Costly “Special Interest” Groups

Barn raising in Brampton, Canada.
Brampton, Ontario, Circa pre-1900. The real builders of OUR nation!

“Canada‘s immigration minister, and all Canadians have had to put up with more than the usual share of demands from some ethnic groups in the past few weeks.

A Muslim Liberal MP (member of parliament) seems to think that Canadians should have gotten used to these refrains, that they should expect many more in the future, and that they are obliged to take them. He refers to this as cultural sensitivity. His arrogance may be blinding him to the mood of many Canadians.”

“The Muslim MP made his comment in reaction to Citizenship and Immigration’s handling of the “Singh” and “Kaur” name-issue which Sikhs have subsequently used to make other demands. Following in the Muslim MP’s footsteps, they have implied that if Citizenship and Immigration (ministry) satisfies their demands, they will feel compensated for CIC’s alleged “mistake” with their names.”

So, what demand are they now saying Canada must satisfy?

The answer is that they want [foreign interloper] Laibar Singh, who [was] scheduled to be deported to India on Monday, August 20, to be allowed to stay in Canada.”

[Once again, Gutless Canada capitulated to the pressure from a ‘special interest group‘………he is still here. For further enlightenment, read: ]


“A couple of months ago, Sikhs in the Brampton area were pressuring the [Canadian] federal government to give pensions to a number of their group who were clearly ineligible to receive pensions. According to them, only a small number of people were involved. And according to them, what harm would it do to throw a few million dollars their way?”

“Nothing was said, of course, about the fact that all other (working) Canadians have to contribute to the pension system for many years in order to benefit from it. Nor was anything said about the distinct possibility that many of these potential Sikh recipients were some of the 20,000 elderly parents that Canada allows in every year [repeat…every year]—supposedly because it is a “cultural practice” among Sikhs to have extended families living in the same house. And, of course, nothing was said about the fact that the sponsors of the elderly parents had earlier agreed to support their own parents. According to the thinking in some of our ethnic groups, Canada is a bottomless pit of cash and they are going to do everything they can to get all that they can get.”


[Also, no mention of the horrendous medical costs and extra hospital lineups attributed to these elderly foreigners who contribute nothing in taxes….and never will. So, just how many of OUR tax-dollars has this foreign interloper named Laibar Singh cost Canadian taxpayers after arriving uninvited to our country some 4 years ago?

Well, let’s start at a half-million dollar$ for his medical and support costs … then move up from there, shall we? Also See:  ]

Original article HERE.]


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