Frank Talk On Immigration

Visible minorities in Toronto
OUTDATED graph: For 2018 Toronto’s WHITE population is down to 48%. (Photo: Wikipedia)

[Although, this article is over 15 years old, it’s more valid than ever!]

Randall Denley, The Ottawa Citizen
January 24, 2003

Canadians are sleepwalking through what’s likely the most profound change of our times.

Statistics Canada confirmed this week what we can see every day on the streets of Ottawa. The nature of our country is changing dramatically due to (mass 3rd-world) immigration. Residents born outside Canada comprise 18.4% of the population. Just under four million Canadians belong to visible minorities, up from 1.1 million 20 years ago!!

Visible minorities make up 13.4% of the Canadian population, but that number doesn’t properly describe the impact of visible minorities in Canada’s largest cities.

(Update to 2018:

NON-whites over 23% of Canada’s population, and Canadian Whites are becoming less and less every year.

ADD another 5% for Native Indians to the above graph, to calculate Canada’s plummeting White population.

In 1981 White Canadians were about 95% of our population.  TodayWhite Canadians have plummeted to UNDER 72% of our OWN population. (Updated post)

In Vancouver, the proportion is 49%, in Toronto 42.8%. In some suburbs of those cities, so-called visible-minorities (NON-whites) actually make up a majority of the population. In Ottawa, one person in five is a member of a (NON-white) visible minority. (Remember, this original article was written in 2003. ELN Editor)

Immigration has helped make Canada a very different country from the one the majority of the adult population grew up in. And yet, this is a subject that one rarely hears discussed. (That would be “racist”,  says Editor) On the day the latest story was presented, Canada’s major newspapers thought it more important to comment on the future of the NDP, or next month’s federal budget.

One can argue that the immigrant expansion is a good thing, or a bad thing, but surely it is a thing worthy of some kind of discussion.

The situation in
Canada is not part of a worldwide phenomenon, but a particularly Canadian story. Our 18.4 per cent of (foreign)residents born elsewhere compares to 11 per cent in the United States. Only AUSTRALIA has more foreign-born residents, with 22%.

We are doing something different than most countries, and it has implications. The 3,000,000 immigrants (the vast majority being NON-white – Editor) who have come to Canada in the last decade obviously include huge numbers of high-achieving people who add to our country. But they change it, too.
[Update to 2018, those additional foreigners have more than doubled to about 8,000,000 immigrants. >ELN Editor]

In the Canadian mind, “multiculturalism” (multi-racialism) is a warm and fuzzy concept that involves colourful street festivals and better restaurants. Somehow, Canadians don’t look ahead to the time when the Western European traditions, that most of us would call Canadian, are merely another little piece of an ethnic patchwork quilt.

Halifax, Nova Scotia in January, 2007

This country was built by immigrants, of course, but the successive waves of European immigration brought together people who were not as dissimilar as those arriving now.

Most of the new Canadian immigrants are from Asia. While we call them “minorities” here, they are from countries that are vastly larger than Canada in population. They also have rich, strongly-defined cultures and religions. 

CANADA has never advocated a melting-pot approach, instead encouraging new groups to keep their customs and not merge with the mainstream. Perhaps we want a country made up of hyphenated Canadians from the widest possible range of races, religions and cultures. Or maybe we don’t.

We’ll never know unless we’re willing to talk about it. We need to be able to do this without someone shouting “racism” at the first opportunity.

In Canada, we believe that “racism” is something that White people feel toward visible minorities. We’re terribly naive if we think that people of other races are not ALSO racist.

In its simplest form, racism means that people in one group, whatever it is, tend to think that they have some qualities that are superior to those of some other group. Is there any race that doesn’t feel this way?

You aren’t likely to find any identifiable (racial) group that says we’re no good, but we’re very, very fond of the Chinese.”

A proper debate about immigration shouldn’t be about the relative merits of various ethnic groups. Let’s accept the premise that people of all groups are of exactly equal value. That still leaves the issue of whether Canadians want to see the existing culture and customs of their country dramatically changed.

In Ottawa, we have a well-developed sense of the entitlements of our francophone (linguistic) minority, and it’s one that’s appropriate to their status as a founding group. But numbers matter, too. Will francophones still get special status when their group is dwarfed by others? This is the sort of thing we need to think about.

The change immigration has made in Canada is neither purely good, nor purely bad, but it affects all of us.

Our largest cities have already been transformed by recent immigrants. Ottawa is undergoing the same process, but more slowly. We can embrace that change, or argue against it, but let’s not ignore it.


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Dutch Riot In Working-Class Area

Rinie Mulder Rinie Mulder, killed by Dutch Police

[This is an example of mainstream media bias when reporting the news as taken from this example of the Dutch riots in Utrecht this week.]

130 arrests in Utrecht (The Netherlands) disturbances

Wednesday 14 March 2007

At least 130 people have been arrested after a second night of disturbances in Utrecht, both in the city centre and fringes of the neighbourhood Ondiep. Police said the arrests included a number of football supporters from FC Utrecht, Feyenoord and Amsterdam Ajax who had come to the city looking for trouble.

Police sealed off Ondiep in an effort to avoid further incidents. Two people were arrested in the neighbourhood on Monday night when youths went on the rampage after a 54-year-old man was shot dead by police. A community centre was set on fire and destroyed during the disturbances.

On Tuesday night gangs of youths gathered in various places around Ondiep. In one incident, stones and bottles were thrown at the police, in another fires were set. The situation in Utrecht had normalised by around midnight, NOS tv reported.

In Ondiep itself there were 60 arrests, mainly for breaking the ban on forming groups in public places, NOS said.

Ondiep is a largely white [71% is not ‘largely white’-Ed.], working-class neighbourhood and is the focus of the city council’s urban renewal efforts.



Dutch media report that in the city of Utrecht riots have started after a police officer shot a man armed with a knife. This night is the second night of serious riots in the city. Cars are put on fire, shops are destroyed and a former police station went up in flames.


But unlike the Paris riots, the rioters are not Muslims. The rioters are all native Dutch. Just like the Dutch man shot by the police. So what is going on? Dutch national media is very, very silent about the reasons for the shooting and seems to suggest that the riots are just the work of football hooligans.

But even the strongest political-correct force cannot stop the Internet and the blogs from revealing the real story behind these riots. This is what I found out, by looking at the local media and the blogosphere:

The neighborhood of the police shooting is being terrorized by ‘youths’ (Newspeak for Muslim youth). Like everywhere in The Netherlands the police do not do much about it. People are attacked, robbed, etc. People keep calling the police but they don’t get protected. Rinie Mulder had called the police very often. So when last Sunday the ‘youths’ harassed a young pregnant woman (a daughter of a friend), he went after them. In the fight that ensued he took the knife of one of the ‘youths’. When a police officer arrived and Rinie showed him the knife, he was shot dead. The police officer was a Muslim. Was he siding with the ‘youths’? (After 3 days of riots the police now denies the rumor that the officer was a Muslim) The local media also reports that the local Dutch people they speak are quite desperate about the ‘situation’ in their neighborhood. The burgomaster now even talks about doing something about the ‘situation’.

Geert Wilders in Court Defending “Free Speech” – 2011

But like I said the Dutch MSM ignores the (Muslim) ‘youths’ factor and the background of the police officer. When listening to the Dutch MSM one even gets the impression that the ‘youths’ that terrorize the neighborhood are the same ‘youths’ who are rioting. One gets the impression that we have a big hooligan problem. But that is simply untrue. Although it seems true that hooligans are involved. Rinie Mulder, the man shot dead by the police, had two sons, who seem well-known football supporters of FC Utrecht. This football club is infamous for its hooligans. So Dutch media are busy trying to frame these riots in terms of a hooligan problem and because the rioters come from outside Utrecht they call the problem: ‘riot tourism’.

But that does not seem an adequate label for the first violent Dutch uprising since the assassination of Pim Fortuyn

So far, it’s reported that Dutch police made 130 arrests.


Update (1):
It’s amazing how repressive the police measures are. When ‘youths’ were involved Dutch government never took such measures, the tough repressive action seem reserved for the native Dutch folks.

From Monday evening the police totally locked down the whole neighborhood after the police killing. Police installed metal fences that closed of all streets to the neighborhood. Riot police coming from all parts of the Netherlands are patrolling the streets. Nobody is allowed to enter the neighborhood. Television news reports that not even the caretakers of the disabled and elderly are allowed too visit their clients, although these people need daily assistance.

TV news also showed images of mass arrest of by standers who where just looking. The police arrested old housewives and other innocent looking bystanders. They were cuffed and deported to other parts of the country. One can only wonder, how much confidence the people in the neighborhood will have in a government that does not protect them, but arrests them…

Update (2)
Now for the first time an alderman of the city of Utrecht told on state television that the ‘youths’ where Turkish Muslims. The group is known for causing trouble in the neighborhood. The reporter added that the government officials were worried that the different groups would battle in the streets.

Update (3)
After 3
days of riots it now reported that the police denies rumors that the police officer was of Moroccan of Turkish origin. It’s also reported that of the 130 arrests only 14 people did not have their official residence in the city of Utrecht. That kind of discredits the governments ‘riot tourism’ spinning…

{In Canada, we’ve had an ongoing land dispute between Native Indians and the mostly White folks living in Caledonia, Ontario, for almost two years. Similar to the situation where the Dutch Police appear reluctant to crack down on ‘youth’ minorities, the same practice applies to the Canadian Police (Ontario Provincial Police) where the untouchable Native Indians can run up numerous ‘crime points’ without fear of intervention, yet ordinary White Canadians are dealt harshly by law enforcement personnel, even to the extreme of arresting people for attempting to place a Canadian flag on a hydro pole.} There’s an entire website designed to bring this whole fiasco to the public’s attention located HERE