The Sikhs Of Vancouver

There was a huge parade today. Thousands of Si...
Sikhs in Canada

Duncan Hengest

Racially and culturally, America has no closer kin than Canada.

In fact, nearly a quarter of English-speaking Canadians trace their roots to British loyalists who left the United States following the War of Independence. These steady supporters of the Empire have built a nation whose history of peace and prosperity makes it the envy of the world.

Today, however, Canada is in peril: the Canadian government is undermining the foundation of Canada’s tranquility by importing millions of Third-World people.


Year after year Vancouver ranks high on various lists of the world’s most livable cities.

However, Vancouver also has a darker side. It is home to a substantial community of Sikhs, the city’s most troublesome minority. Not only are Sikhs responsible for a very disproportionate share of crime, but they are culturally incompatible with White Canadians, and flex their political muscle in ways that harm White interests. Canada’s Sikhs also have a history of vicious terrorism.


The Sikhs originated India’s Punjab region, which has found itself in the middle of invasions and wars for thousands of years; consequently, the Ten Gurus guided their followers towards martial virtues. The name “Singh,” common among Sikhs, means “lion,” and baptized Sikhs have a duty to be soldiers for their faith, continuously prepare for a fight, and participate in armed conflict when called upon.


Crime is particularly bad in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver that is home to 76,000 Sikhs19 percent of the population. In fact, in 2006, Surrey had the highest overall crime rate of any Canadian city. (In 2008, Saskatoon beat out Surrey, possibly due to a spike in crime by Native Indians.)

The Canadian government goes to great length to not report crime rates by race, but ordinary Vancouverites know the score. Nearly two-thirds believe some ethnic groups are more responsible for crime than others, and Indo-Canadians and Asians are at the top of the list.


Canada has invited this trouble through its naive multi-racialist immigration policy, and despite increasingly visible problems, Canada continues to allow 250,000 immigrants per year into a country of only [34] million. Reform seems far off.

Canada’s problem with its Sikh minority should be of concern to Americans, not just because Vancouver borders on the US, but for the broader lessons this story of ethnic conflict teaches.

When a country imports an alien population, it often brings in all of the conflicts that bedeviled the immigrants in their own homelands. […]    >Full article HERE.

Update> January, 2017   …now their violence has migrated to the province of ALBERTA and the beat goes on> :http//


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