Suicide Of The White Race

European Ethnic Cultures


NOT European Cultures

London or Nairobi, above ?

What is the percent (%) of the NON-WHITE population on PLANET EARTH?

Nigerians crowd during previous census = 92%

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE people on Earth? Answer.]


GREAT BRITAIN really is in a desperate situation, so desperate that it may now no longer be possible to not only to halt what is being done, but also to restore Great Britain to what it was and indeed one could say the same about Western civilisation.

It is strikingly obvious that Marxism, with its Liberal-Multiculturalism spawns, is now THE dominant ideology throughout ALL Western societies (Canada, United States, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Europe).

With the advent of the Marxist European Union, Great Britain will cease to exist as a sovereign state. Democracy in Britain is now well and truly dead, and no matter which of the established parties wins the next “election” it will be more of the same: The EU, mass immigration, foreign aid, multiculturalism, economic instability, punitive taxation (and without representation at that) and social degeneration.

Did I say “economic instability”? Better make that economic collapse because the entire global economy is utterly and catastrophically bankrupt and it is a matter of time as to when it completely implodes.

The entire print and broadcast media will continue to brainwash the people with the Multicultural doctrine through lies and deceit – an act of war against Britons – and the media have so much power over the people they will also shape which way the masses will vote in what is nothing more than a sham election, a pretense of democracy conducted to fool the people and anaesthetise them to the unpleasant totalitarian Marxist reality that is being established by stealth.

Borders are not enforced, immigrants have more rights than indigenous peoples and MPs are now redundant as laws are passed by an unelected politburo in a foreign land, a group of people who the British people do not even know the names of never mind vote for, a group who is not answerable or accountable in any way to the British people. Such power is a Marxist dream.  ….Continue reading HERE.


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