Diversity Is A Fraud

The “Ghost” of Thomas Paine Speaks

The promise of “diversity” is that people of many different (races), backgrounds, interests, nationalities, religions, and philosophies will work together in a university or place of employment. The usual strong implication — or occasional stated reason — is that because of their inherent differences, a diverse population possesses complementary skills and experience, and the resulting whole unit would be stronger. Who could oppose such a Utopia?

The reality is a far cry from the above. The problem is that “diversity” does not really mean the above.

Diversity is a code word, a euphemism for a racial preference system where chosen minority groups are given preferences because of their skin color. The gentle veneer of  the word ‘diversity’ shrouds an illegal, dishonest, and hypocritical racial agenda.

Real people get hurt by diversity. Qualified candidates get passed over, and unqualified persons get positions beyond their capabilities. Educations are denied. Excellent businesses never get funded, meaning jobs don’t get created. Shaky businesses get government guaranteed loans, and they default. Careers and businesses get ruined. The taxpayers pick up the tab.

The concept of racial preferences goes against the US Constitution and very essence of our legal system which is based on the principle that rights adhere in individuals, not in groups. The 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law.

Similarly, the idea of “affirmative action” is associated with laudable beginnings. The concept of affirmative action was started by President Johnson in a 1965 executive order which requires federal contractors to “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.”

Again, the reality is a far different story.

Affirmative Action has been perverted to become the exact opposite of its original purpose, which was to prevent and remediate racial discrimination. Now, it is a vehicle for causing harm and causing discrimination. The issue of remediation for actual discrimination is long forgotten. It is now a vestigial organ of policy which provides for group rights, quotas and a racial agenda. It is now an illegal way for certain favored groups to be given preferences for their skin color. Diversity has come to mean a racial preference system.

Diversity is also arbitrary and capricious because the whole concept of race is so undefined. What is the clear cut definition of race and how one qualifies? Whose skin is dark enough?


In the seminal book, Animal Farm, George Orwell wrote: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” Orwell’s dystopia has arrived.

  • Diversity is anti-merit
  • Diversity is racism
  • Diversity is hypocrisy
  • Diversity is a lie
  • Diversity is WRONG!



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Mass Immigration’s Negative Effects

national Flag of Canada

Recent mass immigration has NEGATIVELY AFFECTED Canadian living standards and is challenging OUR existing national identity, culture, and social fabric… concludes a new book released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading economic think tank.

Based on a series of papers presented to a 2008 Montreal conference on immigration, The Effects of Mass Immigration on Canadian Living Standards and Society recommends significant changes to Canadian immigration policy including changes to the selection process that would limit the number of immigrants.

Since 1990, Canada’s annual rate of immigration has been the highest in the world, resulting in a population increase of 3.9 million people between 1990 and 2006.

[Today in 2019 … over 8,500,000 ADDITIONAL immigrants — of which a whopping 87% originate from NON-white, 3rd-World countries — a consistent trend for the past 25 years. See: Canada’s Black Population]

This mass immigration has had profound effects on Canada’s economic, demographic, social, and political conditions, affecting the well-being of all Canadians including past immigrants,” said Herbert Grubel, Fraser Institute senior fellow and co-editor of the book.


[ WHITE Canadians DECLINE in population numbers in direct proportion to INCREASING influxes of NON-white immigrants. Allowing eight (8) MILLION additional foreigners into our country in just 35 years, is one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated on Canadians. NON-whites (not including Native Indians) now exceed 23% of Canada‘s population, dramatically REDUCING our WHITE proportion to under 72%. We WERE about 95% White majorityaround 1980. ]

(Update to 2019: Canada‘s NON-white population is about 23 percent today!)

White Canadians have plummeted from 95% in 1981 … to 72% TODAY… a HUGE drop in our OWN European-based nation!


But it gets worse. Within 2 decades, White Canadians will plummet to 67% of Canada‘s population due to needless importation of 3rd-world immigrants into our 1st world nation. (About 5,000 legal immigrants PER WEEK of whom 87% are Non-white!)

This un-welcomed trend does not bode well for the next generation of White Canadians, but this is the unhappy legacy we’re leaving to our children and grandchildren. Demography is destiny, so based on IQ (Intelligence Quotients) of these immigrants 3rd-world origins — we can easily determine the direction of where Canada and other White Western nations — are headed. >ELN Editor]

Average National IQs according to IQ and Global Inequality (2002)

“Unfortunately, most Canadians are insufficiently aware of these effects partly because a code of “political correctness” tends to identify ANY examination of immigration policies with “racism“, and partly because Canada’s electoral system rewards (pandering) politicians who are in favour of the current high immigrant intake.”  …Source


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The “RACISM” Ploy

23 minutes Original video was “disappeared” by youtube, so this is a replacement.

By Dorothy A. Seese

Are we all on the same page when it comes to “racism?”  No!

Sometimes it is used to imply that one race thinks they are superior to others. Another dictionary definition is discrimination against people of a certain race or races.

But in today’s world, it means just about anything a court, a group, an action committee, or any other faction wants it to mean in order to denigrate the other party (the one doing the offending, which by the amount of space devoted to it in media, is a full-time occupation of most European-heritage Americans who aren’t even thinking about it).

What is even more confusing is that when “racist” is an epithet hurled at someone because they are allegedly anti-Islamic, then “Islam” becomes a race rather than a religion. The same is true of people of Mexican origin, although Mexican is a nationality, not a religion and not a race.

If this sounds somewhat confusing, that is because it is. Special interest groups have made sure it’s confusing.

This isn’t the first time I’ve said that I’ve never liked a race of people in my life. First, I’ve never met a whole race of people. Second, I’ve disliked as many people of the misnamed “white” race as I have of any other, and probably more because I’ve met more “white” people. However, that statement contains a flaw, because I’ve never met anyone who is “white” compared to a sheet of white paper or a can of white paint. I’ve met people of light skin who are of European heritage. But I’ve also met people who are Mexican who are lighter than some hyphenated EuroAmericans of say, Greek or Romanian ethnicity.

Now, if certain people of Mexican descent and probably nationality come and take over 40 acres of property that I own under the laws of our land, is it “racist” to dislike that act and take action against it? Let’s test it not by just the issue, but by another, more modern standard: would I be just as angry if the people who came and grabbed off 40 acres of grazing land to which I own title are Finnish, is that “racist?” If you answer yes to the first and no to the second proposition, you have a big inconsistency and furthermore, a ridiculous answer.

Neither you, whoever you are, nor I, are going to like a person or a group of people who come nabbing 40 acres. It just happens to be a way to defeat my objection to yell “racist” if the people belong to one group as opposed to another. It diverts attention away from the real issue, which is the nabbing of 40 acres of my land, to a supposed feeling I have against the nabbers because they have a different ethnic background and are perhaps of a different color. It shifts the crime from them (land-nabbing) to me (racism).

Isn’t that a clever way to becloud the issue and shift the crime from the perpetrator to the victim?

Of course. That’s why it is being used in multiple nations, in numerous cases, for countless reasons, in increasing incidents, all over the Western world. Legal issues such as immigration according to the laws of the land have been made subservient to the supposed attitude of the landowners and citizens toward certain “races” of people, such races being in fact nationalities, religions or various skin colors.

Justice peeks from behind that supposed blindfold.


The word “racism” is a ploy being used to effect the redistribution of peoples around the globe. Once people settle in another land in sufficient numbers to have a league of their own for defending their supposed rights above others, they have a hold on that land, its political flavors and its cultural climate.

Yet any suggestion that the immigrant peoples be moved back to their homeland is defeated, met with profuse apologies for such racist conduct, and the citizens who are (take your pick) Dutch, British, Belgian, French, Spanish, Italian, or other European nationality, are fined, reprimanded or have to resign their position and take cover elsewhere.

The United States of America is importing people of other races, ethnicities and colors (other than light tan) so that the formerly European, and largely Anglo-Saxon, Irish or Germanic, heritage and homogeneous cultural background of “America” doesn’t mean the same thing as it did thirty or forty years ago.

There is a cultural dilution occurring, of which the open borders are a large part. And it’s NOT by accident.

Cultural redistribution will result in the erasure of borders so that this conglomerate of people, now all called American or some hyphenation of it (which is absurd and technically incorrect) will be a geographic region rather than a nationality with distinct laws. The laws of the land are, or will be, superseded by the higher law of the Globalist government, administered by the United Nations or some international court.

And there went the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, habeas corpus, and all the other protections that American citizens over forty years of age recall, even if somewhat vaguely.


This has been a rather cursory explanation of the ploy of “racism” to achieve cultural dilution rather than equity before a court of law or other tribunal. The fact that it exists should be obvious to anyone who is capable of observation.

What I will not do is tag this as being “right” or “wrong” for one reason, and one only: The founders of the United States warned that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and traditional “Americans” (European heritage, light skin darken in tanning parlors) have been too lazy, and taken too much for granted about their land. They have trusted politicians which is ignorance gone to seed. They’ve let their comfort zones dictate their attitudes about standing up for their country, so if it’s lost (and it is) to the multiculturalism agenda of the Global Governance crowd, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Hundreds of internet writers and bloggers have warned of what was coming years ago, but to no avail.

Notice also that Asia is not mentioned in this article, and China is (at last glance) in Asia. Yet we have millions of Asians coming into this country [and Canada] very, very quietly, while all the noise comes from the other corner of the house where the argument is over someone’s lettuce patch or grape vines.  […]


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Stagnating Black Countries

Houston, we have a problem.”  — “It’s the competition –  AFRICAN SPACE PROGRAMS“.
Some 50 years ago in the U.S.A.

By Elias Biryabarema The Monitor (Kampala, Uganda)

Mr. Yoweri Museveni [President of Uganda] has a background of good education. A calm and well exposed man. Straight thinking and intelligent, his grasp of contemporary world affairs, including some quite complex stuff, is commendably firm.  

Idi Amin
Idi Amin of Uganda

For years he burned his young energies battling vile governments. Narrowly escaping death on occasions, he showed resolve, sacrifice, devotion to his people and a deep abhorrence for oppressive leadership. Sure. This man had no shortage of good qualities. 

And yet, to the astonishment of history, Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has still failed us. [Twenty] years at nation-building have produced incompetence so shocking that some think a psychopathic illiterate, Idi Amin, did better work.

Uganda has been fairly stable long enough. The conditions for an economic takeoff have been there for 20 years. Mr. Museveni has enjoyed generous goodwill from nearly all the world’s rich governments. Their largesse has poured in ceaselessly and in hefty amounts.

Uganda should have taken off. We haven’t. We’re stuck. And so is Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Eritrea, Malawi, Congo Republic and pretty much all of Black Africa, excluding the region’s sole economic power … South Africa. This led me to pose a question to myself: can Black people build prosperous societies?  

Uganda- Kayunga Fb 2013
Uganda– Kayunga Feb 2013

Just about every reason — from slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism to inequitable world trade rules-cited for the backwardness of Black African nations has been so debunked by time, that it has now become necessary to look beyond the realm of such contemporary explanations. The maddening inertia of Black people and the mystical forces that keep tramping down our nations, in fact, seem to have their roots deep within us, not from without as has been argued for decades.

Just about everywhere you look, evidence abounds. Vietnam suffered a war of colonial conquest and it was eventually subdued by France in 1884. For almost a decade, it again fought a devastating independence war until France was vanquished in 1954. And then came the epic battle of 1965 to 1973 with US military and its allies, seeking to squelch the North Vietnamese communists.

When the guns fell silent with the withdrawal of US troops in 1973 and the eventual fall of Saigon in 1975, the Vietnamese [death] toll stood at a horrifying three to four million people. Diplomatically isolated, its economy shredded and its population maimed and traumatised on a scale unparalleled in any Black African nation (except DR Congo), Vietnam would seem to have no chance at success.

But just [25 years] later, Vietnam is storming the world stage as an economic powerhouse. Its exports are flooding western nations; heavy and advanced manufacturing is thriving at a rapid pace. Its GDP, $258 billion, is having an average growth rate of 8%, the second highest in Asia, after China. Europe had to put curbs on the country’s shoe exports after they nearly sunk much of the continent’s manufacturers.

According to a news report in New York Times on October 25, 2006, Vietnam now sells “nine times as much to Americans as it buys from there.” Since 1990, a space of 15 short years, Vietnam has pulled off one of the most stunning economic feats: reducing absolute poverty-World Bank standard: subsisting on $1 a day-from 51 to 8% of its population.

Back home here (Uganda), the sort of wars and the scale of devastation that Uganda has suffered since independence can hardly be said to be as crippling as the cataclysm that struck Vietnam.

This is true for many of the Black African nations. But the difference is staggering. Vietnam‘s economy is roaring.

Sub-Saharan Africa is dead stuck known more for: constant disease outbreaks, emergency food relief appeals, civil strive, genocide, chronic corruption, flimsy or nonexistent infrastructure, constitution breaches, state failure than anything else.

This disgusting state of affairs after, according to an estimate by South Africa‘s Brenthurst Foundation, a colossal $580,000,000,000 (BILLION$) worth of donor money has been poured into the region since independence. Why have the Vietnamese overcome their historical setbacks and prospered … while Black Africans stagnated or regressed?

Or if we may ask another question: why is it that White people prosper wherever they settle while Black people head for the opposite direction. The British crown started asserting its colonial rule over small territories on the continent of Australia in 1788, taking several decades before it brought all the areas into a unified Australian colony.

Throngs of Europeans emigrated en masse and settled there throughout the 1800s. These émigrés went ahead — starting from really little or nothing — and established one of the world’s economic and military powers that is Australia today. The history of New Zealand — the other White country in the Southern Hemisphere — is much the same.

Now contrast these nations with Haiti, the only black nation outside of Africa.  It gained independence in 1804. It’s near the US, the richest market on earth and Haiti has a coastline unlike other African nations whose landlocked status is blamed for their underdevelopment. It has had a fairly brutal past, but nowhere near Vietnam‘s horrors.

But what have our Haitian brothers made of these generous natural advantages: it remains the most backward country in the Western hemisphere, bound up by privation, cyclical coups, spasms of mayhem and blood-thirsty gangs.

At home and away, that’s your Black people!

In fact, Haiti is perhaps just about the best that we can achieve in nation building. Ethiopia never had colonialism. It registered impressively high levels of literacy as early as 1970, a fact a friend of mine brought to my attention recently. It has a rich and widely shared cultural heritage, a common ancestry. This should have propelled Ethiopia, but see the shameful portrait of hunger and disease that this country projects to the world.

And so, to go back to that question that I have been chewing over and over again of late: can Black People build prosperous societies; I firmly believe the answer is a sad NO.

The dumbfounding incompetence of President Museveni thus is not a failure of an individual. It’s a failure of a people:   Black People.

Museveni only rose and touched our low ceiling. The shamefully limited achievement of his “fundamental change” regime thus should be interpreted in this cruel context.



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ELLIOT LAKE NEWS Sings Its Own “Swan Song”

The “Swan Song”  is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement.
6 minutes – Listen to song, click centre.

Nov. 2006 – Nov. 2018

ELLIOT LAKE NEWS recently celebrated its 12th anniversary of blogging on alternative news primarily related to White identity politicsWhite Genocide, Multiculti3rd-world immigrationrace and other “taboo” topics.

Having maintained this Blog for a dozen years we’ve decided to STOP UPDATING with new material.  Instead, we’ll remain as a reference “Library” (of sorts) for new/old readers and researchers to explore the 1,900+ posts already embedded here.

We intend to add fresh videos, photos and memes to old posts appropriate to the story line while removing dead links when found, and then re-cycle those posts to the front page. Of course, all 1,900+ posts will remain intact for your review, research or re-blogging (without permission). Simply scroll to near the bottom of this page to “categories”, “archives” and “search” bar.

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We leave this post from 2011 as a reminder that you can >> START YOUR OWN NEWS BLOG … and begin where we have ended. (ELN Editor)