How Britain Destroyed Itself

George MacDonald Fraser
Last testament of Flashman’s creator-George MacDonald Fraser– (2 April 1925 – 2 January 2008)


POLITICAL  CORRECTNESS is about denial, usually in the weasel circumlocutory jargon which distorts and evades, and seldom stands up to honest analysis.

It comes in many guises, some of them so effective that PC can be difficult to detect. The silly euphemisms, apparently harmless, but forever dripping to wear away common sense—the naivete of the phrase “a caring force for the future” on Remembrance Day poppy trays which suggests that the army is some kind of “peace” corps, when in fact its true function is killing.

The continual attempt to soften and sanitise the harsh realities of life in the name of liberalism, in an effort to suppress truths unwelcome to the PC mind; the social engineering which plays down Christianity, demanding equal status for alien religions.

The selective distortions of history — so beloved by New Labour — denigrating Britain’s past with such propaganda as hopelessly unbalanced accounts of the slave trade, laying all the blame on the White races, but carefully censoring the truth that not a slave could have come out of Africa without the active assistance of black slavers, and that the slave trade was only finally suppressed by the Royal Navy single-handed.

In schools, the waging of war against examinations as “elitist” exercises which will undermine the confidence of those who fail—what an “intelligent” way to prepare children for real life in which competition and failure are inevitable, since both are what life, if not liberal lunacy, is about.

PC also demands that “stress”, which used to be coped with by less sensitive generations, should now be compensated by huge cash payments lavished on griping incompetents who can’t do their jobs, and on policemen and firemen “traumatised” by the normal hazards of work which their predecessors took for granted.

Furthermore, it makes grieving part of the national culture, as it was on such a nauseating scale when large areas were carpeted in rotting vegetation in “mourning” for the Princess of Wales; and it insists that anyone suffering ordinary hardship should be regarded as a “victim”—and, of course, be paid for it.

That PC should have become acceptable in Britain is a glaring symptom of the country’s decline.

No generation has seen their country so altered, so turned upside down, as children like me born in the 20 years between the two world wars. In our adult lives Britain’s entire national spirit, its philosophy, values and standards, have changed beyond belief.

London Street Scene in 1945


Life in Britain – circa 1960


London Street Scene – TODAY! 


Probably no country on earth has experienced such a revolution in thought and outlook and behaviour in so short a space (of time).

Other lands have known what seem to be greater upheavals, the result of wars and revolutions, but these do not compare with the experience of a country which passed in less than a lifetime from being the mightiest empire in history, governing a quarter of mankind, to being a feeble little offshore island whose so-called “leaders” have lost the will and the courage, indeed the ability, to govern at all.

This is not a lament for past imperial glory, though I regret its inevitable passing – nor is it the raging of a die-hard Conservative.

I loathe all political parties, which I regard as inventions of the devil. My favourite prime minister was Sir Alec Douglas-Home, not because he was on the “Right”, but because he spent a year in office without — on his own admission — “doing a damned thing”.

This would not commend him to New Labour, who count all time lost, when they’re not wrecking the country.

I am deeply concerned for the United Kingdom and its future. I look at the old country as it was in my youth, and as it is today (see above video), and to use a fine Scots word, I am scunnered.

I know that some things are wonderfully better than they used to be: the new miracles of surgery, public attitudes to the disabled, the health and well-being of children, intelligent concern for the environment, the massive strides in science and technology.

Circa 1968 London Street Scene

Yes, there are material blessings and benefits innumerable which were unknown in our youth.

But much has deteriorated. The United Kingdom has begun to look more like a Third-World country….. shabby, littered, ugly, run down, without purpose or direction, misruled by a typical 3rd World government, corrupt, incompetent and undemocratic.

My generation has seen the decay of ordinary morality, standards of decency, sportsmanship, politeness, respect for the law, family values, politics and education and religion … the very character of the British.

Oh, how Blimpish this must sound to modern ears, how out of date, how blind to “the need for change and the novelty of a new age”. But don’t worry about me. It’s the present generation with their permissive society, their anything-goes philosophy, and their generally laid-back, in-yer-face attitude that I feel sorry for.

They regard themselves as a completely liberated society, when in fact they are not.

Indeed, there may never have been such an enslaved generation, in-thrall to hang-ups, taboos, restrictions and oppression unknown to their ancestors (to say nothing of being neck-deep in debt, thanks to a moneylender’s economy).

We were freer by far, 50 years ago—yes, even with conscription, censorship, direction of labour, rationing, and shortages of everything that nowadays is regarded as essential to enjoyment.

We still had liberty beyond modern understanding because we had other freedoms, the really important ones, that are denied to the youth of today.

We could say what we liked….. they can’t.

We were not subject to the aggressive pressure of special-interest minority groups….. they are.

We had no worries (hang-ups) about race or sexual orientation…. they have.

We could — and did — differ from fashionable opinion with impunity, and would have laughed PC to scorn, had our society been weak and stupid enough….. to even let it exist!

We had available to us an education system, public and private, that was the envy of the world. We had little reason to fear being mugged or raped (killed in war, maybe, but that was an acceptable hazard).

Our children could play in street and country in safety. We had few problems with bullies because society knew how to deal with bullying, and was not afraid to punish it in ways that would send today’s “progressives” into hysterics.

We did not know the stifling tyranny of a liberal establishment, determined to impose its views, and beginning to resemble George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”.

Above all, we knew who we were and we lived in the knowledge that certain values and standards held true, and that our country, with all its faults and need for reforms, was sound at heart. >>More HERE

“But what I notice with amusement is that many commentators now draw attention to Flashy’s (and my) political incorrectness in order to make a point of distancing themselves from it.

It’s not that they dislike the books. But where once the non-PC thing could pass unremarked, they now feel they must warn readers that some may find Flashman offensive, and that his views are certainly not those of the interviewer or reviewer, God forbid.

I find the disclaimers alarming. They are almost a knee-jerk reaction and often rather a nervous one, as if the writer were saying:   “Look, I’m not a racist or sexist. I hold the right views and I’m in line with modern enlightened thought, honestly.”


They won’t risk saying anything to which the PC lobby could take exception. And it is this that alarms me – the fear is evident in so many sincere and honest folk of being thought ‘out of step’.”

“This is, in theory still a free country, but our politically correct, censorious times are such that many of us tremble to give vent to perfectly acceptable views for fear of condemnation. Freedom of speech is thereby imperiled, big questions go un-debated, and great lies become accepted, unequivocally as great truths.”Simon Heffer, Daily Mail, June 7th 2000



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  1. Blacks sold other blacks into slavery, however whites (Christians)and jewish finance drove it and sustained it. The abolition of slavery has nothing to do with ethics or morality though such arguments were deployed by some abolitionists, the real reason was that the social conditions were changing and the emancipation of the blacks would create the chaep wage labor for industrial capitalism and a segmented labor market with which to control populations.

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