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IRISH People Being Dismantled

Population of Nigeria170,000,000 people

Population of Ireland – 4,680,000 people


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White Homogeneous Nations Pull Together

From Council of Conservative Citizens

LATVIA Celebrates Independence Day With Massive Torch-Lit Parade and Rally

We constantly hear the left-wing chant that “diversity is our strength.” This is a standing insult against all White people. They claim that White homogeneous nations are weak and undesirable (without the “joys of diversity”).

Look at the recent November 18th celebration of Latvian Independence Day at the Freedom memorial in Riga. This is exactly the kind of population group that is being explicitly denigrated by liberal mantras on “diversity and multiculturalism.
LOOK … No Racial Diversity!!

In neighboring Estonia, look how “miserable” all these people are living in a country where everyone looks the same and shares the same culture.

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[ELN Editor's Note: Latvia's population of just 2 million people, and Estonia's population of only 1.3 million are tiny examples of homogeneity when compared with other homogeneous nations such as Nigeria 169 Million, or India 1300 million people, or China 1361 million people (probably 1500+ million). Unlike traditional White countries these NON-white nations are in no danger of losing their national identity due to the mass migration of incompatible races moving into their countries.

In addition, read: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2013/11/doctor-shekel-and-mr-blair-jewish-wealth-promotes-gibbering-immigration-insanity-in-the-uk-and-the-us/

 It’s White countries — and ONLY White countries – that are inflicted with this disease called “multiculturalism“, and it’s White Europeans representing a mere 8% of the world’s population who are doomed to extinction as a sub-species, UNLESS we become determined “population environmentalists  willing to throw off the mental shackles of political correctness, “white guilt”, “racism”, etc. and begin speaking out in favour of our own race.  

Enforced multi-culturalism/multi-racialism is an artificial stratagem designed to attack White nations at the very core of their racial heritage, and thus DESTROY the host nation … nothing more!] 


Happiest City In Canada

“If You’re BLACK, GO BACK”

JAPAN Prefers Racial Homogeneity

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Britain On Suicide Watch

By tesla1966  

Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag (also r...

I’m certain that many people in the (U.K.) United Kingdom feel extremely angry and resentful at the betrayal shown by successive governments, past and present, towards its own people.

It seems they have set out to deliberately destroy our once-great nation by post-war mass immigration, and this on-going genocidal act of colonisation has removed social cohesion and unity … replacing it instead with poverty and division.

The Empire Windrush which brought immigrants f...

The Empire Windrush which brought BLACK immigrants from the Caribbean to Tilbury in 1948.

Nobody, I’m convinced, could foretell that on the historical date of June 22nd 1948 when the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury docks, that the future of our country would be changed forever, beyond all recognition in the years to follow, and that large areas of our country would then descend into the multicultural ghettos that many of our major towns and cities now resemble today; further more, that we would become second-class citizens in our own lands, except for one man, Enoch Powell.

English: Enoch Powell appearing on television ...

Enoch Powell appearing on television, 3 July 1987

Enoch Powell, the then conservative member of parliament (1950–74) had the vision and the foresight to see what the future would hold, and had the courage to speak out and warn us in advance with his famous ‘rivers of blood’ speech on 20th April 1968; in response he was dismissed from his position as Shadow Defence Secretary in the cabinet of Edward Heath. This is a quote from that talk he gave at the Midland Hotel (later known as The Burlington Hotel) on New Street in Birmingham that day, which is as applicable now, as it was back then. [Update to 2013: Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city, also has the greatest number of schools, 22 in all, with ZERO (0) White pupils.]

MigrationWatch UK

“We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre”.  (Spoken in 1968 … whereas today’s immigrant influx is about a half-million every year. More updated facts are found at:  Migration Watch UK right side-bar)

Mad indeed … and who can argue with those words made back in 1968 by one of the greatest politicians this country has ever had. Our once great country, particularly in urban areas, has descended into crime ridden third-world squalor, poverty and corruption, not to mention the gangland violence, rape and of course ‘ethnic division‘ bestowed upon us … by the ruling elite.

Primitive African tribalism marching on British Streets

Our forefathers  – who fought and died in numerous world wars for their country — would be turning in their graves at the sight of Britain circa 2013. Those same brave men and women who put their lives on the line for Queen and country, would no doubt, be horrified at the travesty and injustice served upon them by the traitors in parliament today, if they were alive to see it.


What we now find is that the native British, particularly the White working-classes, are having to compete for housing and jobs, and who quite understandably feel ostracised from mainstream society. Social housing is allocated it appears, first and foremost to the newly arrived immigrants that have turned up on our shores, while the indigenous people are left to stagnate on long housing lists with no hope of securing affordable accommodation in the mean time.

The irony here is that those who are already housed can’t wait to move out from their ‘culturally enriched’ areas. Incidentally, people often described the satellite towns around our capital as ‘London overspill’ and I now feel that the term has some relevance to an early version of White flight, I’m sure a quick chat to any displaced Londoner would confirm this but the Daily mail on the other hand, would have us believe it is more to do with affluence and success, when in reality the complete opposite is true.

Many people sadly feel the need leave their homes and move out of the “culturally enriched” areas, especially London where they are now (a White) minority, as they could no longer relate or identify with the area they were brought up in, so they have upped sticks and left. I doubt very much it was by choice.

Enoch Powell quoted a letter that he had received from an elderly woman in Wolverhampton street, Northumberland, which summed it up well.

The woman was the only White resident, and had lost her husband and her two sons in World War II. She had rented out the rooms in her house but once immigrants had moved into the street she was living in, her White lodgers left. The letter went on to say that two black men had knocked on her door at 7:00 am to use her telephone but she refused, as she would have done to any other stranger knocking at her door at such an hour, and was subsequently verbally abused. She had asked her local authority for a rates reduction, but was told by a council officer to ‘let out’ the rooms of her house. When the woman said the only likely tenants would be black, the council officer replied: Racial prejudice won’t get you anywhere in this country. I often wonder what happened to that poor lady and how she felt about the hostile treatment she received back in 1968; the same anti-white, pro-multicultural attitudes people have to endure today, if they dare to speak out.

Our politicians these days are not content with helping our own people gain employment, or offering them training for particular skills needed, or to attain meaningful careers. Instead they continue to allow the flood gates to be opened to thousands of foreigners to increase an already competitive jobs market.

The NHS (National Health Service) and all public sector employers are prime examples of organisations who will favour immigrants over the natives, regardless of merit, if only to fill immigrant job quotas – the other beneficiary’s being private corporations and business’, who now have an endless supply of cheap labour to work for the minimum wage. Those lucky enough to secure employment now have to suffer pay freezes, zero hour contracts, and the depression of wages.

A newspaper article, not so long ago, gave us a small insight into how people are struggling to survive. A young couple with no children who were both in full-time work were having to rely on the charity ‘food bank‘ to make ends meet, and I’m sure there are many similar cases to this example.

Many people, because of the minimum wage, are better off receiving benefits, and I’m sure many take this route because it is economically a more viable option, and who can blame them.

The cries of the ‘Brits are lazy‘ is common place, usually made by the more affluent members of society, the ones born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and these same people are lucky enough to have received a good education, and enjoy the benefits of higher paid jobs … but hasn’t that always been the case?

Our education system is not fit for purpose – over sized classrooms and teachers who now have to accommodate numerous different languages in the classroom is hardly the best environment to gain an education. But isn’t that their modus operandi in maintaining the status quo of a ready supply of dumbed down proletariat who — for the most part, have to work hard all their lives just to make ends meet, with no chance of ever increasing their social standing? Many people I know are struggling just to keep a roof over their heads, let alone feed and clothe themselves – not forgetting the ever increasing utility bills.

The deafening ignorance of the liberal left and all political parties towards the plight of their fellow countrymen and women is sickening to say the least, but to be expected. These anti-white, pompous, egocentric perverts with their lust for subversion of society through the promotion of homosexuality and the other distorted views they have on sexuality, means you can only conclude that the lunatics have really taken over the asylum in this country. These same perverts who despise the majority in this country, the White working class, with their multiracial, multicultural agenda and constant bleating on that immigration is a benefit to us all, are the same people who enjoy all the benefits of cheaper nannys and cheaper plumbers, whilst earning their six figure salaries in their cushy jobs.

Try explaining that immigration is a “good thing” to the numerous victims of Asian (Indian or Pakistani) paedophile gangs, immigrant crimes, and murders against the indigenous British. Explain to them … why they must now compete not only for jobs that pay a pittance, but also for affordable housing, too.

 The freedom loving 1960s in White Britain

These are the same people whose forefathers fought and died for this country so that future generations could enjoy a better standard of living. The stench of hypocrisy from the filth that preach from their ivory towers situated in affluent White suburbs is overbearingly nauseating, and still, unbelievably, the sheeple trot out every polling day and continue to vote for these parasitic, bottom feeding scum, why? –  ‘because I’ve always voted labour‘ — you hear them cry, or because ‘my parents voted for them‘.

It’s like someone repeating the same experiment over and over again and expecting a different result, for goodness sake, only a mad man would do this!  Source: >The British Resistance 


Discover how other WHITE Nations are “enjoying the benefits” of Multi-Racialism.










New Zealand

…and, let’s not forget

It’s your worst nightmare, coming true:  50 Million AFRICANS Invited To EUROPE

Thanks for nothing, Barbara …

New Zealanders Against Asian Invasion

By Shawn McAvinue

A Christchurch-based right-wing political party has delivered anti-Chinese government flyers in the South (Island) as it prepares to form Otago branches.

The location of Dunedin in New Zealand.

And a Malaysian mother fears the flyer – [titled] CHINA – A Threat to New Zealand? – will “stir negative sentiments” towards Asian immigrants living in Dunedin.

Former National Front director Kyle Chapman said he sent about 1000 anti-Chinese Government flyers to Dunedin for supporters to put in letterboxes. The supporters “reported back” that all the flyers had been delivered in Dunedin, he said.

China: 1,360,000,000 (BILLION) People Vs. (tiny) New Zealand: 4,470,000 People. Guess WHO wins!?

The newly-formed political party, the Resistance Party, was recruiting members and forming branches across New Zealand, he said. Mr Chapman, who contested the Christchurch mayoralty unsuccessfully in 2005, said he planned to “establish a leadership” in Dunedin soon.

Official logo of Dunedin

Official logo of Dunedin

We have membership and committees being formed in about 22 towns and cities right now, including Dunedin, North Otago, Central Otago and Southland.”

He planned to visit all the South Island branches, including Dunedin, by the end of the year, he said. If an Asian family living in Dunedin was offended by the flyer, then they had emigrated to the wrong country, he said.

If they can’t accept that we are in a free country, in a free society, with free speech, then they really came to the wrong country. If they want to go to a country that is full of fear, where people aren’t allowed to speak out, they really need to go back to whatever country they came from.”

A Dunedin mother of five, who did not wish to be named for fear of retribution, said she emigrated from Malaysia to Dunedin in 2002 and the family had never experienced racial abuse until she found the flyer in her letterbox earlier this month. “I’ve never encountered racism in this lovely peaceful city. The weather is cold but the people are warm.”

The flyer had unfairly targeted Chinese citizens because they — like many other Asian immigrants — had invested their “hard earned life savings” in New Zealand. She and her husband had bought a home in Dunedin and raised five honest hard-working children, she said.

She read the blog mentioned on the flyer (http://rwrnz.blogspot.co.nz/) and was “appalled” and feared the flyer would “stir negative sentiments” towards Asians living in Dunedin.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy said the Human Rights Commission would work with police to provide assurance to those upset and offended by the flyer and blog.

Who wouldn’t feel threatened by this kind of material? It presents a hateful view of law-abiding people. It is unfair and based on ignorance, intolerance and prejudice,” Dame Susan said.

[ELN Editor's Note: The "Dame" should feel more threatened by the stirring Chinese interest in establishing their own exclusive political party within the sovereign nation of New Zealand.

English: Chinese gates at Dunedin, New Zealand

Chinese gates at the gates of Dunedin, New Zealand

 Read: Chinese IMMIGRANTS Start Political Party in NZ   Here is an excerpt:

A group of CHINESE IMMIGRANTS, upset that no Chinese candidate has been put forward by the main parties, will today launch a well-financed New Citizen Party campaign.

Party co-founder Stephen Ching, a former Labour candidate, said the party had powerful backers including the man who was behind the failed Crafar farm bid, Jack Chen“. >Source

[Editor's Note:  Dear readers, are you able to see what is happening here?! A distinct racial block of FOREIGN arrivals feel emboldened enough to launch their own exclusive political party within New Zealand, after New Zealanders welcomed them into their home!

Imperialist Tribal Politics are driving these arrogant Chinese interlopers to "take over the reins" because they see New Zealand as "ripe for the taking" at some future date. They're preparing to own and operate New Zealand on their terms ... and this, after only 25 years of a mass Asian immigration influx!

Make no mistake in thinking otherwise, because it is your European and Maori children, and your grand-children’s future that is in jeopardy. This Trojan horse is inside the your gates, and getting stronger for every year that you allow for mass 3rd-world immigration to continue. ]

“New Zealanders”???
[Auckland's population base has plummeted to only 52% White European against a rising  29% Asian, 11% Pacific, 8% Mäori and 2% Other]

New Zealand is not alone when Chinese IMMIGRANTS seek out their own political power base.

Read: New CHINESE Political Party in Canada

& Emboldened Minorities “EYE” Canada]

Senior Sergeant Kelvin Lloyd, of Dunedin, said anybody distributing material that could “incite a racial issue” should be careful.

English: 2003–2004 Mitsubishi Diamante (TL) VR...

Near Dunedin Central police station, Dunedin, New Zealand.

It is something we would take a very dim view of.”

[Take a moment, Mr. police sergeant, to reflect back in history when Maoris were mass colonized by Europeans, thus ending in their  DISPLACEMENT, too!

Aiding and abetting the INVADERS won't find favour with your future progeny who are destined to become a racial minority in their own nation. ELN Editor]

Below, is a New Zealand T.V. commercial that “could incite a racial issue“.

Clues to look for: Chinese family are happily, happily, and exclusively displayed front and centre for the first 33 seconds (remember, this is New Zealand … not Hong Kong or China).

Single White female sitting across from a big-smiling, dark-complexioned (foreign?) man making eye-contact. She responds with “an interest” by running her hand through her hair, until, yet another, White female takes a seat near her NON-white ‘friend’.  A subtle and disappointed “oh well” look … is then cast in the first White woman’s eye.

The final scene shows an invalid White man … bound to a wheel-chair who allows the White woman through the doors, but she walks off without hardly a passing glance towards the courteous, White stranger of her own race.

Edward Bernays would be proud of the producers of this Anti-white propaganda clip. CLICK: http://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/anti-white-media/

In 2011, a group called Right Wing Resistance, headed by Mr Chapman, was investigated after pamphlets urging people to “Stop the Asian Invasion” were distributed in Auckland and Christchurch.  >Otago Daily Times

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H/T http://www.nationalprotectionism.com/

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MultiCulti – A New Religion?

James Albion

Multiculturalism, a new religion? Why not?

We bow to the “God of Multiculti“, our Police Commissioners tip-toe with nervous apprehension when faced with the daily realities on how to accommodate this new religion, and are extremely nervous as to how to deal with strange peoples from strange lands bringing with them strange customs.

The Police, too … have been unwittingly seduced, and have been known to kneel in strict observance in reverence to this unholy religion. The ordinary Policeman or Women? Well … theirs is not to question why, or they will face a disciplinary board faster than their feet can touch the ground.

Our government also seduces its own people to give up their ethnic uniqueness and identity, and instead, are encouraged to wallow like swine in this festering mish-mash of a violent Multi-Culti society.

The island people are speechless and stand in awe, unaware that their day to day perceived freedoms are non-existent, but they are unknowingly moulded and cunningly crafted to ensure unwanted Multiculturalism is thrust upon them without dissent. We are not alone; many other western countries are now plagued by the effects of its poisonous tentacles.

We must embrace diversity and enrichment” shout the New Architects; more expressions from [George] Orwell’s world of (the novel) “1984″?

But in truth, what do these words actually mean? They are just words, because in truth, these people do NOT WANT to diversify, and 3rd-world violence does NOT “enrich” a civilised nation. The invaders do not even diversify with other imported “exotic” cultures, thus we see the appearance of Ghetto’s, — sorry — visible-ethnic-minority clusters in many of our decaying major cities as experienced in many of Europe’s once peaceful cities.  I repeat … it is a cruel illusion.

If approximately 4,000 of our own people who have been murdered by these ‘Enrichers’ who have been invited into OUR country to “enrich” and share our culture … then it IS an illusion.

The establishment and Police will not warn the people of this silent, murder by stealth of its own people because it smacks of institutionalised racism. The lives of our people are easily expendable and any serious dissent can be kept in check by threats of incarceration; a small price to pay to foster uncertainty upon them to meekly accept this new Muti Culti religion.

Note: Professor Divine mentioned in this short TV interview … is BLACK.

If our government is forced to bring out strict laws to enforce this Multi Culti religion — then it’s only obvious — it is unwanted by its own people.

Just as there are strict laws to protect our people against Murder, Rape and Paedophilia, it is just another evil. What makes it even more obscene is that the government that enforce it — are also our own people.

So what is its aim? Like “Winston Smith in Orwell’s (novel) prophesies of “1984″ (written in 1948) — I thought I knew — but it is too complex for me to understand. There are too many variables; it is protean in its concept. I sometimes wonder if the government have unleashed a terrible Genie out of the bottle and they now realise that in the very near future they will not be able to control this evil monster, thus we are seeing our security and intelligence services being beefed up.

They are now employing increasing numbers of these same invaders to help warn and combat the threats — which mark my words — will one day turn our streets into 1st world killing grounds.

So where are the violent threats coming from — our own people?

Most certainly notbut from the very people who are part of this multicultural illusion, the armies of the Genie.

Keeping the stopper on the bottle would have saved at least 4,000 of our people’s lives. But it just proves who cares? The perpetrators are STILL in power.

The future “Winston Smith” might not be surprised to be stopped in the street one day by a officer in a blue uniform, speaking broken English, wearing medals and ribbons for devotion and loyalty to the Federation and on his shoulder a identification patch with the letters EQRG (Eurabia Quick Response Group) surrounded by yellow stars. By then, as Orwell’s “Winston Smith” found out much to his consternation, it will be too late, he thought he knew who his enemies were too, but the hidden enemy were his own people.   > Source


Excellent speech by Jared Taylor (1996)

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Temporary Foreign Workers Vs Canadian Citizens

Recent events involving temporary” foreign workers point to serious deficiencies, not only in Canada´s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, but to deficiencies in how federal and provincial governments are failing to reconcile immigration policy with Canada´s employment needs.

Royal Bank of Canada's previous logo (the crow...

Most recently, these events involved Canadian IT jobs at RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Investor Services.

[Boycott: Royal Bank of Canada and pls. sign this petition.]

Before then, it was a controversy that is now before Federal Courts, regarding the importation of Chinese workers by a British Columbia mining company.

Not to be forgotten is Tim Hortons, among other iconic Canadian corporations — employing thousands of temporary foreign workers.

English: A photo of a Tim Horton's cup of coff...

[Boycott: Tim Horton's Restaurants>  ELN Editor]

In the first instance — no foreign worker — whether temporary or permanent, should be used by employers as a vehicle to force Canadian workers out of their jobs, or to depress their wages. Yet a federal provision that permits a 15% reduction in pay — by Canadian employers to foreign workers — clearly encourages such practices.

[Read:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/mcdonald-s-foreign-worker-practices-face-growing-investigation-1.2607365 ]

Secondly, and at a time when significant numbers of Canadians are unemployed, it is clearly unacceptable that additional numbers of workers and immigrants be admitted. Many, including TFWs, will remain in Canada and eventually join the ranks of the unemployed themselves.

That such problems should exist at all, speaks to the failure of provincial and federal governments to produce a national labour force policy that includes skills training and related infrastructure. It also speaks to their failure to address questions about globalization where comparative advantages has favoured low-wage labour working in suboptimal conditions to whom many jobs at all levels from western economies have been outsourced (exported).

It is too late to plug loopholes in out-of-date and out-of-control policies. Citizenship and Immigration Canada and related government departments,
must instead, seek comprehensive solutions that fully address today´s economic and immigration realities.

[See: Nanny Loophole]

Accordingly, the CIPR is calling for the creation of an independent Task Force to carry out a thorough-going review of the TFWP in order to:

a) make recommendations for the reform and/or dismantlement of the program and

b) to determine the implications of such changes for other aspects of
immigration policy.

For more information please see www.immigrationreform.ca
Contact: Martin Collacott (604) 602-1548 or Margret Kopala (613) 230-3611

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Is Multi-Culti A CULT?

Anna Tree
Of course, multiculturalism is a cult containing all the religious zeal of promoting salvation!

The word “salvation” implies we are in danger, need help and/or need to be rescued. This is not true! We don’t need multiculturalism, it is no salvation; in fact, it has the opposite affect by destroying and killing us.

Like other cultists, liberalists are willing to die for their faith of multiracialist/moral relativism/political correctness dogmas.

I questioned homosexuality and miscegenation, ...Miscegenation is the suicide of one’s own race. A mixed marriage kills half of one’s genes and one’s image (your descendants are forever different from you). It’s Avraham smashing the idols all over again, although this time around, Whiteness being the false god (or false gods of different white skin tones, eyes colors, hair color, with or without freckles, etc).

Salvation (The Cranberries song)Liberalists can redeem themselves by brainwashing their kids to miscegenate, or at least adopt NON-white children to take the place of a White child. Liberalism’s martyrs are not those beaten or killed by blacks or muslims. Their best saints and martyrs willingly commit cultural and/or racial suicide, and by helping, converting, adopting or marrying other races for the glory of the liberalist faith, or strongly promote liberalism by brainwashing new victims, or by giving money to their “glorious” cause.

Liberalists themselves may not be ready to be directly tortured, executed or killed, but, nevertheless, they willingly choose to have no children, adopt NON-white children or miscegenate … same result.

Their liberalized actions, whether in elections, opinions, pathological altruism, or through their jobs – from the judge who frees illegal immigrant criminals to the equally indoctrinated teacher who brainwashes our kids — puts others in harm’s way. Usually, those “others” are poorer Whites who don’t have the money to live in White neighborhoods, or send their kids to White schools, etc, and notably poorer because their jobs were outsourced to NON-white countries through liberalism, or given away to NON-whites, or illegal foreign nationals in their own towns and cities.

Other religious aspects: evangelism, “new” world view, new institutions or converting existing universities into temples, new morals, quasi witchhunts/inquisitions of dissidents, censuring books, etc… and, blind faith and the concept of “salvation”.

Liberalism is a set of beliefs suggesting that “all races are equal“, racial diversity is “sacred, Whites are “evil“, race-mixing is the ultimate purpose of the universe, and so on. >Source

Brainwashed & Violent “Useful Idiots” (Leftists) Opposing Free Speech

From Cambria Will Not Yield:

“I can’t get past that nine-year-old English boy who committed suicide after being tormented (bullied) by Asian (In Britain: meaning Pakistani and Indian) spawns of Satan.

The boy was a victim of what the liberals call ‘diversity’, which is the code name for the hatred of the White race, and the worship of the colored races. Our children are being taught to hate themselves, and to expect a life of torture at the hands of the savage races of color. And a false universalism in the Christian churches is responsible for the suicide of the White race: because the church men have called the love of one’s kith and kin, the only type of love that can connect us to Him, ‘racist and heinous’. Without their racial backbone the European people are without a soul”:

‘There is nothing remotely noble about multiracialism as the Press would have it [ed. I would add “as the clergy would have it” as well]. On the contrary, it is loathsome and sinister. It is not Godly but Devilish: an offense against the Creator. To espouse it means that one despises one’s own race, one’s own wife and children, and their children in turn. This means that one cannot venerate or respect anything at all. To espouse multiracialism is not evidence of love, but of the very opposite of it.’  -Anthony Jacob

“That is the crux of the matter. Diversity is based on the hatred of one’s own people, one’s own parents, wife, children, and grandchildren.

A cousin of mine, on a recent visit, was waxing nostalgic about her parents, her grandparents, and the love that once was there when they were alive. She talked sadly of her nephew who had married outside his own race, and wondered what was happening to the world. But then she tried to be a good American“: ‘Oh well, I guess it’s all for the best, we have to adjust to progress.’

Why must we adjust?” I asked her. “I have no intention of adjusting.”

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“Temporary” Foreign Workers

From Immigration Watch Canada

Canadian employers and some governments continue to whip up hysteria that Canada has a “worker shortage“.


Tim Horton’s (restaurant chain) is one of the employers taking advantage of the hysteria.

Tim Hortons in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Between 2007 and 2012, they received permission to bring close to 15,000 Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW’s) to Canada.

Many other employers have done the same thing. Together, Tim Horton’s and other employers were allowed to bring in about 400,000 TFW’s in 2012.


Like [our] regular immigration program, Canada’s TFW program is being used to flood the labour market and to cause wage stagnation or wage depression. Most of the Tim Horton’s TFW’s came from the Philippines (10,888). It is likely that these Filipinos are displacing Canadians who are looking for entry level jobs.

[Think about that for a moment. These entry-level jobs were once the domain of unemployed High school or college students seeking work in their own towns and cities, yet Tim Horton's restaurant chain now finds it necessary to IMPORT 15,000 unskilled foreigners from half-way around the world to serve their customers coffee and donuts!?  Where is the outrage from our own working-class citizens whose unemployed sons and daughters sit at home while being served coffee by a recent foreign import?

Boycott: Tim Horton's & MacDonald's, too!  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/mcdonald-s-foreign-worker-practices-face-growing-investigation-1.2607365

If real Canadian workers are unjustly overlooked in favour of the "temporary" foreign worker program, then hire some of the 5000 legal immigrants who arrived last week, or some of the 5000 "new Canadian" arrivals this week!

Similar to the TFW brigade, the vast majority of new IMMIGRANTS (85%) arrive from NON-white countries! If job shortages exist -- as they claim -- why not import our American cousins from just across the 49th parallel ... or how about South African Whites?

Nevertheless, with an eroding Canadian standard of living and a high unemployment rate, politicians and industry are still agitating for yet... even more foreign workers.

When 400,000 TFW (hoping to remain), plus 30,000bogus 3rd-world "refugees" (hoping to remain), plus thousands of foreign students (hoping to remain) are all added, one can only ask... "How can Canadians afford to support this massive influx of foreigners?" At an annual cost of $23 Billion just for immigrants alone, the answer is that it's vastly UNaffordable!

Canada's population now exceeds 35,000,000 people mainly due to 5,000 legal immigrants arriving in our country every week of every year for the past 22 years!

If none of the foregoing screed makes any sense to you as to why these counter-productive TWP programs and immigration policies are what they are... then I suggest you read this post-- Editor]

Most of the countries from which Canada is taking TFW’s (“Temporary” Foreign Workers for Tim Horton’s) are countries such as the Philippines (10,888) where high unemployment is entrenched, and where people are desperate for any job. In the 2007-2012 period, the countries which sent the 2nd and 3rd highest number of TFW’s to Tim Horton’s were Mexico (565) and India (248), also bastions of unemployment and low wages. Less significant source countries were Jamaica (112), Ukraine (84), Sri Lanka (62), Nepal (38), Pakistan (37), El Salvador (37) and Fiji (34). These countries are not known as world models for working people.


Our intake of TFW’s is not helping Canada. [...] In particular, the youth unemployment rate is officially around 14%, but it is under-estimated… and is probably well over 20%. Nobody in any country should ever have to ask whether employers and governments have a responsibility to employ their own citizens, and to ensure that citizens are not treated as being disposables. >to Full Article

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MSM’s Version Vs The Truth

By Sarah, Maid of Albion


One of the great myths of our age is that the alleged benefits of multiculturalism outweigh any downsides. That claim would be laughable if its consequences were not so deadly.

As I have indicated in earlier articles there is a short term benefit for the very rich from an endless flow of easily replaceable cheap labour which forces down wage costs and disempowers the native workforce, who dare not strike or demand rights when they know they can be so easily replaced. However, even the super rich are now realising the gains are short term. If there is any satisfaction to be gained from this situation it is contemplating how much money those evil and cynical old men have lost in migrant blighted countries like Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

Likewise as the crooked bunch of charlatans in parliament who thought they were importing a loyal new electorate, who would guarantee them permanent power, are beginning to discover in areas like the Islamic state of Tower Hamlets, the new arrivals vote on ethnic lines which is beginning to cost them votes.

As for the rest of us, we were told that immigrants would do the mythical “jobs which folk won’t do”, however, we now find ourselves with a million of our youngsters unable to find work and that 56% of young Black men are unemployed, which leads one to ask, if they are not doing the jobs White folk wont do… what are they here for?

We are told that immigration boosts our economy, yet our economy is now in the worst state it has ever been in, and our once assured status as one of the worlds richest nations is becoming a fading memory as we plummet down the league.

Then there is the great lie that multiculturalism “enriches” our culture, whereas, in fact we have been impoverished by it. It has brought intolerance, it has brought fear and division, it has brought violence, abuse and and it has brought ugliness. It has fragmented communities, broken down families, forced us to accept politically correct lies as the new reality, it has taken away our faith, our pride, and for many it has taken away the love our forefathers once felt for this country.

And what have we gained? Do Calypso, mung beans and curry really compensate for what we have lost, or for the many less appealing sides of Multiculturalism with which we are now confronted day after day?

In one of the earliest articles I ever wrote for this site, I said that Multiculturalism / diversity is not a buffet; you can not wander round the table selecting a few tasty morsels and leaving the less appetising offerings where they are. Its all or nothing. We can not select which parts of a person’s culture, his beliefs and his views he can bring with him when he arrives at Heathrow (International airport) or Dover, they will all travel with him, they will all stay with him and our community must bear the consequences.

If a man in Rawalpindi considers that women are worth half of a man, or that homosexuals should be executed, why would he think differently merely because he has moved to Rotherham?. If someone in Limpopo believes that medicine made with flesh cut from a live and screaming child will cure him of some ailment what is it about travelling to Liverpool that would change his mind? In the Congo, from where Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu originate, children are routinely beaten within an inch of their lives and frequently tortured to death because people genuinely believe they are possessed by evil spirits and large numbers have now brought those beliefs to Britain, together with those practices.

When you welcome the world into your home, the world brings its baggage with it and, as we discover anew each day there are some very nasty contraband lurking in those bags. What we are seeing is just the beginning.  >to Full Article


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