U.S. White Minority Soon

By Bobbie Bowman

If you like telling stories, spinning yarns, crafting narratives, then you should love demographics — they are the best story of our lives. Demographics, you see, aren’t just about numbers. They’re about covering how this country [U.S.A.] changes from White to Brown over the next [25 yrs. !] quarter-century. That’s something NO OTHER NATION has ever done.

Demographics are about power. They’re about people. When you look at a White baby, you are looking at the new minority in this country. When you look at black, Latino, Asian or Native American toddlers — you’re looking at the baby face of the country’s new MAJORITY.

Florida, California and Texas — any of these states could be a ground zero for this emerging and historic story. The change is apparent when you look at children younger than 5 years old in these states:

  • California’s non-Hispanic White population is just 43%. Less than one-third of those younger than 5 years old are non-Hispanic white.
  • Florida’s non-Hispanic White population is just 62%. Less than one-half of those younger than 5 years old are non-Hispanic white.
  • Texas’ non-Hispanic White population is only 49%. Just a little more than one-third of those younger than 5 years old are non-Hispanic white.
  • The nation as a whole has a non-Hispanic White population of 67 percent (Update: 2016 figures suggest now only 62% ]. Just more than one-half [50%] of those younger than 5 years old are non-Hispanic whites.

The Census Bureau had forecasted that the U.S. would be nearly majority minority by 2050. The numbers now clearly indicate it will actually happen a lot sooner — even if immigration begins to wane. (Click here for 2005 numbers showing how quickly the country is changing. Open the first Excel table and look at the second column of numbers under the “Race alone or in combination” category.)
We will need to tell our readers of the opportunities — and the challenges — of this unprecedented population change. >More>>


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