Death By Excess Immigration

Immigration Watch Canada


Here are some examples of what this (immigration) industry wants to see forgotten:

*That (Canada’s) First Nations, who have been here for thousands of years, have no interest in being re-colonized.

*That, like First Nations and most self-respecting people, both French Canadians whose history goes back 400 years, and English Canadians whose roots go back almost 250 years also have no interest in being colonized.

collage of english canadians
Collage of Real CANADIANS

*That although Canada is not an ancient nation-state, so are many others; it has existed long enough to develop its inherited institutions and is admired by most other countries.

*That Canadians should feel a duty to their ancestors to respect Canada’s past, and not to erase it and treat the country as if all Canadians arrived yesterday, and that the new have just as much of a right to determine Canada’s future as the old.

*That most Canadians are not immigrants and that they have strong roots here.

*That Canada has three oceans as natural barriers against invasion and could stop abnormally high immigration and abuse of its immigration system if it wanted to, contrary to the immigration industry view that Canada’s death by high-immigration drowning is inevitable.

*That Canada‘s fourth border is the one with the U.S., and that a significant part of that neighbour’s population wants to co-operate with Canada in controlling illegal immigration on that border.

*That about 40% of Canada‘s land mass is north of the 60th parallel and that a significant part of Canada has a climate which makes it hostile to human habitation and environmentally and resource-costly to live there.

*That Canada‘s most eminent scientists have warned that Canada’s large space does not mean that Canada has the resources to take an infinite number of people; and that Canada should stabilize its population.

*That the virtual uninterrupted and unjustified intake since 1990 of about 6 MILLION immigrants has caused a considerable amount of damage to Canada.

The pressure to “forget” the damage done by abnormal immigration confronts many Canadians every day. It is no exaggeration to say that when discussion of the immigration topic arises, a large group of Canadians feel they encounter a quasi-McCarthyist/Nazi atmosphere of intimidation.

They note that Canada’s virtual brown shirts seem to think that no criticism of immigration is to be tolerated, and that the immigration topic has become Canada’s sacred cow. They see that Canada‘s immigration history is considered a closed book, that historians’ work is viewed as gospel, and that defending Canada‘s immigration past is forbidden.

They are greeted with silence or hostility, if they speak against rampant Employment-Equity displacement of many Canadians (particularly Canada’s young people) by queue-jumping, recently-arrived, unnecessary immigrants. They are treated contemptuously if they say that high immigration is a cultural threat and is crowding and destroying our cities. They are ostracized if they say that the country’s multiculturalism and diversity policies are nonsense, or if they question the need for such an enormous inflow.

Many Canadians believe that the post-1990 inflow of immigrants has been so high that … we are being re-colonized.

Most Canadians will accept some immigration, but they believe that the post-1990 inflow threatens Canada‘s identity and future. To many, re-colonization is being done for the benefit of Canada‘s immigration industry and their supporters. To many Canadians, there is little doubt that these people are collaborating in a betrayal of Canada. […] >> FULL ARTICLE

Update: June, 2017


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