No Punjabi, No Job For Nurse


A (Canadian) Brampton woman who applied to be a registered nurse with William Osler Health Centre (WOHC) (<<contact them) claims hiring personnel denied her a job interview because she doesn’t speak Hindi or Punjabi

English: Picture of city hall in Brampton

“They said, ‘Hi I am just calling from William Osler Health Centre, the new hospital opening in Brampton, and we received your application,'” said the woman who graduated from a (Canadian)  accredited nursing program in the spring.

“They asked me if I (speak) any other languages. I told them I (speak) English and French and then they asked if I speak any other dialects like Hindi or Punjabi. I said ‘no’. They said at that time they were only hiring staff that could speak the language of the population that they were serving. It (the job posting) was on the Internet and it didn’t say anything (about speaking Hindi or Punjabi).”

The reason, as explained by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, is some qualifications can “unfairly prevent or discourage people from applying for a job.”

Language, however, is a grey area.

Afroze Edwards, communications officer for the OHRC, said an employer can ask questions during an interview about language ability even if those requirements may be indirectly linked to a person’s racial background, provided the language abilities relate to the job.

“In terms of the human rights perspective what they would have to do is show that the language requirement is a bona fide or reasonable requirement of the position,” Edwards explained. “So it could be a reasonable and genuine requirement for that position.” –Source

….read about this WHITE English girl DENIED a British job because of her colour.

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  1. I lived in vancouver for 6 years. When I lost my job at UBC I searched for 10 months. This was back in 1999-2000. I am english speaking, white and born in canada. I found that the majority of jobs wanted a second language which meant I could not even apply (mandarin and english, punjabi and english, hindi and english). I eventually left and I am now in ottawa where if you dont speak and write in FRENCH you cant even work as a janitor. I know toronto would be a waste of time for me as the whole world is there and they dont hire english canadians who are born in canada there either. I am not quite sure where to move now. Between employment equity and other languages other than what our country is suppose to speak which is ENGLISH- there is no hope to find a job ………

    1. Unfortunately — for you and our country — White Canadian-born citizens have been betrayed and abandoned by our elected politicians who now shamelessly pander to foreign racial minorities at the expense of ourselves. It was not always this way, but mass 3rd world immigration is now a method of destroying our way of life to the detriment of White Canadians.

      However, remember these elected politicos are just the “useful idiots” who must follow the Marxist-inspired political correct script at the behest of their masters, otherwise they don’t get the job.

      About 5,000 additional immigrants (87% NON-whites) are arriving in Canada EVERY week of every year. These are the foreigners with whom you must compete with on an unlevel playing field, where you as a White Canadian, are designed to fail. I also believe the language issue is just added “insurance” to further your marginalization. The deck is stacked against White Canadians, yet few are willing to acknowledge that fact and remain in blissful ignorance.

      If you wish to expand your knowledge by “connecting the dots”, simply type some key words in the search bar on this blog.

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