Illegal Aliens Cause Multiple Deaths

By Frosty Wooldridge

Did you see O’Reilly’s neck-veins bursting? His eyes bulging? His fingers pointing like daggers? Did you witness his unbridled rage— exploding as he hammered the truth back at Geraldo Rivera on Fox News last week: THE O’REILLY FACTOR ?

“HE IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!” screamed Bill O’Reilly. “He had a D.U.I and should have been deported! These Americans wouldn’t have died if the government deported illegals!”


O’Reilly’s directed his rage at the elected and appointed officials of Virginia Beach, Virginia – a “sanctuary city,” where illegal aliens are harbored, aided-and-abetted. Geraldo made excuses for these officials. Unbelievable!

Sight to behold ! — YouTube Has it;


Did you see Geraldo blame everyone else but illegal aliens for killing our citizens? Did you see Rivera’s ethnic bias stand up like a puss-filled boil on Miss America’s face? It sickened me; added foreboding for our nation!

What Happened?

Last week, Bill O’Reilly invited Geraldo to appear as a guest on the O’Reilly Factor show. When Geraldo started making excuses for the local Virginia Beach officials, O’Reilly raged into a shouting match with Rivera. O’Reilly supports the majority of Americans.

The rage on O’Reilly’s face matches the rage on two hundred million American citizens’ faces across our nation. Yes, we certainly have more than our share of criminal behaviors on the part of our errant citizens.

One-of five crimes in the U.S. is committed by a member of an illegal alien family.

We suffer methodical killings, rapes, displacement and overruning by illegal aliens—from Mexico. As many as 8 percent of the almost 20-28 million illegal aliens here now run amok— killing, raping and maiming our wives, husbands, daughters, sons and grand parents. A member of an illegal alien family commits one–of-five crimes in the United States today.

Geraldo brazenly minimized this carnage, and tried to justify the actions of the illegal aliens.

More than twenty times as many deaths and injuries to Americans occur from rampant behaviors by illegal aliens than all the U.S. combat deaths and injuries in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where is YOUR rage?

When was the last time you heard that “news” from NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CSPAN, or any media outlet— anywhere ?

Bill O’Reilly reminded us— Fox News also needs a Lou Dobbs on its staff! In fact, every media outlet in our nation needs to take a hard look in the mirror, get rid of the slants and bias, and restore balance to their reporting.

Rampant criminal behaviors by members of illegal alien families continues unabated.


After all, we must do whatever we can to make it easier for foreign nationals to come here illegally and violently take out ten thousand American citizens every year, right? So much for cultural diversity!


Have you ever wondered why it is— in this great nation— we tend to shrug it off when a “nobody” is harmed by an errant illegal aliens— but we get angry when a celebrity is harmed?

Famous Hollywood Director (Bob Clark) killed by illegal alien

Last week, famous director of the movie “A Christmas Story”, Bob Clark , suffered death by a drunken illegal alien, Hector Valezquez Navi, in Pacific Palisades, California. Clark’s son, Ariel, 22, died with him. At nearly the same time, a gun-toting illegal alien murdered high school teen Tina Griego in Seattle.

Famous people garner big news, however, two-dozen average Americans die every day at the hands of an advancing invasion of people crashing our borders. Illegal alien Alfredo Ramos killed two innocent teen girls, Tessa Tranchant, 16, and Allison Kanhardt, 17 , in Virginia Beach, VA.

This sleazy illegal alien killed the two beautiful women as a four-time repeat-offender— after he had been convicted of a DUI offense. Local authorities, adhering to their unwritten-but-clear sanctuary policy— treated him with kid-gloves, refusing to severely punish him and recommend deportation to the regional Immigration Court.


What right does the Mayor of Virginia Beach have to protect illegal aliens with a sanctuary policy that gets American citizens killed?

Not to be outdone, Seattle, Washington also maintains a sanctuary law protecting illegal aliens from prosecution.

This national tragedy accelerates all over the country, in hundreds of jurisdictions—including a town near you— in order, by state.

Sanctuary Cities in the U.S.
As of August 2006, cities and counties that have written sanctuary policies include:

Anchorage, AK — Fairbanks, AK — Chandler, AZ — Phoenix, AZ 2 — Fresno, CA — Los Angeles, CA — National City, CA4 — San Diego, CA — San Francisco, CA — Sonoma County, CA — Evanston, IL — Chicago, IL3 — Cicero, IL — Cambridge, MA — Orleans, MA — Portland, ME — Baltimore, MD — Takoma Park, MD — Ann Arbor, MI — Detroit, MI — Minneapolis, MN — Newark, NJ 1 — Trenton, NJ1 — Durham, NC — Albuquerque, NM — Aztec, NM — Rio Arriba County, NM — Sante Fe, NM — New York, NY — Ashland, OR — Gaston, OR — Marion County, OR — Austin, TX — Houston, TX — Katy, TX — Seattle, WA — Madison, WI.


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