Arrested for Waving Flag

Amanda-Marie Quintino, Canadian Press

CALEDONIA, Ontario. (CP) — The organizer of a controversial rally at the site of the ongoing aboriginal occupation in this southwestern Ontario community was arrested Saturday for breach of the peace as he approached the disputed land, waving a Canadian flag.

[…] Gary McHale Arrested.

Mark Vandermaas being arrested by O.P.P Officers

[Gary] McHale and Mark Vandermaas, of London, Ont., were arrested by Ontario Provincial Police around noon as they crossed into disputed territory, waving Canadian flags.

McHale, in turn, has long been critical of the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.), who he claims uphold the law to a different standard for aboriginals, allowing them to defy the law while police protect them.

He says police are biased because they allow aboriginal protesters to erect Six Nations flags, but don’t allow himself and others to erect Canadian flags.

“(Police) have one set of policies for natives and another set of policies for non-natives,” he said before the rally.


Police had warned them about crossing into the “no-go zone,” previously established as a buffer area at the site after violent clashes erupted between protesters and non-aboriginal residents of Caledonia. Southern ONTARIO



This isn’t McHale’s first foray into Caledonia. He held a rally in October which descended into a two-hour standoff with police after protesters attempted to storm the contested land.

He and his wife also operate a website called Caledonia Wakeup Call (, on which they detail what they describe as police bias.

“Our fight is not with the natives, we’re just trying to be equal in a democratic Canada,” said Christine McHale.

[A Canadian citizen is arrested on a charge of “breaking the peace” for waving our national Canadian flag on Canadian property owned by the Ontario government?

In the not too distant past, we read of dissident SOVIET citizens being arrested on similarly weak charges. Is Kanada now becoming a clone of the former U.S.S.R. ?]

Concise UPDATES found HERE.



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