Who Now Owns New Zealand?

Population of New Zealand > 4,615,000
Population of CHINA >        1,395,000,000

New Zealand (Spot the White Faces)

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Dalhousie University – Whites Need Not Apply!

  HALIFAX, Nova Scotia


Halifax is a Canadian city of about 92% majority White.


Dalhousie University is looking for a new dean of students … but says it is interested only in someone who is “racially visible.”

But, I’m guessing that’s not what they mean by “racially visible.” What they surely mean is “NON-white.”  […]

There is the same lack of clarity with “visible minority,” the logical opposite of which is “invisible minority.” There are such things as invisible minorities — chess players, vegans, gays — though increasingly, many now choose to make themselves visible by their dress, behaviour or lapel pins. But again … the real, intended meaning of “visible minority” is “NONwhite.”

It’s a strange thing about identity progressivism: If the cause is so just, the need so compelling and the case for it so clear, why is the language so mealymouthed?

If you don’t want a White person for your dean of students, and you think that’s a perfectly reasonable position to take, indeed the only reasonable position to take, why not just say “This job is only open to people who are NOT white”?  Why hide behind an indirect, euphemistic, invented categorization?   >Source

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Remaining White South Africans Destined For Genocide

Minority WHITE population in South Africa8%

Minority WHITE population in the WORLD8%


Lauren Southern Reports On Racist Policies of S.A.

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Down to 8 Percent – But Worth Saving

Population by Race
7,500,000,000 (Billion) People on Earth (2018)
92% Black, Brown & Yellow
8% WHITE Minority

The Minority Race On Earth



White South Africans DENIED Jobs

Canada’s Own Ethelred The Unready

“ISLAMOPHOPHOBIA:  a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.”    ~Tarek Fatah~
The whole English-speaking world – it seems – was engulfed in laughter this week
over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s claimed joke about peoplekind“.
But Trudeau‘s deep superficiality about (political-correct) language games is the least of our worries. Far more serious is Trudeau‘s insistence that ISISfighters can be re-integrated into Canadian society and should be welcomed with open arms, no different from how we would welcome a refugee fleeing oppression.
  Prime Minister Trudeau on the right.
Long before he was elected leader of our country, Trudeau made it clear that on subjects such as Islamic violence and Canada‘s security, he had nothing to offer but foolish platitudes. He expressed concern over the offense it might cause some Muslims to call honour killings “barbaric” in the Canadiancitizenship guide, and he refrained from outright condemnation of the Boston bombers because they were young men, he said,
who felt “completely excluded.” More recently, his government’s enthusiasm to “take action” against so-called “Islamophobia” will almost certainly limit Canadians‘ ability to criticize Islam as an ideology – an outrageous assault on our freedom of expression on a subject where it is desperately needed.
All of these are disturbing indications that our Prime Minister is a vapid progressivist with no ability to deal with serious matters. But to hear him answering a Town Hall
question about how he will keep Canadians safe from returning ISIS terrorists with a
tone-deaf celebration of ethnic diversity is to glimpse the real menace of his foolishness. We can laugh at dumb, certainly; but when dumb is on the side of terrorists, it’s clear that the joke is really on the citizens of Canada.    >to FULL REPORT
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