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FINLAND: Somalis gang raped young woman at train station

Originally posted on daily europa:

FINLAND | HELSINKI, March 17 — Finnish police arrested five young immigrants on suspicion of having raped a young woman outside a suburban railroad station a week ago having harassed her on a train and followed/raped her after she got off . The incident has since focused public attention on integration and criminality within immigrant communities in Finland.

Blacks are the easiest converts to Islam. Islam gives them the platform to inflict suffering on the people they hate, and are envious of: the White race. Blacks are the easiest converts to Islam. Islam gives them the platform to inflict suffering on the people they hate, and are envious of: the White race.

Finnish media said the five arrested boys, aged between 15 and 18, are of Somali descent. Charges are expected in a month’s time.. Here are some of the pictures taken at the scene while the eldest of the rapists was in court, the rapist had his family and friends along.

One of the rapists brought his family along. This image demonstrates what Muslim, immigrant, non-whites really think of our European nations, people, hospitality and tolerance. One of the rapists brought his family along. This image demonstrates what Muslim immigrants really…

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Report from my travels to Minnesota…..getting the attention of the St. Cloud Times!

Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch:

I’m back in Maryland after spending the last three days touring the state of Minnesota where I experienced an abundance of ‘Minnesota Nice.

Everywhere I traveled with ACT for Americachapter leader Deb Anderson I was greeted warmly by citizen activists eager to learn more about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program that has been run secretively for over three decades and is having an especially serious impact on the state of Minnesota.

I had prepared my first-ever power point presentation laying out the facts specifically on Minnesota, and left it with several activists who planned to show it again elsewhere.

St. Cloud dust-up!

Regular readers know that St. Cloud, Minnesota has been in the national spotlight in recent weeks and months as the Somali population there grows and becomes more demanding.  See our extensive St. Cloud archive,here.

So, it is no wonder that the St. Cloud…

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Originally posted on hokus pokus unga unga:

Before 1960 White Nationalism was a given.

To “discriminate” was to recognize difference and to chose the best.


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More news from Africa

Originally posted on hokus pokus unga unga:

Consider this an object lesson for all Europeans who think importing Africans is a good idea.

Recently, the black social constructs of South Africa have been killing off lots of other black social constructs who happen to come from other parts of Africa.  Now, into the ring steps the black “Muslim” social constructs otherwise known as “Boko Haram.”

Boko Haram to South Africa: 24 hours to end xenophobic attacks or face bombing

So what we have now are black social constructs killing other black social constructs being threatened by still other black social constructs for more killings…

In other words what we have now is Africa being Africa.

This might get rich.

Boko Harum threatens South Africa

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Originally posted on daily europa:

We and other countries could do something about illegal boat people. We could return them immediately to their home countries for example. It would cost us in shipping but much less in the long term considering the damage they do to our societies.
Saying we should use gunships might be funny but could harm the debate against allowing them to claim asylum. The impact they have on society…

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott: the only way to save lives in the Mediterranean is to STOP THE BOATS

Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch:

I figured I didn’t need to say much about the latest drowning deaths in the Mediterranean since for once the mainstream media seems to have noticed.

In July 2013 the Pope went to Lampedusa to great the invaders from North Africa and the Middle East. And, lectured Italians to be more welcoming. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/pope-lectures-on-lampedusa/

We have been writing about the ‘Invasion of Europe’for what seems like years!

It goes on and on and European leaders don’t seem to get it.

The only way to save lives is to turn the boats back to the North African coast, and then let the UNHCR build some camps in Libya to house them and guard them.

It is either that or lose Europe completely as all of Africa and the Middle East want in!

And, by the way, this writer has no sympathy for the Pope (saying prayers as the news broke) since…

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Invaders Now Dictating the Narrative

By Enza Ferreri

If this is not the essence of colonialism … I don’t know what is. A bunch of non-British pontificating on what the core values of Britain are … or should be.

We have here, on a BBC programme, one of the endless series of debates on “what is Britishness” that have been part of the UK public discourse only since the arrival on these shores, of vast numbers of people belonging to the ethnic, religious and geographic groups represented by most debaters in this video.

[Note how the “proverbial elephant” in the room (RACE) …is carefully avoided by almost everybody.]

Can you imagine 60, 100, 200 years ago, people having discussions on what Britishness was?Everybody knew what it was until mass, uncontrolled immigration from the Third-World started and (has) never stopped.

I found this comment to the video on YouTube spot on: “all because you non-whites have a British accent it doesn’t make u British“.

[Those NON-whites should read this: A Sense of Belonging ]

That being born and bred in this country … does not provide a national identity, or guarantee national loyalty, as is too often wrongly accepted, is demonstrated by an Asian man in this discussion. He openly declares that he was born and educated in Britain, but nevertheless his sense of identity is precisely not having that identity; indeed he goes as far as saying that Britishness means not having an identity.

[Read: Telling IT Like IT Is]

He was also very good at tying himself in (il)logical knots when he told a Hindu woman that her way of thinking was “unBritish“. How can you define what is “unBritish” if you haven’t defined “British“, since in his opinion, that word is tantamount to nothing?

It’s disingenuous of “Professor of Poetry” Benjamin Zephaniah to say … that multiculturalism has been part of Britain since the time of the ancient Celts, Picts and Romans, although that claim is a staple of the usual pro-multi-culti argument.

What he’s referring to was not multiculturalism.

That was war of different (White) peoples against each other. The Celts were in Britain first, then they were conquered by the Romans. After the Romans eventually left, the Celts fought against the Angles and the Saxons, and finally retreated to Wales, Scotland and Cornwall. Then it was the turn of the Vikings to war with the Anglo-Saxons, and after them the Normans invaded and dominated England.

It was violence and invasion, and it was bloody.

Make no mistake. Current immigration levels and the imposition of multiculturalism are entirely new historical phenomena without any precedent, not only in the history of Britain … but also of Europe.

It is an experiment carried out on the skin of the indigenous populations. Like all experiments, it can go very badly wrong, and there are numerous signs everywhere that it is.

And, as the TV debate in the video above truthfully represents, the (real) natives are marginalised voices in this experiment, and the decisions made about it, while the ethnic (for now) minorities have a much greater weight.

This video shows the new reality of the country: invasion and colonisation.  >Source (For added emphasis, bold, italicized, underlined words and links by ELN Editor)

A powerful Speech by Jonathan Bowden is added to this video showing real BRITISH people as they really were (circa 1900) — and still are — once awakened to their true nationality. It’s suggested you watch this video TWICE… once for the memorable scenes, and then again, to listen to the spoken words. 

Read more: http://enzaferreri.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2012-12-31T16:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2013-11-16T22:00:00-08:00&max-results=50&start=14&by-date=false#ixzz3X8KcZFSj
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A White Racial Crisis

Triumph of Political-Correctness

The Campaign Against Political Correctness logo

By William Fankboner

An impalpable censorship is eliminating all intellectual and artistic vitality in (White) Western society with a vengeance.

Persistent recourse to euphemism and circumlocution is (seriously) corrupting and debasing language.

The coercive atmosphere of guilt, fear and intimidation surrounding this censorship is inhibiting the easy “give-and-take” of human discourse, the life-blood of democratic institutions, and ultimately of man’s own social and spiritual life.

Thoreau warned us to ‘beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.’ What would he have said about enterprises that require (a) new vocabulary?

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As Minnesota goes (demographically), so goes the Nation

Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch:

Here is along article published originally at Brookings basically warning America that the white population is fading out, getting old, retiring and dying off and we better darn well educate the immigrants in order to replace us in the workforce.

So far, it isn’t going well as we learnedjust the other day that half of the Somali population of Minnesota lives in poverty.

Here are a few snips from the beginning of the story (I don’t have the time or patience to read it all!).

Refugee resettlement is named as one of the main reasons for the demographic shift in Minnesota (thank Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Serviceand World Relief renamed Arrive Ministries for that! See here!).

Minnesota and the surrounding states of the upper Midwest are experiencing a demographic revolution. Yet that fact and its significance are just beginning to sink in, which is…

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S.O.S. – Save Our Sweden

Sweden Expecting 1 Million More Immigrants to Arrive in the Next 5 Years

What Happened to our Swedish Warrior SPIRIT?

SWEDEN is going full-on White Genocide, hoping to flood all White people out completely by adding another 1,000,000 (million) aliens to the ones already there, making Sweden only 2/3 Swedish within 5 years(There is no room, money or cultural patience for this insanity.) Even then … they won’t be slowing down, as with the birth rate of some of the newcomers exceeding 6 times (6X) that of the Native Swedes, they could actually make themselves a minority in their own country within a decade! Way to go, Sweden! Really great job!

Class Photo – Elementary School in SWEDEN Today!
Multiculturalism is code for White ethnic cleansing.

As of 2011, Statistics Sweden reported that around 19.6% or 1.858.000 inhabitants of Sweden had a foreign background, defined as born-abroad, or born in Sweden by two parents born abroad.
(NON-whites must be well over 20% of Sweden’s population in 2015)



The next five years is expected 1 million immigrants come to Sweden, where mass immigration is hitting new record. This shows the Migration Board’s new forecast.

Only in 2014 is expected to Sweden to receive applications for admission from 202,100 people.

For 2015 the Migration Board’s forecast shows that the total figure lands on 191,570 people.

If the trend continues, it means that one million immigrants will find their way to Sweden over the next five years.

(Remember, Sweden has a small population of 9.7 million people, of which LESS than 8 million who are natural, indigenous Swedes.)

The Swedish people will thus soon be a memory.

S.O.S. – Save Our Sweden

Original Source: dailystormer.com

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