Canadian Border Madness

English: self taken photo, from the Detroit si...
Windsor-Detroit Border Crossing

By Chris Thompson, Windsor Star

**UPDATE: ALL Mexicans MUST have VISAS to enter Canada

Report ILLEGAL Aliens*

Another busload of Mexican refugees is headed for Windsor (Ontario) next week, the man many believe responsible for sending hundreds of refugees to the city told Mayor Eddie Francis at a meeting Friday morning. Jacques Sinjuste, from the Jerusalem Haitian Community Centre in Naples, Florida, met with Francis for about half an hour.

[Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Sec. 117, states it is illegal to “organize, induce, aid or abet” the entry of persons without visas or passports. -Editor-]

[Mayor Eddie] Francis said Sinjuste told him another group was coming by bus—as many as 60 people—in the first week of October and that accommodations had been reserved for them in Detroit, although Sinjuste said his group had nothing to do with the trip. Sinjuste said the bus would be arriving on Oct. 3 or 5.

Canada Border Services Agency
Canada Border Services Agency

Another three families and one individual presented themselves at Windsor border crossings claiming refugee status Thursday evening, Francis said, bringing the total registered with social services in Windsor to 244 [“refugees”]. Altogether, more than 300 “refugees” have appeared in the last few weeks, according to the Canada Border Services Agency.

Francis said he stressed with Sinjuste the flow of refugees has to stop.  >more<




[These “hundreds” of Mexicans (and Haitians) ILLEGALLY entered the United States where they remained for a period of time. Yet those same illegal aliens are suddenly transformed into legal migrants who pass through a Canadian border station by virtue of simply uttering the magic password “refugee” ??

Why doesn’t that ploy work at the U.S.-Mexico border?

It seems to work amazingly well at the Canadian border! Thus, our own poor citizens must share the “honey pot” with unknown, self-claiming “refugees” who intrude on our limited social welfare resources? Does Mexico offer a reciprocal agreement to fleeing Canadian “refugees” with similar sob stories?  Of course not!

On the flip side of this border foolishness … try importing your USED CAR into Canada!

To do so, a CANADIAN CITIZEN must have lots of money, fortitude and patience to foray into a maze of REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION for importing a used American car (possibly assembled in Canada)….see HERE.

YET, an unknown, child molesting, foreign criminal fugitive, infected with tuberculosis or AIDS, having NO passport, NO identification and NO money can simply cross our border by self-proclaiming to be a “refugee”!?   Yep … just prepare to utter the magic password and you’re home free!

The un-identified FOREIGN stranger — having never before been to Canada — gets a free ride into our country while the identified Canadian-born citizen and his imported car is detained and held at the border station until all the required documents are filled out in proper order, and all fees paid on demand.

 If this contrast was a comedy sketch designed to elicit a laugh from the audience, it would be funny. Unfortunately this is not a joke, but the world still laughs at Canada’s irrational and nonsensical border-crossing priorities. 

But this “refugee” nonsense does not end at the border crossing. 

After allowing entry to these lying and cheating FOREIGNERS, we taxpayers get to feed, clothe, hospitalize and accommodate these self-claiming “refugees” that cost us an estimated $5,000,000,000 (Billion) EVERY year.

If these bogus refugees continue to abuse our generous hospitality and repay us by committing criminal offenses

A detection dog at the Canadian/American border.
A detection dog at the Canadian/American border. 

 … then further costs are incurred by adding police time/expense, free lawyers, expensive court time, jail time costs…not to mention their victims’ mental and physical suffering…..see American experiences HERE.

Mexico is only one example cited in this disastrous “refugee” story. In reality, the figures are much worse as seen HERE.]

Population of Mexico – 111, 000, 000

Population of Canada – 34, 000, 000



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