ICELAND Destroying Itself

By Irish Savant

Iceland Dies
The Icelanders are an amazing and admirable people. With a language and culture going back over a millennium (1000 years) they have survived in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Frozen over for half the year, and at any time liable to be engulfed by an earthquake, smothered by a volcano or swamped by a tsunami , they have not alone survived, but prospered.

You should note that this capacity to prosper in adverse conditions is the polar opposite of Africa — where, even with abundant natural wealth and resources — their population is mired in poverty and ignorance.

I wrote that paragraph in this post, lamenting the impending slow destruction of this unique people’s identity: 60% Nordic, 40% Celtic (Irish/Scottish). But the impact of the African breeding pair I referred to, pales into insignificance compared to what now looms on the horizon for this tiny nation of fewer than 300,000 people.

More than 11,000 families in Iceland have offered to open their homes to Syrian refugees” proclaimed the headline in the London Independent.

Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir (pictured) the architect of this monstrous scheme, is almost a caricature of the modern female, adherent of a masochistic, self-annihilating ideology exacerbated by toxic status whoring, she’s single, has but one child, and no commitment to any man. She’ll end up, of course, alone in a room of hungry cats. But meanwhile, she and her ilk will have destroyed the country that nurtured them.

By way of a Facebook campaign, she (has) succeeded in convincing 11,000 Icelanders to open their homes to an army of “Syrian refugees“. Which, as we know, in practice means anyone claiming to be a “Syrian refugee”. Read: Africans, Afghans, Pakistanis etc. People like those in the bottom picture.

Imagine the impact tens of thousands of these primitive humanoids will have on the unique Icelandic gene pool. Within a few generations the country will be destroyed [b]ecause the invaders, unable to create or sustain a civilisation in their own, more hospitable environments, will abandon Iceland once that country’s native inhabitants have been bred out of existence. Another sumptuous achievement of the White race will then slowly revert to its natural state, an abandoned land of snow, ice, earthquakes and volcanoes. [Original source with photos:]

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4,000,000 vs 300,000

Originally posted on Countenance Blog:



Glenn Beck praised the people of Iceland on Tuesday for petitioning their government to accept more refugees fleeing the Islamic State, thousands of Icelanders even offering to house the refugees in their own homes.

“Out of a country of 300,000 people, 10,000 people in 24 hours said, ‘I’ll offer up my home. I’ll offer up my money.’ I’m asking you to do the same thing today,” Beck said on his radio program. “I’m going to post in a few minutes just a quick note that just says, ‘What churches will take a family? What people will take one person? Will you offer up your home?’”

Beck said that when he began warning that the world was going to repeat the 1930′s and people would have to “hide or take people,” everybody thought he was “nuts.”

Everybody already thought you were nuts, we didn’t need your violation of…

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Immigration is expanding to meet the needs of expanding immigration

Originally posted on The Kakistocracy:

I was thinking about the Chatanooga Marine murders, proliferating muslim immigration, and the FBI’s increasing struggle to track “homegrown” terrorists (Amman being home to many). In doing so, I can’t help but find amusement in people who mock ancient superstitions. I suppose we are all prone to enjoy a shiver of smugness imagining our unenlightened forebears embracing nonsense with mortal earnestness. Of course we in the modern west aren’t susceptible to similar hysterias at all, with each of our solemn social mores certain to elicit approving nods from future Chinese museum curators.

Hey they’re laughing with us rather than at us, aren’t they?

And one of the greatest running gags will be about the early 21st century Americans who enigmatically imported a huge muslim insurgency, which necessitated a commensurately colossal surveillance apparatus. This required manpower the FBI wasn’t equipped to provide. And so, as in every profession, America needed immigration…

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“White Supremacist” ?

What Do They Mean by “White Supremacist“?
by Tim Murray

It has become fashionable to label anybody, or any website which challenges anti-White racism as “white supremacist”. Of late, it has become among most frequently heard buzzwords — or buzz ‘phrases’ — particularly in the wake of the Charleston shooting.

“White supremacist” is a buzzword brandished as a weapon of fear and intimidation, so as to silence opponents and prevent reasoned debates. But what does “White supremacist” actually mean?

It used to be defined as the belief that the “White” race is superior to other races. But now it seems that, like so many English words in the history of the language, the meaning has evolved into something else. As it is presently wielded, the phrase conflates the belief in racial superiority with a belief in cultural superiority. Like the word “racist” or “racism”, it is brandished as a weapon of fear and intimidation with the object of silencing opponents. It is a show-stopper, a pre-emptive barb that is designed to prevent reasoned debate before it gets a chance to get out of the starting gate.

One need only say, for example, that a given article or a given speaker is tied to a “white Supremacist” website, and the content of the article or argument is dismissed without being examined or judged on the basis of its merits. One suspects that if anyone connected to such an odious site — (and) made the claim that the sky is blue, or that it frequently rains in Vancouver — his argument would be rejected out of hand.

That was certainly the experience of two people who were scheduled to meet with the House of Commons parliamentary committee on immigration to make a presentation. At the very last minute, the MPs on that committee cancelled the meeting because they learned that the presenters were connected to a “white supremacist” site. How shocking. These MPs (Members of Parliament) must have been fragile creatures because, apparently, they couldn’t take the risk that they might encounter a persuasive argument. Besides, a politician must never pass up on an opportunity to play up to the ethnic peanut gallery by being seen to be standing up with sanctimonious outrage to “racism” incarnate. There are a lot of votes to be had from ethnic, anti-White butt-kissing.

(See: Adventures Among ‘Anti-Racists’)

Anti-racist crusaders are astounded that anyone in the 21st century could possibly argue that some cultures are not quite up to snuff. In fact, one of the more conspicuous comments of the recently released report from “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission” was the revelation that native children in Residential Schools were taught to regard their own culture as inferior to ours. An unforgivable sin, especially in the era of Multicult.  And my goodness, to think that there are still people out there who think that way! People who think that the truth trumps hurt feelings or self-esteem. People like me. Imagine that! I should be put away into a museum together with the Confederate flag. Or at the very least … kept away from children.

(Read: Importing Black Violence)

I plead guilty as charged. No … I don’t believe that my “race” is superior. But I certainly believe that Western or European culture with all of its warts is the greatest culture in human history. Period. In other words, I am “ethnocentric“. I am not a cultural or moral relativist. Big deal.

There are a lot of NON-white people out there who feel the same way about their culture. Are Muslims cultural relativists? Are the Japanese eager to open the door to migrants who would threaten Japanese culture? Are Tibetans happy about the Chinese extermination of theirs? Not in your life. There are too many examples of non-White ethnocentrism to enumerate. The only question that needs answering is why other peoples’ ethnocentrism is kosher, while mine is not.

I do not see myself as a “White supremacist“, (and) I don’t believe that my “race” is superior. But, I neither believe that all cultures are created equal. I believe that European culture is the greatest. I am not a cultural relativist … I am ethnocentric.

I don’t believe that all cultures are created equal. Or at least, there are features of one culture that are better or worse than certain features of another. That, I suppose, in the PC lexicon, makes me a “supremacist“.

What I find curious is that, typically, the people who hurl that label like a javelin at nearly-dead, old White guys like me, are quite prepared to anoint the cultures of non-White peoples as “superior” to mine. Canada’s Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, for example, observed that the Inuit are invested with an innate “wisdom” regarding ecological stewardship that White folks don’t have. That’s sounds pretty racist, don’t you think? Similar things are said about the Chinese. They are ‘smart’, and by implication, we are not-so-smart. Racism by any other name…  ([Read: It’s A Wonderful Race])

I know how Cultural Marxists and race-baiters regard me. I know that they are incapable of defining their terms, or have any interest in doing so. I know that they employ their epithets because they cannot address my arguments. I accept that. I expect that. And I don’t care.

What is important ..  is how I regard myself.

I do not see myself as a “White supremacist“. Rather, I prefer to think of myself as a White survivalist. And I use the term “White” in the same way that “African-Americans” and “African-Canadians” use the term “black“. It’s shorthand. In my case, it’s shorthand for “People of European origin“.

I read the demographic writing on the wall and it says that “Whites” will be a minority in several Canadian cities very soon. So it is not about dominating anyone, but struggling to maintain an equal footing — or at the very least — avoid oblivion by being pushed off the plate entirelyor assimilated into a Third-World melting pot.

One critic said that he felt sorry for people like me. “The world must be a very scary place for them“, he said, with affected sadness. I hate to ruin his party, but the world is a very scary place. And one of the reasons it’s scary is that the culture that gave the world so very much is … on the brink of extinction.

[Read: Fred’s summary on this item

I suppose my attitude speaks to my environmentalist roots. Environmentalists — one would have thought — should have a particular concern for endangered species … for every species brings something to the table. Yet for some reason, most environmentalists don’t affect any concern for the loss of one species of human culture that is manifestly endangered. In fact, most environmentalists in North America, Europe and Australia are cheerleaders of the very thing that is endangering this culture. Mass immigration. Just check-out the policy statements of the Green Party in your neighbourhood.  (Some grammatical changes and added links by ELN Editor) >Source

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Three controversial reasons why SD is now the biggest political party in Sweden

Originally posted on Swedish Surveyor:

(1) Discontent with the ongoing population replacement


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the demographics in 10, 20, and 30 years will not be in the Swedish people’s favor.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether or not the borders are closed today seeing as natives are not reproducing at a replacement level. Swedes will be gradually outbred and replaced by people from the third world.

Increased support for SD is therefore bound to increase as the population replacement becomes more apparent.


I mean wouldn’t it would be rather surprising if there wasn’t some sort of backlash from a majority group which is slowly but surely becoming a minority in their own ancestral homeland due to the decisions of incompetent or sadistic politicians?

This is especially true when the minorities displacing the majority are committing a disproportionate amount of violent crime which brings me to point number 2.

(2) Violent crime increasing…

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Hidden message: White People Need Not Apply

Hire Canadians Before Immigrants

By Shelly Walton,
Airdrie, Alberta

I have recently read the article in the Alaska Highway News, Fort St. John, BC where the Mayor, Lori Ackerman (Contact her: Lori Ackerman, Phone: 250.787.8160, Email: has announced that a pilot project to hire skilled foreign workers is going to proceed having now received the support of both the provincial and federal governments.

[Read: Immigrants – ZERO Affect on Economy]

This is an absolute outrage to every Canadian, given the high unemployment rates, as posted on the Employment and Social Development Canada Website, and not in accordance with the Statistics Canada monthly surveys, which are ridiculous, and not even close to providing any sort of accurate numbers regarding our unemployment rates.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in Canada who are unemployed. Stephen Harper’s government is the worst government that has governed this country since the Second World War. He has, and continues to sell our country out at every turn and has opened up the international borders to the cheapest and most unskilled labour forces in the world.

(Read: No Punjabi, No Nursing Job for Canadian)

In addition to allowing temporary foreign workers, he has allowed for many of our major corporations and employers to outsource our jobs — including engineering, IT and call centres — to name a few. I know of engineering companies who have only a very few engineers on staff who upon receiving drawings from India or Chile, are required to place their Canadian/Alberta Stamp on the document … giving it approval to proceed.

The unemployment rates continue to be extremely under-reported in the news based upon Statistics Canada Surveys on a monthly basis rather than look at the Employment and Social Development Canada website that posts the Unemployment Rates by Economic Region across Canada. These numbers are still not a true reflection of the unemployed, as they do not report contractors and those who either do not qualify for EI benefits or whose benefits have run out.

There are many economic regions across this country in the double digits, including north British Columbia and northern Alberta. The age group of young men between 15 and 24 is extreme, and the last reported rate in Alberta in May, 2015 showed an unemployment rate in this group of 11.8 per cent.

How can our governments continue to sell out Canadians by allowing corporations to seek employees from the lowest bidder. These people do not keep their earnings in this country, they do not contribute to the growth and prosperity of a community, only the growth and prosperity of the employer, and if the employer is not hiring Canadians, that employer’s success does not benefit the community.

(Read: White Woman Faces Job Discrimination)

I think our Minister of Labour has a duty to contact the British Columbia government to discuss putting some of our unemployed skilled domestic workers to work, and perhaps, provide them with some financial aid to mobilize to where the jobs are in B.C., or other parts of Canada.

You must read the comments of the over 2,000 people who have signed the petition that I started on Friday against the program announced by Mayor Lori Ackerman and you will see that there is much, much anger amongst Canadians.

There is desperation of families who cannot continue to support their families, we cannot allow this to happen any longer. Our country is crumbling and the financial ability of Canadians to compete with foreign workers is completely unfair.

(Read: White Males Need Not Apply)

Canadians are being prejudiced against, and I intend to look into whether or not, in fact, these programs are a breach of our Constitutional Rights in this country, given that there is evidence of unemployed Canadians that the government ignores and allows corporations to ignore. The program only meets the greed and bottom line of corporations and does nothing for Canada.

(Read: Anti-White Police Hiring)

If you review the economies of some of the main countries that the foreign workers are coming from … their economies, in fact, have growth rates that our country has not seen in a very long time. The Philippines economy has a current rate of growth of over six per cent. Their unemployment rates are not that far above ours, and the people living below poverty in that country is not much higher than ours. Our economic growth is in the negative and has been for a long time. >Source Original source:

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WAKE UP, Canada

Labour Shortage MYTH

Immigrants Need Not Apply

Immigrant Workers NOT Needed

Tips For Canada’s Politicians

(Some suggested points of interest (POI) for Canadian politicians to consider when appealing to voters in Canada’s upcoming federal election on October 19. Although written from an allegorical perspective … many of the following points will resonate with Canadian voters.



PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE: Your politicians behave like baboons. To remedy this, no noise or vocal outbursts will be permitted on the floor while the house is in session, except by those asking and answering questions. Penalties for violating decorum will range from fines to expulsion from the house by the Speaker. The Speaker will be a non partisan judge appointed by a Committee made up of Provincial Premiers. The Speaker will operate Parliament like a court of law in that he/she will have the authority to force government to provide direct answers to all questions or hold it in contempt. There will be a two term limit on all elected MPs (member of parliament) and a one term limit on the Prime Minister.

ELECTIONS: Only citizens will be eligible to vote. Elections will be held on a fixed date every 4.5 years, rotating between the spring and autumn so Canadians do not get bored. (You do have such short attention spans.) No polls will be published within 30 days of an election. Electronic, web based, or mechanical voting of any kind will be outlawed. Many Canadians barely understand a pencil and paper. In addition, data is much more easily corrupted and manipulated than physical paper ballots.

CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS: The Charter is hereby suspended. Past decisions will be upheld. No future court challenges based on the Charter will be entertained by our court system. No longer will the destiny of Canadians be determined by unelected elitist Supreme court judges based on their flawed, biased interpretation of this vague and ambivalent document. There are sufficient protections under law to maintain fairness and equity in Canadian society. Let government write the laws and the courts interpret them. And let this dichotomy be unbreachable.

SUPREME COURT: Judges will be appointed by the PM for a 7 year term on a rotating schedule. To assure a smooth transition, new appointees will sit in as observers on trials and deliberations for one year before taking over from their predecessor. An all-party Committee will conduct public hearings on the appointments, question prospective judges and have the ability to veto the PM’s decision.

IMMIGRATION: The number of immigrants will be reduced. Canadian culture is undergoing radical change at a rate too fast to be managed effectively and for the sole purpose of sustaining the corrupt ruling party’s hold on power. Furthermore, Canada will accept only one immigrant over age 45 for every 200 immigrants under age 45, unless they put up a $100,000 bond. There are already too many old people in Canada to care for.
– – Illegal refugees arriving unannounced on Canadian soil will have no rights to a lawyer. They will be detained until their cases can be heard. All decisions will be final. There will be no appeal. Rejected claimants will be deported immediately. Unemployed refugee lawyers will be reassigned as Wal Mart greeters across Canada.
– – All immigrants and refugees whose applications are accepted will be assigned to communities throughout the nation so as to facilitate integration and avoid the continued proliferation of today’s harmful culture of exclusionary mono-cultural tribalism and Liberal vote buying.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: The parole system will be eliminated. Criminals will be required to serve their entire sentences. Parole will be replaced by an effective program to rehabilitate and integrate criminals back into society. A life sentence will mean life. Concurrent sentencing will be outlawed. There will be no plea bargaining except to reward someone who testifies against another criminal. Importing hard drugs or dealing in large quantities of same will bring a life sentence in jail. Considerable jail time will be given for carrying or using handguns in crime. Paedophiles will be jailed for life after their second conviction. The Youth Criminal justice Act will be scrapped in favour of a new regime focused primarily on restitution and public shame. Shame is a powerful deterrent.

GOVERNMENT GRANTS AND SUBSIDIES: no further grants or government funding will be given to any political or social activist group. Groups with a worthy cause will be able to rally support among the public and obtain private funding. The public should not be expected to pay for their ideologically driven leftist escapades and social engineering missions. Likewise all corporate welfare including grants and tax breaks to profitable corporations will be eliminated.

MULTICULTURALISM: This divisive program will be eliminated. Canadians should celebrate their similarities as human beings, not focus on their differences. Newcomers should adopt the values and respect the traditions of Canada. Those who would ignore Canadian values and traditions — choosing instead to wallow in their own foreign culture — should do Canada a favour and go back to where they came from.

GUN REGISTRY – This program will be eliminated. It is a hideously expensive, useless travesty of Liberal malfeasance and incompetence.

BILINGUALISM – This program will be eliminated. It is deeply biased and is the mechanism through which Canada’s Francophone minority has seized control of the nation to dominate virtually all areas of Canada’s government and bureaucracy. Even today, Quebec is allowed to be unilingual French while the rest of Canada is forced to be bilingual. In the interest of fairness to the Anglophone people, this mechanism of French oppression must be dismantled.

NATIONAL CHILDCARE – This program will be eliminated. If the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation, it has no business in the nurseries or the rest of the house either.

EMPLOYMENT EQUITY – This program will be eliminated. White men have been punished enough.

CBC – This travesty of unbalanced journalism and covert right arm of Liberalism will be eliminated. Airfare to Cuba and North Korea will be generously provided to any employees who wish to seek refuge in a place where their ideology will be embraced.

SENATE – This government body will be eliminated. If our senators have any use at all, except for producing reports that Parliament ignores or exercising blind partisan loyalty, they have not demonstrated it lately.

GOVERNOR GENERAL – This position will be eliminated. There is no other choice, really. With no CBC, there will be no one qualified to become GG.

ARMS LENGTH FOUNDATIONS – These institutions will be eliminated. The very fact that the Canadian government formed secretive mafia-inspired foundations to handle $billions of tax dollars and then made it illegal for the Auditor-General to check their books says it all.

MILITARY: Some surplus plus funding from the eliminated programs will be diverted to increase the Canadian army to 250,000 bodies. Additional ships, submarines, and aircraft will be purchased and deployed. If necessary, mandatory participation will be invoked as is the case in Switzerland. Disabled vets will be well taken care of. Canada must be able to defend itself in this world of villains and tyrants. Let this be the first few steps toward attaining this crucial goal.

ETHICS COMMISSIONER: The EC will be appointed by the official opposition and report directly to Parliament.

HEALTH CARE: there will be a carefully structured and regulated implementation of some private services for essential treatments and surgeries using the health care systems of enlightened European nations such as Sweden and Finland as models. This will be expanded as necessary. The number of doctors, nurses, facilities and equipment will be increased until everyone has a family doctor and access to timely care.

FISHERIES: An increased Navy presence will conduct comprehensive, continuous patrols of Canadian waters, impounding foreign fishing boats in violation of our limits. All violators will be subject to criminal proceedings in Canada.

KYOTO: Canada will immediately rescind all Kyoto commitments and leave the radical left-wing environmental junk-science to the nations gullible enough to believe it. Protesters will be entered in a draw to win a Hummer.

OIL: Significant effort will be expended to develop policy that will allow Canada to become self sufficient in gas in 10 years, never to rely on the middle east again.

CRTC:  (Canadian Radio & Television Commission) The CRTC will lose all disciplinary powers. Anyone who feels offended at something written or said, can take action through the courts. Freedom of speech and truth in the media will take precedence over protecting Canadian’s overly-fragile sensibilities.

RCMP – (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) The head of the RCMP will not be appointed by the Prime Minister, but rather by a non partisan committee. This will free our politicized national police force to conduct thorough, competent investigations of our government when corruption arises, for a change.

EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE: Canadians who contribute continuously for 10 years will be eligible for one year’s coverage at 100% of their pay if they lose their jobs through no fault of their own. Canadians who accrue 20 years of contributions will be permitted to cease contributing altogether until they collect from the system.

CANADIAN HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL: The Tribunal will be disbanded immediately. There are already sufficient remedies under law to punish those who discriminate and harm others. Canadians do not need another partisan appointed, unaccountable bureaucracy to promote the agenda of the nanny state and circumvent the individual rights of Canadians.

NATIVE AFFAIRS: Even we, as all knowing benevolent extra terrestrials, with the wisdom of the ages to draw upon, have no idea what to do about this. We are not Gods.  Sorry …but you’re on your own with this one.   >Source


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