Land Of Trusting Fools

Gay activists

Some “Fools” with no life experience!


“When I first read about the Canadian government denying the re-entry of Suaad Hagi Mohamud, a Canadian citizen of Somali birth,… I cringed.

I knew the political left would jump all over it to castigate the current conservative minority government as “racist“. Also to race-bait the “red neck inbreds” and harangue them just to satisfy their sense of moral superiority. It would be more fodder to scare the government from making much needed reforms to the immigration system, and to silence immigration critics.

However it looks like they leaped without looking because Ms. Mohamud has some explaining to do. According to new information first reported by the CBC Ms. Mohamud, when questioned, gave contradictory evidence. The Toronto Star reports on it here. According to the Star, migrant integrity officer Paul Jamieson says in an affidavit that he suspected the woman claiming to be Ms. Mohamud was really her sister.


Paul Jamieson interviewed the woman three times over a five day period while she was in Kenyan custody. According to Jamieson the woman claiming to be Ms. Mohamud said she was a student at Humber College, and named Randy Jackson [of American Idol fame and a Black man] as one of her “professors”, but he found no such professor listed on the college website.

She also could not name the Canadian prime minister or Toronto’s mayor and could not name teachers at her 12-year-old son’s Toronto school.

Also, according to Jamieson, a sample signature differed from the passport and immigration application signatures and the first name she variously spelled Suaad and Suad. She also could not tell what ATS, the courier company that employed her, stood for.


From what we now know let me reconstruct the “crime scene” so to speak. The real Suaad Hagi Mohamud went to Kenya and indeed visited her mother and her husband. She also met her siblings with one of whom she planned to sneak into Canada. This is the one who appeared at the airport and got caught.

She was detained for five days by Kenyan officials and interviewed by Canadian officials. They concluded she was an imposter. With passport confiscated she was released to linger in Kenya for three months.

The Toronto Star picked up the story and ran with it, eventually relinquishing control of it to ideology, agenda, and editorial bias, pointing an accusing finger at the big, bad, racist conservative government. Political pressure mounted to get a DNA test from the woman and to bring her back to Canada. This is when the real Suaad Hagi Mohamud appeared. Recall that she was in Kenya for three months. She wasn’t in custody all that time. That’s why the DNA test was 99.9% in the affirmative.

Seeing an easy and lucrative paycheck an opportunistic lawyer contacted her and took up her case. They filed a $2.6 million lawsuit against the Canadian government. However, I suspect, her lawyer was as ignorant of the finer details of her story as was everyone else, going by what he read in the Toronto Star. Now he is in the unanticipated role of playing spin doctor.


Assuming that Suaad Hagi Mohamud tried to smuggle a foreign imposter into Canada by lending her passport … how common is this practice? Who else is doing it? How do they get their passports back? From what I can extrapolate from Mr. Jamieson’s comments this behaviour may be more common than we know.

What does it say about these immigrants who have taken a citizenship oath? What does this tell us about how they view Canada?    Are we truly the land of trusting fools?”   More…HERE


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