Twenty Million Illegal Aliens

 Updated to 2016

By Frosty Wooldridge

Have you heard the old saying, “Tea for two”? For the most part, it’s when one lady invites a friend to come over to the house for a cup of tea and conversation. A whole new meaning for the cliché awaits you in the near future.

Within weeks, Senators Teddy Kennedy and John McCain, both hand-holding with President Bush, unveil their blatant invitation for as many as 20-28 million illegal aliens, not only to enjoy American hospitality, but these senators open up our entire overburdened social-services system to unlimited additional abuse.

 Kennedy-McCain unveil their gift to no less than 20 million — to a potential high of 28 million illegal aliens, plus many of their family members- to U.S. citizenship amnesty. Lies, lies, and more lies

 To give you a sobering handle on how Kennedy-McCain intend to pick your pocket, they insist only 12 million illegal aliens stand now on U.S. soil. When the 1986 law passed, within two years we suffered 3.4 million “new citizens.” We may expect a similar 300 percent growth-magic again this time.

 The 2005 Bear-Stearns Report told us we housed 20 million illegals ­ and nobody closed the open-borders. Today, in 2007 reputable experts tell us we endure as many as 20-28 million illegal aliens within the United States borders ­ plus 10 million of their kids and grandchilds.

 Please… Allow me to repeat myself ­ this is BIG! In 1986, when Kennedy engineered the last amnesty, he promised only 1.1 million illegal aliens would enjoy America‘s freedom after breaking her laws to come here illegally. The true number turned out to be 3.4 million. If you do the math, his estimated 12 million today could and most likely stands at least twice as high ­ to as much as three times that number.

New Cost-Estimate ­ Center for Immigration Studies

 A new <> study by Dr. Steve Camarata shows a minimum number of 12 million illegal aliens will tap into $843 BILLION in social-services, education, medical care, school breakfasts and lunches, prison, rising insurance rates and other costs ­ and this is NET — more than they will pay in taxes and usage fees over their lifetimes.

 Dr. Camarata also estimated the costs if illegal aliens exceed 30 million, the worst-case scenario. That cost to your pocketbook skyrockets to $2.4 TRILLION. In other words, Senator Teddy Kennedy, the man who brought you the 1965 Immigration Reform Act that added 100 million people to the USA in 42 years, and the 1986-IRCA amnesty fiasco — is about to outdo himself again by giving our country a jump start on another 100 million added people. As President Bush cheers, McCain gleefully follows Teddy into this “tea for 20-28 million” ­ a $2.4 TRILLION financial Katrina for the U.S. taxpayer.


 The entire aggregation of “new citizens” all sport relatives who lineup to come to the land of good-and-plenty. Direct experience taught us that each new citizen-by-the grace-of-amnesty sponsors an average of seven new naturalized citizens within ten years after they receive their papers. What does the amnesty do? Easy! It opens the flood gates to this “Human Katrina.” What are people-on-the-street saying about it?

 “The cost of closing our borders is a tiny fraction of the cost of waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Paul Kehren of Colorado Springs, CO said. “If Mexico would just practice free-market capitalism and birth control, they would not be poor. But no, their rampant socialism and religious ban on birth control cause massive poverty, forcing millions to flee north.”


 Those who broke into this country against our laws show no respect for American citizenship or the rule of law. Additionally, they will not invest themselves emotionally or intellectually into becoming participating U.S. citizens. Millions will not invest in the American Dream of speaking English, assimilating and adding to our social fabric. Millions of Mexicans arrive to ‘take back’ their turf. How? They colonize in such great numbers that they force Americans out of the four borders states.

 Assimilation? NO…. ­ overthrow-by-numbers!

 Ultimate reality of this amnesty: displacing and fracturing Americans out of their own country. That leads to civil unrest with consequences much like Kosovo, Lebanon, France, Holland, Denmark and other nations where “immigrants” create a repetitive nightmare for host countries.

 Just like Teddy Kennedy failed this nation with his proposal of the 1965 1.1 million added immigrants annually ­ and again with his 1986 amnesty for 3.4 million illegal aliens — his enclaved-in-the-senate-forever addicted-mind cannot understand what he bequeaths future generations. In a similar addictive-behavior pattern, Bush has shown — with his shortsighted Iraq War — that he cannot and does not understand the nightmare he brings Americans. These behaviors are not coincidence.

 Mission Illegal Amnesty Accomplished”

 Once this amnesty passes, you can imagine Bush in his flight suit striding across an aircraft carrier deck announcing, “Mission Illegal Amnesty Accomplished.” Beside him, Senators Kennedy and McCain waddle out in their flight suits — bursting at the seams. The reality of our fractured nation will follow much of what happened in Iraq — with civil war orchestrated solely by President George W. Bush, who denied the obvious.

 This great nation rides a dangerous wind into an uncertain, if not violent future. If not great civil unrest, we shall degrade ourselves into the maelstrom of greater poverty for our people as we stand by while criminals who employ the slave-labor class get rich ­ destroy our lower-middle-class — widen the earnings gap — and invite millions of Mexico’s poor to colonize our country.

As noted above, Mexico won’t change from being one of the most corrupt countries in the Western Hemisphere. As the Catholic Church encourages unlimited births, Mexico‘s population grows by an added 200 million in this century. When will that travesty be addressed? Take a guess! No leader in Mexico takes responsibility for the abominable conditions causing flight by 12 million Mexicans into America-and millions more after this amnesty.

No Winners ­ — Millions of Losers

No one wins and everyone loses this great “Human Dilemma”. I don’t care for 20 million strangers in my home for any reason. Do you? Would you like a spot of arsenic in your tea, madam?


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