C.B.C. Faces A Reality Check

By Tim Murray


Well, I am from the “Friends of Canadian Broadcasting”, [and] we are an organization to defend the CBC…  Are you interested in helping to save the CBC ?

“NO!”, I began in a loud voice, “I spend my waking hours thinking of ways to DESTROY the CBC. It is a politically-correct mouthpiece of favoured identity groups with whom they make corrupt arrangements…..”

She remained in shock while I ranted on a spiel that must have lasted 5 minutes before she could break in with a question. I told her about the CBC, the BBC and the ABC, and while talking, I called up the dozen rants against Mother Corp. on my personal computer.

She became interested to know — as an individual — the titles of each so she could google them. I told her to read Jack Parson’s Treason of the BBC to learn about a case study, in biased and myopic journalism, which seems to be the template for us, too.

At the end, when things calmed down, she said, “ Well, I must go, but how should I summarize your comments“. I replied thusly. “Proportional representation is the buzz-phrase of politics. And in commerce, companies are told to hire a workforce that reflects the diversity of the public they serve.”

If our Police forces and Fire departments must represent diversity, then surely the C.B.C. should do as well.

But not ethnic or cultural diversity so much, but the diversity of opinions that exist in Canada. The FULL spectrum of opinions. And spokesmen for causes deemed politically incorrect by CBC producers should not be invited to forums just to be ambushed, and outnumbered four to one by the other side.

I had told her about several examples of this. And that if she read “Conspiracy of Silence at the BBC, the ABC and the CBC” she would realize that it was not just a Canadian phenomena, but a formula and pattern of state broadcasting in all Anglophone countries.

In other words, the problem is endemic to state broadcasting which is captive of powerful lobbies nurtured or promoted by the government. We need public broadcasting, not state broadcasting. And not journalists and producers who are recruited from the graduates of the mind-bending schools of PC journalism.

If the CBC cannot be reformed, it should be scrapped. Rather be uninformed than misinformed. Better to leave people to their own brains (minds) rather than have them downloaded from CBC “Pravda” in Toronto.  …more HERE.


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