Explaining Political-Correctness

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By James T. Moore

Where did this strange animal Political Correctness (PC) come from? Never in our history have we had to be afraid of what we say, write, and do.

We must not bow to that fear. Since PC tries to restrict our freedom of expression –particularly any form of dissent–it is imperative that we learn everything we can about it: more, for example, than it is simply a rebuke to various forms of bigotry.

In an address to academia in 1998, writer Bill Lind dissected PC from top to bottom. What Lind said is so vital, I will try, with implicit permission, to give you a capsule version of the five points he made.

First, political correctness is cultural Marxism. Although it’s everywhere, this socialistic idea is most evident on college campuses, where crossing the line set up by sainted “victim” groups gets you in deep trouble.

PC also thrives on lies. Let’s say you’re told that a certain fact is true. But reality contradicts that. So reality is forbidden, to make the lie seem true. And the power of the State is used to keep the lie alive. That’s why political correctness creates a totalitarian state.

Second, PC, like Marxism, uses a single factor to explain history. Marx uses economics, PC uses power. The power is determined by which groups have power over the other groups. With political correctness, nothing but power has any significant meaning.

Third, with PC, certain groups are deemed to be “good”. These groups, such as feminist women, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, etc, are considered “victims”, therefore “good” — whether they are or not. White males, of course, are the bad guys. Their “evilness”  is equivalent to the wicked bourgeoisie in economic Marxism.

Fourth, both P.C. and Marxism take from one to give to another; (or keep for themselves. You can clearly see this at work in quotas, preferences, affirmative action, and other illegal transfers of assets from one group of citizens to another. The nice word for it is expropriation. The more accurate word is stealing.

Fifth, both political correctness and Marxism have a method of analyzing situations which automatically gives them the answers they want. This devious little process is called Deconstruction. Which simply means taking one text, removing its meaning, and re-inserting any other meaning desired.

George ORWELL did an outstanding job of this in his chilling novel, 1984. “Newspeak” gave opposite meanings to common words:

War became Peace,

Slavery became Freedom,

Ignorance became Strength.

Orwell had unknowingly described political correctness when he defined the principle of Newspeak:

The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of INGSOC (English Socialism), but to make all other modes of thought impossible.

Get that? Make all other modes of thought impossible!

That bit of tyranny appears to be the objective of today’s PC crowd in Washington (or any western country). And if that’s true, it is the worst form of treason because it undermines the most sacred bastion of freedom we have: Freedom of Thought. And no true American should hold still for that.  Source



Political Correctness Gone Mad

Political-Correctness Run Amok



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