U.S. Citizens Will Need Permission To Work

U.S. citizens who apply for a job will need prior approval from Department of Homeland Security under the terms of the  immigration bill passed by the Senate this week.

American Civil Liberties Union pointed out that the DHS’s Employment Eligibility Verification System (EEVS) is error plagued and if the department makes a mistake in determining work eligibility, there will be virtually no way to challenge the error or recover lost wages due to the bill’s prohibitions on judicial review.

Even current employees will need to obtain eligibility approval from the DHS within 60 days of the Immigration Reform Act of 2006 becoming law.

“EEVS would be a financial and bureaucratic nightmare for both businesses and workers,” said Timothy Sparapani, ACLU Legislative Counsel. “Under this already flawed program no one would be able to work in the U.S. without DHS approval – creating a ‘No Work List’ similar to the government’s ‘No Fly List.’ We need immigration reform, but not at this cost.”

The act allocates US$400 million for the implementation of the EEVS, but the Congressional Budgeting Office estimates the system to cost in excess of a billion dollars.


[George Orwell’s fictional account of the New World Order is becoming more real every day. Ordinary U.S. citizens, not immigrants, are the intended targets of this sinister plan that will force workers to relinquish even more personal freedoms to Big Brother“. In addition to tightening passport restrictions, the government decides who can board a plane, who can leave the country, who can re-enter the U.S. and now….. who can get a job! What’s next?? –Editor]

Two Local Men–Separate Charges

(Elliot Lake, Ont.) On May 25th, 2007 the East Algoma OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) responded to a call of a possible shoplifter at a local grocery store.

Charged with Theft Under is Robert Joseph BERGERON (80 yrs. old) of Elliot Lake. BERGERON is scheduled to appear in court on July 3rd, 2007.

(Elliot Lake, Ont.) The East Algoma OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) in Elliot Lake has charged a local man after receiving information regarding a possible sexual assault.

Charged with Sexual Interference is Paul BOGENSBURGER (43 yrs. old) of Elliot Lake. BOGENSBURGER is scheduled to appear in court on August 7th, 2007.

High Cost of Illegal Aliens

By Andrew C. Wallace


EVERY DAY… 25 Americans are killed by illegals while traitors profit. Millions of illegals kill, rob, rape, and molest thousands of Americans while traitors in Congress support them for a share of the blood money. Remember, 28% of convicts are illegals and they are only 4% of population. Forty percent of unemployment of Blacks is due to illegals/immigrants. Many hospitals are out of business and will not be there when you need them because of free care for illegals.

Illegals are bringing deadly diseases back into our country. Criminal illegal gangs are out of control and spreading across our country. Our property taxes are high because we are forced to educate children of illegals who do not contribute. Illegals hurt our economy by sending billions of dollars home. Illegals steal our jobs and lower wages. Your auto insurance is high because most illegals do not have any.

You must convince those in congress that you, your family and friends will never vote for anyone who does not support your views on illegals.

Many in government hold average Americans in contempt, thinking they can openly commit Treason by ignoring their oath of office, our Constitution, and the rule of law. Please remember that many in Congress can not relate to you because they were born into wealth and think they are superior to us.

These traitors are wrong, the only reason they have not yet been defeated at the polls is because our people were not told the truth by the business-controlled and agenda-driven media. Many times I have personally given media, at the highest levels, documented negative facts on illegals, and they refuse to report them. We call that an agenda. But there is a new media on the internet telling Americans the truth.

Citizens are also learning of the more complex agreement signed by President Bush to turn over American sovereignty to the business run North American Union/SPP which would guarantee abject poverty and slavery. Make no mistake, this is a joint plan by both Democrat and Republican elites who are wealthy, went to the same schools, lie like hell, and have much in common.


Full article here.

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TRACKING SYSTEM – Illegal Alien Activity

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Illegal Aliens Get Red Carpet Treatment

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Crime & Race

Population Disaster

Two Charged With Trafficking Cocaine


Elliot Lake, ON – In the early morning of Saturday, May 26, 2007 officers of the East Algoma OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) with assistance from the Joint Forces Drug Section Elliot Lake/Sault Ste. Marie stopped a vehicle on Esten Drive N. in Elliot Lake.

As a result of a search of the vehicle police located and seized: 112.5 grams of cocaine (street value $11,250), 28.9 grams of marijuana (street value $580) and $10,288.55 in cash. Also seized drug paraphernalia and a cell phone.

Bradley DAVIDSON (47 Yrs. old) of Elliot Lake is charged with:


Shawn GRAVELLE (25 Yrs. old) of Elliot Lake is charged with:




Davidson and Gravelle remain in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

More on Gravelle here.

Have You Noticed?

By Fred

Something is wrong with the United States. I think most of us have noticed it. There is a mortal rot in the country, made manifest by many little rots that are hard to integrate mentally, yet are, I think, somehow related. The change is grave, accelerating, probably irreversible, and fascinating. Things are not as they were.

The United States is the most hated country on the planet, followed by, to the extent that there is a distinction….Israel. So far as I know, there are no other contenders. You can say “Who cares?” as many will say, or “Screw’em if they can’t take a joke,” or “I’d rather be feared than loved.” All very droll. Still, it is an interesting datum. No country ever lives up to its own PR, but there was a time when America was widely admired. Now, almost universally, it is seen as a rogue state. And is.

This carries a price. The US consulate in Guadalajara [Mexico] is part fortress, part prison, with barriers and cameras and bars and rent-a-cops, and they take away a woman’s lipstick if she is going to enter. Maybe a country that fears lipstick needs to think. The French consulate around the corner is wide open, like all others that I know of. The French, Chinese, Japanese and so on aren’t hated.

The US government now lives in its own, strange, insulated world.

(2) The United States is the most militarily aggressive country on the planet, followed closely by Israel. I am aware of no other contenders.

Some of this combativeness is obvious—attacking Iraq for no good reason, occupying Afghanistan, threatening Syria and Iran, attacking Lebanon by proxy, bombing Somalia, putting troops in the Philippines to hunt Moslems. The US is also looking for trouble with Venezuela, threatening North Korea, moving to “contain” China (Doesn’t a container need to be bigger than its contents?), embargoing Cuba, pushing into Central Asia, increasing the military budget, and pushing NATO ever closer to Russia. (How stupid can you get? Very. Stay tuned.), And the Pentagon now has Africom, African Command. Africa is now America’s business.

(3) Powerful domestic hostilities grip the United States. Maybe you have to be outside of it really to see it. I [now] live in Mexico. You can go for…well, five years and counting, without hearing angry talk about this or that group. In America, women hate men and men are getting sick of American women. Blacks hate whites hate Hispanics. “Affirmative action” engenders intense hostility that doesn’t go away. It isn’t the normal friction found in any country. It is serious antagonism quashed by federal force.

And the black-white-brown thing has very real potential for getting nasty. This we don’t talk about.

More Here.

Understanding The System

Today, America would be outraged if U.N . troops entered Los Angeles to restore order (referring to the 1991 LA Riot). Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond (i.e., ´extraterrestrial´ invasion), whether real or *promulgated* (emphasis mine), that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this *scenario*, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government. –  Henry Kissinger,  1991

Adolf Hitler said: ‘A definite factor in getting a lie believed is the size of the lie. The broad mass of the people, in the simplicity of their hearts, more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.’

You may have noticed the fact that we are living in some sort of SYSTEM. What an enormous amount of confusion there is to try to understand why we are here, and how everything really works. Why is there an ongoing battle between Good and evil?. Between the truth and lies. (Go(o)d vs d/evil). What about all the hypocritical religions filled with contradictions, and priests acting so much like politicians with silly rites and ceremonies, not to mention all the religious wars initiated?

Certainly non-ignorant people, seeking freedom, justice and truth, instead of oppression and lies, notice a system of CONTROL, that is clearly becoming more insane day by day. A system where we, the masses of people, have been deceived of our personal freedom, and been made slaves to the ridiculously rich and powerful people.

The power structure of the world can be compared to a working place, or a corporation. It is shaped like a pyramid, with the majority of employees (a modern, more polite word for slave) at the bottom, not knowing much, not earning much, and doing the hardest work. The higher up the pyramid, or career-ladder the more they know. They also earn more, and lie more to the ones beneath them…

One difference between the world and a corporation is that the lies that the elite tell the people are much bigger and that the people are more blinded from the truth.

The more one studies this system, and tries to find a meaning to all of this, (the meaning of life?) the more insane it all seems. Since ancient times people’s intuition (which is never wrong) has told them that there is something not quite right with this world.

The lunatics controlling us are the tie-wearing politicians, lawyers, priests, with bankers, and then those other insanely rich people controlling them. Their main weapons against us are their illegal laws or constitutions that they have made up by themselves, that they can now bend and change for their own protection, bureaucracy, paperwork, enormous taxes, organizations and commissions like the European Union, the Trilateral Commission, The CFR, and more secret ones like the Bilderberg Commission, or the Committee of 300. Some of you have even heard of the Illuminati.

There is no doubt that they are building a New World Order, to tighten their grip and enslave mankind while disguising it as something for our common good. The trick of creating FAKE threats, and enemies is one of the oldest, and most effective way to scare people into accepting new “solutions” or laws.

People claim to be aware of the situation; of how unfair the system is and how much these politicians lie. They watch these politicians as if they where watching a puppet show (which is exactly what it is!), and treat it all as if it where entertainment or sports. Politicians contesting against each others, boasting their big egos. So many fail to to see the hidden strings attached to the puppets or the hidden hands controlling the puppets. There is the illusion of fairness and rule by the majority brought by the political system called democracy (demon-crazy?).

People ignorantly shrug and say that nothing can be done about the unfairness, that it has always been like this, and always will. They might offer you the solution to spend ten or more years in an expensive school to become yet another “wise” politician without changing the situation to the better. When presented with facts, or proof, of how corrupt things are, people so easily turn a blind eye, and do not even want to hear anything that would shatter their blissful world of ignorance.

The destruction of the environment, our life-support machine, is growing EXPONENTIALLY every day. News of the destruction is so horrible that most people do not want to hear of it. They do their best at ignoring it and try to live with their lives with their soap-operas and other ways of escaping reality. Some people believe in the illusion that the situation is, or will be getting better, that science and technology, those enormous sources of pride will rescue us.

A TV-ad selling Oil with images of exotic untouched nature, fast sleek cars and now for some sick reason; sex, easily deceives the viewer.

FEAR seems to be the power that keeps us tightly in the grip of the system. Fear of poverty, fear of being different than others, thus being a target for ridicule. There is so much fear introduced in our lives already at an early age.

People who are unwilling to live in the system are often labeled as weird or insane and are thrown in jail or put in institutions after being fed with drugs which supposedly “help”. Would not sane persons living in an insane, upside down world be labeled insane?

So much that we’ve learned in this confusing world is simply wrong, – lies.

We are taught, already at a very early age how to live in this system, taught that we can not live without a job, or money. So we work all our lives, often in more or less useless working places that are almost always destructive to the environment in some form or an other.



Black American Author Rejects Roots

[This article is 20 yrs. old, but is still valid today as it was then.]

A Black American author sparked anger and controversy among black nationalists by repudiating his African roots, and thanking God his ancestor was enslaved.”

Cover of "Out Of America: A Black Man Con...

Keith Richburg [was] shunned and insulted for daring to reject the Afro-centric idealism which is an article of faith in black America. In Out Of America, published in February, 1997, (hardcover, 288 pages; ‘Basic Books,’ ISBN: 0465001874), after he spent three years reporting from Africa for the Washington Post, Mr Richburg hurls down a challenge to black American leaders to stop deceiving themselves and the 35 million (black) descendants of slaves, that Africa is “Eden on earth”.

“I’m tired of lying,‘ he writes. ‘And I’m tired of all the ignorance and hypocrisy and the double standards I hear and read about Africa, much of it from people who’ve never been there, let alone spent three years walking around amid the corpses.

Winnie Mandela 2  “Talk to me about Africa and my black roots and my kinship with my African brothers and I’ll throw it back in your face, and then I’ll rub your nose in the images of the rotting flesh.’

Richburg spent three years covering the continent’s senseless violence, corruption, bloody and incessant cruelties–machete-wielding Hutu militiamen, a cholera epidemic in Zaire, famine in Somalia, civil war in Liberia, disease, dirt, dictatorships, killer children, AIDS, terror.

“Had my ancestor not made it out of here,’ Richburg muses, ‘I might have ended up in that crowd…maybe I would have been one of those bodies, washing over the waterfall in Tanzania, or maybe my son would have been set ablaze by soldiers. Or I would be limping now from the torture I received in some rancid police cell…’

Afrocentrism” has become fashionable for many blacks, Richburg notes. ‘It cannot work for me. I have been here, I have lived here and seen Africa in all its horror.’

SOUTH AFRICA under control of Black governments since 1994.

SA Crime  South Africa’s White Farmers
terror 1

“Mr Richburg’s every word is an assault on the group identity politics which have taken hold among black intellectuals and leads, critics say, to a Balkanisation of American society. Thinking about his slave forebear, transported in chains to the Caribbean and thence to South Carolina, Mr Richburg writes: “Thank God my ancestor got out, because, now, I am not one of them [Africans]. In short, thank God I am an American.”

Borders, a Washington D.C. book shop, was packed this month for a lecture by Mr Richburg at which hecklers accused him of racial betrayal. ‘One man demanded to know if the author had a white girlfriend,’ said Mary Ann Brownlow, who organised the lecture.

“When Mr Richburg appeared on a talk show on (B.E.T.) Black Entertainment Television, Randall Robinson, leader of the TransAfrica lobby group and one of America’s most prominent blacks, refused to join the discussion.

Jackie Clark, producer of the show, said: ‘We,  African-Americans, have this vision of Africa as the motherland which we see in this wonderful light, but people who have lived there can burst this bubble. It takes courage to say things you know are going to outrage people, but I think Richburg wishes he were white.’

Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecologi...
Satellite image of Africa

“Out Of America is a gruesomely detailed account of barbarism and corruption across the continent, particularly in Somalia and Rwanda. The author pulls no punches in condemning it, and no myth is spared. When sketching how his ancestor was enslaved, he says it was first ‘probably by a local chieftain.’ The suggestion that African blacks were slave owners is anathema in America…

[Read: Blacks Owning Black Slaves]

“Mr Richburg, who is now working for the Washington Post in Hong Kong, says he is not condoning the evil of slavery, but insists that condemning it should not blind blacks to the fact that good has emerged from it…”

Reviews of Richburg’s Out of America:

E.G. Long: “Africa is a painful reality. Over the past 21 years, I have lived and worked in five African countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zaire and Nigeria. ..There is nothing in Richburg’s book that I could contradict. I too, experienced the horror, and hopelessness of that continent. I read ‘Out of America’ in one sitting… ”

Steve Wishnevsky: “This is the voice missing from the current race ‘dialogue.’ Mr. Richburg is a courageous writer and clear observer…His is an authentic voice and should be listened to closely. America is the only land where the descendants of Africans have anything approaching freedom and economic opportunity.”

H. Luther: “So much of what you hear about Africa lately is from people who have never been there. People who want to romanticize what is in fact chaos and disaster.

Richburg has written what he has seen, he has presented reality with great integrity. It is a must read. ”  >Source

The Great Mythology … created by (((Hollywood))) studios.

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Immigration Reduces Your Income

One Cent United States

OTTAWA (CP) – A new study says immigration has tended to lower wages in both Canada and the United States, but it found the impact of immigrants on the wages of domestic workers depends to a large extent on the newcomers’ skills.

In 2001, about four in 10 people with more than an undergraduate degree were immigrants in Canada compared to about one in five in the United States.

That’s curtailed the earnings growth of the most-educated Canadians relative to the least-educated, while the opposite has happened in the United States.

A significantly higher proportion of immigrants to the United States have been much less skilled so these newcomers have depressed the earnings of low-paid Americans and increased the gap relative to the highest paid.

In Canada, immigration has tempered the gap between rich and poor but in the United States, it has exacerbated it.

Between 1980 and 2000, immigration increased the male labour force by 13.2 per cent in Canada and 11.1 per cent in the United States, while in Mexico the male workforce shrunk by 14.6 per cent. Source


Middle-Class Squeeze

Immigrants – Zero Affect on Economy

“Bet You Haven’t Heard”

“Bet You Haven’t Heard.”

I live about 150 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee and you would think that any kind of sensational crime would be like local news in our part of the country. But such is not always the case.

You’ve probably never heard the names Channon Christian or Christopher Newsome. They were two young students at the University of Tennessee who were carjacked, raped, tortured and murdered.

If you don’t have a strong stomach you probably shouldn’t finish this column, as the murders were so brutal they’re apt to make you sick.

Newsome, the young (23 yr. old) man was raped (sodomized) and beaten, they then castrated him and shot him several times. Then they dumped his body by some train tracks and set it on fire while his girlfriend was forced to watch.

Channon (21 yrs. old) was gang raped over a period of days then her breasts were cut off while she was still alive, then they sprayed cleaning fluid in her mouth in an attempt to erase the traces of DNA, then her body was put into a garbage receptacle.

It seems to me that with the headlines and airwaves screaming about such inconsequential things as who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby and the bogus case against the Duke lacrosse players they could find space to report a brutal crime worthy of Saddam Hussein and his two demented sons.

But have you seen anything on the networks, The New York Times, The Nashville Tennessean? I haven’t!

I wonder if it could be that the five perpetrators who have all been arrested were Black.

If this had been white on black crime Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their ilk would have descended on Knoxville like a swarm of angry bees. I guess the lack of TV cameras discouraged them.

A free press is one of our most precious rights and a selective press one of our most dangerous realities. To suppress or ignore one of the most hideous murders of the decade is asinine and reeks of political correctness and agenda driven formats.

Is reporting the latest lewd episode of Paris Hilton’s privileged life or playing Alex Baldwin’s raging diatribe for the thousandth time really more important than letting the public know about a cruel and demented crime like this?

Race should not enter the picture where crime is concerned and every decent human being should passionately condemn such a horrible thing as this no matter what color the victim or the perpetrators are.

Shame on the American media for letting such a violent crime as this slip through the cracks. I wonder what else they’re not reporting. — Charlie Daniels

[They’re not reporting that this was a genuine HATE CRIME…Editor]

Charlie Daniels’ website here.


Media Bias On Race Reporting

Mainstream Media Silent On Story

Criminal Minds & Open Borders

Illegal Aliens Kill Thousands Yearly (U.S.)

Crime & Race


Canada’s Lost Freedoms

Jayne Gardener

I am a Canadian by birth … born to parents who came to this country to make a new life for themselves and my two older siblings in 1948 when jobs were scarce in England following the devastation of World War II. My father came alone at first, obtaining a job doing manual labour for $35 dollars a week until, after about 6 months, he had finally saved enough (money) to send for his family.

[…] (I happened along in 1952).


At that time, Canada was a far better country than it has become. We had a military that we could still be proud of. At the end of World War II Canada had approximately 1.1 million men and women in uniform, a bigger percentage than the American military and we had the third largest navy in the world.



Lester B. Pearson, for example, brokered the Suez Canal Peace Treaty in 1956 and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.


So how did we get from there to here? Successive liberal governments for one. Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien to name a couple of Prime Ministers. Pierre Trudeau once openly stated that he considered himself a communist , yet he continued to win elections.


In the intervening years we have seen our individual rights evaporate. Hate crime laws have made Canada a nightmare of political correctness and have essentially stripped Canadians of their right to free speech as guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.



The Education programme in Canadian Universities teaches teachers-in-training a lot of politically correct nonsense and to accept a curriculum that has been designed to keep the population at large uneducated and malleable and which churns out a very unsettling number of functionally illiterate graduates.

Christmas has been eliminated from the school calendar because it is not “inclusive”, even in areas where the vast majority of kids attending school are Christians.

We must embrace multiculturalism despite sure knowledge that all cultures are not equal. Must I embrace cultures that think the honour killing of women is acceptable? Must I embrace cultures where women must be covered from head to toe and may be beaten if an unexpected breeze blows and a bit of shapely ankle is momentarily exposed? Must I constantly feel guilty because I am descended from White European ancestors who built the western democracies and made them great?

Must read for inquiring minds:   http://tomatobubble.com/wonderfulrace1.html

(Part 2)   http://tomatobubble.com/wonderfulrace2.html

Must I always be forced to use terms that are deemed “politically correct” by the thought police who will call on the real police if you speak out against the gay agenda or dare to question the Holocaust?


Full article: http://thecanadianpaleoconservativeprimer.blogspot.com/ [No longer active]

1988: The ADL (Jewish-controlled Action Defense League) initiate a nationwide competition for law students to draft anti-hate legislation for minority groups. That competition is won by a man named, Joseph Ribakoff, whose thesis proposes that not only must hate motivated violence be banned, but also any words which stimulate: supiscion; friction; hate; and possible violence, these must also be criminalised. This ADL prize-winning paper suggests that not only should state- agencies monitor and restrict free speech in general, but they should also censor all films that criticize identifiable groups. Furthermore, even if the person making the statement can justify it, for example Christians criticizing homosexuality because the bible expressly forbids it, Ribakoff asserts that the truth is to be no defence in court. The only proof a court will need in order to secure a conviction of hate speech is that something has been said, and a minority group or member of such group has felt emotionally damaged as a result of such criticism. Therefore, under these proposals which the ADL will have forced into law all over the world less than 15 years later, Jesus Christ would have been arrested as a hate criminal. This law is designed to protect the Rothschild conspiracy from being revealed in that if you criticize the Rothschilds criminal cabal, you will be targeted as anti-semitic, and thus risk imprisonment. 




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