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Will WHITES Survive?



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Multi-Racial Immigration

Back in July 2005, Professor Andrew Fraser received national attention in Australia with a letter to his local newspaper — signed with his academic title — in which he claimed that importing Sudanese refugees threatened to turn Australia into “a colony of the Third World” and stated: “Experience everywhere in the world shows us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and other social problems“.[2][3][4]

(Read: Australia Meets With BLACK Crime

…and the “beat” goes on.

Importing Black Violence)

English: Macquarie University sign

Macquarie University responded by distancing itself from Professor Fraser’s remarks, but supported his right to say what he wished in a responsible way. The acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Loxton, stated there was no place for “racism” at the university, but it “recognises and protects academic freedom as essential to the conduct of teaching, research and scholarship“.

Fraser was accused of being affiliated with White “Supremacist” groups, including the Patriotic Youth League (PYL), by the anti-racist group FightDemBack. Although both he and the PYL initially denied any connection, Fraser admitted he had attended PYL meetings and signed up to the PYL website after video footage of a PYL member describing him as an official legal adviser surfaced.[5]

(Read: African Refugees “Enriching” Australia)

Following an outcry from Sydney’s Sudanese community, Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor Dianne Yerbury on July 29, 2005 decided to suspend Fraser from teaching any further at the campus on the grounds that the race debate was “threatening to spill over into the classroom” and was “affecting the university’s ability to operate effectively.” [6] Macquarie University offered to pay out the final year of his contract, but Fraser declined, describing the offer as a “dishonorable discharge“.[7]

On this incident, Fraser wrote:

“Truth is no longer a defence when it comes to charges of academic deviance. Instead of an invitation to debate the issues, the Vice-Chancellor’s office sought to get me off campus as soon as possible by offering to buy out my contract. The head of Human Resources made it clear to me that my public comments were damaging their efforts to market Macquarie University to foreign students. When I refused the offer on the grounds that it amounted to a dishonourable discharge, VC Di Yerbury, ordered that I be suspended from teaching. This was justified on the specious grounds that the safety of students supposedly ‘had been threatened by’, among others, my supporters! For what must be the first time in academic history, alleged threats by outsiders to disrupt classes were met, not by tightening security to deal with the disrupters, but by getting rid of the disruptee”.[8]

In August 2005, more than 300 Macquarie University staff and students attended a forum on “racism” and free speech, at which Fraser (as well as the Sudanese community, and university members) was allowed to put his views from the floor.[9]

Fraser’s suspension ended in mid-2006, when an early-retirement package took effect.

In September 2005, Professor Fraser wrote an article advocating a return of the White Australia Policy, entitled “Rethinking the White Australia Policy“. The article was set to be published in the law journal of Deakin University, but the University directed the journal not to publish it.[10] “Rethinking the White Australia Policy” has since been published and circulated across the internet.[11]

In the controversial article, Fraser wrote:

“Given the relentless and revolutionary assault on their historic national identity, White Australians now face a life-or-death struggle to preserve their homeland. Whether effective resistance to their displacement and dispossession can be mounted … is another question. Unlike other racial, ethnic or religious groups well-equipped to practice the politics of identity, White Australians lack a strong, cohesive sense of ethnic solidarity. As a consequence, ordinary Australians favouring a moratorium on NON-white immigration cannot count on effective leadership or support, from their co-ethnics among political, intellectual and corporate elites. On the contrary, our still predominantly Anglo-Australian rulers are indifferent; some profit from, and others actually take pride in their active collaboration with the 3rd-World colonization of Australia. None of the major parties, indeed, not one member of the Commonwealth Parliament, offers citizens the option of voting to defend and nurture Australia’s Anglo-European identity. The problem, in short, is clear: The Australian nation is bereft of a responsible ruling class”.[12]

In December 2005, Fraser further criticised multiracialism in Australia by writing an article regarding the 2005 Cronulla riots, entitled “Diversity vs. Freedom: Australians Fight On The Beaches.”[13] As with the full version of “Rethinking the White Australia Policy“, the article was only published on the internet, namely on the US-based webzine VDARE.

A complaint from the Sydney’s Sudanese community about the original newspaper letter was upheld on 31 March 2006 by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, on whose direction Fraser reluctantly apologised for his remarks.[14][15]

Andrew Fraser addressed the American Renaissance Conference in February 2006, alongside speakers such as Nick Griffin of the British National Party and Professor J. Philippe Rushton. This was followed up later in the year with appearances at the Inverell political forum in March, and at the Sydney Forum in August alongside speakers who included Jim Saleam of the Australia First Party.

In an article for Alternative Right entitled “The Cult of “The Other“”, Professor Fraser warned that academic freedom was being stifled in Australian universities. He wrote:

“Academic freedom in Australia is dying before our eyes; another sacrifice performed in the now holy name of “The Other.” In the universities, as elsewhere, public criticism of privileged minorities must walk a shaky legal tightrope, unfortunately, in a mass-mediated wasteland of intellectual cowardice and political conformity, Australian universities are not an oasis of dissent. If my experience as a teacher, scholar, and, more recently, a first-year theology student is a reliable guide, academia is utterly hostile to free thought and frank discussion on race, ethnicity, and gender“.[16]  >Source

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Australia – “Refugees” Paradise

From Ozzie Saffa

AUSTRALIA: The difference between an aged (Australian) pensioner and an illegal immigrant/refugee 

Flag of Australia

The poor ‘refugees’ – “they are only fleeing for their lives“.

Over and over the bleeding hearts here in Australia – especially Labor, the commie Greens and the “refugee” advocates and lawyersall try and guilt the Australian public into just allowing these people to stream into the country unchecked.

Most come from Muslim countries or from African hell-holes. All bypassing “safe” Muslim countries, or other safe countries closest to them to make their way to Indonesia – usually by paying for a ticket to fly there – and once there, they pay thousands of $$ for a place on a boat, and then set sail for Australia.

And en route, they toss their passports overboard so that Australia can’t see who they are, where they come from, how old they are, and who is related to who.

Australia – their new country of milk and lots of free honey.

And the Labor Rudd government just waves them in. Over 90% are found to be “genuine” refugees … a joke of massive proportions.

And once they are resettled in Australia, they get free money for life. And this free money comes from the Australian people who work and pay their taxes – the very people who gets hounded by the tax office if they don’t pay their taxes on time, and as owed.

And in return, the Muslims and Africans mostly refuse to assimilate.

No, they head for their nearest Muslim/African stronghold where they are free to live as they did back in their homelands – which they “fled”.

See:   http://torontonews.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/u-of-minnesota-studying-somali-refugee-flow-back-to-africa/

No need to learn English. No need to follow Australian laws. No need to embrace their new country. Nah, nothing’s expected of them – but everything is expected from the Australian people to accommodate their new invaders.

It’s a happy one-way street for the “refugees – the world revolves around them.  Anything to make them happy, comfortable and at home.

John Howard in Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia in...

John Howard March 2006.

So far, over 45 000 (“refugees”) have come in under Rudd/Gillard since 2008, after previous PM John Howard has all but closed the boat business.

Over 1000 have drowned, but the Left, including the Greens and the lawyers, are only too happy to look the other way just as long as the ‘refugees’ are treated compassionately and continued to be welcomed into Australia. Anyone not following their lead are labelled “racist”, “xenophobic” and “red-necks”. The moral superiority belongs to the Left. Everyone else is wrong.

So, if you are in any doubt as to why these “refugees” choose to travel thousands of miles to come to Australia … then here is the main reason.

Have a look at [this] image [...] and notice how much an Australian tax-paying citizen who is a pensioner receives as a government pension, compared to those people who come into our country uninvited, illegally and having paid NOTHING into the tax pot.

…and, more proof, yet AGAIN.

If this isn’t a hostile act against the legal residents of Australia … then what is?  >Source

(For added emphasis, bolded and underlined words are by ELN Editor)

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Venutios Brigantes

The 3rd-World colonization of Australia has continued apace, and up to 25% of the population is now of non-European origin, according to an analysis of new immigration figures released by the (Australian) government.

Australia stubThe report, titled “Australia’s Migration Trends 2011-12,” also revealed that East Indians, not Chinese, now make up the single largest group of immigrants to that nation.

According to the report, at least 6 million of Australia’s total population of 22.5 million were not born in that country.

(Update:  TASMANIA, the island state of Australia seen at the bottom of this illustration is now under attack for being “too White”.


The report goes on to say that the vast majority of these (immigrants/refugees) are from non-European nations (NON-WHITE) —and that even those who are — are dwarfed by the 2nd and 3rd generation-born third-World immigrants and their descendents, who are not officially classified as “born outside Australia.”

Adelaide, South Australia in 1966

In effect this means that the White European element of Australia’s population has declined from over 90% only a few decades ago … to about 75% (White) today.

Australia 2009

AUSTRALIA – An Endangered Sub-Species

[Britain is down to 80.5% White ... and still falling in numbers.

Canada's White population has plummeted to 78% from about 95% White ... only since 1981 !!

New Zealand has dropped to 69% White, down from 92% in 1961.

The U.S.A. is reduced to only 63% White today, down from 89% in 1960.

Read: None Dare Say WHITE GENOCIDE   >ELN Editor]

Australia’s combined migration and humanitarian programs totalled 198,757 … an increase of 8.9% on the 2010–11 figure (182,452).

China was 2nd place … as visa places fell from 29,546 to 25,509 last year.

United Kingdom arrivals rose to 25,273 from 23,931.

Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor said Asia is becoming the leading source of permanent migration.

Australia 2009

Australia 2009 – Only 2% of the world’s population are White women of child-bearing age.

Seven of the top 10 source countries in 2011-12 were located in the Asia region,” he said in a statement.

During the past 15 years, the number of Indian-born Australian residents has increased fourfold (400%) while Chinese-born residents have tripled (300%).  …more

More statistics: http://australianimmigrationstatistics.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/migrants-to-australia-1996-2011-how.html



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Africans “Enriching” Australia

Ann Corcoran

… from NineNews, Justice Betty King says there have been numerous examples of African refugees coming before the (Australian) courts for offences linked to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur Region

SUDANESE Economic “Refugee” on the road from a ‘rag to (welfare) riches’ lifestyle in Australia.

She says many young Africans appear to be spending their days drinking (alcohol) because they have nothing to do, and are seemingly dispossessed.

[ELN Editor's Note: Of course, Black Africans are "seemingly dispossessed" because these 3rd-world illiterates are wholly incompatible to living with White Europeans. They inevitably suffer from the "envy complex" which they can never achieve, so they begin stewing in a cauldron of hatred which eventually boils over and unleashed against their gullible White benefactors. 

 For example, the violent behaviour patterns seen in this video and perpetrated against ordinary Australians gathered together for a festive occasion, would never have occurred had they been WHITE South African refugees. Instead, we have the usual incompatible foreign Black thugs who wreaked uncontrolled havoc on taxpaying Australians who help feed and clothe these incongruent invaders.

The TV series “Star Trek” is noted for having a very wise and sensible “Prime Directive” inserted in their script that simply states:

“As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Star Fleet personnel may interfere with the healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes the introduction of superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely.

Star Fleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.”

The “contamination” taking place in our own White western cultures — is by no means, accidental. On the contrary… it’s a policy with a determined agenda. > ELN Editor]

Justice King said Boronika Gam Hothnyang, 25, not only wasted the life of William Awu when she stabbed him to death, but also wasted her own life.

[Take note, Justice King, of the above-mentioned "prime directive".] 

Both Hothnyang and Mr Awu, 26, had fled war-torn Sudan hoping for a better life in Australia.

[Are you fed-up of having to read -- ad nauseam -- this journalistic drivel of "hoping for a better life" nonsense? Sure, it's a "better life" for them, but certainly not for their benefactors who must pay for it! There are over 7,000,000,000 (billion) people who occupy this planet today, yet it seems the 8% White proportion are always obligated to taking care of the ungrateful "others" whose ratio exceeds our own by 12 to 1 . ... ELN Editor]

Hothnyang stabbed Mr Awu, who was her friend, once in the chest as he sat passed out in a chair at her Dandenong home.  [LOL!   Australia has very strict gun laws, but knives are readily available---ed]

Justice King described the crime as inexplicable, but noted Mr Awu, a talented drawer, had earlier sketched Hothnyang in a caricature in which she was overweight.

The judge said the murder was a tragic waste of life that was all too common.

[This Australian judge needs to brush-up on her African history lessons to learn of African murder rates (or Haiti) that far exceed anything that Australia has to offer.]  

It is a disturbing matter to note that you and the persons with whom you were gathered, including the deceased, are not the first, second, third or even fourth of similar groups of Sudanese or other African refugees that have come before the courts on serious charges which can be directly linked to the consumption of large quantities of alcohol,” Justice King said.

All of this is such a sad reflection on our society that we have groups of seemingly dispossessed men and women who have been brought here as refugees with little or nothing to do except drink their days away.”

Ethiopian Chemical Engineer Firehiwot Mengesha...

More illiterate, 65 IQ Sudanese refugees being prepared to re-locate to AUSTRALIA!?

As is to be expected … NO mention of where they get the money to get drunk while they are doing nothingthe Australian taxpayer.

And, for their welcoming deed in this woman’s case, the murderer has 3 kids that will surely now be taken care of by—you guessed it!—the Australian taxpayer, as she (the murderer) does time in the slammer.

[And, still more "refugees", and more
of their imported VIOLENT crimes. Here's the latest , plus more Black attacks coming your way, Australia. This imported African violence is NOT going to stop, until you take a stand against importing the problem in the first place, Australia.]

For more on the problems Australia is having with refugees, asylum seekers and illegal aliens visit our Australia category with its 93 previous posts.  >Source: Refugee Settlement Watch

Brisbane, Australia from 50 years ago in 1964

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Australia – Multiracial Invasion

White Cloud

During the great fratricidal wars that smashed Europe with the optimistic belief in unswerving human progress during the early part of the 20th century, a parallel conflict tore Australia asunder. It comprised of the two fiercely-fought campaigns that preceded referenda on conscription.

Flag of Australia


A factor that wove through these political battles, and arguably proved to be the clincher for the “NO” camp, was the fear of NON-white labour would be needed to fill the vacuum created by shipping reluctant Australians off to the European slaughterhouses.

A further horror filling Australian minds, was that of the miscegenation that would be brought in to train NON-white labour forces. This would be — according to the thinking of the day — nothing less than an offence against nature itself. These were fears that the opponents of conscription, including Ben Chifley, the man who would become one of Australia’s few truly legendary prime ministers, and who had not the least qualms in exploiting.

English: A relaxed, informal Ben Chifleyhttp:/...

Ben Chifley

The population was then 98% White. Australia was also unashamedly, unapologetically, and by today’s perverted standards … damnably ‘racist’.

How did the Australia of those days become the Australia of today — which to Australians of the early 20th century would no doubt see a monstrous, nightmare world, which if it could be glimpsed then – be understood in terms of an armed invasion and a conquest that would have been resisted to the last bullet?

WHITE Australia in 1970 … BEFORE the Multi-racial invasion!


Today’s Multi-Racial Australia!

A reasonable answer would be one provided by some historians in their explanation for the collapse of civilizations. This theory sees such collapses preceded by the collapse in the value system of the hapless society. Inextricably connected to its value system is a people’s belief in itself, which, once proud and implicit, becomes eroded to the point of despair and nihilism. This phenomenon can be most graphically seen in the fate of indigenous people whom history’s trajectory has brought into head-on collision with technologically advanced civilizations.

The difference between the collapse of previous civilizations, and the teetering structure of modern Western (White) civilization, is that the latter is fueled by a collective death-wish. After reaching undreamed pinnacles of modernity while uplifting the rest of the world with it, the White race now flagellates itself for its very success. This susceptibility appears to be a peculiarly White characteristic — linked no doubt — to the universal altruism inherent in Christianity, which for two thousand years monopolized the spiritual life of the West.

No other race exhibits this fatal flaw. It also appears that no other race has any qualms in benefiting from the exploitation of this fatal flaw. The thinking would go something like this:

If indeed the White race is intent on sacrificing itself on the altar of brotherly love, who are we to object? If Western man cannot be prevented from poisoning himself with White guilt over his perceived sins against the rest of humanity, might we not strengthen the poison in order shorten the suffering and hasten his end?

Whereas the chosen weapons of “mass self-destruction” in Europe and the U.S. are, respectively, Islamisation and Mestizo reconquista … while Australia has opted for ‘Asianisation’.

Also:  [ http://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/new-zealanders-against-asian-invasion/ ]

This process was once relegated to the realm of conspiracy theory; only “nutters and crack-pots” could possibly believe that such a thing could be happening. But as the racial transformation became self-evident on the streets of our major cities, and with the overflow siphoned off to our country towns — the social engineers with their god-complexes – could no longer keep their evil secret.

 “Australia is changing. We’re an anomaly as a European country in this part of the world. There’s already a large and growing Asian population in Australia and it is inevitable, in my view, that Australia will become a Eurasian country… I happen to think that’s desirable”. So said, Bill Hayden as Australian Foreign Minster in 1983.

But even with the emperor now seen to be wearing no clothes and mocking the Australian people for their gullibility, the racial transformers had little to fear. Their faith in the efficacy of Fabian gradualism was well placed. There is a little understood, but self-evident component of human nature that allows just about any crime to be perpetrated against people just as long as it’s done slowly and accompanied by constant assurances that it is being done for the victim’s own good.

It seems to matter little, that before it was done, the most emphatic promises were made that it wouldn’t be done.

At least since the 1850s when the Chinese swarmed in seeking our gold, the collective Australian psyche has been plagued by a fear of the swarming hordes to our north. It was little wonder then, that a ripple of unease spread throughout the country upon the arrival of the first ‘boat people’ fleeing Vietnam in 1975.

This reaction, we were instantly informed, was little more than to be expected from a nation of entrenched insularity and xenophobia. It was thought “the height of embarrassing, girlish silliness“. What could be so threatening about a few leaky boats and their pitiful human cargoes? There may even be more of them. But given we were part of the team responsible for raining death and destruction on their country, did we not have a moral responsibility to offer refuge to those fleeing the wreckage?

As more and more boats arrived, our fears were similarly assuaged in the fashion of a parent soothing an upset infant. Those who thought they may have been witnessing a thin edge of a wedge, were dealt with in a slightly sterner manner.

Asian immigration, — it was proclaimed — would never be more than a “thin trickle“; it was negligible and it would be a sheer impossibility for it to have the slightest effect on the racial make-up of the nation. So there! Get over it!

It goes without saying — that such blatant lying could not have blinded almost an entire population to what they were seeing with their own eyes in the years to come — without the aid of some fearfully powerful instruments of persuasion in the form of the mass media: TV, Radio, Newspaper and film, bolstered, of course, by the indoctrination that had subsumed the various levels of formal education. This was propagandizing raised to the level of a reality constructed to the specifications of those with most to gain.

Not only was acceptance of the Australian people’s replacement by alien races being manufactured, but so was the complacency surrounding the shipping off of the jobs not already taken by foreign workers to the lands they had just come from. Although this culminated in a virtual de-industrialization, the Australian people were naturally told that this also was for their “own good“. Generally speaking, they were not to know of something called the Lima Agreement that bound the country to a siphoning off of its wealth. It was signed in 1975 by an Australian government enthusiastically supported by the so called “Opposition parties” and said in part:

‘developed countries should assist the developing countries in raising the competitiveness of their production . . . they should adopt . . . elimination or reduction of tariff barriers in order to ensure increased exports of manufactured and semi-manufactured products . . . from developing countries ….

‘Special attention should be given to the least developed countries, which should enjoy a net transfer of resources from the developed countries in the form of technical and financial resources as well as capital goods’.

If the Australian people had been paying close attention to these goings on, they may have noted an odd contradiction. After decades of being lectured to on the evils of Communism, here was Communism being ratcheted up several orders of magnitude far greater than anything Karl Marx could ever have dreamt of. Instead of individuals or social classes having their wealth redistributed to the needier, here were entire nations involved in the redistribution. “From each according to his ability and to each according to his need” … indeed.

The process of unrelenting dispossession was not perfectly smooth. If perfect smoothness was — in fact — in the interests of those channeling history; perhaps the odd ruffle may have added a dab of paint to the fading image of ‘democracy’, and the odd ruffle was there.

Usually erupting and then slowly disappearing like pimples, one ‘pimple’ proved a little more difficult to remove. This was the outburst of nationalist resentment unwittingly given rise to by an amateur politician named Pauline Hanson. Largely a creation of the media after her star-quality newsworthiness was realized, this shooting star’s trajectory became so steep that the liberal establishment, and assorted hangers-on, were shaken out of their smug complacency by a social earth-tremor. When all else had failed: ridicule, vilification, character-assassination was employed, and the problem solved by Pauline being jailed, and becoming, in fact, a political prisoner.

Like a cattle prod to keep the human cattle in line, the charge of racism showed no sign of losing its almost magical potency. Racism had become the cardinal sin of the United Nation’s endorsed religion, and rapidly superceded Christianity. “Racism” had become expertly linked with ‘Hate’, the first emotion to be effectively outlawed. If ‘Hate‘ could in any way be seen as the motive for a crime, the “crime” was then deemed far more heinous than the same crime committed for a different motive.

Australians, like other members of the White family in far flung corners of the world, had been taught that their race was really the only one capable of the crimes of “racism and hate“. There were isolated instances of other races straying into these forbidden areas, but they were such an anomaly, as to require a different term, that of reverse racism. This cemented in place the concept of White “racism” being the original sin.

Australians moreover, after being thoroughly drenched in guilt regarding their ‘invasion’ of the (primitive) continent on which they had constructed a modern civilization, and the ‘genocide’ of the original inhabitants, are then encouraged to reflect on the hurt they had inflicted on the people they had once thought of as the ‘yellow peril’. There was of course only one way to atone for this, and that was to reverse the thinking that had informed ‘White Australia’ by opening the flood gates, thereby creating a “Yellow” Australia.

This also could be seen as an act of appeasement, as an Asian invasion was a historical inevitability just biding its time. Better to pre-empt the inevitable, and hope to gain kinder terms of surrender. This logic could easily be seen as a variation of the thinking made famous during the Vietnam War: ‘we had to destroy the village in order to save it’.

Being amongst the inventors of racism, it perhaps does not occur to many Australians, that the people we have slighted so long, could be capable of harbouring similar dark thoughts by themselves. These innocents would benefit hugely from a perusal of The Asian Mind Game by Chin-ning Chu, an international lecturer and expert on Asian psychology. She writes:

‘To some racially-sensitive western (WHITE) readers, discussions of the characteristics of separate ethnic and national groups might seem to border on “racism”. The Asian concept of racism is very different than the western concept. Concepts of racial superiority have never been questioned as they have been in the West.

There are strong feelings among the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans on the subject of racial superiority even though the peoples are very closely related from an evolutionary standpoint. The idea that one people is racially superior to another is almost universally acknowledged. Whether that race is Chinese, Korean or Japanese depends on whether you’re listening to a Chinese, Korean or Japanese person expound his views on the subject.

‘Asians do not have the same sensitivity to racial issues as do Americans [or Australians]. The issue is not as emotionally charged for them. Asians regard it as natural to feel that their race, their nation … are better than yours.

Westerners exhibit most of these same attitudes and refer to them in mildly pejorative terms as “chauvinistic”, “nationalistic”, “provincial”. But “racist” is a very ugly word in English, even though it often only expresses the same common weakness of mankind to believe that mine is better than yours.’

‘Asians do not feel guilty about thinking in racial terms, but they do understand that westerners … do.

They will often use accusations of racism to disarm their Western opponents. The same Japanese politicians who loudly impute racist motives to American criticism of Japan believe implicitly that they are racially superior to Caucasians, and also to their Korean and Chinese neighbours. They will never admit these beliefs to a Westerner, but among Asians, thinking in racial terms is too commonplace to bother with denial or guilt.’ [Italics mine]

It would seem that Australians, along with the rest of the European racial family have been patiently indoctrinated into a state of what psychiatrists term ‘cognitive dissonance’. This happens when two conflicting ideas are retained in the mind at the same time with the resulting frustration being kept largely below the level of consciousness.

Australians could not be unaware that people of other races exhibit racist tendencies, but are yet led to believe that these are so inconsequential as to be non-existent. By the same token, Whites have been hypnotized into believing that multi-racialism/multiculturalism will lead to “paradise” on Earth, but seldom do they wonder why only White homelands are the only recipients of such “wondrous” gifts.

Results are in! Today’s newly “Enriched” Australia. 

Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

“Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems” [2].

Fraser was persecuted by the so-called “Human Rights” industry … for telling the truth.



Here is another glaring contradiction that rarely sees the light of consciousness: If, it seems Whites are considered worthy of the multicultural experiment because they alone have attained a higher moral standard — is this not paradoxically the height of true racism and arrogance?

He says “It has to stop“! It should NOT have begun!
Africans for Africa! Asians for Asia! White countries for EVERYBODY!

Such questions often float over the heads of Australians like puffy and unnoticed clouds on a balmy summer’s day. Citizens of the ‘Lucky Country’ tramp obediently off to polling booths at regular intervals blithely unaware that the stooges they vote into power are simply branch managers of the New World Order.

Voters cannot conceive of their country’s sovereignty being all but leached away by the signing of an untold number of international treaties and agreements. They watch, for example, politicians from Team A and Team B pretending to argue over immigration policy when control was long ago ceded by both teams via the signing of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination which is effectively interpreted to mean that Whites need not apply.

Australia 2009

White Australian

And so — as blissfully ignorant as cattle being herded towards the gates of the slaughter-houseAustralians continue to watch mind-rotting television — dress like clowns in the colours of their preferred football teams — read the news selected for them by newspaper owners — and thrill to the antics of celebrities, while their own birthrights and heritage are quietly slipped out from under them — it seems that only a miracle can save them. >Source

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War on WHITE Australia

By Brenton Sanderson

Results from the 2011 Australian Census reveal that — for the first time in that nation’s history — the majority of migrants are now arriving from Asia instead of Europe. Indians and Chinese have become the fastest growing sections of the Australian population.

The logo of the 2011 Australian census.

2011 Australian census

Between 2006 and 2011 the number of Australian (P.R.) permanent residents born in India increased by 100%, those born in China increased by 54%, while those born in the Philippines increased by 42%. These startling figures do NOT include the off-spring of Indian/Chinese parentages born in Australia.

The Census also revealed that other NON-White immigrant groups are also expanding rapidly, including various African groups.

[What is the percentage [%] of the world’s NON-white population?  ANSWER]

All of this… is dismal news for White Australians and, indeed, for White people everywhere. Unfortunately, these figures only mirror what is happening throughout the

Gale's Studios Ltd c 1918

circa 1918

West, where White people are under demographic and cultural siege from race-replacing levels of Third World immigration (under) the official embrace of “multiculturalism.” (Euphemistic term for multi-RACIALISM)


[Other examples include Euro-White Nations of: EnglandCanada, France, Ireland, Sweden]

In just a few decades… these malignant policies have transformed Western societies to the detriment of their European-derived populations and culture. It is a remarkable fact that this revolution in immigration, and social policy throughout the West, occurred at around the same time (1962-1973), and that in all (White) countries these changes reflected the attitude of elitesrather than the great mass of citizens.

Changes in immigration policy and the imposition of multiculturalism were imposed on resentful European populations despite overwhelming popular opposition to NON-European immigration.

Ain’t the Multi-RACIALISM utopia turning out just great?  (Sarcasm)

White Australia WAS working well enough just a few decades ago.

The driving force behind this totally undemocratic shift in policy was the Jewish intellectual movements and ethno-political activism that Kevin MacDonald documented in The Culture of Critique. For those aware of the pivotal role of Jews in driving the demographic and cultural transformation of the United States, the story of the Jewish role in radically re-engineering Australian society… will have a depressingly familiar ring to it.

(Below are excerpts from Part 4 of 5 parts)   H/T to Incogman.net

Australian Jewry, now just one ethnic group among many in a “multicultural” society, remains, as Rubinstein observes, “one of the best organised Diaspora communities in the world and is frequently at the forefront of ethnic and multicultural affairs in Australia.”[i] The one-time editorial committee member of the Australian Jewish Democrat, Miriam Faine, got right to the heart of the Jewish support for large-scale NON-white immigration and multiculturalism when she noted that:

The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would be more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.”[ii]

Comments like these make it clear that the Jewish promotion of NON-white immigration and multiculturalism has been first and foremost, a form or ethnic strategizing (or White Genocide) concerned with preventing the development of a mass movement of so-called “anti-Semitism” in Australia, and other Western societies.


Pauline Hanson

The first genuine challenge to the politically-correct consensus (of bipartisan support for non-racially discriminatory immigration and multiculturalism) was the emergence of Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party in the 1990s.

Hanson was unexpectedly elected as the member for the previously safe Labor electorate of Oxley in the state of Queensland in 1996. In her maiden speech to parliament she launched a strong attack on official multicultural policies, stating that:

Immigration and multiculturalism are issues that this government is trying to address, but for far too long ordinary Australians have been kept out of any debate by the major parties. I and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. Between 1984 and 1995, 40% of all migrants coming into this country were of Asian origin. They have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate. Of course, I will be called ‘racist, but if I can invite whom I want into my home, then I should have the right to have a say in who comes into my country.

A truly multicultural country can never be strong or united. The world is full of failed and tragic examples, ranging from Ireland to Bosnia to Africa and, closer to home, Papua New Guinea. America and Great Britain are currently paying the price. Arthur Calwell was a great Australian and Labor leader, and it is a pity that there are not men of his stature sitting on the opposition benches today. Arthur Calwell said: Japan, India, Burma, Ceylon and every new African nation are fiercely anti-White and anti one another. Do we want or need any of these people here? I am one red-blooded Australian who says no, and who speaks for 90% of Australians. I have no hesitation in echoing the words of Arthur Calwell.

Her speech created a nation-wide sensation. Despite frantic efforts to paint her as an “evil racist”, her electoral popularity soared. The subsequent formation of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party swiftly led to success in the June 1998 Queensland election.

[Truth, Heresy, & Heroes

"I AM a WHITE Man!"]


As in the United States, individuals and groups who challenge the politically-correct consensus of open door immigration and multiculturalism in Australia are “regularly monitored by the Jewish media and the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission” –  the Australian equivalent of the ADL.[vii]

In an effort to shame and intimidate Hanson’s supporters, the B’nai B’rith obtained a list of the 2000 people associated with the One Nation Party and had it published in the Australia/Israel Review under the headline “Gotcha! One Nation’s Secret Membership List.”

[viii] In keeping with the tactics of organized Jewry throughout the Western world, the attempt by Hanson and her supporters to ensure that White Australia retained demographic, political and cultural control of Australia was represented as “racist, immoral, and indicative of psychiatric disorder”. >>Original Source for all 5 parts.

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The “UNlucky” Country – Australia

South Africa’s FOREIGN  refugees sent to Australia!

From Refugee Resettlement WATCH

By definition, refugees are people who claim persecution, leave their home country (where the “persecution” occurred) and seek asylum in a safe country.  They are not supposed to use “safe countries” as hopping off places for a better deal somewhere else, and that is what is happening with increased frequency worldwide.   (Search ‘Malta’ here at RRW to learn more about how that came to be.)

[ Read: South African Killing Fields]

Nothing steams me more than the fact that, we, and other western countries are now taking Black AFRICANrefugees” from South Africa who claim that the Rainbow Nation is “not safe” for them.  Yet, heaven help the truly persecuted Whites in South Africa.

["Not safe" for them?? What about: Australia Meets With Black Crime!!]

More bad news for Australia

I’ve written many posts over the years trying to expose the Rainbow Nation multicultural nirvana myth, but it seems that no one in the media is willing to face the reality of what the “Rainbow Nation” is!  Here is how wikipedia describes the term “Rainbow Nation“.  What a joke!

Rainbow Nation is a term coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to describe post-apartheid South Africa, after South Africa’s first fully democratic election in 1994.

The phrase was elaborated upon by President Nelson Mandela in his first month of office, when he proclaimed: “Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld – a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”

[What a hypocrite this (now dead) convicted terrorist was. More about Mandela here: http://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/kill-the-boer-kill-the-farmer/ ELN Editor]

The term was intended to encapsulate the unity of multi-culturalism and the coming-together of people of many different nations, in a country once identified with the strict division of white and black.

Surprise!  Tribalism is alive and well in South Africa, and diversity does not bring strength!

Here is the story that caught my attention about Australia (and other western countries) taking “refugees” from South Africa.  It begins and ends with the story of Congolese “asylum seekers” who have lived in South Africa for a decade (5 of those years have been spent trying to get out).

After five years of hoping and waiting, Marie*, her husband Simeon* and their three children, refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, finally received a phone call telling them to pack their bags as they would be leaving South Africa for Australia at the end of the month.

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur region staying in...

Simeon was unconcerned by the short notice. “We’ve been ready for so long,” he told IRIN from the UN Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) offices in Pretoria, where the family had just found out the name of the (Australian) city they would be restarting their lives in.

Brisbane,” said Marie, testing the word on her lips for the first time. “Do you know where that is?”

The xenophobic violence that South Africa is experiencing is not coming from the White population, but in many cases, is leveled at White (citizens) as well as black African “foreigners.”  Of course, news reports never make that clear.  They can’t bring themselves to say that the Blacks of Nelson Mandela’s supposedly “victimized” South Africa … are now persecuting other (Blacks)!

Until a wave of xenophobic violence against foreigners erupted in South Africa in 2008, the country was considered fairly progressive in its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, and as having little need for resettlement. Since that time, most of the cases that UNHCR refers for resettlement are victims of continued xenophobic attacks, many of them Somalis attempting to run businesses in low-income (South African) areas where their presence is viewed as a threat by local traders.

The Congolese family was rejected by the US and Canada before being “welcomed” by Australia (see previous post about Australia increasing its refugee numbers).  The UN went shopping for a country which would take them.

[See: Africa - NOT Our Problem!]

For a refugee desperate to escape an intolerable situation and make a fresh start, the process can feel endless, particularly if it concludes with a rejection. Dermegerditchian said more than 90% of the cases that UNHCR submits for resettlement in the southern Africa region are accepted, but Marie and her family were rejected by both the US and Canada before Australia agreed to take them.

[See: Canada Accepts (ONE) White South African REFUGEE]

Marie is convinced that they were rejected because two of their children suffer from haemophilia, a genetic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to control bleeding, but Dermegerditchian was reluctant to speculate. “Resettlement countries have their own criteria; they only inform us of the reasons for denial in general terms,” he said. “In some cases UNHCR needs to reinterview the refugee to make sure their stories are consistent. If we can’t find a problem, we resubmit their case to another country.”

After years of joblessness, denial of medical treatment for their children, and what they describe as “constant xenophobia” from their neighbours, Marie and Simeon’s relief to be leaving their home of the past decade is palpable. “The fact that they’re welcoming us [in Australia] – it frees you psychologically,” said Simeon.  >Source


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“Reverse” Racism In AUSTRALIA

African Assault on Australia

Dan Oakes

THE social unrest experienced during the Cronulla riots could be replicated in the Melbourne suburbs due to high levels of crime among Sudanese and Somali-born residents, police have warned.

English: A young Somali man.

A Somali man

(African) Sudanese and Somali-born Victorians (residents of the State of Victoria, AUS) are about five times (500%) more likely to commit crimes, official figures show, with assault and robbery the most common offences illustrating a trend of increasingly violent robberies by disaffected African youths.  [Not "disaffected", but entirely incompatible with White Australians - Editor]

We’ve got to fix this now and make sure it doesn’t continue, so the kids who are now 10 years old aren’t in this offender bracket in five years’ time. So we don’t get the Cronullas happening,” the Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner, Tim Cartwright, said. ”[At Cronulla] you had a big chunk of the community disengaged and coming to a point where you have large-scale civil unrest. That’s abhorrent to us, to think we would have that.

You look at the UK riots and you think ‘we don’t ever want to go there, we don’t ever want to see segments of our community saying they just don’t care what the rest of the community does.’ In the longer term, the challenge for us is to fix that.

[Too late, Deputy! It's a proven fact throughout every White western nation where incompatible Black Africans are allowed entry, their crime rates will inevitability soar... as expected by reasoning observers -- ELN Editor]

The police statistics show that the rate of offending among the Victorian Sudanese community is 7109 (crimes) per 100,000, while for Somali people it is 6141 per 100,000.

The figure for the wider community is 1301 per 100,000.

The overall proportion of crimes statewide committed by the Sudanese and Somali communities is only 0.92 per cent and 0.35 per cent and people arrested and charged may falsely identify themselves as being from those communities.

For Sudanese and Somalis, assault offences are the most common type, constituting 29.5% and 24.3% of ALL offences.

[“Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems” -- Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us all in 2005]

[There were good reasons in maintaining Australia's White immigration policies. Common sense dictates that MULTI-racialism destabilizes homogenous societies to the degree of what we see happening every day in our White European-based nations. Only the thoroughly brainwashed, ultra-liberal dupes would say otherwise and cry "racism" in defense of their warped thinking. Another example of this debasing immigrant/refugee "invasion" taking shape... is SWEDEN with its 9 million people.  -ELN Editor]

Property is one of the issues, so they’re stealing iPhones, or money, or things of value,” Mr Cartwright said.

But there’s also a concerning trend of violence, violence that’s not needed. So, once they’ve got the property, the violence continues (after the robbery). Maybe there’s a thrill in it, maybe a bit of revenge, but it’s coming out of a lot of groups, not just the Africans.”  >Source


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