Black & White Police Cruisers Returning


(ST.THOMAS, Ontario) – O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) officers will soon be patrolling Ontario highways and communities in their traditional black-and-white police car (left), adding greater visibility and instant recognition to O.P.P. general duty and traffic patrol.

In 1989 the all-white cruisers with blue and gold striping were first initiated while all the (old) black and white cruisers were completely phased out….. but they’re returning again in 2007.

Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Monte Kwinter joined OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and Ford Motor Company of Canada St. Thomas Assembly Plant Manager Mark Boldin to unveil the new OPP black and white Ford Crown Victoria cruiser being built in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Short video clip of 1964 Ontario Highway scene. O.P.P. Vehicle is a ’64 Ford Galaxie.

The black-and-white cruisers will provide a distinctive presence to stepped-up efforts to make ONTARIO highways safer and to bring traffic safety issues in line with other important public safety issues and concerns.

“The black-and-white patrol vehicle will be instantly recognizable as an O.P.P. patrol car with new LED high-visibility roof lights and vehicle markings that will have a greater impact on the visibility of O.P.P. vehicles patrolling our communities and our roadways,” added Commissioner Fantino.

The very first returning O.P.P. black-and-white cruisers will be patrolling high traffic areas of the 400 series freeways by the beginning of March 2007.

The full roll out will follow the normal replacement schedule for general patrol vehicles, returning the O.P.P. fleet of patrol vehicles to the traditional black-and-white configuration over the next two years.


Mark Boldin, plant manager, Ford St. Thomas Assembly Plant said, “It makes everyone at St. Thomas Assembly feel proud to know that approximately 80% of all police vehicles across North America are built right here in St. Thomas, Ontario.”

Above: 1957 Chevrolet (Retired) Toronto Police car
[Yellow cruisers were phased out in 1986]

The above photo is a NEW ZEALAND POLICE highway patrol vehicle has a distinctive design giving them a rather….”sporty look”.

In contrast, the TORONTO POLICE should have conducted a contest to arrive at a more imaginative design other than their new colour scheme that gives them a Crest Toothpaste’ look.

However, the O.P.P. sends a clearly defined masculine ‘law & order’ message with their returning black & white cruisers.


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