Global Currency Wanted

-James P. Tucker Jr. Bilderberg has had front-men call anew for creating a global currency and establishing major European Union-style regions for the administrative convenience of a planned world government. Both steps were taken in September, one by the new Bilderberg-crowned prime minister of Japan and one separately by the UN. The Geneva-based UN Conference... Continue Reading →


Hierarchy of Multiculturalism

Evan Coyne Maloney [...] Political correctness has been slowly rotting the establishment media (MSM) to its core, to the point where few professional journalists would dare launch a serious investigation into the exalted Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN). Why? Simple; ...according to the tenets of political correctness, the racial makeup of the communities... Continue Reading →

So, This Is England 2009

Try Spotting the White Briton In England  ***************************************************** In 1968, Enoch Powell the prophetic politician who was vilified for his words at that time, has been proven to be right... 40 years later! ************************************************************************** (For information on working/living abroad..look HERE.) ALSO READ: How Britain Destroyed Itself Million Brits Emigrate Vanishing England ****************** Ireland’s First BLACK... Continue Reading →

Muslims In Stockholm

Irish Savant I've been in Stockholm (SWEDEN) ten days now, and in that time I've made it my business to talk with as many Muslims as I can. I've struck up conversations with Iranians, Eritreans, Iraqis, Egyptians and Azerbaijanis – no Somalis! The result has been broadly similar. They are emphatic that they have no... Continue Reading →

Canada – “Refugees” Paradise

James Bissett The recent controversy over Canada imposing visa requirements on travelers arriving from the Czech Republic and Mexico, has revealed flaws in our dysfunctional refugee system. It also has disclosed a deeper and disturbing trend in the way the democratic process has been working in our country: For the last 25 years, Canada's refugee... Continue Reading →

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