Jared Taylor Returning To Halifax

Almost 11 years later, Jared Taylor is still in the game of “red-pilling” his audiences since the item below was first posted in March 2007.
Updated: Christmas 2017  (To view the video, click the original source)


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HALIFAX, Nova Scotia

By Chris Lambie, Chronicle Herald (Halifax)

A self-described “race realist” who was mobbed by angry protesters last time he tried to speak in Halifax will return next week to debate one of the city’s academic lightning rods.

Jared Taylor, an American magazine publisher banned from a Dalhousie University debate on racial diversity due to fears he would preach “hatred”, will go toe-to-toe with Peter March, the Saint Mary’s University philosophy professor who garnered national notoriety last year for posting controversial cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad on his office door.

“I had such a warm reception on, how could I stay away”? Mr. Taylor said Monday.

Mr. Taylor was originally slated to debate David Divine, who holds Dalhousie’s chair in BLACK Canadian studies. But Dalhousie cancelled that Jan. 15 appearance (Diversity Debate Cancelled) after a story about the controversial debate, and how it was being touted on a white supremacist website, appeared in The Chronicle Herald.

On Jan. 16, Mr. Taylor tried giving a Racial Diversity Talk at the Lord Nelson Hotel. But he was shouted down and roughed up by masked protesters.

“People like Jared Taylor turn up in every generation and you have to answer them and you have to be firm about it and you have to be courageous about it,” Mr. March said.

“You don’t do it by bullying them and making them look good. You don’t do it by putting on a mask and playing Ku Klux Klan.”

Mr. March will argue there’s no such thing as racial diversity because there aren’t races.

“It’s just not true that there are races in Canada,” he said. “There are human beings and they’re all one race.”

[Perhaps he should inform David Divine, who holds Dalhousie’s chair in BLACK (repeat: “BLACK”) Canadian studies and The BLACK EDUCATORS Association of Nova Scotia of just that matter. ELN editor]

Dalhousie failed to uphold standards of academic freedom when it cancelled the January debate, Mr. March said.

“My job is to give sharp, efficient, fair, informed argument against a highly obnoxious philosophy,” he said.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) describes the ideology of Mr. Taylor’s New Century Foundation as “intellectualized, pseudo-scientific white supremacy.” It’s a charge the Virginia man denies.

Mr. Taylor will cover the $1,200 it will cost to provide security for the event, Mr. March said.


“There are going to be four policemen present,” he said. “They’re going to search everybody at the door. They’re going to make sure nobody wears any masks.”

The (March 6th, 2007) 7 p.m. debate is slated to take place in Theatre A of the Burke Education Building on Robie Street, (Halifax, Nova Scotia).

“We got a black eye last time,” Mr. March said. “I’m quite sure that this time it will go very smoothly.”

‘Race Realist’ Who Was Roughed Up In Halifax Last Month To Return For Debate



“This will turn out about the same way with this kooky March character. However, what Gutierrez and March and their followers have in common is an inability to understand a point of view that is not part of their programming, because they’re in such a state of near-hysteria, when it comes to having their belief base threatened, they cannot regard anything outside their prejudicial opinions with any unbiased consideration. They’re “True Believers” in every sense of the term and they are not capable of logical, coherent thought on matters of race and multiculturalism. It is like a fanatical religion to them.

When brainwashing/propagandizing techniques have been employed on people numerous times over a period of years and years any opposition to their instilled belief system is going to be answered with zero intellect and an abundance of irrational, over emotional rubbish.

They’re powerless to respond in any other way, and if one were to reveal to them chronologically, in great detail, the process through which their flawed belief system was established in their psyche, they would be just as outraged that they were considered to have not arrived at their opinions through a logical, reasonable process, as they were when their beliefs themselves were challenged.

And, in support of their position, they will back up their claims with myths, unproven facts, exaggerations, and outright lies, and it is these same misconceptions they will accuse the opposition of embracing.

Many of these types are hopeless, unless they face major conflict where their lives are in danger, because of their race, and even some of these will be true believers to the end.

But some will be positively affected by what they hear from Taylor, and while they likely won’t embrace what he has to say right away, they are apt to notice differences in what they have been forced to believe and reality, when they get more experience in the real world, and slowly come to the realization that what they have been led to believe for so many years is a pack of lies.

Two, there’s a contingent of skeptics who just don’t really buy into the PC agenda, and they could very well be covert supporters right away. Most of us have underwent the same mind-control techniques that have persuaded the people on the [political] left, but have refused to buy into the fabrications. There are others in Canada as well.

Also, there will be an overall positive effect to this debate, because no ideology based on absurd allegations and outright falsehoods can stand the light of day if the truth is espoused enough, and this event could prompt further debate, which will allow further comparisons and analysis, so it could well be the beginning of multicultural debate among Canadians who are not allowed any point of view, but the Cultural Marxist perversion of the truth.

“Workers (people) of the world (Canada) unite (in truth). You have nothing to lose, but your chains.”

Unless, of course, it is your freedom for not following the party line, which is now called “hate speech.”

Robert Kelly

“Oh splendid – ‘there is only one race’…then we can immediately put an end to racial preference programs, set-asides, affirmative action, college entrance consideration and all the various incarnations of the racial spoils system. Then we can stop all this Black History business, Hispanic Heritage business and White privilege nonsense.
No race huh…okay non-whites of the Western world…you are the same as the rest of us – so now you must sink or swim accordingly….no more special treatment. Best of luck!”

Updated to January 2017 — Unrelated story on Halifax


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