Halifax Stalls Jared Taylor Again

HALIFAX (CP) – Saint Mary’s University in Halifax (Nova Scotia) has decided against allowing a debate on racism to take place on its premises. 

Saint Mary's University, main entrance
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Philosophy professor Peter March was supposed to debate so-called “race realist” Jared Taylor at the university Tuesday night. But Saint Mary’s now says “there is a higher need for security than the university can provide”. The announcement comes shortly after a group opposed to the event said it would protest outside the building where the debate was to occur. Taylor, who is with American Renaissance magazine in Virginia, was roughed up in January when he tried to give a speech on his racial views at a Halifax hotel. Taylor, who advocates the separation of races, was pushed out of a hotel room by protesters.

He has filed a complaint with city police but no charges have been laid. It wasn’t immediately clear if the debate would be held off campus. Saint Mary’s, in a release, said it is committed to “fostering academic freedom and free speech in our diverse society.” We also have an obligation to provide a safe environment for members of our campus community and those who visit our campus,” it said. The university said it will reimburse March for any related expenses incurred in planning the debate. Neither March nor Taylor were immediately available for comment. ALSO READ: “Useful Idiots” Last Call for WHITE Britain Race Diversity – The Con Game Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada? *********************************** Canadian Immigration Reform BLOG Race Diversity – But WHY? Political-Correctness Run Amock