“Elliot Lake News” Blog Has Changed Direction

For 10 years (except for a 20 month hiatus and another 12 month hiatus) we focused  our attention on alternative news, articles, and educational information primarily related to White identity politics, White Genocide, 3rd world immigration, “multi-culti”, race and other taboo topics not suitable for discussion in “polite company”. Those posts will remain intact for review, research and re-blogging (without permission), and are easily accessible under “categories”, “archives” or “search” in our right sidebar.

A short and concise video similar to the message we were trying to convey: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nYag1lOZpLw

On a lesser scale, we continue to post similar material on our sister-blog at: https://torontonews.wordpress.com/

Beginning in 2017, however,  Elliot Lake News Blog began posting a different format of content/videos primarily (but not exclusively) related to UFOs, alien beings and other extraordinary phenomena kept hidden from the general public for decades. Credible sources originate from people of all professions including civilian pilots,  government whistle-blowers, scientists, ex-military personnel, contactees, abuctees, etc. etc.

For readers unfamiliar with these topics, your mind will undoubtedly reject much of the topical information presented here … and that’s OK.

Nevertheless, use your own discernment skills while maintaining an open mind . Our intent is not to convince you of anything; we simply post the material for your perusal and allow you to determine its own authenticity or not.

First up … is Alex Collier a “contactee“. This short video segment is part 8 of a 12-part series compiled from different years of presentations.



Newest Revealer Of The Secret Space Program – Kevan Trimmell

” Hi Denny.

I came across your Youtube channel about a week ago and I have found your interviews to be quite helpful.

The reason I’m reaching out to you is because I have been thinking about going public with my own experience regarding the SSP (Secret Space Program), however, until now I haven’t found a host who I would feel comfortable enough with in order to share my experiences.

Your energy is very sincere and grounded, and I notice that your (sic) very professional and always treat your guests with respect. I feel like I could talk to you about the things that I remember without feeling nervous about where the conversation could go on the part of the host.

Here is a little background information on me and how I came to remember my other life: My name is Kevin, I’m 28 years old, and I live in Ontario, Canada.

On November 12th 2008 I was bicycling in a forest close to where I live. I stopped for a break and thought a cloud had passed overhead and blocked out the sun. I was shocked when I looked up and saw a greyish-white triangle shaped craft (like the typical TR-3B) except it was greyish-white, not black. It was hovering only a few hundred feet above the treetops.”  >con’t reading HERE.

Did James Comey Reveal that He’s NOT HUMAN During his Congressional Testimony?



David Icke has for decades advanced the theory that leaders in government are part of a family of nonhuman shape-shifting reptilians who can take human form.

During his Congressional testimony on Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey may have revealed that he is not human.

Read his statement and watch it in the video to help you make up your mind. Is six foot seven or eight inch Comey a nonhuman? Did he reveal the greatest secret by accident?

Jim Stone Freelance

NOBODY would say “I have had a lot of conversation with humans over the years” unless they were not human.

    Comey may have exposed a master species

Comey had a MAJOR, and I mean MAJOR freudian slip while testifying yesterday. What he said probably made David Icke’s skin crawl. Comey spoke in a way that implied “humans” were a…

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