Borderless North America


By Judi McLeod

Some call it “regionalization, a population of which will come to be known as the “North Americanists“. Some call it North American Union, NAU for short, or the benign sounding North American Community.

Few call the coming end of the sovereignty of three nations globalization, but rarely what it really is, the persistent encroachment of One World Government.

The United Nations-like European Union now governs all of Europe. In the latest U.N. move, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg whether some of the city’s police officers could be deployed with U.N. peacekeeping missions.” (, April 11, 2007.)

The main architects of the North American Union, who inexorably pieced it together over decades, were quick to quell the first signs of public unease. Any Erin Brockovich piloting her way through government paperwork could always be tossed to the wolves … branded as a conspiracy theorist.

Heroes not worn down by the wall of bureaucracy are scarce, and often live the life of the loner. The road of tracking down information hidden from public view gets lonely. The enthusiasm of their friends and supporters soon wanes, and doors begin to slam when the few doing the digging are mocked for seeing Communists behind every lamppost, and black helicopters hovering over their cities.


While the citizens of those cities went to work assuming there would always be a United States, a Canada and a Mexico, the unimaginable was already being orchestrated.

Politicians of decades past were even worse than anyone ever described them. Our media wrote about their political junkets and their pay hikes … and here they were signing away our very sovereignty!

But salvation is in the here and now for those willing to fight the takeover of society, as we know it by the NAU. The present is crucial because the hands on the clock continue ticking their way towards a dark and murky midnight. […] Full article HERE.

[Updated to 2015:


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