have been subtly and not-so-subtly mobilized to defend blacks, particularly, in a knee-jerk fashion against even the slightest criticism. Whites defend blacks more ardently than they would ever defend their own, perhaps even their own family, as witness the case of the late Amy Biehl and her indoctrinated parents.

Suppose, just suppose … that some impartial alien from another planet were to observe our society. What would such a stranger make of the situation amongst our people, where so many of us behave like programmed robots in offering a defense of those who are hostile and inimical to us … often at the expense of ourselves, our kin and neighbors?

But, we have no such impartial observer to tell us how bizarre and unnatural this behavior is; the allegedly objective people we call “psychologists” are of no use because they, too, are under the PC spell — and ”spell” is not an inappropriate word. The philosophers and clergy also are infected with this strange xenophilia, and are also prone to join the hordes who go around calling “racist!” … in response to any mention of unmentionable truths.

Republican and Democrat are also infected with this mania, or (are) under this programming, and one side is only better in only the slightest sense. Almost everyone is part of this xenomania to a greater or lesser extent; Republicans manifest it in different ways, and cater to different ”others”. But only a few seem to have been mysteriously inoculated against it, and they are the only ones who offer any hope in this situation.

In the meantime Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, other, practically all the politicians and media are party to this mutual witch-hunting. When will enough be enough?  >Source: http://vanishingamerican.blogspot.ca/2013/11/both-sides-do-this.html

[For added emphasis, links, underlined, bolded and italicized words by ELN Editor]

WAKE UP, Britain!


Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

In the time of Margaret Thatcher, when the politician, the banker, the businessman and the lawyer advised us to put the privatisation, downsizing and outsourcing of our country’s industry before the jobs that our sons and daughters would lose, and the drugs our future-less grandchildren would turn to … a good many [citizens] followed that advice.

In the time of Blair and Brown, when we were told that “globalisation” and interdependence, concepts — guaranteed by definition — to rob us of our identity, control our own affairs and [provide] more jobs, “were wonderful things“, we didn’t wholly agree, but we didn’t make much of an effort to disagree either.

When the same men insisted that the invasion of Iraq was essential if we wished to remain “safe”, two million British people protested publicly … but most of us did nothing but grumble as America, Oil, Israel and their Downing Street champions forced us into a war that almost no one wanted.

The Chosen also told us that mass immigration was necessary and good for us. The immigrant may have believed this … but, very few others did.

We have been betrayed, ladies and gentlemen, and the fact that so many are still voting for those who have betrayed us … is a terrible indictment upon what we are now.

If you were to work your way through just 10% of the contents of this Blog, and then take the trouble to verify those things you find difficult to believe, your life would change forever.

You would no longer be able to pretend that the politicians and the media-darlings have not lied to you on a major scale, or that they sometimes have your best interests at heart. The truth would be there inside your head and you would never be able to shake free from it. It wouldn’t be just another loser spouting conspiracy theory, it would be you who was figuring things out, and playing the Cassandra with your friends, family and neighbours.

It’s a burden. To know the truth when it is not fashionable is hard. To tell the truth when honesty is illegal is even harder.

If you know it, say it anyway. No matter what pressure THEY put upon you to desist.

Just to give you a bit of a clue as to what we are really up against, I’d like to introduce you to the most Orwellian declaration of intent that I have ever read in a mainstream British newspaper.

The journalist who wrote what you are about to read, felt secure enough in his own elite establishment role to lay his totalitarian beliefs on the line in his own Guardian column (28 February 1999 – http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/1999/feb/28/lawrence.ukcrime4) and, as the newspaper’s editor and owners were content to see such material published, one must presume that they also were not averse to seeing such a Brave New World imposed upon the dumb, British herd.

This is what was said:


Teachers are the most effective anti-racist campaigners in the country, this means more than education in other religions, IT MEANS A FORM OF POLITICAL EDUCATION.

Only people who understand the economic forces changing their world, THREATENING THEM… have a chance of being immune to the old tribal chants…




When I read this article I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

[FRANCE, Too! This traitorous President of France encourages the traditional citizens of France to race-mix with Africans, Indians or any race not of their own. In fact, all traditional WHITE NATIONS have come under the same agenda of enforced MISCEGENATION (race mixing) ... and ONLY White Nations.

The world's minority Euro-White people are only 8 percent of the world's population, and diminishing in numbers every year.]

1984? Animal Farm? We had arrived, we were there already. It wasn’t paranoia after all, it was very, very real. It didn’t matter what we did, it didn’t matter what we said, it didn’t matter what we wanted, it didn’t matter how we voted, the same old dark manipulators would always be in charge and we better start getting used to it.

Or else.

BBC Politics journalist Andrew Marr on the red...

BBC Politics journalist Andrew Marr

The liberal commissar responsible for the casual “sabre rattle” recorded above … was none other than that most languid Master of political ceremonies, Andrew Marr, top bloke at the BBC, eponymous host of Sunday morning’s “Andrew Marr Show” and one of the most powerful political journalists of the age.

The chattering classes have every bit as much of a hold over our lives as the politicians do.

They hand our opinions to us on a plate, they shape our beliefs and attitudes. Everything the media throws at us, from cradle to grave, affects the way we behave and think.

Shiny eyed zealots such as Andrew Marr, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown do not care what we want or feel — they care only for the promised land that their wisdom, their insight and their determination will lead us on to in the future.

So now you know.

Now you know what THEY have been doing all this time. Now you know what THEY have been thinking all this time. Now you know what THEY are still doing and thinking and will carry on doing and thinking until THEY are stopped.

And they won’t stop, you know. They won’t, all of a sudden, come to their senses. They won’t change their minds and have some kind of Damascene conversion when they realise what terrible damage their idiot, schoolboy Bolshevism has done to us. You see, we don’t count, they do. We don’t know, they do. It’ll be good for us in the long run, you see.

We don’t seem to have realised that “repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good“. We don’t seem to be aware that if evangelistic upper-crust brainboxes like Marr, Brown and Blairstamp hard on certain natural beliefs for long enough” and “kill them off“, why, we’ll all live happily ever after in their global, elite-run Wonderland!

United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Gor...

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown

I mean, has Gordon Brown changed his globalist tune since sub-prime, the credit-crunch and world-wide recession blew the banker-cuddling “Prudent Chancellor” out of the water?

Ladies and gentlemen, in just one 18 April 2008 speech, he used the word “global” and its derivatives 79 TIMES! Well, he’s hardly stopped using the same New World Order buzz-words since, despite the fact that what we are having to endure now, has come about as a direct result of unfettered globalisation.

Remember this, folks: that’s us … that Andrew Marr was talking about. The British people.  >  Source


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50 Million Africans Invited To EUROPE

Did YOU Know?

A Black family born in a white-ruled nation is forced to live in poverty-stricken conditions because:

1) … the unemployed father is DENIED his sovereign right to lawfully seek employment in the nation’s job market because of his swarthy complexion. “Employment-equity/affirmative action” exists to serve only the White majority population … not the Black minority.

2)… the Black family is DENIED access to social welfare benefits and forced to live “rough” on city streets, or in makeshift, unsanitary squatter camps without running water, nor with proper toilet facilities, or they’re forced to live in rural barns alongside pigs and other farm animals.

Additionally, and further out into the country’s expanse of rural farmland, hard-working Black farmers and their families are systematically being slaughtered to death without remorse by marauding, blood-thirsty White murderers plundering their isolated homes. The Black Women and children are often raped and tortured in the most gruesome, gut-wrenching manner.

Now, you’d be correct to ask … something is not quite right here?!

That’s because NONE of this described scenario is true!

But — reverse the racial components — and you’ll discover the events described … are actually occurring to White people in today’s Black-run South Africa.

In fact, many North American and European household pets (cats and dogs) are treated better, and enjoy a higher standard of living than what impoverished White people receive in South Africa.

You will not find these noteworthy stories reported in western newspapers, or by listening to your television news reader … so read on and validate this deliberately suppressed news for yourself.

WARNING: Gruesome photos of MURDERED White South Africans.




(Note: The term “Afrikaners” (Boer) refers to WHITE PEOPLE born, raised, or living in South Africa … whose first language is Afrikaans and whose original ancestors were Dutch Europeans … the very White people responsible for inventing, building and successfully establishing the country itself.)

White South Africans Fighting Back!


South African Killing Fields

“Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”

South African Child SEX-SLAVES


White South Africans DENIED Jobs


White GENOCIDE In South Africa

South Africa – GENOCIDAL Slaughter-House


South African BLACK Empowerment

… other South African news items
are found in the “Category” link
in the right side-bar, or click HERE.

For more updated South African
news items on this subject
matter, check out:


Daily Stormer Report

By Andrew Anglin

It is three months since I launched this site on July 4, 2013, and I believe it is appropriate to give a status report.

The response has been fantastic. According to Alexa, the premiere site for ranking website traffic, we are now sitting at 156,554, which might sound pretty far down, but makes us among the most popular nationalist websites in the world (as comparison, at time of writing, DavidDuke.com is at 156,272).

This is a new model following the “trutheralternative media platform, while injecting a fanatically nationalist narrative, and offering the solution of authoritarian socialism to the problems presented.


Alex Jones

I believe this site should begin to set the standard, as the old-line Alex Jones-type “NWO” movement attacking the government and preaching impotent libertarianism as a vague solution to this vague enemy … is in the process of imploding, as people wake up to the otherwise obvious fact that all of the centers of power in the western world are dominated by Jews [...]

The site is still in what I have called a “beta mode,” as we are figuring out how best to do things.

This is all a lot more complicated than you might think; still, in the last three months, we’ve posted 1,711 articles, which is about 19 a day.

My main goal, in working to perfect the site, is to get as many good people involved as is possible. There is surely a place for anyone who is interested to use their skills to do something helpful.

We are Looking for More Featured Writers

If you are a writer, perhaps even run your own blog dealing with these topics, send me a sample or a link. There is not really another place where your material would get more exposure than right here. It also makes much more sense to have a central location for this type of material, rather than expecting each person interested to follow dozens of blogs.

As I am aware everyone likes to have their own space – I do as well, which is why I have kept my Total Fascism site – you can continue to post on your own blog, while cross-posting your articles here.

We will also give you a link in the sidebar, where it says “Our Writers,” where people can click your name and see all of your material. As I understand the struggle of trying to do all this work and not getting paid, but am unable to myself pay commissions for work, I also plan to set up a donations page which give people the option of donating not only to the site, but also to individual writers whose work they appreciate.

My long-term goal is to do away with most, if not all, of the mainstream news (MSM) reposts on the site, and replace them with original material. This is, of course, a monumental task, and it will take a while to work up to that point.

Given that we try to give a round-about presentation of things here on the site, covering all things a White man might need to know, including science, history, spirituality and art, we are not looking for writers merely to cover strictly racial or social issues. Anyone who writes well about anything should send a submission.

English: WordPress Logo

Also, anyone who is good with WordPress, who would be interested in doing posting work, would be highly appreciated as well. Right now, we are still doing the reposting thing, and will be for a while, but when we get to the point of a majority original content, we will still need someone to help post the work of our contributors.

If you read a lot, but are not comfortable writing, you could also play a role finding material to be featured on the site.  […}  http://www.dailystormer.com/daily-stormer-report-three-months-in/

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WHO Controls The Narrative

… and another Blog seeking WRITERS

h/t to http://www.nationalprotectionism.com/renegade-tribune-is-looking-for-authors/

Propagandizing “News” Stories

From Crimes of The Times

In A Brazen Above-The-Fold Front Page Morality-Whore Snob Fest, The New York Times Takes Competitive Altruism To A New Level Of (the) Pathological

As we have seen — ad-infinitum – in the past, the only time the New York Times (newspaper) publishes photos of ordinary White people above the fold, is when those featured are either freaks, social justice crusaders, criminals, or sick / elderly, and soon-to-be extinct.

New York Times headline from October 31, 1938

New York Times headline from October 31, 1938

When was the last time you saw a normal, healthy, successful White male on the front page of the NYT … who was not the object of some derision, scandal or conflict?

Answer:  It’s been a while.

In the same way that the slithering, rapacious, reality-reversing vermin at Amerika’s newspaper-of-record have kept their self-loathing SWPL readership in the dark about what history will show … has become one of the greatest yacht racing events in history, if the News Aint Fit The Agenda, It Wont Be Print. [The scandalous, utter paucity of NYT coverage of the Amerika's Cup is a sad post for another day].

Today the swine at the Times gives us a front-page feature story entitled “Trading Privilege For Privation, Family Hits A Nerve In South Africa”

Yes, this article is exactly what you would expect to drool forth from the One-Worlder-Afro-Uplifters at the New York Times :

 – pathologically guilty, liberal White family :  check √

 – paternalistic depiction of african “suffering :  check √ 

 – utter absence of honest discussion on african failure:  check √

 – blaming the “legacy of apartheid” on african inability to emerge from the Stick Age :  check √


English: South Africa (orthographic projection)

Country of South Africa

By the way, here is the blog, http://mamelodiforamonth.co.za/ reeking of status-whoring, oneupmanship, that Julian Hewitt and his DWL wife Ena, published during the month that they spent slumming it in the township a mere six miles from their gated community.

Oh the shame! Oh the guilt ! (I would say that in this case “DWL” does not stand for “Disingenuous White Liberal” as much as it stands for “Delusional White Liberal.”

And since they supposedly had their young children with them during the month they spent among the natives, perhaps it should be revised to “DWDWL,” or “Death Wish Delusional White Liberal.”)

The fact that their young children were not killed, or eaten, is a fluke; in a sane society these people would be shunned … possibly imprisoned.

The New York Times: Encouraging Mass Insanity Among The Planet’s Haves … Since 1994   >Source

(For emphasis, all underlined, bolded words, and added links by ELN Editor)

…meanwhile, the usual  SILENCE prevails around these stories:

South Africa – Genocidal Slaughterhouse

South African Child Sex Slaves

“Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”

South African Killing Fields


South African BLACK Empowerment

WHITE South Africans Denied Jobs

The “Real” South Africa

Black Mob Violence


The Universality of Black Mob Violence

First, my congratulations to Canada’s CBC News for referring to this mob assault as “swarming” and “an attack.”

The headline read, “20 young men kick, punch group in Dartmouth swarming.”

The Media in the U.S.A. generally refer to such attacks as “fights” to make it appear the the victims and their attackers were equally to blame.

One such mob attack occurred in Georgia where Joshua Heath Chellew was assaulted by four Black males at a Chevron gas station. Like the attack mentioned above, the mob appeared to select Chellew as a random victim merely because he was White. Chellew was severely beaten, then forced into oncoming traffic where he was killed. That attack occurred in June of this year.

The Associated Press shamefully reported Chellew’s murder as a “fight” that spilled into the street.

The attack reported by CBC News occurred in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A group of about 20 Black males overwhelmed 4 men, beating one so severely that he required hospitalization.

Although mob attacks are not commonly reported by the national mainstream media in the United States, they are, however, extremely common. White-on-black mob attacks are virtually unheard of, with the notable exception of historical accounts largely concocted in the minds of history revisionists who omit essential details, such as provocation.

Just within recent days we’ve become aware of four additional reports from local media:

• On July 21st in Baltimore a Black mob attacked a man, apparently for sport. The mob consisted of 10 to 15 Black males, all in their teens. Four were arrested, the youngest being fourteen years old. (See video.)

• On July 14th in Milwaukee a Black mob attacked a 34-year-old White man named Christopher.

• On June 25th, a family in Niagara Falls was attacked in a park by a Black mob of ten to fifteen.

• On June 25th a small, White teen was attack outside a recreation center by a group of older and larger Black teens. After being beaten to the side walk, one of the attacker repeatedly kicked the boy’s head into the concrete. The attack was captured on video.

The similarities between these six mob attacks and thousands of other like them is incredible. Groups of young Black males seek out non-blacks for violent group assaults that nearly always include severe beating, kicking, and stomping. The attackers have no empathy for their victims. Conversely, such attacks captured on video show the attackers expressing delight as they laugh at their victim’s demise. Perhaps the most infamous of such videos is the attack of trucker Reginald Denny during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles.

Matthew Owens was a victim of a Black mob attack in 2012.
He was hospitalized in critical condition.

Those similarities coupled with the diverse locations, one could be inclined to believe they were somehow centrally planned and executed.

One attack occurred in Canada where the Black population is considerably smaller than in the United States. All were Black mobs that attacked White victims apparently for sport. It’s hard to believe they are coincidental, but they are.

The phenomenon of roving Black mobs overwhelming unsuspecting White people appears to be rooted in an inbred genetic trait. That’s not to say that all Black males are inclined to mob violence. It is to observe that such violence is almost uniquely Black and is extremely common. Consider the above attacks were widespread, spanning from the deep South, (and up) to Canada. Obviously, the attackers in Canada had no communication with those in Georgia.

No other ethnic group is known to commit such frequent racially motivated mob attacks.

If such behavior were not genetically predisposed, we would expect multiple generations of exposure to White culture and behavioral norms to have made a substantial impression on Black culture. Violent mob violence would have long since disappeared.

The fact that such behavior remains a significant part of Black culture in spite of the strong impression of Western civilization strongly argues in favor of genetic predisposition.

Such violence has been epidemic in America for generations. Abraham Lincoln even mentions such an attack in his autobiography. At the age of 19, Lincoln and a companion were attacked by a mob of seven Blacks.

The simple, naked and unanswerable hatred that James Balwin wrote about in 1955 is evidently being answered many times today:

There is, I should think, no Negro living in America who has not felt, briefly or for long periods, with anguish sharp or dull, in varying degrees and to varying effect, simple, naked and unanswerable hatred; who has not wanted to smash any White face he may encounter in a day, to violate, out of motives of the cruelest vengeance — their women — to break the bodies of all White people and ‘bring them low’…
 (Black writer – James Baldwin)

(H/T  http://blackracismandracehatred.blogspot.ca/2012/12/89-whites-murdered-intimate-partner.html

If this behavior is genetic, the common suggestions that stronger families and more economic opportunities will alleviate the problem, fall silent. The epidemic of Black mob violence cannot be controlled or even contained until we have the courage to set aside politically correct denial, and boldly confront the problem directly.   >Source

But wait, there’s more … much, much more:

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Black Mob Violence in U.S.A.

AUSTRALIA Meets With Black Crime

African Violence Comes to IRELAND


Crime & Race

…other websites

Thug Report

Violence Against Whites


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Why We Deny Reality

From DailyKenn.com

I recall the first time I viewed VDare.com.

It was years ago when the site was still in its old cumbersome and difficult to read format. My mind was awash with guilt and foreboding as I realized, to my shock and horror, that I had landed on one of those “racist”, “white supremacist” websites. I shirked away in sullen guilt, overwhelmed with shame that I had allowed myself to cast a glimpse at such disgusting content … even though I hadn’t actually read it.

Later, I learned my assessment of VDare.com was wrong. That false impression was subtly implanted in my mind by external sources, critics whose agendas were contrary to those of American patriots.

Fortunately, my curiosity drove me to investigate. I discovered that the web site’s publisher, Peter Brimelow, was a highly respected and well-known investment guru. He was hardly one of those hooded hillbilly caricatures concocted by the left. Furthermore, Brimelow is not even from the South.  He is of British birth.

My second look at VDare.com included a few moments of actually reading the content. Still a bit of flush tinged my face from residual brainwashing encounters that flood the media, I tepidly proceeded only to learn that VDare.com had been grossly misrepresented. It’s content had little to do with race, but focused instead, on immigration. Racial aspects were, of course, included.

What I previously presumed to be brain poison turned out to be the cure for latent traces of Marxism that tainted my otherwise libertarian-conservative brain. A lust for reality and quest for truth compelled me to continue to visit the site almost daily.

In time I discovered other web sites, such as Amren.com and the coarser, but honest (Stuff Black People Don’t Like)  SBPDL.com, and the more docile but ever-so-sexy AngryWhiteDude.com. No longer restrained by chains of guilt, I was free to explore in search of simple truth.

A question arises:

Where does the guilt sensation come from when we encounter bits of reality that conflict with the prevailing cultural Marxist agenda? Who laid the mental track that our minds are to run on? Why are we awash with guilt when we allow ourselves to consider reality regarding racial and other matters? Why did our great-great-grandparents thinks so differently? Are we truly enlightened? Or has our thinking been dulled and darkened?

Our environment, particularly entertainment television and cable news, are an ongoing sensitivity class that instructs us what to think and what thoughts are taboo. When public figures defy those taboos (think Michael Richards and Don Imus), they are presented to us as demonic examples; evidence that abject evil still exists in this world in the form of racism (always White racism!) Their sins are greatly exaggerated while more serious racism — such as the epidemic of black-on-white violent crime — is ignored. In time our minds are molded so efficiently that we think their thoughts are our thoughts and, eventually, they actually become our thoughts.

We become so sensitized that we shirk in horror at the slightest suggestion of “racism”, even where it does not exist. Liberals use this to their advantage. The so-called “race card” is effectively used as a noose that drags us about at will.

We live in perennial fear of being labeled a “racist”.

Our fear is then channeled by projecting it back on the source by denial. Our denial is often expressed as sarcasm and ridicule (and occasionally anger).

Nonetheless, reality remains.   >Source

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Hierarchy of Multi-culturalism 


“Useful Idiots”

WAKE UP! Canada

White People Are Hypocrites


“Racism” is NOT Sinful

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Muhammad Ali Spoke The Truth

The Late, Great U.S.A.

White Americans as percent of population, Cens...

White Americans as a PERCENT of population, Census 2000.

By Irish Savant

Ok, I admit it.

I’m becoming a bore on the subject, but not a day goes by in which the spiralling degeneration of the USA towards Turd World status doesn’t blow my mind.

The economic side of it is just one example, of course, as is the programmed re-engineering of the country’s racial makeup.

But the Mugabe-like financial profligacy, the blatant and unapologetic ignoring of legal and Constitutional constraints, waging undeclared wars, grotesque forms of nepotism, plummeting educational standards — and most of all — the acquisition by the state, of powers which arguably rival those of Stalin’s USSR.

Then there’s the media which is just a mouthpiece for whatever regime is in power, while behind that regime, the Real Government operates with indifference to the people’s needs. Add in what appears to be the general lack of criminal accountability and you have … Mexico. or Brazil.

[Now, more FORCED racial integration costing BILLION$ ... HERE.]

I could go on and on. What really staggers me is the speed with which it’s happening. We’re talking about a country being fundamentally transformed in the space of a couple of generations. I personally have never seen anything remotely like it … even historically. What was — allowing for all its faults — the world’s greatest country, is breaking down before our eyes.

It’s scary.  >>read MORE

See Astonishing U.S. Immigration Numbers

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Message to American White People

White Americans – An Endangered Species


What If “THEY” Left?

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Middle-class Worker Bees

The Coming Retirement Crisis


100+ Million NON-whites in U.S.A.

ILLEGAL Immigrants Don’t Come Cheap

‘California Dreaming’ Towards De-construction

Citizen Reporters Wanted

Dr. David Duke and his incredibly, important work … need you!

Davidduke.com needs eloquent and intelligent advocates to contribute articles and information for the benefit of its readers.

English: David Duke in Flanders, Belgium.

David Duke in Flanders, Belgium.

This website, and its affiliates have become the Internet’s leading source of information, news and views on the Zio-Globalist threat to all mankind.

People from all over the earth come to this website every day to find out the truth behind world events. Our loyal readership and dedicated supporters continue to grow dramatically. This site’s popularity is built upon the lifetime efforts of my work and the efforts of a growing team of individuals like you.

Do you have something important to say which should reach a wider audience? Would you like to see your writing featured here? Now is your chance to do more than complain! If you are up to the challenge, your talents can join with ours.

We need advocates who will give our people the guidance they need to transform their thinking, learn the truth, empower their own lives and change to the world. If you can write with intelligence and good grammar, we would love to see your writing featured here. We need you to write original articles exposing the hypocrisy of our enemies and illustrating the reality of our truth.

If you can go through news and find articles, and explain them to our people in terms of the impact they have, and can present it in a clear and effective way, then we would love to have you join our team. You have probably seen articles in the general media or on other sites that deserve to be shared with other people. If you think such articles would be valuable to our readers, we would you to share them with our followers around the world.

You can submit them under your own name, a pseudonym, or no name at all, if you want.  >Source

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Slanted// MSM News

Race, Crime & Media

“News” Vs Propaganda

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