Turn Your Television OFF

By L. Wolfe
Now, I’m sure you have heard that watching too much television is bad for your health. They put stories like that on the evening news. Bad for your eyes to stare at the screen, they say. Especially bad if you sit too close. Well, I want to make another point.

We’ve already shown that you are addicted to the tube, watching it between six and eight hours a day. But it is an addiction that brainwashes you. There are two kinds of brainwashing. The one that’s called hard brainwashing is the type you’re most familiar with. You’ve got a pretty good image of it from some of those old Korean war movies. They take some guy, an American patriot, drag him into a room, torture him, pump him full of drugs, and after a struggle, get him to renounce his country and his beliefs. He usually undergoes a personality change, signified by an ever-present smile and blank stare.
This brainwashing is called hard because its methods are overt. The controlled environment is obvious to the victim; so is the terror. The victim is overwhelmed by a seemingly omnipotent external force, and a feeling of intense isolation is induced. The victim’s moral strength is sapped, and slowly he embraces his torturers. It is man’s moral strength that informs and orders his power of reason; without it, the mind becomes little more than a recording machine waiting for imprints. No one is saying that you have been a victim of hard brainwashing. But you have been brainwashed, just as effectively as those people in the movies. The blank stare? Did you ever look at what you look like while watching television?
If the angle is right, you might catch your own reflection in the screen. Jaw slightly open, lips relaxed into a smile. The blank stare of a television zombie. This is soft brainwashing, even more effective because its victims go about their lives unaware of what is being done to them. Television, with its reach into nearly every American [Canadian] home, creates the basis for the mass brainwashing of citizens….like you.
It works on a principle of tension and release. Create tension, in a controlled environment, increasing the level of stress. Then provide a series of choices that provide release from the tension. As long as the victim believes that the choices presented are the only choices available, even if they are at first glance unacceptable, he will nevertheless, ultimately seek release by choosing one of these unacceptable choices. Under these circumstances, in a brainwashing, controlled environment, such choice-making is not a “rational” experience. It does not involve the use of man’s creative mental powers; instead man is conditioned, like an animal, to respond to the tension, by seeking release. [Original source no longer available]
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  1. Really great article. The problem is that it’s not just the TV. Internet and social media is really the issue. These days most people spend more time on the internet than they do on the TV. I think going forward this is going to be the real issue. In a sense, there is no escape. Turning off your TV wont solve the problem.

    Here’s another article that kind of relates to this issue that people may find interesting:

    Want to see how media headlines compare to what the police are actually reporting?

    Infobia- Crime, Safety, and Consumer Issues

    1. Before the Internet, the ordinary researcher had to contend with reference libraries to conduct any hard research; and as t.v. viewers and newspaper readers we were essentially held hostage to whatever material they deemed necessary for us to know about. But that has changed since this medium of expression has come on board.

      A couple of links on our sidebar may be of interest:



      I checked your website and found a reference to the “racial” aspect of crime in the comment section. You may wish to pursue that angle more diligently through our website that often contain source material from the U.S. Department of Justice (FBI).

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