100,000,000 NON-Whites In U.S.A.

(Update January 2017: Approximate U.S. population numbers are now 325 Million people. Guesstimate figures are NON-whites 125 Million vs 200 million Whites.)

By Edwin Rubenstein

The Census Bureau recently announced that the number of NON-white Americans has surpassed 100 million people for the first time. 

It estimated that on July 1, 2006, minorities accounted for about one-third (33.6 percent) of the U.S. population, while non-Hispanic White people made up the remaining 66.4 percent (beginning 2012 figures suggest under 63%, and still dropping)


As recently as 1990, three quarters (76 percent) of Americans called themselves  non-Hispanic WHITE.

In 1965, nine-tenths (88 percent) of the American population was WHITE.

When I reported the 100 million milestone in May, I estimated that 2038 would be the first year in which present-day “minorities” would be in the majority. As early as 2011, I found, most births will be minority.

This shift is essentially all caused by public policy—specifically, the Immigration Act of 1965 and the simultaneous collapse of law enforcement against illegal immigration. As a result, the U.S. demographic balance has been completely destabilized. The U.S. federal government is literally doing what the poet Bertolt Brecht suggested only satirically that the East German communist government should do: dissolving the people and electing new one.

My method was crude—little more than an extrapolation of 2006 white and minority population growth rates. I made no effort to adjust for increased immigration or declining fertility rates.

Yet (ahem!) it turns out that my back-of-the-envelope calculation is remarkably close to that of a new study which makes all of these adjustments: the CIS Backgrounder 100 Million More: Projecting the Impact of Immigration On the U.S. Population, 2007 to 2060 by the redoubtable Steve Camarota.

Camarota’s major focus is immigration’s impact on overall population growth and age distribution. But, in a table discreetly placed at the back of the report, he projects the racial composition of the U.S. population at different assumed rates of immigration. Applying these figures to his population projections we can discern the intimate link between immigration and minority population growth.>>MORE

[Also Check United States Crime Figures for 2005 while noting the FBI includes Hispanics/Latinos/Mexicans under the “White” category. The (H/L/M) of any race represent about 14.7% of the U.S. population, while Blacks are about 12.4% of the U.S. population.]

Young Hispanic girl named Taquana expressed a ...

Check your area demographic facts –> U.S. Census Bureau

[CANADA has about 4 million NON-whites in a country comprised of 86.5% White citizens, according to 2001 StatsCanada ///Update to 2015: Revised figures read 77% White, 20% NON-white, 3% Native Indian]


Illegal Aliens Kill Thousands Yearly (U.S.)

CANADIAN Border Madness

600,000 “Refugees” Since 1987

Criminal Minds & Open Borders

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US White People – An Endangered Species


“We remain a hunted people. Now you think you have a destiny to fulfill in the land that historically has been ours for forty thousand years. And we’re a new Mestizo nation.”
“Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes…”
“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, founder of La Raza


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  1. I recommend the immediate stop all of non-White immigration and arrest and deportation of any non-White person living in the Unites States of America with the exception of Native Americans whose tribes are originally located within the confine of the USA and a few of the Black descendant of slaves. Unless we act upon it now Whites will suffer an humiliating retreat into irrelevancy ,third class citizenship status and then will slowly but surely disappear as a distinct race.
    We cannot allow this to happen. It’s time to go to Washington,D.C. surround the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and give those 535 skunks in Congress,guilty of genocide against Whites, 48 hours to get out of Town.

    Global Revoltution-OWS activist.

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