More Foreign Refugees To Support

Former Sudanese Refugees Return Home

BY Jennifer O’Brien
(Ontario) Free Press


Nearly 100 refugees from Southeast Asia — 52 of them children — have [comfortably] settled in London since November after living for years in a refugee camp on the Thai border.

[Is the “children” insert supposed to pull at the heart strings of gullible Canadians and make this story more palatable to taxpayers who are able to calculate the enormous co$t factor of this expensive endeavour? -Editor-]


[Why take the extreme health risk of bringing in these unvetted,  illiterate, unknown foreign nationals into OUR countries and who mingle with other riders on our public transportation systems, who attend our public schools and/or shopping centres and receive “free” welfare and hospitalization services?? Meanwhile, educated, healthy and productive European immigrants MUST have a plethora of health certificates and proven educational documents before landing on Canadian soil. Well over 7 BILLION people reside on planet Earth and over 92% are described as NON-white.]

The newest Londoners are among 880 Karen (Burma) refugees to come to Canada in recent weeks as part of Citizenship and Immigration’s Government Assisted Refugee Program.

[We could easily round up 880 real CANADIAN ’street refugees’ whose bed tonight will be a damp cardboard laying on a city grate, or perhaps a thin sleeping bag under a bridge. Instead… we have to pluck the equivalent of a small town of 880 FOREIGN nationals living half-way around the world….. air-transport them into Canada….. set them up in apartments…. feed them… provide medical/dental care….. and then teach them how to speak English…incredible!]

“This has been the most wonderful experience,” said Mary Williamson of London’s Cross Cultural Learner Centre, (Email: which welcomed and hosted the families and has since helped settle its members in apartments around London (Canada).

Or, how about destitute American-born white folks in middle America who are continually overlooked while recently-arrived African refugees are given priority to housing units??

“From the moment the first group arrived, they have been nothing but wonderful, you’ve never seen more appreciative people,” she added, pointing to a colourful fabric — a traditional Karen wrap — given to her as a gift.

[Of course, they’re being “appreciative” when do-gooders like Mary from the “land of trusting fools” gets a moral ego-boost that personally costs her nothing.

Before Mary becomes too excited in her display of gushing enthusiasm… she should read the ‘The Ordeal of Immigration in Wausau’ by Roy Beck located at:


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ...

In conjunction with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Canadian government seeks out (foreign) people (without character references) living in refugee camps, and offers them a new life in Canada

[All this “altruistic” generosity comes at a high price paid by Canadian taxpayers. The U.N. operates under the guise of “humanitarianism“…. because its true function is really ‘globalization’….. or one-world-government.]


Cross Cultural staff have worked around the clock with community members, providing information on everything from transportation to translation to setting up bank accounts, social insurance numbers and health cards.

[”Cross Cultural staff” is a dishonest euphemism meaning recent “refugees” themselves, now working for a non-government organization (NGO) whose wages and other expenses are paid by real Canadian tax-payers who’ve been working at real jobs for most of their adult lives.

….and those “setting up bank accounts” is where all these lucky lotto winners are to receive their free MONTHLY welfare cheques amounting to about $2470 per single adult “refugee”! 

Note: U.N. Convention refugees are entitled to receive both a Canadian Federal and a Provincial WELFARE payment.

Obviously, a family will receive a more generous un-earned, welfare income that exceeds the monthly $2470 per SINGLE refugee. So essentially, a foreign family void of any marketable skills and education, and accustomed to living on $1 a day in some 3rd world hell-hole is suddenly rocketed up to receiving over $3000 per month of OUR money…and all without having earned one penny! Welcome to Canada! These lucky foreigners must feel as if they had died and gone to heaven.]

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has not received such a large group since 2003, when it welcomed Sudanese and Somalian refugees as a group.

[…..and how many of those ‘tens’ of thousands of Somalian & Sudanese refugees have voluntarily relinquished their free largess for a low-paying job in whatever factories are still functioning here?

 Go back to your 40 hr. work week, Canada…. because you’re paying for all this foolish generosity that allows newly-arrived 3rd world foreigners to experience a higher standard of living than many CanadiansEditor]

Update: MORE on the way!  Note that ONLY White western nations seem to be “helping” out.

Update to 2016:  TODAY, it’s ungrateful SYRIAN foreigners. The “gravy train” never ends!

Uninvited invaders from around the world arriving in Canada through the United States.


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