Population Disaster

[Editor’s Note: Elliot Lake’s population numbers are found here under the local category. But, from a North American perspective, the following population article is very revealing. Please note this article is 10 yrs. old … so all numbers have vastly increased since 2007.]

By Frosty Wooldridge

…………..adding 100 million people to America in 33 years!!

If those descriptions didn’t shock you — or cause alarm concerning the future of YOUR children and YOUR grand-children — I scratch my head in dismay.


A few visionaries — like Tom Tancredo R-CO; Dr. Albert Bartlett (CU in Boulder); former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm, Dr. John Tanton, MD; John Rohe, JD; Roy Beck, Barbara Coe and a growing army of smart Americans do understand — however, the greedy ‘power elites’ do nothing.


Governor Lamm, a man I know personally and respect highly, wrote “Megatraumas: America at the Year 2000.” He projected startling ramifications of our growing consequences from population growth. He hit the bull’s eye as to what we face in 2007 and beyond.

“The U.S. economy is debt-ridden, with structural unemployment nearing 20 percent,” Lamm said. “The U.S. came to have the lowest percentage of capital investment and lowest growth in productivity and savings of any major industrialized country. The middle class is being be wiped out by these inter-related economic predicaments.”

In 2007, we suffer $8.5 Trillion national debt (increased to $20 TRILLION in 2017), devastating middle-east war debt, 18,000,000 un-employed Americans (with 20,000,000 more “habitually unemployed,” and no longer counted by the BLS), 3 million jobs outsourced, 1 million insourced and millions more offshored.

We borrow $2 BILLION daily from foreign investors (mostly China) to keep our shaky economy afloat. Consumers suffer a gargantuan $2 TRILLION debt. Average personal credit card debt stands at $9,149.

Our manufacturing base no longer exists and illegal workers from Mexico create the second largest underground economy in the world ­while they send $78 billion annually back “home” in various international monetary transactions.

According to Bear-Stearns Report of 2005, $400 billion in IRS income taxes go uncollected while American job wage losses exceed $200 billion. Our fundamental infrastructure crumbles.

The U.S. has the most expensive and inefficient health-care system in the world,” Lamm said. As that system gets more and more “busy,” <http://www.LeapFrog.com>www.LeapFrog.com tells us that ‘mistakes’ killed 130,000 last year alone in the U.S. We no longer operate a high-quality, cost-effective medical system.

Because of massive immigration numbers, and medical personnel willing to give far more in taxpayer-funded services that the “emergency medical care” laws demand — 86 hospitals and ER wards in California bankrupted out of existence in the past five years. As costs skyrocket, over 40 million American citizens cannot afford to carry health insurance in 2007.

All this, while illegal aliens get tons of “free” care ­ at taxpayer expense. “Fringe-benefits for illegal aliens and their family members now in the U.S. is costing more per day than the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa ­ combined.

Immigration is out of control,” Lamm said. “At a time when the U.S. economy was not creating enough new jobs for our own citizens, the federal government allowed tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants to enter.

The Southwest became a “Hispanic Quebec.” Los Angeles and Miami joined at the hip with Chicago, Denver, and other metro-areas close behind. Taking a cue from Castro’s “insane success” in 1980, when he released hundreds of thousands of criminals and waifs into the hands of Florida and sister states — other countries are following suit by sending terrorists and criminals across the U.S. borders.


Our prisons hold over 300,000 illegal alien inmates costing us $2 billion annually for care and feeding. In addition, their crimes cost the U.S. society more than $14 billion, according to the U.S. Insurance Institute. American citizens suffer death daily at the hands of illegal alien drunks, killers, rapists, MS-13 gangs and violent sexual molesters ­ most of whom prey on our children.

America‘s educational system endured a new Dark Age,” Lamm said.

In his own state of Colorado, Denver Public Schools suffer a 67 percent drop out/flunk out rate with most students leaving years before their planned graduation. One of five teachers quits or transfers-out every nine month cycle from futility in chaotic classrooms.

In California, education turned into a fight for survival with 100 competing languages ­ and runaway gangs, drugs and racial conflicts. Educators ‘warehouse’ immigrant children until they dispatch them into our society at age 16, 17, and 18-literally and figuratively functionally illiterate.

This week, Washington Post journalists reported that one third (33%) of the Washington, DC local population suffered functional illiteracy while one fifth of mainstream America can’t read, write or work simple math.

America will become a dangerous, crime-infested country,” Lamm said.
One look at nearly 3 million inmates in our federal, state and local jails tells you something is wrong in
America. Over 20,000 MS-13 gang members distribute $128 billion in drugs to our schools and cities nationwide.

High quality fraudulent-ID credentials are easily obtained for $200 ­ resulting in rampant multiple-alias dilemmas for cops who are unable to keep up.


“The U.S. carries an international social-services load to match its domestic one,” Lamm said. Higher and higher percentages of our GNP are going to provide services for foreign-nationals here lacking lawful presence. “An effort to increase exports to ‘never-to-be-developed’ countries has led to a dangerous overexploitation of American farmland.”

The U.S. gives over $6,000,000,000 (billion) annually to countries like Israel and Egypt in outright ‘donations’ ­ much of which goes into the pockets of the rich. We pay horrendous costs for social-services to tens of millions in the USA — unable or unwilling or uneducated enough — who do not work.

As shown by Dr. Tanton’s research in “Part 9: Crossing our Agricultural Rubicon”, as a nation, we no longer enjoy unlimited food production as our farmland diminishes with population onslaught.

As you have read in this series, I have covered much more as to negative ramifications to our nation concerning adding 100 million people.


Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned, “Seen from the outside, the massive upheaval in American society is approaching the limit beyond which it will become ‘meta-stable’ — and must collapse.”

One need only look at the dilemma now faced by hundreds of thousands of citizen-taxpayer families in the U.S . — who have recently lost their homes and their investment to foreclosure ­ when fairy-tale mortgages collapsed under their own weight.

Those who pay the highest price in national financial ruin ­ are the innocent children. We already have 18 million lower- middle-class breadwinners displaced by foreign-nationals here unlawfully, willing to work for “slave-labor” wages.

Realistically, we cannot serve as THE lifeboat to the unfortunates of the world. Rather than break our laws to provide service and jobs to illegal aliens that are here, we MUST shift our mode to providing appropriate assistance to those folks in their home-nations.

We are suffering a leadership crisis; rich vested-interests have ‘captured’ our leaders and hold them hostage. If you look at what our president and Congress continue in 2007, I add “national suicide” as our ultimate destination.

Every sign in this series points to environmental breakdown, financial ruin, population pileup and degraded standard of living.

Our lower-middle-class families suffer from decimation, but the media remains oblivious.

How will 100 million more uneducated poor [people] be helpful?

By adding 100,000,000 people in 33 years, nothing will improve (except the profits that come to the rich employers) — and everything [else] will get progressively worse.




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