More African Refugees To Middle America

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By Brenda Walker

It’s sad to see heartland America saddled with the blowback of Washington (DC) idiocy… in particular the moronic refugee policy. If “refugees” from primitive tribal societies are so wonderful, then why aren’t they resettled in Georgetown?


We know the drill, and have heard it all before…

“I think that diversity brings richness to a community. We learn from those around us,” said Donna Magnuson, director of the refugee and immigration center at Lutheran Social Services, which works with government to help refugees with housing, work, English-language classes and cash assistance.

Magnuson said 650 refugees have resettled in Minnehaha County in the past three years; almost all of the arrivals in the past 12 months have come from African nations.

Multi-Cultural Center Director Qadir Aware (what African hell-hole does he hail from?) estimates the Sioux Falls (South Dakota) area now has more than 4,000 residents from Sudan and other countries in the Horn of Africa.
[Refugees finally find home – in Sioux Falls, Argus Leader, December 8, 2007]

The article includes some sobering facts about the newcomers, e.g., only 20 percent of ADULTS are literate and the standard work experience is farming.

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur Region
“Refugee” from Sudan ready to contribute to America’s Wealth, HA!

 [So… an astounding 80% of these “enriching” 72 IQ African adults are all but ILLITERATE, and their total work experience is “farming”?!

Black Africans and “farming” is an oxymoron only believed by Leftist/liberal morons. >ELN Editor] >>Read MORE

>New Hampshire’s experience in welcoming
the world’s uninvited flotsam from AFRICA.

How about Tennessee’s “enriching” experiences from the Dark Continent??

Recently, when President Sheika Hasina was asked how Bangladesh plans to “feed, educate, employ and house” all these people, she laughingly responded, “We’ll send them to America.”

She went on to claim that “Globalization will take the problem away,” since there’s always “free movement, country to country.”


U.S. White MINORITY Soon

100,000,000 NON-whites In U.S.A.

American Whites – An Endangered Species

600,000 “Refugees” Since 1987 (CANADA)

More Refugees To Support

Africa – Not Our Problem

… BUT, this madness continues!

Roy Beck’s ASTONISHING U.S. Immigration Numbers 

Vanishing America — Will today’s Africans EVER be able to replicate this scene from 60 years ago, circa 1952??



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