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Britain On Suicide Watch

By tesla1966  

Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag (also r...

I’m certain that many people in the (U.K.) United Kingdom feel extremely angry and resentful at the betrayal shown by successive governments, past and present, towards its own people.

It seems they have set out to deliberately destroy our once-great nation by post-war mass immigration, and this on-going genocidal act of colonisation has removed social cohesion and unity … replacing it instead with poverty and division.

The Empire Windrush which brought immigrants f...

The Empire Windrush which brought BLACK immigrants from the Caribbean to Tilbury in 1948.

Nobody, I’m convinced, could foretell that on the historical date of June 22nd 1948 when the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury docks, that the future of our country would be changed forever, beyond all recognition in the years to follow, and that large areas of our country would then descend into the multicultural ghettos that many of our major towns and cities now resemble today; further more, that we would become second-class citizens in our own lands, except for one man, Enoch Powell.

English: Enoch Powell appearing on television ...

Enoch Powell appearing on television, 3 July 1987

Enoch Powell, the then conservative member of parliament (1950–74) had the vision and the foresight to see what the future would hold, and had the courage to speak out and warn us in advance with his famous ‘rivers of blood’ speech on 20th April 1968; in response he was dismissed from his position as Shadow Defence Secretary in the cabinet of Edward Heath. This is a quote from that talk he gave at the Midland Hotel (later known as The Burlington Hotel) on New Street in Birmingham that day, which is as applicable now, as it was back then. [Update to 2013: Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city, also has the greatest number of schools, 22 in all, with ZERO (0) White pupils.]

MigrationWatch UK

“We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre”.  (Spoken in 1968 … whereas today’s immigrant influx is about a half-million every year. More updated facts are found at:  Migration Watch UK right side-bar)

Mad indeed … and who can argue with those words made back in 1968 by one of the greatest politicians this country has ever had. Our once great country, particularly in urban areas, has descended into crime ridden third-world squalor, poverty and corruption, not to mention the gangland violence, rape and of course ‘ethnic division‘ bestowed upon us … by the ruling elite.

Primitive African tribalism marching on British Streets

Our forefathers  — who fought and died in numerous world wars for their country — would be turning in their graves at the sight of Britain circa 2013. Those same brave men and women who put their lives on the line for Queen and country, would no doubt, be horrified at the travesty and injustice served upon them by the traitors in parliament today, if they were alive to see it.


What we now find is that the native British, particularly the White working-classes, are having to compete for housing and jobs, and who quite understandably feel ostracised from mainstream society. Social housing is allocated it appears, first and foremost to the newly arrived immigrants that have turned up on our shores, while the indigenous people are left to stagnate on long housing lists with no hope of securing affordable accommodation in the mean time.

The irony here is that those who are already housed can’t wait to move out from their ‘culturally enriched’ areas. Incidentally, people often described the satellite towns around our capital as ‘London overspill’ and I now feel that the term has some relevance to an early version of White flight, I’m sure a quick chat to any displaced Londoner would confirm this but the Daily mail on the other hand, would have us believe it is more to do with affluence and success, when in reality the complete opposite is true.

Many people sadly feel the need leave their homes and move out of the “culturally enriched” areas, especially London where they are now (a White) minority, as they could no longer relate or identify with the area they were brought up in, so they have upped sticks and left. I doubt very much it was by choice.

Enoch Powell quoted a letter that he had received from an elderly woman in Wolverhampton street, Northumberland, which summed it up well.

The woman was the only White resident, and had lost her husband and her two sons in World War II. She had rented out the rooms in her house but once immigrants had moved into the street she was living in, her White lodgers left. The letter went on to say that two black men had knocked on her door at 7:00 am to use her telephone but she refused, as she would have done to any other stranger knocking at her door at such an hour, and was subsequently verbally abused. She had asked her local authority for a rates reduction, but was told by a council officer to ‘let out’ the rooms of her house. When the woman said the only likely tenants would be black, the council officer replied: Racial prejudice won’t get you anywhere in this country. I often wonder what happened to that poor lady and how she felt about the hostile treatment she received back in 1968; the same anti-white, pro-multicultural attitudes people have to endure today, if they dare to speak out.

Our politicians these days are not content with helping our own people gain employment, or offering them training for particular skills needed, or to attain meaningful careers. Instead they continue to allow the flood gates to be opened to thousands of foreigners to increase an already competitive jobs market.

The NHS (National Health Service) and all public sector employers are prime examples of organisations who will favour immigrants over the natives, regardless of merit, if only to fill immigrant job quotas – the other beneficiary’s being private corporations and business’, who now have an endless supply of cheap labour to work for the minimum wage. Those lucky enough to secure employment now have to suffer pay freezes, zero hour contracts, and the depression of wages.

A newspaper article, not so long ago, gave us a small insight into how people are struggling to survive. A young couple with no children who were both in full-time work were having to rely on the charity ‘food bank‘ to make ends meet, and I’m sure there are many similar cases to this example.

Many people, because of the minimum wage, are better off receiving benefits, and I’m sure many take this route because it is economically a more viable option, and who can blame them.

The cries of the ‘Brits are lazy‘ is common place, usually made by the more affluent members of society, the ones born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and these same people are lucky enough to have received a good education, and enjoy the benefits of higher paid jobs … but hasn’t that always been the case?

Our education system is not fit for purpose – over sized classrooms and teachers who now have to accommodate numerous different languages in the classroom is hardly the best environment to gain an education. But isn’t that their modus operandi in maintaining the status quo of a ready supply of dumbed down proletariat who — for the most part, have to work hard all their lives just to make ends meet, with no chance of ever increasing their social standing? Many people I know are struggling just to keep a roof over their heads, let alone feed and clothe themselves – not forgetting the ever increasing utility bills.

The deafening ignorance of the liberal left and all political parties towards the plight of their fellow countrymen and women is sickening to say the least, but to be expected. These anti-white, pompous, egocentric perverts with their lust for subversion of society through the promotion of homosexuality and the other distorted views they have on sexuality, means you can only conclude that the lunatics have really taken over the asylum in this country. These same perverts who despise the majority in this country, the White working class, with their multiracial, multicultural agenda and constant bleating on that immigration is a benefit to us all, are the same people who enjoy all the benefits of cheaper nannys and cheaper plumbers, whilst earning their six figure salaries in their cushy jobs.

Try explaining that immigration is a “good thing” to the numerous victims of Asian (Indian or Pakistani) paedophile gangs, immigrant crimes, and murders against the indigenous British. Explain to them … why they must now compete not only for jobs that pay a pittance, but also for affordable housing, too.

 The freedom loving 1960s in White Britain

These are the same people whose forefathers fought and died for this country so that future generations could enjoy a better standard of living. The stench of hypocrisy from the filth that preach from their ivory towers situated in affluent White suburbs is overbearingly nauseating, and still, unbelievably, the sheeple trot out every polling day and continue to vote for these parasitic, bottom feeding scum, why? —  ‘because I’ve always voted labour‘ — you hear them cry, or because ‘my parents voted for them‘.

It’s like someone repeating the same experiment over and over again and expecting a different result, for goodness sake, only a mad man would do this!  Source: >The British Resistance 


Discover how other WHITE Nations are “enjoying the benefits” of Multi-Racialism.










New Zealand

…and, let’s not forget

It’s your worst nightmare, coming true:  50 Million AFRICANS Invited To EUROPE

Thanks for nothing, Barbara …

S.O.S. – Saving Our Selves

 FOR us!




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British Race Riots of 1919

The Heretical Press

For 4 wasted years (1914 – 1918), British soldiers had endured the mud, blood and spattered guts of Flanders.

1st Lancashire Fusiliers in a communication tr...

1st Lancashire Fusiliers in a communication trench near Beaumont Hamel, 1916.

While they were butchering, and being butchered by their fellow White men … some of Britain’s major cities were being invaded by racial aliens who had been imported by the Government to aid the war effort.

The war ended in November, 1918.

Those Britons who survived the ordeal of criminal insanity which wrecked and exhausted Europe were supposed to come home to a ‘Land Fit For Heroes.’ In fact, they came home to encounter unemployment, poverty and Coloured immigrant populations interbreeding with White women.

[Read: American Dissident Says It All]

The young men of that era had not been steeped in liberal-minority propaganda by the media, but had been schooled in the horrors of trench warfare. The stage was set for an explosion of racial violence, and it came as surely as the summer.

The Coloured Immigrant population was concentrated in Liverpool, South Wales and London, in what a Liverpool newspaper described as “distinct foreign colonies,” and which it viewed as “partly a check against the pollution of a healthy community by undesirables.“2

The same newspaper said that the Negro population of Liverpool had grown by “leaps and bounds” during the war, and estimated it at 4,000 to 5,000.3 The Times said that the Blacks were “largely West Indians” and put their number at about 5,000. (ref. #4) The Daily Express put their number at 2,000. ( ref. #5) The South Wales Echo estimated that there were in Cardiff 1,200 unemployed Coloured seamen, including Arabs, Somalis, West African and West Indians. (ref. #6)

In Barry, according to the Liverpool Echo, there was a population of “some hundreds of Brazilian negroes, many of whom have been living on unemployment benefit.” (ref. #7)

London’s Immigrant population seems to have been mainly Chinese. A report in a national newspaper described London’s Chinatown:

Turn down Burdett Road into the West India Dock Road. That is the way to the narrow, dirty streets where San Sing squats on the pavement of a night, smoking his long pipe and blinking up at the moon through its smoke.” The report referred to “evil-smelling dens where Chinamen sleep in four tiers of bunks,” and to the general “squalor,” “dirt” and “smell” of the area.  It concluded: “Chinatown is growing. There are more Chinese in the purlieus of Rock Street and Pennyfields than ever before. The shop signs are creeping west.” (ref. #8)


The rioting first broke out in Liverpool on Thursday 5th June. It began in a pub when a Coloured man picked up a glass of beer and threw it at a group of Scandinavians at another table: “The Scandinavians left the premises and in the street were assaulted by the coloured men with sticks, knives, razors and pieces of iron torn from lampposts.” (ref. #9)

The Blacks then went on a general rampage, assaulting three old men and a policeman. A crowd of about 2,000 Whites gathered, but were dispersed by the police. The Blacks were not grateful for their rescue, however, and showed their resentment of police interference by shooting one policeman in the mouth and slashing another across the face with a razor.

Rioting broke out again on Sunday 8th June. An account of subsequent court proceedings said that a Coloured man had been running along the street waving an iron bar and shouting “Down with the white race.” (ref.#10) The account continued: “White men appear determined to clear out the Blacks, who have been advised to remain indoors. This counsel many of them disregard, and late on Sunday a large body of police had to be requisitioned to prevent serious consequences. Whenever a negro was seen he was chased and, if caught, severely beaten…”



Rioting broke out at Newport on Friday 6th June and was said to have been caused by a Coloured man accosting a White girl. A soldier intervened and knocked the Coloured man to the ground: “Partisans gathered, and for two hours distrubances ensued. A Chinese laundry, refreshment houses, and lodging houses were wrecked and the furniture was taken into the street and burned.” (ref. #13) Another report said that “The coloured men defended themselves with revolvers, pokers and sticks.” (ref.#14)

The rioting culminated the next day in an affray that was only quelled by a police baton charge: “Stones and iron bolts were thrown, and towards midnight the crowd had increased to several thousands. No blacks were to be seen in the streets.” (ref. #15)


According to the Head Constable’s report on the Cardiff riots, the confrontation described in our opening paragraphs had begun “when a brake containing a number of coloured men and white women, apparently returning from an excursion, attracted a mixed crowd.”16

About 10 o’clock a wordy argument between blacks and whites ended in the blacks, who were in superior numbers, setting upon one of the white men, who was thrown to the ground and brutally kicked.” (ref. #17) The White man was rescued by a policeman “and the blacks, seeing that the anger of the whites had now been roused, bolted precipitately.” (ref. #18)

“Nigger Town”

After this minor skirmish came the major confrontation, the White charge, and the Black retreat into “Nigger Town.” This area contained a large colony of Negroes, many of whom had married White women. “The whites followed the blacks into their retreat and pandemonium ensued.” (ref. #19)

A Black flourishing a razor was knocked down, and the razor kicked from his hand. More shots were fired, and a group of Blacks was seen rushing into a shop. The Whites smashed the door and windows, rushed into the shop, and hustled out two Blacks, who were beaten with sticks and frying-pans.

In another street a house occupied by Blacks was attacked: “The door was battered to splinters. The screams of a woman were heard and revolver shots again rang out. A fleeing negro was sighted and, giving chase, the Whites overhauled him and brought him down. A revolver was wrested from his hand, and he was belaboured with sticks, kicked and struck.” (ref. #20)

Another house where Negroes lived was set on fire, but the fire brigade extinguished the flames: “A young white woman was rescued from the premises, and the police, who escorted her away, had some difficulty in protecting her from other white women.” (ref. #21)

White Man’s Throat Cut

A group of Whites led by a soldier were confronted — when entering one house — by four white girls in night attire: “We are British girls,” one of them said. “Thank God there are others!” was the answer from one of the leaders, meaning that there were White girls who would not consort with black men. The four girls were hastily brushed aside and the house searched for coloured men.” (Ref. #22)

Elsewhere in the city “a young man named Harold Smart walked up to a constable and complained that a coloured man had cut his throat. The constable promptly took him to King Edward’s Hospital in a taxicab, but the man died almost immediately after his arrival.” (ref. #23)

[Read of another's soldier's recent demise.]

Smart was a 20 year-old ex-soldier who had been discharged from the army after being wounded in the left arm. He was described in a local paper as “a very quiet lad.” (ref. #24) When he was buried on the 17th June, the streets in his area were lined with people: “The coffin was covered with the Union Jack, and a party of men from the 1st Welsh Regiment acted as bearers, while the ‘Last Post’ was sounded by a lance corporal.” (ref. #25)

A ration party of the Royal Irish Rifles in a ...

A ration party of the Royal Irish Rifles in a communication trench during the Battle of the Somme. The date is believed to be 1 July 1916, the first day on the Somme.

By the following evening the authorities had become sufficiently alarmed to keep a magistrate on hand to read the Riot Act and a company of the Welsh Regiment on hand to enforce it. (ref. #26)  …more


Race Riots in Sweden

Swedish Liberalism on Fire

Last Call for WHITE Britain

Last Call for WHITE Britain


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Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag (also r...

A once stable,  homogeneous nation,  … now gone forever!

Circa Late 1950s

Weapons of Singular Destruction

The Players:

One [1] butchered White British man (25 yr. old Lee Rigby) who was allegedly  run down by a car, then HACKED TO DEATH on a London street in full view of onlookers (Unconfirmed reports say he was be-headed).

Two [2] Black Murderers

One [1] nonchalant Black pedestrian casually strolling by hacked-to-death and bloodied body of “Lee Rigby” laying on the roadway, then continuing to walk past blood-soaked murderer holding blood-covered murder weapons in his hand … and oddly without any apparent concern. (Perhaps a normal occurrence in 3rd world HAITI and other Black-run countries, but not on a British street.)

One [1] Black “camerman”  safely granted an impromptu interview by one of the Black murderers before armed British police arrive on the gruesome crime scene some 14 minutes later!

Welfare Jihadist Parasite Anjem Choudary Given a BBC Platform

The MSM (mainstream media) is making an all-out effort to describe this gruesome MURDER as a “terrorist attack” for the purpose of minimizing the horrendous impact this story will have on ordinary British citizens.

The Metropolitan Police, the MSM, and their handlers are using this opportunity to raise unnecessary alarm over  “terrorists“, while deflecting attention away from the fact, that these two incongruent BLACK AFRICAN MURDERERS (and their kinsmen) should not have been allowed to enter England in the first place.  So, be assured the all-encompassing generic term of “terrorist“, aligned with “Ismalic“, will be vigorously promoted by the controlled press to help mitigate the real colour of crime in London. The sheeple must be indoctrinated to believe in the “joys of diversity“, otherwise enforced “multiculturalism” would be revealed for what it is … the greatest FRAUD ever perpetuated against White nations, and only White nations.

(Readers: Some claim this event to be a psy-op HOAX … here, here and here, and with plausible explanations … so use your own discretion.)

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Cleaver-wielding killer of British soldier was convert (nydailynews.com)

London Police “Institutionally Racist”

By Venutios Brigantes

In one of the more outrageous recent cases of the “pot calling the kettle black”, the blacks-only Metropolitan Black Police Association (BPA) has again … accused the Metropolitan Police of London, England, of being “institutionally racist.”

English: Metropolitan Police officers on patro...

Metropolitan Police officers in London’s Trafalgar Square

This cry of “institutional racism” is nothing else but NON-whites decrying the fact that they tend to be stopped, searched and arrested more often than Whites. The reason for this is, of course, because as a statistical average, NON-whites commit more crime than Whites.

However, rather than admit this obvious fact, NON-white organisations such as the “Metropolitan Black Police Association” and White liberals, will prefer instead … to blame White people. This tactic is used the world over to excuse high NON-white crime rates (in White countries), or even failure to perform properly at any level in western society.

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE PEOPLE on Earth?  ANSWER.]

The irony of a blacks-only organisation calling another body “institutionally racist” is also lost on these people, who genuinely think that only they have the right to organise along racial grounds. If any London police officials had to set up a “Metropolitan White Police Association” they would be drummed out of the force as “racist.”

According to the black police organisation, “Institutional racism is not about labelling individuals racists, but rather police practice and procedures that bring about disproportionate outcomes for black and minority ethnic communities and police personnel.”

In other words, black members of the force don’t do as well in the tests and courses set out to achieve promotion within the police—and therefore Whites are to blame.

In addition, the BPA has blamed the (White) police for not recruiting enough NON-whites, implying that it is once again White peoples’ fault that blacks, Pakistanis, Chinese and the huge mixture of races in London, shy away from joining law enforcement.

According to the BPA, the “2011 census indicated that over 40% of Londoners were from BME backgrounds, whilst only 10% of MPS police officers were from BME communities.” (Note: Typically, they have their figures wrong. The latest UK census showed that 54% of Londoners were from Black and Minority Ethnic’ –BME—communities).

These officers disproportionately hug the lower ranks, face significantly slower rates of career progression and are over-represented in disciplinary actions, in comparison to their White counterparts,” the BPA continued.

Note once again, the “blame whitey” phenomenon. Because NON-white police officers commit more internal offenses, and are thus “over-represented in disciplinary action,” it is White peoples’ fault—not that of the offending officers.

This situation, the BPA claims is “unsustainable, as it severely impacts on police legitimacy and more importantly erodes trust and confidence in BME communities.”

The logic is breath-taking, and possibly only the arrogance exceeds its stupidity. The BPA is saying that because NON-white police officers commit more internal offenses than White officers, and do poorly on internal promotional exams, the rest of the NON-white community blames White people for “racism” and therefore does not trust them.

[Now thishttp://dailykenn.blogspot.ca/2014/03/british-police-to-advance-non-whites-in.html]

The madness goes on: Superintendent Leroy Logan, chair of the Met BPA (Metropolitan Black Police Association) charitable trust, said … before the (Police) force could consider itself free of “institutional racism“, it must tackle the continuing disproportions in the treatment of minority Londoners.

The real litmus test is still the vexed issue of stop and search and its disproportionality in black and minority ethnic (BME) communities, because so many people perceive that the police are involved in racial profiling?

An image of a Metropolitan Police Service helmet

Metropolitan Police Service helmet

A recent review of “stop-and-search policing” in London found that black “youths” are up to six times more likely to be stopped than Whites, and that in “authorised localised stops” under section 60 of the 1994 Public Order Act,  NON-whites are 28 times more likely to be stopped.

Once again, this is because the evidence is clear that those communities commit more crime … not because of “White racism.” >Source: Western Spring U.K.

(Added for emphasis are all Bold and underlined words, with added links by ELN Editor)

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Britain Regressing To 3rd-World Status?

By The Irish Savant

Any seasoned traveller will attest to the fact that Heathrow (International Airport)  is a dreadful place.

Grossly inefficient, badly run, incomprehensible work practises. In any good airport transfer passengers will merely exit one plane and head for the appropriate gate to embark on the next one. No need for customs or passport formalities as one remains ‘airside’, which infers that all relevant controls are in place. But today, by the time I had landed at Terminal 4, to embarking at Terminal 1, I had to go through no fewer than four security checks.

And here’s the rub.

The “security” was provided by a scurvy bunch of mad-eyed, bearded Muslim fanatics — burkah clad Afghans (and) Blacks who seemed to have just emerged from the jungle. It’s not allowed, but to underline my point I discreetly photographed a representative sample, shown here.  Do you need further proof?

Yes, the specimens you see here … force blond and blue-eyed English girls (to go) through humiliating ‘security’ tests … remove your shoes, come over here while I grope your private parts, go back again through the scanner. Brandishing their security clearance, in the event of, even a weary sigh from the victims.

English: Osama bin Laden as he is interviewed ...

Osama bin Laden in 1997

As I went through yet another ‘security’ procedure, this time performed by an Osama bin Laden look-alike, contemplating as I did, the virtual certainty of my luggage getting mislaid (it did!) … I sighed that this was like a Turd World airport.

And then the penny dropped with a loud clang. It IS a Turd World airport, for Chrissake! Because with close to 80% of the staff there emanating from South Asia or Africa … by definition … it IS Turd World.

 How come that never dawned on me before?  >Source

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Right Thinking in Germany


France Is Falling Fast

Rise & Fall of Germany

We have come a long way! Let’s not despoil our culture and our heritage by the ruination of enforced multi-racialism (multiculturalism) being imposed on our White nations. Before reading further, please enjoy this short musical video in appreciation our own European cultures and heritages.

[Percentage (%) of the remaining WHITE PEOPLE in the world?   ANSWER]


[Editor's Note: The following excerpts, taken in no particular order ... are from this essay originally written about 10 years ago in the German language, then translated into English.  To absorb the full impact of the message, it's recommended that you read the essay in its entirety by clicking onto the above link.

The onus is upon the reader to conduct their own research to confirm the veracity of the claims presented here.]


It’s not only about German contributions to the world at large, it’s also about the present-day annihilation of the German people as such, about the incessant vilification and character assassination which takes place in the world.

I have tried to point some of it out, only being able to scratch the surface. The ‘Hate-everything German‘ is so all-inclusive as to be mind-numbing, and quite frankly,  is comprehensible only when understanding the Jewish hate which has poisoned the minds of man for centuries.

[Important Video:  http://trutube.tv/video/2016/The-Jewish-Final-Solution-to-Germans-and-Other-Gentiles

This horrible, irrational hatred is directed against all peoples of German blood, whether they be Germans, or Scandinavians, or ethnic Germans living the world over. This is so grotesquely successful that ethnic Germans world-wide are literally afraid to defend their good name.

Did you know that about 27% of all Americans are ethnic Germans?

Did you know that in 300 years of living in America … no German family has ever owned a slave?

Did you know that in Philadelphia in 1686, German immigrants openly held a protest march against slavery? Not the Italians, not the French, not the Spanish, certainly not the English, and most decidedly not any Jews protested against slavery. It was us Germans who protested against slavery, while it was the Jews who sold slaves.

Did you know that the entire slave trade was in Jewish hands, including the ownership of the ships, the ships crews and the ships’ captains?   No, not the Portuguese … but rather Jews who lived in Portugal.   Not the Dutch … but rather Jews (including one by the name of Roosevelt!) who lived in Holland, etc. etc.   NEVER a German, and neither as seller, nor as customer.

Did you know that the original Declaration of Independence was printed in the German language in Philadelphia … 3 years before being printed in English? Did you know that, we Germans, introduced the printing press to the USA?

Did you know that Johann Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, was named the most important person in the last one thousand years?

Did you know that the most important and influential thinkers and philosophers of the past 200 years were largely German?

Did you know that the south of Chile and Brazil were settled by Germans some 150 years ago? Did you know that in 1939 (2 yrs. before American military hostilities began),  Brazilians were encouraged by the USA to hunt down German settlers and lynch them? Those were Germans in ethnicity only.

They had lived there for almost 100 years, having contributed hugely and never having in any manner whatsoever been a problem. Their language was almost totally wiped out at that time at the instigation of the Roosevelt government, which at that very time, claimed to be ‘neutral’.  A time when Germany was diplomatically desperately trying to avert war. What does that tell us about the cowards of Brazil?

Did you know it was the British military historian, Cpt. Liddell B. Hart, who wrote in his book “The History of the Second World War”: ‘WW2 would have been avoided had it not been for the intransigence of the British government.’ – Did you know that Liddel B. Hart’s career was subsequently torpedoed at every turn by the Powers-To-Be in England?

We know whom [Winston] Churchill wanted to annihilate (and damn near did), because he himself said in 1936 (!): The Germans are getting too strong. We must wipe them out.’

Did you know the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin were the best organized, most orderly, most fair and totally untainted games in history? Did you know that (Negro) American star athlete Jesse Owens waxed enthusiastically about the great treatment he had received there … while at home he had to sit in the back of the bus?

Did you know that the infamous snub of Jesse Owens by Adolf Hitler is an unmitigated lie?  And, that Hitler was told by the president of the International Olympic committee to please NOT congratulate anyone personally — that this was against the rules — and that Hitler apologized for having done so the previous day, and promised not to do it again?

African-American Jesse Owens on the podium aft...

African-American Jesse Owens on the podium after winning the long jump at Germany’s 1936 Summer Olympics.

Did you know that Hitler smiled broadly at Jesse Owens, and waved at him during the victory celebrations? That this is recounted by Jesse Owens, himself, in his memoirs … that neither Owens, nor any other member of the American Olympic team had anything … but good things to say about Germany.

That the only people who have written negatively about these magnificently staged games have been bought and paid for journalistic hacks and scum-bags, most all of them Jews who weren’t even in Berlin at the time … that the English team entering the Berlin Olympic Stadium gave the German salute (now wrongly vilified as the Nazi salute)?

Did you know that this salute is Roman in origin, and it means Look here, I am unarmed, I come as a friend? What does the Communist salute with the CLOSED fist represent? Do you see the Jew-defamation at work? Why does anyone have to draw a road-map here??

The truth is, during the years 1870 to 1945, international students flocked to German universities. [...]  To be accepted to a German university in ANY discipline … was like hitting the Jack-Pot. Want to study chemistry? Well, Germany of course. Want to study medicine? Well, Germany if you can pass the entrance exam, of course, etc., etc..

Toward the end of the 19th century, Chile imported 3,000 German teachers. The result was the best educated population in South America. They didn’t import English or French teachers. They didn’t import Spanish teachers, even though belonging to the Spanish sphere of influence. They imported GERMAN teachers, even though they had to teach them Spanish [language] first, at their expense, while paying them a good wage and all costs! Why? Because the German system of education was acknowledged word-wide to be by far the best.

Let’s start with some things, we Germans, have enriched the world with:

Did you know that your “Hot Dog” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your “Hamburger” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your all-American “Apple Pie” comes from Germany?

Did you know that your beer brewing industry was founded exclusively by Germans? Miller, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Strohs, Hamms, Budweiser, Henry Weinhardt’s, Coors, Michelob, Lowenbrau, you name it – all German in origin.

Did you know that Oscar Meyer of meat-packing fame, was German? The finest meat-packing companies in South America are those from the South of Chile, purely of German origin … going back 150 years!

Did you know that the greatest American car ever built, the mighty Duesenberg was designed & built by a German?

Did you know that the most famous Japanese car ever built, the Datsun 240 Z was designed by Albrecht Goertz … a German designer?

Did you know that the most revolutionary Japanese motorcycle of all time, the Suzuki Katana of 1980 …was designed by a design studio in Germany?

Did you know that Porsche Design redesigned & thereby saved your American icon, the Harley-Davidson [motorcycle]?  Harley-Davidson, on their own, was going broke. After the Porsche re-work … it has become one of the most recognized names in the motorcycle world.

Did you know that the entirety of NASA was founded by German engineers and is based on German technology? That the moon rocket of 1969 was a grandson of the famed V2 rocket of Germany and that all space exploration is based on the German model?

One often hears TV reporters waxing eloquently about the now defunct Russian MIR space station, while assiduously ignoring the fact that it’s based on German technology, and that the German engineers who were kidnapped by the Russians were worked to death. None of them ever saw their families again. Must not embarrass our former allies now, must we? But abusing the Germans is a safe bet.

Did you know that Germany has been robbed of about 45% of its territories, including some of the most spectacularly beautiful cities in the world during the past century?

Did you know that during WW2, the German Waffen-SS accepted a British request for a temporary cease-fire during the ferocious battle at Arnheim 1944, and that the British had run out of hospital space and medications, and asked the Germans to take care of their wounded?

Also read:   Luftwaffe Pilot Spared B-17 Pilot’s Life

Did you know that British and American bombers strafed and bombed German submarines engaged in rescue operations? But that not a single solitary German aircraft ever did anything, even remotely this despicable?

Did you know that AFTER WW2  about 5,000,000 ( 5 MILLION) German civilians were murdered by the Poles, the Czechs, the Russians, the Serbs, the Croatians, the Jews and the Slovenians without a single person ever even having been indicted?

Did you know that there were dozens of concentration camps in Poland after WW2 … all administered and run by Jews who murdered without restraints?

Did you know that Hungary was ruled by a Jewish junta after WW1 headed by a murderer named Bela Kuhn (Cohen), whose specialty it was to ram a ruler down the throats of those who didn’t agree with him?, who flayed (skinned alive) dozens of political ‘enemies’? Just a little tidbit of Jewish history here – sorry, couldn’t resist!

Did you know that Poland attempted to have one (post-war) Jewish concentration camp commander — known to have been a mass murderer — extradited from Israel, but that Israeli authorities adamantly refused?

Did you know that after the war, about one million German soldiers were murdered by the Americans under the direction of Dwight Eisenhower via starvation, unchecked diseases, lack of shelter and neglect, while Europe at large was awash in food and medical supplies?

[U.S. General EISENHOWER was the real mass murderer ... HERE.]

Did you know that under British occupation, the infant mortality rate in German cities after WW2 was upward of 20%, and that Germans were ‘fed’ as little as 400 calories per day? And that it requires about 1250 calories a day to stay alive?

Did you know that the most famous bowling balls and equipment, Brunswick, are of German origin and that ‘Brunswick’ is the English name for ‘Braunschweig’?

Did you know that the popular sport of bowling has its origins in Germany?

Did you know that Aerobics were developed by a German doctor, specializing in physical therapy during the 1920’s?  That it was originally called “Zandern”, after its developer, Dr. Zander?

Did you know that ketchup was invented by “Heinz-Foods”, a company founded by a German?

Did you know that the most famous piano industries worldwide are of German origin? : Steinweg, Steinway (the German Steinweg in English speaking countries), Knabe, Sohmer, Wurlitzer, Bluethner, Boesendorfer (Austrian), Bechstein, Schimmel, Schiedmeyer, Forster and the list is literally endless. During the first part of the 20th Century, Germany had over a thousand piano manufacturers (no, I am not exaggerating!), all of whom built quality instruments.

Did you know that the accordion is a German invention of 1821. It was invented by a German instrument maker as a piano-replacement which could be taken along on long voyages aboard sail-powered ships. Can anyone imagine French, Italian or Mexican folk music without an accordion?

Did you know that the Bandion (a relative of the accordion) is the invention of a German instrument maker? Can anyone imagine the Argentine Tango without a Bandion?

Did you know that the clarinet is a German invention. Symphony music, most folk music as well as Jazz music are unthinkable without the clarinet. Did you know that the clarinet is the father of the Saxophone family of instruments?

Did you know that the famous instrument maker, American Wurlitzer of jukebox fame is of German origin? Did you know Wurlitzer designed the first electric keyboard long before the Japanese even thought about one?

Did you know that not so long ago — when America was still civilized — almost every American home had a Wurlitzer Piano in the parlor?

Did you know that the art of beer-brewing was introduced to the Japanese by WW1 German prisoners-of-war around 1916?

Did you know that bread-baking was introduced to Japan by that self-same group of German prisoners-of-war?

Did you know that the automobile was invented — by what later became Mercedes Benz … a German company?

Did you know that Walter P. Chrysler (Kreisler) was German?

Did you know that, we Germans, are the nation who fathered Professor Ferdinand Porsche? Ya, that one. The guy who built those sports cars.

Did you know that the Boeing family — of airplane fame — is German?

How about Herbert Hoover, the most humanitarian president the Americans have ever had? His grandfather’s name was ‘Huber’. I am convinced that one of the reasons he is being maligned today is because he was a German ethnicity.

Did you know that the seeds of Hate-the-Germans’ were sown by, not only the Jews, but by the British Empire bent on destroying Germany?

Did you know that the motorcycle is a German invention of 1885?

Did you know that the country with the most motorcycles in circulation was Germany (over a million in 1935), that Germany’s DKW was the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer? That the Japanese motorcycle industry today is based on German patents … most of which, were shamelessly stolen?

Did you know that Hitler-era Germany was the first and only country in the world to truly consider the environment? This was based on the German love of nature, which in turn is based on ancient Teutonic religious beliefs.

They furnished full employment to its people (real jobs, not like today’s MickeyMouse make-believe minimum wage garbage at McDonalds), a complete health care-system for everyone, they practically outlawed interest on bank loans. Bank loans were permitted only for major purchases. It was prohibited to mortgage farms. Farming land thereby not only assured the farmers a decent income, but a farm could never be foreclosed on. The result was the most stable, advanced and productive farming community in the world.

The Hitler government traded (bartered) internationally rather than to buy, thereby outmaneuvering the international money sharks (the Jews, for those of you who still haven’t gotten it), to say ‘You have the obligation to work’, rather then the ‘right to work’ and the list of outstanding social policies is literally endless. The end result was zero-unemployment, zero discontent, no beggars or homeless people.

Germany, without Jews, shot forward like a moon rocket. The improvements were absolutely incredible on all levels. Hitler’s government was the only one in history to receive an approval rating of over 95% by the population at large! This approval rating was voluntarily given and has never been questioned by anyone!

While the population in the United States was standing in soup-lines, while the entire west was suffering the most catastrophic economic conditions in history, while France, England, Poland and all the rest were suffering economic downturns of massive proportions … Germany was building luxury cruise liners for its people, airships without equal, unequaled road systems, the finest symphony halls and art museums, world-beating race cars and motorcycles, and an entirely independent nation, the first in history!


Berlin, Germany utterly destroyed May, 1945

The sciences flourished, as did medicine, music, architecture, art and sculpture. No nation on earth can point to any period in its history where the same could be said.   All of it on its own! - AND ALL OF IT, WITHOUT JEWS!  That’s the bottom line, folks … like it or not.   >see the Full Report.

For further studies on this subject matter:





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H/T to http://hardons-blog.blogspot.co.uk/

WAKE UP, Canada!



EMPLOYMENT EQUITY (Affirmative Action in the U.S.) was introduced to Canada in 1986 on the recommendation of a report chaired by Rosalie Abella, at that time a (province of Ontario) judge.

Visible Minorities of Canada

Visible Minorities of Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is currently a member of Canada’s Supreme Court.

Her report resulted in Employment Equity laws to promote Preferential Hiring in Canada’s public sector.

That campaign has since been followed by a similar campaign in Canada’s private sector. As a result of her work, probably hundreds of thousands of visible-minorities (NON-white foreigners) have been granted PREFERENCE in hiring practises.

(“Preferential Hiring” is code-speak for ANTI-WHITE hiring practices - Editor)

In a reply to Abella in 1998, Canadian academic Dr. Martin Loney published “The Pursuit of Division : Race, Gender and Preferential Hiring in Canada”. 

The main point that Martin Loney made in the book was that Abella lacked empirical evidence for her conclusions. For example, Loney stated that some visible minority groups were actually doing better than White Canadians, so it was incorrect to conclude that Visible Minorities suffered from “systemic discrimination”. 

Furthermore, many Canadians who are aware of these effects would say that Employment Equity (E.E.) legislation has created a much more serious problem … because it has institutionalized “systemic discrimination” AGAINST Canadian-born White males

Two more examples …

ANTI-White Police Hiring

Winnipeg Police Surrender To Diversity

In summary, the report done by Rosalie Abella has created a Canadian Holocaust. Its inaccurate conclusions have been used to elicit guilt from Canadians, to justify Canada’s unnecessary high immigration intake, and to intimidate those who question that high intake. Its effects may dwarf the effects of the European Holocaust which Abella’s parents escaped. For the record, Abella was born in a Displaced Person’s (DP) Camp in Stuttgart, Germany on July 1, 1946. Her (JEWISH) family arrived in Canada as refugees in 1950.

Who is behind all this enforced “multiculturalism”??

Read more: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century

To make up for the damage that Employment Equity (EE) laws have done, Canada needs to conduct a sweeping investigation to determine the number of people who have been hired because of these ill-considered laws. This legislation has been implemented by not only federal, provincial and municipal governments, but also by much of Canada’s private sector.

No Punjabi, NO Job for Canadian Nurse

White Woman Faces Job Discrimination

As an introduction, we present a few examples (from data provided by The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat) of the effects of E.E. in Canada’s federal civil service. 

As of March 31 1999, about 13 years after E.E. laws began, the Public Service of Canada (PSC) employed 178,340 people. From that total, 91,856 were women, 5124 were Aboriginals, 8137 were people with disabilities, and 10,557 were persons in a Visible Minority Group.

No data was available to show the number of women and other groups employed before 1999, but the fact that women in 1999 comprised over half of the total number of federal employees is striking.  However, it was already evident that Visible Minorities (most of whom were probably newly-arrived IMMIGRANTS) were being granted more preferences than Aboriginals and the Disabled … of whom most are Canadian-born.

As of March 31, 2011, the Public Service of Canada  (PSC) employed 202,631. Of that total, 111,051 were women, 9486 were Aboriginal, 11,388 were Persons with Disabilities, and 22,998 were Visible Minorities.

It is worth noting that from 1999 to 2011, the PSC increased in size by 24,291. It is even more worth noting that Visible Minority employees INCREASED by 12,441 … or about 50% of the total increase. 

This significant increase is probably a result of a concerted effort by the Public Service of Canada (the PSC) to hire Visible Minorities. It should be noted that the Visible Minority hiring is possibly even larger than reported because Visible Minority employees — in applying for a PSC job — are not required to declare that they belong to a Visible Minority group. 

Again, the raw numbers also show that Visible Minorities increased their representation far greater than Aboriginals and Persons with Disabilities.    

Many Canadians would agree that the P.S.C. should make a very strong effort to hire Canada’s own Aboriginals, and its Disabled CITIZENS. However, many would also agree that giving preference to Visible Minorities (VM) who are FOREIGN-born, compounds the first mistake of bringing these IMMIGRANTS to Canada.

This is “placing the cart before the horse”, when a just-arrived FOREIGNER from some 3rd-world hell-hole, lands a solid job in OUR Canadian government … while an under-employed, Canadian-born private sector employee has the monotonous task of running this immigrant’s groceries through a checkout counter at a minimum-wage job in a Canadian grocery store! 

Visit any provincial or federal government office in a major Canadian city, and count the number of Visible-Minorities working there. You’ll be unpleasantly surprised. Calgary is a major Canadian city, yet those citizens elected a NON-white, Muslim mayor who complains that City Hall is “TOO WHITE”.

Most Canadians correctly believe that access to a job is an essential part of being born here. Similarly, they think that Canada should not be acting as an employment agency for the world’s unemployed people. By doing this, Canada inevitably DENIES jobs to our own Canadian-born citizens.

Another major concern that Canadians have about Employment-Equity is (state) security. It is common sense that Canada should be very cautious about people who come from countries that are interested in acquiring secret and strategic information about Canadian high tech and resource businesses, or information on Canada and its NATO allies. But there is little evidence that Canada has exercised any caution is employing these (foreign-born) immigrants in sensitive departments. 

For example, it is worthwhile noting that the percentage of Visible Minorities (VM) employed in departments such as CITIZENSHIP and IMMIGRATION is high. This department makes major immigration policy decisions,  issues visas, and is supposed to uphold the interests of Mainstream Canada.

Yet, the percentage of Visible Minorities is 18.8% (850 of a total of 4514 employees). How much is the presence of these VM employees stifling the expression of very real concerns that mainstream Canadian Citizenship and Immigration employees have?

In the PASSPORT Department, where fraud has been a serious problem in the past, the percentage of Visible Minorities is 19.5% (478 of a total of 2447 employees).

Anyone having visited the Richmond (British Columbia) PASSPORT OFFICE will be shocked to see that employees are overwhelmingly, and probably newly-arrived Chinese IMMIGRANTS themselves.  Has this increased the potential for fraud?

  Just these examples would find favour with the 6th Century Chinese General SUN TZU should he had strategized a method of infiltration into a foreign nation. ONLY Canadian-born citizens should be employed in such sensitive positions as in our CANADIAN PASSPORT offices or Canada’s CITZENSHIP and IMMIGRATION ministry or CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY!  And, to use one of the leftists’ favourite phrases  against them, “employees should reflect the people they serve“. Canada’s White population has plummeted to about  78%, BUT that is an unprecedented reduction from 1981 when Whites accounted for 95%).    >ELN Editor

On Canada’s IMMIGRATION and REFUGEE BOARD, where crucial decisions are made to give foreigners refugee status, and eventual permission to bring in very large numbers of potentially fake relatives, the percentage of Visible Minorities is 26.8% (223 of a total of 833 employees).  Has ANYONE asked a question about this?

No, guilt-infested Whites would considered that question to be ‘racist‘ so we can’t have that!

The percentage of Visible Minorities in department of HUMAN RESOURCES and SKILLS DEVELOPMENT may seem small at 12.7% … but also note this translates to 2935 of a total of 23,092 employees. This large number is part of a department which allowed about 400,000 Temporary FOREIGN Workers (TFW’s) to work in CANADA in 2012.

In the past few months, Canadians have learned that this department has permitted mainland Chinese miners to be stealthily imported to fill T.F.W.  jobs which several hundred Canadian applicants were DENIED. This case should make clearer the point … that employers are probably widely abusing the TFW program. Have some (ETHNIC) employees with ethnic connections to these employers assisted some of these employers?

Gullible WHITE Canadians would never think otherwise in our dumbed-downed, political-correct society.

The percentage of Visible Minorities employed in the CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY (CBSA) is also 12.7%, but the raw numbers are very high (1750 out of a total of 13,831 employees).

All the CBSA employees appear to be fully competent at their jobs in this video, but White Canadians are woefully unrepresented in this clip. 

This department is responsible for investigating IMMIGRATION fraud. It is no exaggeration to say that immigration fraud is rampant, mainly because the backgrounds of most of the immigrants who enter Canada are not being checked.

We know when fraud is reported, this department (CBSA) does not even bother to investigate a very large number of cases. Has this department ever asked the question whether loyalties of some of its (foreign-born) employees lean more to their country of origin … than to Canadians?

How many unemployed/under-employed and qualified Canadian-born citizens have been DENIED these government jobs in our own public sector just to fill a quota with NON-white FOREIGNERS, you may ask. (Just ONE EXAMPLE)

These are “not jobs that Canadians refused to do”, yet these positions are unfairly doled out to people whose place of residence was in INDIA, CHINA, PAKISTAN, the Phillipines or other 3rd world countries until just a few years ago. (Another EXAMPLE)  

 Aside from those special government jobs that should always be restricted to Canadian-born citizens, maybe then, we could offer Canada’s foreign-born residents an open invitation to OUR government job sector, BUT only after having had  legal residence for a minimum of 12 years!  Although, before even that happens, only qualified Canadian-born citizens must (not should) be given top priority in any government job placement in their OWN country!

In a reverse scenario, their native countries’ often corrupt governments would never grovel to “political-correctness” by hiring foreign-born Whites to work in their passport offices, or their border control stations, or their international airports, or their immigration departments … if their own citizens were available.  AND … they would be right to do so!  
ELN Editor

In summary … a sweeping investigation of the entire Employment-Equity program would give Canadians a much better picture of what has actually occurred, and probably produce convincing evidence that the Visible Minority section of E.E. should NEVER have been implemented … and should be ended A.S.A.P. – Source

Video insertions, plus (Parenthesized), CAPITALIZED, underlined , bolded, italicized words and commentary are by ELN editor for highlighting purposes.

White People amount to only 8% of the World’s Population, and just 2% are WHITE women of child-bearing age!

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001--Stats Canada]

                      (June 2013 is the release-date for Canada’s Visible-Minority numbers compiled in the 2011 census. V.M.s are expected to reach an unprecedented 19% of Canada’s population of 35 million people.

White Canadian numbers are REDUCED in direct proportion to these INCREASED percentages. It took only 3 decades for Canada’s traditional 95% White majority to fall to 78% today. Your White children and  future grandchildren are now expected to be a minority race themselves before the end of this century — if these current immigration trends are not stopped immediately.

There may be hope, if more Europeans are awakened.


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