Lawless Caledonia Garners Little Interest

Caledonia (is near Hamilton in Southern Ontario)

By Chris Robertshaw – Mississauga

It is with great interest and confusion that I continue to read letters from readers who are dismayed with Commissioner Fantino’s most recent “policies”.

The [three] that come to mind, and seemingly in their order of reader’s importance are: Cam Woolley, Cruiser Colours and the almost non-existent “2 Tier” Policing policy in Caledonia.

Having once appreciated Mr. Fantino’s tough stand on policing and his apparent fair approach to the latter, I now see he has succumbed to political aspirations and/or correctness. How else could you interpret his inaction and refusal to administer the laws of the land in a fair and equitable manner in the Caledonia dispute. He has actually been quoted in his approach to leave the natives alone in their illegal occupation is to “keep the peace”, yet to arrest the non-natives is to “keep the peace. Talk about sucking and blowing at the same time!!

Let’s see now. Over a period of 1 year, one group (Native Indians) has maliciously dug up and blockaded a highway, threatened and abused numerous citizens, unlawfully occupied disputed lands (while denying others entry to the same land), exercised vandalism and violence, destroyed public property and infrastructure, tossed a truck of a bridge and illegally set fires (only to mention a few instances). All of this highly illegal activity has been met with little or no criminal charges. Ultimately, this group’s actions have been ratified and thereby deemed acceptable by the inaction of the authorities.

On the other hand, a member of another group (Non-Native White) is arrested and forcibly confined in a jailhouse overnight, (without official charge) for the erection of our national symbol of democracy and freedom – The Maple Leaf. You know, the thing that many of our ancestors died for and many of our service people are currently fighting for. There are repeated threats issued by the OPP commissioner as well as the OPPA (read union) guaranteeing “legal action” if any officers are injured during a protest or dispute.

I, as well as countless other Canadian Citizens need to know: Is the Government of the day dictating to the OPP to NOT enforce the law and existing court order, or is the OPP unilaterally opting to disobey the laws of the land on its own volition?

Either way, I can’t imagine my father, after 5 years in the Battle of the Atlantic on a destroyer, (W.W.II) would condone this type of suppression of speech and selective police state. Actually, I thought this is what he fought against, and, so did he I’m sure!!!

Spend less time on Cam Woolley, less money on Cruiser Colours and more time and money on the real issues at hand.


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