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Bad Diet “Cause for Violence”

Daily Kenn

Junk food blamed for bad behavior
in city dominated by blacks and Hispanics.

Hartford, Connecticut is the second poorest city in the United States, second only to Brownsville, Texas. The median household income was less the $21,000 per year.

Dominated by a burgeoning black and Hispanic population, the city
serves as a harbinger for the entire nation should amnesty legislation open the flood gates on our Southern border. 43.4 percent of Hartford is Hispanic or Latino.  The black population, 38.7%, is nearly as high.  Only 29.8% are White. The population total was 124,775 according to the 2010 census.

It’s an ugly reality. We’ve been mentally and emotionally conditioned to dismiss the legacy of violent crime, poverty, and lack of innovation that follows such communities as being attributed to genetic predispositions.

Why can’t we accept the truth, even when it stares us in the face?

There are revisionists who rewrite history in real time. They observe a condition, such as the violent crime and poverty that prevails in Hartford, and discover it fails to follow the cultural Marxist narrative. That narrative assumes external forces rather than genetic predispositions necessarily account for violent crime and poverty among non-white populations. The quest for a replacement cause requires substantial creativity.

Violent crime in Hartford is considered ‘epidemic.’ That prompted a Congressional field hearing to determine its cause.

A news report published in November of this year stated that “a
Congressional field hearing in Hartford today heard that bad diet is also
causing the epidemic of violence and shootings.

Bad diet. Seriously? Why would the revisionists stoop to such a brutish, nonsensical conclusion?

The answer should be obvious. The traditional villains assigned to such story telling are not present. There is no substantial White population to blame and the White population that does exist — those who fled the violent crime of Hartford to its whitopian suburbs — is saturated with liberal ideology. Blaming White liberals for non-white failures is simply untenable to the storytellers.

Connecticut harbors some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the union. Check Second Amendment rights off the list of probable causes. The
state is also known for it generous welfare programs
. There is no hay to be
made harping on the lack of government handouts to remedy societal ills.

The most convincing story they could contrive blames the poverty,
violence, and crime that is epidemic in Hartford on bad diet. French fries were specifically cited. Are we seriously supposed to believe that removing fried potatoes from the diets of blacks and Hispanics would erase the epidemic of violent crime? Yes. We are expected to believe, or at least pretend to believe, such nonsense.

The alternative is to accept reality.

Instead, the commission persisted in its folly. Cultures whose diets are rich in fish and fish oils tend be less violent. The connection is apparent to true believers. The fact that societies who prefer seafood diets also happen to be East Asian with higher-than-average intellects is not considered.

What to do?

Force-feeding blacks and Hispanic fish oil while depriving them of fried chicken and potatoes is as likely as persuading them to spend their Saturday evenings at the opera.

Liberals, of course, know that and so they hold the ideal excuse to avoid the harsh reality that violent crime is related to low intellects.

A syllogism follows their logic.

1. Crime is caused by a lack of fish oil consumption.
2. Blacks and Hispanic will be damned before they indulge in such toxic-tasting substances.
3. The violent crime problem cannot be resolved.

An end note points to the theory that poverty begets violence.

Never is it considered that violence begets poverty. Nor is it considered that poverty and violent crime are siblings birthed by parents with low intellects.

At what point do we end the absurdities, face the fact that denial derails our
efforts to provide serious solutions to high-crime regions, and send cultural
Marxism packing?

Famed psychologist Author Jensen who invested much of his career studying intelligence concluded that most violent crime is committed by males between the ages of 18 and 49 who have IQs ranging between 70 and 90.
Conversely, persons with IQs lower than 70 and higher than 90 are less likely to commit violent crimes.

Brownsville, Texas, by the way, is only slightly larger than Hartford. It’s population of 175,000 is 93.19% Hispanic or Latino. It’s violent crime rate is lower than both the national and state averages and is trending downward year-over-year. To my knowledge the consumption of fish oil and french fries in Brownsville, Texas is not noticeably different from that in Hartford, Connecticut. Reality beckons.  http://dailykenn.blogspot.ca/

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African Assault on Australia

Dan Oakes

THE social unrest experienced during the Cronulla riots could be replicated in the Melbourne suburbs due to high levels of crime among Sudanese and Somali-born residents, police have warned.

English: A young Somali man.

A Somali man

(African) Sudanese and Somali-born Victorians (residents of the State of Victoria, AUS) are about five times (500%) more likely to commit crimes, official figures show, with assault and robbery the most common offences illustrating a trend of increasingly violent robberies by disaffected African youths.  [Not "disaffected", but entirely incompatible with White Australians - Editor]

We’ve got to fix this now and make sure it doesn’t continue, so the kids who are now 10 years old aren’t in this offender bracket in five years’ time. So we don’t get the Cronullas happening,” the Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner, Tim Cartwright, said. ”[At Cronulla] you had a big chunk of the community disengaged and coming to a point where you have large-scale civil unrest. That’s abhorrent to us, to think we would have that.

You look at the UK riots and you think ‘we don’t ever want to go there, we don’t ever want to see segments of our community saying they just don’t care what the rest of the community does.’ In the longer term, the challenge for us is to fix that.

[Too late, Deputy! It's a proven fact throughout every White western nation where incompatible Black Africans are allowed entry, their crime rates will inevitability soar... as expected by reasoning observers -- ELN Editor]

The police statistics show that the rate of offending among the Victorian Sudanese community is 7109 (crimes) per 100,000, while for Somali people it is 6141 per 100,000.

The figure for the wider community is 1301 per 100,000.

The overall proportion of crimes statewide committed by the Sudanese and Somali communities is only 0.92 per cent and 0.35 per cent and people arrested and charged may falsely identify themselves as being from those communities.

For Sudanese and Somalis, assault offences are the most common type, constituting 29.5% and 24.3% of ALL offences.

[“Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems” -- Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us all in 2005]

[There were good reasons in maintaining Australia's White immigration policies. Common sense dictates that MULTI-racialism destabilizes homogenous societies to the degree of what we see happening every day in our White European-based nations. Only the thoroughly brainwashed, ultra-liberal dupes would say otherwise and cry "racism" in defense of their warped thinking. Another example of this debasing immigrant/refugee "invasion" taking shape... is SWEDEN with its 9 million people.  -ELN Editor]

Property is one of the issues, so they’re stealing iPhones, or money, or things of value,” Mr Cartwright said.

But there’s also a concerning trend of violence, violence that’s not needed. So, once they’ve got the property, the violence continues (after the robbery). Maybe there’s a thrill in it, maybe a bit of revenge, but it’s coming out of a lot of groups, not just the Africans.”  >Source


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Taking The Red Pill

[Editor's Note: The term "red pill" and the "blue pill" are pop culture terms that became common symbols for the choice of remaining in the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue), or acknowledging the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).] 

An attempt at a discrimination graphic.

By Val Koinen


Here is a sampler of some  infuriating ANTI-White garbage being put upon us, and taught to our children day in and day out, year after year; issues and events that should justly enrage all thinking White people.

Artificially excessive and exaggerated Negro “presence” in our culture and society:

Becoming nearly dominant in TV shows and commercials, and in print ads — almost always portrayed as having more stature, kindness and understanding, wisdom, and/or overall human quality than Whites.


ANTI-white Media 

More Mass Media Manipulation 

...Britain, TOO!

Photos show the reality HERE.]

Also, grossly exaggerated presence in terms of numbers — not only in popular culture and media, but also in academia and jobs as a result of affirmative action, NON-white racial preferences, set-asides, etc. Also — constant race mixing being shoved in our faces, as with Negro men paired with White women, and the “normalcy” of always including Negroes in White people’s groups of friends and social settings. 

One result is the ever more commonplace miscegenation results in the pollution of our DNA (mongrelization) as has happened to Whites in many places down through history (and will eventually result in the destruction of our gene pool). [Portugal and southern Italy??]


The lies of supposed benefits and wonderfulness of diversity and multiculturalism (multi-racialism):

These concepts — the “diversity is our strength” and “beauty and advantages of multiculturalism” memes — are closely related to the preceding items. They are demonstrably false; little more than wishful thinking. In actuality, these things have resulted in societal disharmony and disruption, and are rapidly leading to our demise.

Also in that connection — the way we brainwash our children in their public schools with regard to those false notions of racial equality, diversity being a “good thing“, acceptability of race mixing, and the “beauty” of multiculturalism. That is just plain inexcusable, disgusting, and outrageous.

The grossly disproportionate and savage nature and numbers of Black-on-White crime:

So-called “flash mob” harassment, the beatings and robbery; the assaults and battery, torture, rape, murder, and all manner of serious, felonious crime perpetrated by Negroes and Mestizos.

And then, as if that weren’t enough, we constantly suffer from the Jew-controlled mainstream media’s refusal, or at least reluctance to report that interracial crime (when coloreds are the perpetrators and Whites the victims). Even when those incidents are reported, the race of the colored perps is usually not even mentioned (deliberately covered up).


What is so hard to understand about the fact — and it is a fact — that species (and subspecies such as human races) — are naturally and genetically programmed to compete for space and resources?

And, that all the other racial groups are actively competing against us, while we are not only no longer even working for our own interests; we are aiding and abetting, even legally and financially supporting, those other groups in their efforts to dispossess us in our own countries? >…more.


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Trial By Newspapers

BLACK murder victim’s family received 18 years of an unremitting  police investigation into their son’s murder because the killers were presumed to be White.

Millions of media words were readily made available to the British public in reporting the Stephen Lawrence case since his 1993 stabbing death.

Mainstream media has essentially made a martyr out of the Black victim in this case, while White British murder victims killed by Black and Asian minorities are deemed not worthy of wide publicity.

Violent crimes, including murders instigated by racial minorities towards Whites are simply not given enough national exposure, but they may receive 18 seconds of local coverage.

This entire Stephen Lawrence saga has not only cost police careers, but also concluded that London’s Metropolitan police force was “institutionally racist”  as stated by the infamous Macpherson Report.

Long standing British Laws that stood the test of time for hundreds of years were changed when it was  recommended the double jeopardy rule be abrogated in murder cases to allow a retrial upon “new and compelling evidence“.  Incredibly, that became law in 2005.

A “honey pot” in the name of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust was also established for purposes of fund-raising, but no link will be provided here.

In total, the media frenzy helped propel this case to stratospheric levels of publicity and cost taxpayers tens of millions of British pounds over the years.

The Stephen Lawrence case is so well-known that his name has become a British household word since those early days in 1993, and whose body was transported and buried in … Jamaica!


Slanted// MSM News

Crime, Race & Media

Independent Journalists – NOT!


Media Bias On Race Reporting

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Canada’s Black Population

Visible minorities in Toronto

Canada’s Exploding BLACK Population (plus other minorities)

DATA FROM CANADIAN CENSUS ( 2011 Census figures for visible minorities were released in June, 2013) 

PART 1 (Some quick facts)

Only 34, 400 BLACKS were enumerated in Canada’s 1971 population census, comprising a minuscule .0016% of Canada’s total population of 22 million people.

Our 96% WHITE population — until 35-40 years ago — was still the dominate racial group before the 3rd world immigration “flood-gates” were opened.

The PEOPLE of TORONTO during the early 1970s

Ontario Bar Association dinner, King Edward Ho...

Ontario Bar Association dinner (100 yrs ago?) King Edward Hotel (Toronto, Canada)

Metro Toronto’s 1971 population of 2.1 million was about 97% White.

Black people held a tiny fraction (.003 percent) of the city population until 4 decades ago. Black pedestrians on Toronto’s well-known Yonge Street was a rare sight amongst a “sea of White faces”, and usually American tourists.

(Today, however, Blacks have exploded to 8.5% of Toronto’s population, while this Canadian city’s traditional White population has plummeted to 53% in 2011 … and continues to decline.

BLACKS account for vast increases in violent crimes as seen in Toronto’s crime index figures, in our court systems, and in our prison populations.)

“Reality is that 52.5% of homicides in America are committed by Blacks. That statistic comes from Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (FBI). Furthermore, we learn that nearly all homicides are committed by males between the ages of 18 and 49. When Black males between 14 and 49 yrs. of age — who comprise just 3% of the U.S. population, but commit about 50% of ALL violent crimes – it only makes sense to apply racial profiling. Why can’t I say that without being stigmatized”?  >Source

Just so you know!

Need further proof? See: Violence Against Whites

“At Those Who Can See, we recently postulated that in a Euro society, Afros on average need stronger social controls than other groups in order to conform to Euro behavioral norms. Where these controls are tightest, such as a slavery system, black criminality will be lowest; and where such controls are loosest, Black criminality will be very high. We also hypothesized that when a new freedom or right is obtained by Afros, a statistically significant percentage of them will ‘act out‘ in response, in ways that include antisocial and criminal behavior.”

See: Importing Black Violence

Importing Jamaican “Culture”

Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada?

http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/ mostwanted.php

Kiyan Prince, whose death in May 2006 has brou...

To reiterate … Canada’s Black population had rocketed from only 34, 400 to an unprecedented 783,795 BLACK people in only 35 years (1971 to 2006)!  That was an astounding and unnecessary 2,300% INCREASE  in their population numbers!

[See: Blacks LESS Intelligent?]

Blacks have now risen to 2.2 % of Canada’s population … and one-half of them are recent immigrants.   And … given their excessive and gratuitous exposure on TV, print advertising and government photo displays, etc., the Black’s overrated minority 2.2% status … is vastly out of proportion to our 84% White majority.

[Update for 2013:  Black people now account for 2.9 percent (1 million+) after the 2011 Canada Demographic figures were released.

WHITE Euro Canadians continue to plummet in proportionate numbers (currently down to 77-78% of Canada's population) which is vastly reduced from  the 95th percentile , and in only during the past three decades ... much to the glee of some emboldened racial minorities.]

Canada’s “invisible” Native Indians are seldom seen on television, yet Blacks (2.2%) are always  liberally over-represented in Canadian TV commercials and TV entertainment … including their token Black newsreaders across Canada.

The same gratuitous racial inclusions occur in American television, and on European TV programs, with a possible explanation given here: More Mass Media Manipulation

In this video, let’s look briefly at the IQ (Intelligent Quotient) rates of different races to determine whether Black immigrants and their progeny are a benefit, or an encumbrance to Canada’s future. The obvious distinction should be a “no-brainer” to most (thinking) people’s abilities… except for those who nobly refer to themselves as “anti-racists“.  Just one example to help you form an opinion.

Jared Taylor’s partial video on race IQ

A complete turnaround from compatible immigrant European-based sources to incompatible 3rd-world countries occurred without any viable explanation … nor with the consent of Canadians! [See: The Betrayal of Canada]

Before proceeding to Part 2 … bookmark these updated websites to help you form intelligent opinions, as opposed to the daily barrage of msm (mainstream media) propaganda trying to mold your thoughts for you:








Canada’sRACE REPLACEMENT” policies really began in earnest when the 1970s bogus mantra of “Zero Population Growth” (ZPG) was promulgated and aimed specifically at White Canadian parents to reduce our WHITE birth numbers … while simultaneously opening up the “multicultural” flood-gates from NON-white, 3rd world nations.

However, before public protests could be mounted against this unwarranted, uninvited and unwanted racial transformation taking place in OUR country, Canadians were pre-empted with a bevy of restrictions:

Police officers and hockey fans in Toronto, Ca...

Police officers and hockey fans in Toronto, Canada celebrate the gold medal won by Canada’s ice hockey team at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Hate crime laws were suddenly implemented, and again, aimed directly at White Canadians to thwart any opposition to this sinister plan. Then came their mis-named enforcement wing called “human rights” tribunals (better known as Communist Show Trials in USSR) to punish opposing White Canadian dissenters who disagreed with policies designed to displace them.

[Read: http://www.dailystormer.com/bad-moon-rising-how-the-jewish-lobbies-created-canadas-hate-propaganda-laws/]

Political correctness” was embedded into the psyche of Canadians, lest we utter forbidden statements unapproved by the state.

ANTI-WHITE employment equity (affirmative-action) policies were introduced to favour usually unqualified racial minorities in jobs and job promotions… at the expense of the more qualified White Canadians.

Free speech has been removed from our everyday conversation, except around the family’s kitchen table, and spoken only in hushed tones in today’s Sovietized Canada.

CANADIANS are experiencing a White racial crisis, yet are forbidden to openly address this racial transformation taking place under the euphemistic term called “multiculturalism”.


European nations are also under the same relentless 3rd-world immigrant infiltration, including the encouragement of miscegenation (race-mixing) by their leaders. To conclude of a conspiratorial attempt of White genocide by introducing vast numbers of NON-whites into our traditional White countries … is quite evident.

Mass 3rd-World Immigration is GENOCIDE Against White Nations 

Canada’s expansion of some NON-whites between 2001-2006 (only 5 yrs.), with total numbers in brackets. (Note: For 2013, ALL these numbers have risen higher since 2006.)

Latin American - up 40.2% ( 304,245 )   South Asian - up 37.7%  ( 1,262,865 )

Filipino - up 33.1% ( 410,695 )     Southeast-Asian - up 20.6%  ( 239,935 )

Blacks - up 18.4% (783,795 )           Chinese - up 18.2% ( 1,216,570 )

(In only 10 years — 1996 to 2006 — the Black population rapidly increased by 36.6%) (See: Canadian Immigration Policy Reform)

What are these unprecedented numbers telling White Canadians about our future in our own country of just 35,000,000 people?

Simple math says that WHITE Euro-Canadians are rapidly being DISPLACED by exploding numbers of imported NON-white foreigners and their progenies!

City of Toronto and Exhibition Place from the ...

City of Toronto and Exhibition Place

From a historical perspective, it was our European settler ancestors who — through blood, sweat, and tears — tilled the soil and farmed the land, mined the minerals, built roadways, railways, harvested huge tracts of forests where our skyscrapers, subways and modern infrastructure now stand.

It was they, who later fought and died in European wars. And after each war, it was the military survivors and their families who continued to toil in factories and mines and forests while building up our standard-of-living after the 1940s, followed by long, hardworking years to build a social welfare-net designed to uplift themselves for the benefit of their European families. So, our gratitude rightfully belongs to our early English/French SETTLERS (not immigrants) — followed by other European generations and their tax-paying progenies — who successfully invented, built and managed a 1st-world nation called CANADA.

(Today, we foolishly elect 3rd-rate, 3rd-world foreign-born minorities into political power who arrogantly lecture White Canadians on our so-called “white privileges”. Unlike himself (click the link), be assured that White Europeans should feel no shame for all our gallant achievements in technology, science, medicine, etc, etc. )

As laughable as it sounds … many Non-white immigrants actually believe the propaganda that we’re in “desperate need of their help in building our country“, because we’re incapable of managing our own affairs without them! Today, our own educated young people have difficulty finding jobs in Canada’s tight labour market, so why import MILLIONS of unskilled, uneducated and incompatible foreigners to live amongst us??

English: Toronto view from CN tower. Picture f...

TORONTO, Ontario. This view is from the CN tower.

News Flash:  CANADA is already over-built … and our 1st world status was an established fact LONG BEFORE all this unnecessary mass 3rd world immigration was imposed on us. (Lest there be doubt,  some 1950′s Photos depicting those prosperous times in the U.S. and Canada. To enlarge the photos, click the arrows in the bottom corner.)

Actually, today’s 3rd world IMMIGRANTS are a needless burdensome cost that drain Canadians of over $23,000,000,000 (Billion) per year!!

[See: Score Card:  Immigrants 1, Canadians 0

Our social welfare plan was NOT intended to feed, clothe or shelter the world's lying, cheating, and phony refugees who take advantage of our foolish generosity. Nor were our welfare agencies intended to provide undeserving foreign interlopers with unearned monthly welfare payouts, nor free hospital care, nor free dental care at Canadian taxpayers' expense. In fact, many immigrants/refugees enjoy Canadian living standards that are usually reserved for 'Royalty' in their own 3rd-world hell-holes.

In 1981 racial minorities accounted for a manageable 4.7% of Canada's population. By 1991 their numbers had DOUBLED to 9.4%.

In 2001, racial minorities had again stretched to 13.4% due to continuing mass 3rd-world immigration.

For the year 2011, visible minorities have reached an unprecedented 19.1% of Canada's population, and they continue to grow exponentially in numbers!

Are White-Euro Canadians now able to project their dismal future prospects? We are nearly "past the point of no return" when future demographic figures are next released in 2016.   >Source

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001--Stats Canada  White Canadians are rapidly DECLINING in population numbers in direct proportion to the INCREASING influx of NON-white immigrants. The additional 6,000,000 (six million immigrants!) who’ve entered our country in only the past 23 years, is the result of one of the greatest immigration deceptions ever perpetrated on Canadians.

Before WHITE Canadians are relegated to a racial minority status within their own fully-developed nation of Canada, the immigration doors MUST be slammed shut for the next two generations! 

The true MINORITY among the world’s 7,000,000,000 (Billion) population, are people of the 8% White race … against a backdrop of the 92% NON-whites!

(For B.R.A. [Black-Run America], see HERE) [Also See: Blacks in the News! U.S. Black Racism]

Unfortunately, White identity politics is “heresy” in today’s brainwashed society… so, it’s debatable whether this massive colour tide that is swamping our European-based nations … can ever be reversed.


A reminder of OUR RICH EUROPEAN ORIGINS and WHO WE ARE (musical video below), and what we’re about to permanently lose due to massive NON-white immigration swamping OUR White nations. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9dpeMuUQQkc#!]


Please sign this PETITION.

… and finally, a lesson for all to learn …


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Happiest City In Canada

Is Burlington TOO White?

WHITE Males Need NOT Apply!


Canadian City Abhors “White Privilege”

Government Disloyal To Own Citizens

Canadians Duped On Multiculturalism

False Arguments Given For (“Needed”) Population Growth ************************************************************

How To Destroy A Nation 

WHITE Americans – An Endangered Species **********************************************

…(almost) Everything You Wanted to Know About BLACKS But Was Afraid to Ask.  Black School Principal Ousted From School *** Black Culture Retarding White Kids ** Stuff BLACK People Don’t Like *** 1868 Description of Negroes *** Black Racism *** Thug Report  *** Crime & Race *** Race, Crime & Media  *** Blacks Less Intelligent? *** More Fall-Out On Black IQ

“The effects of the absorption of the Black slaves has retarded Portugal’s history ever since. Today that country has long been acknowledged as the most backward country in Europe with an illiteracy rate of over 30 per cent. The rapid decline of Portugal following the intake of the vast numbers of Black slaves mirrors her decline.” >Source

 “Racism” Is Not Sinful *** The Right To Discriminate *** Racial “Diversity” Is A Con Game  *** Multiculturalism – A Dividing Force *** Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada? *** ANTI-White Police Hiring  *** “Joys of Diversity”?? 

Sources: Statistics Canada http://goo.gl/6neSX http://www.ualberta.ca/~jrkelly/blacksinCanada.pdf

African Violence Comes To Ireland

By Ken Foy

A (Black) mob went on a wave of random race violence on Temple Bar (Dublin Ireland), which left five (White) Dubliners with horrific injuries.

One man — a Dublin DJ (Disk Jockey) — was almost killed in the attack, as he suffered serious head trauma after he was set upon by the gang.

The level of violence has shocked gardai (Irish Police) and the many witnesses to the race-hate orgy — believed to be the first of its kind in the city.

[See:  Importing BLACK Violence]

(Editor’s Note: It may be the “first of its kind” but it wont be the last… here’s another Black crime story from Ireland. Black violence directed towards the Irish people is GUARANTEED to increase in scale and numbers for many years to come … due to Ireland’s disastrous immigration policies. Yet again, another similar story … HERE.)

For UPDATED (almost) daily news, check out: (The) Irish Savant.

One (immigrant) member of the African gang was arrested today in pre-dawn raids by detectives across Dublin city.The five White Dubliners, all aged in their 20s, were left with horrific injuries in the October 2010 attacks, which have… only come to light NOW.



Read: Multi-Racial IRELAND??

[Professor Andrew Fraser warned us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

“Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population (in White countries) is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems”.

See also: Australia Meets With Black Crime]

The Black African gang – all in their late teens — savagely attacked six Irish people in total, in the Temple Bar area of the capital in the early hours of October 10 last.

The gang, who are heavily involved in other street robberies and beatings, are all expected to appear in court.

Sources say that even seasoned detectives were left “horrified and shocked” by the extreme level of violence used in the attacks which occurred in the Eustace Street and Curved Street areas of Temple Bar at around 3.30 am on the date in question.

A senior source explained: “We believe that what happened on the night was motivated by racism — that is racism AGAINST White people.”

When the Black suspects were first questioned, they tried to use racism as a defencethey tried to say that they had been racially abused by the victims for being Black”.

“But, absolutely no evidence of that was ever uncovered and gardai (police) are satisfied that the attackers were NOT racially abused.” (Charge the Black foreign thugs with making false accusations, and then promptly DEPORT them. Just wishful thinking there...ELN Editor)

Dozens of people witnessed the shocking chain of events which started when two young men and a woman were randomly attacked on Eustace Street in Dublin.

In the space of less than three minutes, 5 people were left with terrible injuries as bottles, punches and kicks were used to wound the innocent victims.

In the most serious incident, a DJ who was standing on Curved Street was set-upon and almost killed by the gang of thugs.

A source explained: “The DJ was standing outside a premises while other assaults were going on around him. His DJ bag — with records in it — was on the ground beside him“.

One of the gang members stole the DJ’s bag and ran off, with the victim running after him. Then the attacker turned around and punched the victim, knocking him unconscious“.

When the DJ hit the floor (cobblestones?), the Black culprit stomped on the man’s head in a ferocious display of violence.

This victim is very lucky to be alive — the entire left side of his head was broken because of that stamping incident. The victim ended up having to have a metal plate inserted into his head — if this did not happen he would have lost his eyesight.”

Sources have revealed that another victim suffered a fractured skull in an incident in which gardai (Police) believe a glass bottle was used.

[U.S. Black Racism]

The gang are now expected to face a huge number of charges, including multiple serious assault charges, violent disorder, theft and production of an offensive weapon.


The arrest was made this morning after a massive investigation by detectives from Pearse Street Garda Station.

English: Dublin - Pearse Street Garda Station ...

Dublin – Pearse Street Garda (Police) Station in 1998 BEFORE the Black-immigrant invasion began.

Other suspects were being hunted today.The mother of one of the suspects has a conviction, and served jail time for trafficking children into France … from Nigeria.

The gang is suspected of being involved in other street assaults and have links to a criminal who was involved in robbing head shops and has been convicted of hijacking a Dublin taxi.  –Source

ThugReport.com (U.S.)




BLACK Mayor Showing TRUE Colours

Ireland’s Bogus Asylum Seekers


Ireland Fails To Deport AFRICANS

Nigerians LUV Ireland

Ireland’s Plummeting Literacy Rate


Dispossessing White Europeans

Australia Meets With Black Crime

Norwegian Rape Assaults By Foreigners

“In Oslo (Norway), ALL sexual assaults involving rape in the past year have been committed by males of non-western (NON-white) background; this was the conclusion of a Police report published today. This means that every single rape assault in the last five years, where the rapist could be identified, he was a man of foreign origin.”

[This political-correct Norwegian policewoman appears to mitigate these rape crimes when she partially states "Many of these perpetrators..........often unemployed, arriving from traumatized countries".

So, it's open season on young, Norwegian white women because the foreign rapists hail from "traumatized countries'.

O.K., case closed ... A pathetic response for a "supposed" defender of the Norwegian people.  Editor]


Until a few years ago, NORWAY was a stable and homogeneous White nation. NOW … with the influx of incompatible, 3rd world immigrants, Norway’s population of less than 5 million people is on the endangered list like most other European countries.

Brenda Walker

In Norway, multicultural Muslim immigration has not been working out so well for local women….. if, public safety is considered an important measure.

According to a recent police report, men with “non-western background” (aka Muslim immigrants) are the huge majority of those committing sexual assault in the capital city.

The crime wave is another example of how Muslim immigration is a bad idea, particularly for women’s rights and safety.

The talking heads are too politically correct to use the word “Muslim”, but even speaking of the rape wave in public is a big improvement. Fjordman reported in 2005 of a “Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway” which the authorities were covering up.

Meanwhile in the headwaters of dar al-Islam, the Saudi woman who had the grit to drive a car (verboten in The Kingdom) has been jailed.

All diversity is not equal, especially for women!  -Source


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Australia Meets With Black Crime

Southbank night, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The brutal bashing of a young  (White) man at Sunshine train station in Melbourne (Australia) (sign-in video here) has highlighted the problems of crime associated with the immigration of large numbers of BLACK Africans into Australia. [1]

Professor Andrew Fraser WARNED us all in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

“Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems” [2].

Fraser was persecuted by the so-called “Human Rights” industry for telling the truth.

A Photo of a Black Person Looking at Photos of...


Whilst every society, ethnic group and race all have a percentage of people that commit violent crimes, research shows us that this percentage is significantly higher amongst Black African males; to be quite clear, this does not mean that all of them are violent criminals, but that – compared to the general population – a higher percentage of Black African males (Black females, too) are more likely to commit crimes of violence. This is a fact, as shown by crime statistics in countries such as Australia, England and the USA. [3]

U.S. Population – BLACK Americans 12.5% Vs WHITE Americans 63%

[Black Males (14 to 49 yrs.) account for just 3% of the U.S. population but commit 52% of ALL murders!]

Newspaper reports in Australia have confirmed the higher crime rates of Black Africans. For instance, the Herald Sun revealed that whilst the general rate of alleged crimes was 1 in 85… the rate for SOMALIANS was 1 in 23.

Political multiculturalists may offer all sorts of excuses as to why the Black African crime rate is so much higher, blaming poverty, war trauma, etc., but the fact remains that their crime rate is indeed higher. [4]

This is not a matter of faceless “statistics”, but of real people suffering as victims of crime – it is about real people being hurt, disabled and killed. These higher crime “statistics” could mean your brother is bashed, your sister is raped, or your friend is murdered. Higher crime rates are about real people.

Perth, Australia – Racist Black Africans Attack White Australian

If we can choose between bringing in compatible immigrants with a European background and low crime rate, or incompatible African people (mostly asylum seekers) with a high crime rate….. who would choose the high-crime option??

(“Let me guess… Barbara Spectre??” <<click) 

The fact is that political multi-culturalists are extremists. They would rather have thousands of more Australians being bashed, raped or murdered rather than admit their mistake, and halt the immigration of BLACK AFRICANS!

…another suppressed attack story by  Black African ‘Refugees’ .


…and, more proof, yet AGAIN.

Update to Sept. 21/13 The latest known beat-down of White Australians.  Updated again, Ho-hum, yet another beat-down by a privileged BLACK African foreigner in March, 2014. This cycle will never end as long as Australia keeps importing these foreign interlopers into their country.

[ Read:  http://whitelawtowers.blogspot.com/2013/07/racist-attack-in-perth-tnb.html ]

Who is to blame? It’s the politicians and multiculturalists who are the problem. It is high time that we dumped the extremist ideologies of political multiculturalism and “political correctness”. It’s time that we started to protect Australians – and protect our nation’s future. -Source

White Australian Policies worked well until “The Tribe” interfered.

A scene from Australia’s relatively peaceful past BEFORE the multi-racial invasion from 3rd world countries

Sydney, Australia – 1966



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Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival 2006 (London, UK)

Notting Hill Carnival, London 2006

Published in October 2000, John Tyndall comments on Police instructions to ignore criminal activities at England’s annual Notting Hill Carnival. During this past decade, has anything changed the minds of the P.C. (political correct) Police & Media Brigade?

By John Tyndall


The delighted face of a TV news reader (usually female) at the end of August Bank Holiday, coming on the screen and telling us, with an air of joy and triumph, what a happy, harmonious and successful event the Notting Hill Carnival had been.

There were the usual shots of grinning policemen dancing with black women, the usual reports that there had been “very little trouble.” It often seemed as if the presentation of this particular news had been carefully rehearsed. One could just imagine the producer beforehand:

“No, Fiona, you must look happier – a really big smile! And your voice must sound as if it’s conveying wonderful news. Another take – that’s better!”

The mass media’s reporting of the Carnival has, for years, been one of their major propaganda projects, all carefully orchestrated to convey to us peasants, the message of what a perfect festival of fun and pleasure this is, and how it demonstrates the great benefits to Britain of the multi-racial society.

But this year – at long last – the truth came out. Glen Smyth, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, spilled the beans. In a statement on Radio 4 at the end of the Carnival, he said:-

‘In my experience, the level of reported crime is far below that which really happens, and the whole process is down-played for political reasons.

‘Police are actively discouraged from making arrests by senior officers for fear of sparking a riot situation, and I have seen serious criminal offences taking place while we are powerless to act… There is a significant criminal minority who exploit it in the full knowledge that the police will tread extremely lightly… The record of the Carnival is pretty appalling.’

This, of course, was just what the police top brass, the news media and the political establishment did not want to hear. It came out because Police Federation leaders are men chosen by their colleagues from the ranks and are selected because they have the respect of ordinary coppers – as distinct from chief commissioners and constables, who are almost invariably political appointees, promoted because they are willing tools of the liberal establishment.

With the cat now out of the bag, the press was seized by a rare fit of honesty. Even the Sunday Times showed itself ready to speak openly. Behind all the revelry, its reporter acknowledged, drugs were doing a roaring trade:-

‘There was no pretence about it, no attempt at disguise. Even if the police, chatting in shirtsleeves just 150 yards away, had been able to see them there was no chance of arrest.’

The Standard reporters went on to describe another – yet more horrifying – occurrence. Speaking of a young Asian, Abdul Bhatti, heading home after visiting the Carnival, they related:-

‘A gang of youths was “steaming” the street. As many as 50 young men sprinted down the road together, punching, slashing and stealing before their victims knew what had happened. They snatched a gold chain from Bhatti’s cousin, knocking him to the ground. Then they turned on Bhatti, punching, gouging and stamping as he fell.

‘Seconds later they were gone. Bhatti managed to get to his feet and stagger a few yards, then collapsed. He died later of brain stem injuries.’

Ironically; the two murders taking place at the Carnival this year were both of ethnic-minority victims – the other one being of Greg Watson, a young Black, who was stabbed during an argument with some other Blacks. These were just the tips of an iceberg of crime and violence that has become commonplace while police are seemingly impotent to do anything about it. The Standard report continued: –

‘For the Metropolitan Police, the annual festival represents more than a policing challenge. With the ghost of Stephen Lawrence – the black teenager murdered by a gang of young white men who have never been convicted – seemingly stalking every decision made by senior officers, the celebration of the best of West Indian culture looms menacingly over Scotland Yard each summer.’

Then speaking of the anger of ordinary police officers at the softly-softly policy adopted by their superiors, the report went on to say:-

‘Officers hate policing Notting Hill. They don’t like walking past drug-smoking or other incidents. They can see thefts of purses and handbags but know they can never get into that crowd, arrest that person and get out again safely. They feel vulnerable. It would take next to nothing for an officer to be stabbed or shot.’

Yes, shot! The Mail on Sunday was another paper highlighting the orgy of crime at the Carnival. Its reporter described one scene thus:-

‘There was no mistake: the man was holding a gun. The thump of the music was so loud it seemed to vibrate the kidneys, the air was thick with pungent smells and the crowd was boiling with excitement and alcohol. But as the policeman looked up at scaffolding at the edge of the crowd, he saw two figures clambering upwards. And one of them had a gun.’

The Mail on Sunday then described how this was spotted by a constable. What followed was amazing:-

‘The police officer decided to act quickly. He told his superintendent he was going to move in and search the man on the scaffolding. He was going to need back-up.

‘To his astonishment, the senior officer forbade him. In the middle of this excitable crowd such a move would be ” too dangerous.” It might spark a riot.

‘Bravely, the constable stood his ground. He disobeyed the order and searched the suspect but the gun was gone, presumably passed to the other man, who had melted into the throng.

‘This extraordinary incident was just one example of the new “softly-softly” strategy dictated for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival by Scotland Yard’s politically correct policy advisers still paranoid over the charge of institutional racism levelled against them in the wake of the Stephen Lawrence debacle.’

This was just one of many incidents where the police completely abdicated their responsibility to uphold the law.

In another, a man making a home video caught a scene where rival gangs of Blacks were brawling. One shot showed two wielding knives. The area where this happened was just one of many where there was no police presence whatever. Though police photo technology makes possible blow-ups which should easily enable the men to be identified, it is very unlikely that they will ever be brought to book.

The damning exposures of what happened at the Notting Hill Carnival, beginning with the forthright denunciations of Mr Smyth, opened a veritable Pandora’s box on which the lid has been kept down for many years.

Even the ultra-liberal The Independent newspaper, found this too much. In a leader on the 1st September it said: “If that level of violence had occurred at any other big public event, the outcry would have closed it down years ago.”

It really is coming to something when a paper like The Independent can make such a statement. All this amply demonstrates that the realities of the multi-racial society are now coming home with a vengeance after so many years of lies and cover-ups.    -Source-


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…and read this account of the 2010 Carnival

Marketing Multi-Culti

Sidney Poitier's image, cropped from Civil Rig...

Actor – Sidney Poitier 1963

By Sarah, Maid of Albion

Subliminal advertising, whereby a message appears on a TV or movie screen for a fleeting instant, too quick for the eye to see, but long enough for it to register on the subconscious, has long been banned in the UK.

However, there are many similar tricks used by marketing and advertising firms to subliminally plant an unspoken message in the subconscious mind of an unwary audience. This is seldom more the case than with those in the business of promoting multiculturalism.

We have all long grown used to the TV shows and dramas which show a parallel universe beset by high levels of White “crime”, and “innocent” ethnic victim-hood.

American TV is perhaps the worst; indeed some of the cop shows are hardly worth watching, because you know from the outset that the villain will be the handsome White guy.

Admittedly, sometimes they will play with us for the first two acts and allow us to believe that a black character might be guilty, however, you can guarantee … by part three… the Black will be exposed as the innocent patsy of the “real” (White) criminal.

Those who do not wish to have “Law and Order” and “CSI Vegas” ruined for them, should skip this paragraph, but there are various formulas to which the US shows almost always comply, as if the screen writers’ guild have issued a set of rules which any studio producing a US cop show is obliged to follow.

Rule One: Whatever the story, a handsome rich White male will be revealed as an unpleasant person at some point.

Rule two: a Black male will never be guilty of a serious crime unless:

  • a) …he was led into the crime by a much more, morally reprehensible White character,
    b) … he committed the crime to pay for his dying daughter’s/mother’s/grandfather’s urgent cancer surgery (or for an equivalent benevolent motive) or
    c) …the cop is Black.
  • Rule three:

White women are only guilty if:

  • a) they smoke,
    b) they smoke and the victim is Black or female
    c) they are rich and they smoke.

Rule four: Black women are never guilty of anything … ever!

[What happens in T.V. Land does not reflect the reality of life.]

[Blacks are about 12.5% of the U.S. population – Whites about 63%]

Similar rules, together with theinclude as many jolly black faces and presenters as possible in every scene rule …. are followed in the UK in respect of the TV, Internet and magazine propaganda aimed at our children.


The techniques used by the UK media in hyping “diversity” are less transparent than those used in America, but they are no less dishonest.

One of the less subtle of these techniques …is what one might call “racial proportionality weighting”. Occasionally, an ethnic minority character in a soap opera or drama … can be guilty of a crime, or even, not be a very nice person.

However, this must be offset by greater levels of White guilt and White unpleasantness, and accompanied by some biting reference to social (i.e. Black) “deprivation”. In addition, any show which includes a guilty or unpleasant person of ethnic minority… must also include an equal, or preferably a greater number of honest, upstanding, like-able and altogether admirable characters of similar ethnic heritage.

The racial proportionality technique is a more subtle form of the infamous “tiny minority” lie, which is regularly used, with varying degrees of success when discussing extremism within the Islamic community.

Another and progressively more frequent technique is the use of the very “white” black man — that is to say — the employment of actors who look black, but act white… just a little sexier.

For most actors, acting is a precarious profession and often involving long periods of unemployment, however, this is not so for that small, select group of clean-cut black actors who look good in a blazer, and are never out of work.

Such actors are usually presented as action heroes, generally brighter and more athletic/competent than their White counterparts, and will invariably end up in a passionate clinch with the beautiful (White) heroine.

This is such a common device — that I think many of us would be challenged — were we asked to name a recent prime time TV drama or Soap opera which did not have just one White man as a central, and active cast member. (Don’t be fooled by Lenny Henry … ethnic characters are hugely over-represented on UK TV, even in costume dramas where Victorian London is often portrayed as almost as racially-mixed as modern day Croydon)


The very “white” black man is also used — sadly, with a lot of success — in the ongoing promotion of interracial sex which has such a damaging effect on the lives of many young white girls, who were led to believe that the very “white” black man is representative of the majority of black males. However, that is a much larger and more serious issue which I won’t address here.

Of the many other techniques used, the last I will focus on here, is perhaps, as close to subliminal advertising as it is possible gets.

It is the use of the unspoken visual message whereby the images chosen, and the manner in which they are presented, convey a subtle message designed to produce a response, or stimulate an opinion on the part of the viewer.

An excellent example is the trailer for the forthcoming BBC series “White”, which supposedly deals with the experience of working-class Whites in modern Britain.

In the trailer, all we see is the head of a White male which gradually seems to disappear, as words in various different foreign languages and dialects, are written across his face. The image and the subject have been carefully chosen and manipulated to convey a subliminal message, in addition to the official one.

It is clear that the BBC had no intention of presenting Whiteness as being an attractive condition, and this is reflected in the choice of model who — with all due respect to the gentleman himself — is singularly unattractive. He is middle aged, he is overweight, he looks unfit, he is balding, and has a face, which even a mother would struggle to love.

The fact that Britain has produced some of the most famously handsome and attractive men from Cary Grant to Jude Law and David Beckham is ignored, and instead, the White British male is presented as a semi-obese slob.

Can we doubt for one moment, had the subject matter been the black community, we would have been presented with either a smouldering dude, or a beaming jolly Bob Marley look-a-like, or had it been the Asian community, we would instead see a dark eyed, sari clad, lovely? …read more




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