Police-State Enforcers

Bloomfield law enforcement officers (Deputy Sh...
From Earlier Times in the 1930s

Greg Evensen

Maynard Brazeal…the retired Director of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center told me privately…….. that the moral character of the men and women he was preparing for a career in law enforcement would determine if America remained free or would be under police-state conditions.

Mr. Brazeal is one of those few exceptionally talented men who knew police work well and also knows that society’s thin line between jungle rule and ordered society is but one riot away from catastrophe.


I will suggest that you consider my view of our near term future. It is a future nearly upon us. It will test character, strength and the dispensation of street justice by police officers at all levels beyond anything Maynard, Jim or I have thus far experienced.

We are re-entering the “dark ages” as my neighbor Nancy Levant has stated. She is also a hero in this struggle to wake up Americans to our coming disaster. When the time comes to begin enforcing the decrees and the full agenda of the new world order, our friends in law enforcement will have a very tough set of choices to make.


Police officers will be given the ultimate responsibility to see that each one of us is carrying out the dictates of the government. They will do so because they have sworn to uphold the “law.” Ultimately, the “law” will be what politicians and corrupted courts say [what] it is.


Officers who have survived extreme background checks for compatibility with authority dictates and those who have proven that they will carry out ANY order given, will use this new definition of “character” to justify the investigation, arrest, detention, prosecution and imprisonment of “enemies of the state.”


Police officers at all levels have a sworn duty to resist this coming event (police-state suppression) with all the information, real constitutional authority to resist and guidance from servants of the public mentality, Chiefs and Sheriffs across this nation.


As that drama begins to unfold, as the government becomes the master of all and the people literally become the slaves, then I will abandon my efforts to educate, train and encourage my fellow citizens for peaceful change.

The time is now.

This must happen now, if we are to believe that our men and women who wear the badge and have given their oaths will be there at that moment to truly defend us from the criminals who have given the “orders” to arrest the innocent.

If our police forces, acting on what they believe is the right thing, ordered by thugs in our government to do the wrong thing, carries out those illegal and freedom killing final orders, then there WILL be bloodshed on a scale not seen in our nation before.

Operation FALCON - The USA is turning into a Police State
Deputy Barney Fife asks Andy Griffith“WHAT HAPPENED TO US, ANDY?”


I pray to God that Maynard Brazeal was right when he said that the character of the men and women in uniform will ultimately determine whether we live free or in a police state. I am counting on you, my friends in law enforcement. Please do not let your country down.


Full article here: http://www.newswithviews.com/Evensen/greg6.htm

[Here in Canada, the clearest illustration of the above scenario can be found in CALEDONIA, Ontario where the Ontario Provincial Police [O.P.P.] are handcuffed to a political agenda that is wreaking havoc on their credibility to enforce the law with equal dispensation.

Police-State tactics of outright intimidation by the O.P.P. of an outspoken critic of the “two-tiered” justice system resulted in a dissenting law-abiding Canadian citizen being jailed overnight without charges for carrying out his sovereign right to place our national flag on a pole! –ELN Editor-] More here:HERE


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  1. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-for ever.” – George Orwell

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