New ‘Chinese’ Political Party In Canada

By John Bermingham – The Province (Vancouver)

A new B.C. political party says it wants to bring a Chinese focus to provincial politics.

The National Alliance Party, launched only [this month], says its focus is on the 350,000 people in [the province of British Columbia] who are of Chinese heritage.

[In multi-culti Canada, this racist action was bound to happen when considering the vast numbers of ethnic Chinese imported into OUR country every year. There are more than 1.1 million people of Chinese origin now living in Canada.

Just recently, some emboldened Chinese have begun similar shenanigans in New Zealand. [Update: Cracks are beginning to appear in New Zealand … read HERE

And what Chinese plans are slated for the United States …as related in this story?]

This is our country now, thanks for giving it to us! We Chinese need space, we are 1/4 of the world’s population! Photo h/t: EuroCanadian

The four founders of the party all have such a background. They are Delta, B.C. realtor and party leader Wei Ping Chen, along with a Burnaby (B.C.) student, a Surrey (B.C.) renovator and a Burnaby tourism guide. Chen, 48, is a former university teacher in Beijing who [only] came here in 2000. He says mainland Chinese immigrants tend not to vote in B.C. elections and to ignore local politics — and he wants to change that.

[Just 7 years ago — we invited this FOREIGN guest into our home.  Today, he has designs to re-arrange OURfurniture” to suit his own ethno-centric purposes, and arrogantly assumes he holds “entitlement rights” to a portion of OUR nation!] 

Contour of the province of British Columbia, C...
British Columbia, Canada …  flag overlay.

Chinese families are being split when breadwinners move back to Asia to work … leaving their wives and kids here [in Canada], Chen said. Others leave [British Columbia] after getting their Canadian citizenship because they can’t get ahead in their new country, he added.

[To avoid “being split“, their Chinese FOREIGN families are free to re-join the breadwinners back in Asia … at anytime.  Bye!

And, “getting ahead” here in Canada was probably never the primary intention, but simply a nice, safe place to park their family who are then able to greedily gorge themselves on our free social welfare system, our free education, and are well-stocked shopping malls.  A Canadian passport is father’s “return ticket” to Canada if problems arise in his COMMUNIST home country.]

Chen said he thinks [British Columbia] will be better for it if Chinese immigrants can be encouraged to participate in politics. “I would like to encourage them to stay here and solve the problem for them,” he said.

[Canada didn’t have many “problems” to solve BEFORE we foolishly allowed NON-white foreigners to invade our space in our own country. Perhaps China could use your political skills to solve the many problems in your home country. Yes?]

Chinese immigrants face language barriers and can feel lonely after arriving, Chen said. In some cases, racial discrimination against them in the workplace makes things worse, he added.

[Of course, the “racial discrimination” or “race card” would have to be tossed into the ring at some point. Canadians are easily duped into feeling guilty with that old canard constantly thrown in our direction at every opportune moment. However, there seems to be nothing wrong with his attempt to form an exclusive ethnic Chinese political party within the boundaries of OUR sovereign nation! Imagine a cadre of White Canadians domiciled in China and forming a similar racialist political party in that country! Ha!  ]

[Update October, 2014:  Some serious humour … HERE.

Chen said he plans to build the National Alliance into both a federal and a municipal party and hopes to field candidates in upcoming elections. But he admits the party is still looking for an office, has very little money and has only signed 20 members to date. “We are just like a baby born,” he said.

[Yes, but babies do grow to maturity and then attempt to take over the entire household. Does his “Nation[al]” Alliance party imply a nation within our established nation of Canada similar to the wording as the Aboriginal nation?]

The party is open to people of all backgrounds, Chen said. “We together are one family in Canada. We are the same,” he said. “I would like to focus [on this] minority group because I think they need more help.”

[Gee, thanks for nothing. Rather disingenuous statements coming from a new Chinese political party whose goal of ethno-centric interests trump everything else.  And NO, we’re not “the same”.]

Chen said he thinks the party is a better alternative to electing Chinese-Canadian politicians to Victoria (Provincial capital city) and Ottawa (Federal capital city) under the wing of traditional parties, because they tend to forget their promises as they are forced to conform to party lines.

Michael Byers, a politics expert at the Liu Institute of Global Issues, says he doesn’t have a problem with a Chinese (political) party in B.C.

[Hmm, one doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him, eh?]

“These are people exercising their rights in a democratic society,” Byers said. “I haven’t seen any indications that this party is racist.” Its arrival will serve as a wake-up call to traditional parties on Chinese concerns.

Province of British Columbia in Canada
Province of British Columbia in Canada

[If a party of White Canadian nationalists were considering on forming a political party to serve the needs of White people — and, only White Canadians in our own nation — there would be no end in hearing about  that “racist” agenda. 

As usual… the usual double standards are always applied here, so it’s all quiet on the (MSM) mainstream media front. Nothing to see here, move along.]

“I would be very surprised if they were to elect even a single candidate,” Byers said. “This is a clever advocacy ploy.”

[It’s the primary INTENT that counts for something!]

David Baxter of the Urban Futures Institute said the party faces the problem of a Chinese community that is too diverse to be a unified political force.

“There isn’t a constituency that is represented by ancestry … any more than one can argue that White politicians represent White people,” said Baxter.

[Oh, really? Look HERE.]

People in a democracy think that elected representatives are elected to represent everybody.”

Victor Wong, who heads the Toronto-based Chinese Canadian National Council, said the impetus behind the new party is a comment on the fact that traditional parties often run minority candidates in ridings they have no hope of winning. “This party, it’s an indictment on the three parties that they have not been as inclusive as they need to be,” Wong said.


Population of China1,350,000,000 (Billion)

Population of Canada —- 35,000,000 (Million)

“As ethnic and racial diversity are translated into political power in the host countries, the pace of immigration will accelerate to the point that might cause citizens, both new and old, to recognize their own peril and perhaps to stop or to slow the process. However, in the meantime, most European countries in the New World and perhaps even the Old World will have been changed beyond recognition and their intellectual capital eroded by socially sanctioned if not government promoted miscegenation”.  Read more…..HERE.

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Note: All above remarks in parenthesis […] are made by ELN editor.



  1. As highlighted in your post, one of the most worrrying things about Asian immigration in Canada and Australasia, is the potential number of migrants. Even if only a fraction of the mainland Chinese population moved to Canada, the Chinese could easily become a majority and control the political culture.

    Of course, these minority political parties are quite smart in the sense that they don’t officially exculde whites from joining, therefore they can’t be legally challenged for being racist.

    1. Indeed, the Chinese have the vast numbers (1,350,000,000?) to envelope almost any nation on earth, except India with their own 1.1 billion people.

      New Zealand is especially vulnerable in a Chinese tidal wave of massive proportions. When New Zealand farms are sold to the Chinese in multi-purchases, alarm bells should be ringing in the ears of New Zealanders who wish to maintain their own culture for future progenies.

      Anyhow, the link below may provide you with more info on the Canadian side of this issue. I often leave comments under ‘anonymous’. That Blog is operated by a Canadian woman writer (PaxCanadiana) who meets the challenge of her detractors, well enough.

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