California Dreamin’ To Destruction

No Sound! But, enjoy the time-travel back to 1948.


Los Angeles, California — over 60 yrs. ago.

Working-class family men and women driving home after work in 1958.  


By Sarah, Maid of Albion

[…] …..California in 1970 was booming; as a single state, it was to become the world’s 8th largest economy; it was the home of the Beach Boys, Silicone Valley and the Dream factories; it was where people went to become successful and “the successful” went to become more so. Its’ cities WERE places people wanted to be.

But that was 1970… and how things have changed!

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, had only glimpsed the first hint of the escalating homicide, and wider crime, rate which over the following decades (1980s, 1990s) would turn it into the crime-ridden realm of gangsters it has become.


In the time it took a girl to grow to womanhood and raise a child to his teens, California changed from a land of dreams to a place which is starting to resemble a nightmare.

In [40] years NON-hispanic WHITES went from 80% of the population to just 43%. In percentage terms they have been reduced by one-half.

Meanwhile, the once golden economy has all but collapsed, it has billions of dollars of debt and the state has now started paying its bills, including some wage bills in IOU’s, which it has very little idea when, or if, it will honour. It is said that, were California a company, it would be declared bankrupt, and even some Left-wing papers such as The Guardian have begun to speculate as to whether California will become the first failed US state.


So how did this happen? What brought about this total reversal in fortune? How did the state which had everything come to this? Was it a failure of capitalism? A symptom of excess, or just more evidence of what our friends at the Guardian (newspaper) like to see, and greet with delight, as the inevitable decline of Western civilisation? Or does the answer lie in the first sentence of the paragraph above. Is the answer that a successful 80% White state has become a 57% NON-white “basket case” because of that staggering demographic change.

[Update:  2011 US Census Bureau estimates California’s White population is reduced to just 39.7%, and still dropping!

For entertainment purposes, view this half-hour 1967 DRAGNET TV show to compare the demographics of yesteryear to the California of today. The corny plot is hokey at best, but note the White cops and crooks in a majority White city. The decade of the 1980s was still in the future when imported Hispanic gangsters began making their first appearances, and it has been downhill since then.    

 (Click bottom, right corner box for FULL screen)]

Immigration into California, both legal and illegal, has gone out of control over the past four decades. The amazing fact is that of the 100.7 million members of ethnic minorities living in the USA, 21% of them live in California.

Didn’t someone tell us that immigrants were supposed to be “good” for the economy? …Full Article’s_racial_demographics


Truth or Consequences

Truth, Heresy, & Heroes

100,000,000++ NON-Whites in U.S.A.

White Americans – An Endangered Species

…and Goodbye California, Hello Mexifornia


Stuff Black People Don’t Like

Some people still don’t get (the website) Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

Why have a website like SBPDL? Is it run by Black people? Is it run by white people who dislike Black people?

Michael Oher at Baltimore Ravens Training Camp...

We get a lot of email from curious readers asking similar questions (e-mail us at and thought it might be time to throw the cards on the table.

The United States is a failed nation, for we exist as a nation of cowards when it comes discussing race – Eric Holder was right – and yet, the reality of race is right before our lying eyes.

Watch the nightly news cast to see two things:

Black people excelling at sports and at crime.

If that last statement upsets you, well, you have no business operating in the real world.

Taxes could rise or fall; healthcare reform could pass or fail; immigration could be stopped tomorrow; yet, these facts don’t undercut the reality that America is a failed – and cowardly – state.

Institutionalized racism against white people in every sector of society (law, business, academy, sports, Hollywood) is now the norm, and yet, white people still bend over backwards to help out non-white people, like Michael Oher and other non-whites through adoption.

Even in the face of the United States dissolving and breaking apart, White people go out of their way to help out NON-white people – especially Black people – and then go and see a movie (The Blind Side) about it, so to feel better about themselves.

SBPDL is a website dedicated to educating the world about Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Does that mean we are Black or white? Michael Jackson famously said it don’t matter if you are Black or white… so we won’t answer that question.

What we will answer is this: SBPDL will be back soon with new entries. We don’t believe in racism at SBPDL either, nor will we tolerate it. What we will tolerate and promulgate IS facts, backed by links and honest discussion of race. […] Source: Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SBPDL)

“Racists” are people who see reality for what it is, and who don’t LIE to themselves in a foolish attempt to make it conform to the delusional and false ideas of those who dwell in continuous self-deception.  “TRUTH is hate speech for only those who hate the truth.”

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Brainwashing University Students

Tim Murray

Once upon a time, a university could be described as an island oasis of free inquiry in a societal sea of intolerance. But in an age when cultural diversity has come at the cost of intellectual diversity, and ethnic harmony trumps free speech, the reverse is more true. You are likely to find more scope for dissenting opinions in a bar room debate, than in these academic boot camps for political correctness.

Journalism schools are among the worst.

Carleton University‘s School of Journalism (Ottawa, Ontario), for example, to use a friend’s characterization — seems little more than a farm team for the CBC.

It would be a feat of immeasurable character for a young man or woman to enter this, or any other Canadian university with an independent mind, run the gauntlet of four years of PC indoctrination and then emerge with an independent mind at the end.

By the time Canadian students are 22 years old, they have neural pathways that resemble concrete conduits, unable to think in alternative ways by mere virtue of lacking a vocabulary to frame the world differently than multicultural thought-control allows.

For a case in point, take a look at York University’s (Toronto) coherent grouping of degree-credit courses” under the rubric of the Orwellian Anti-Racist Research and Practice Certificate“.

Here are 2 paragraphs from York’s course description : (I have put significant words in quotation marks.)


In this certificate program, you will develop comprehensive knowledge about “how to challenge systemic and institutional racism, with a special focus on addressing issues in the workplace, educational and health care sectors, “immigration”, law enforcement, media and the expressive arts. You will acquire a host of valuable skills including policy assessment and program planning, research design and implementation and “critical/analytical skills” .

The program’s major international collaborative research initiative, “Diaspora, Islam and Gender”, provides opportunities to participate in research activities as work/study students. Through this you would learn excellent research, interviewing and computer skills. You will also have the opportunity to take part in our annual symposium ­ “Women’s Voices from the Middle East”.


This is all so fascinating. Students will be taught “to challenge systemic and institutional racism” but not when native-born Canadian Caucasian males are subject to discrimination… obviously.

Systemic racism” against white whipping-boys does not qualify as racism. So don’t expect a phalanx of York university graduates to join the fight to “reverse” reverse discrimination.

Police departments, fire halls and ivory towers can carry on their blatantly unwelcoming attitude to “White male oppressors“. Students will also acquire “critical/analytical skills”.

Where?  At (Toronto’s) York University — or ANY Canadian university today—-where historical revisionism, cultural relativism and ultra-feminism prevails?


And remember, this is just one program among many, and in just one Canadian post-secondary institution. A glance at other liberal arts departments in other schools would reveal more or less the same approach. And notice the rainbow of faces that are presented in every picture on university web sites.

The subliminal message is, This ain’t your place anymore — it’s a global institution now, and we serve a foreign clientele. Making them feel comfortable is priority number one. So watch your mouth (and don’t think for yourself).-Source > Immigration Watch Canada

ANTI-white Indoctrination Begins Very Early in Schools



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Independent Journalists NOT!

Just as the UK’s National Union of Journalists has banned its members from any “positive” reporting of nationalist news, so too journalists in the U.S. march in POLITICALLY CORRECT lockstep:

On Oct. 6 at its National Convention in Seattle, the Society of Professional Journalists passed a resolution urging members and fellow journalists to take steps against racial profiling in their coverage of the war on terrorism and to reaffirm their commitment to:

Use language that is informative and not inflammatory;

Portray Muslims, Arabs and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans in the “richness” of their diverse experiences;

Seek truth (?) through a variety of voices and perspectives that help audiences understand the complexities of the events in Pennsylvania, New York City and Washington, D.C. (9-11 aftermath)


SEEK out people from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds when photographing Americans mourning those lost in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. (9-11 aftermath)

SEEK out people from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds when photographing rescue and other public service workers and military personnel.

Do not represent Arab Americans and Muslims as monolithic groups. Avoid conveying the impression that all Arab Americans and Muslims wear traditional clothing.

Use photos and features to demystify veils, turbans and other cultural articles and customs.


SEEK OUT and include Arabs and Arab Americans, Muslims, South Asians and men and women of Middle Eastern descent in all stories about the war, not just those about Arab and Muslim communities or racial profiling.

— Cover the victims of harassment, murder and other “hate crimes” as thoroughly as you cover the victims of overt terrorist attacks.

Make an EXTRA effort to include olive-complexioned and darker men and women, Sikhs, Muslims and devout religious people of all types in arts, business, society columns and all other news and feature coverage, not just stories about the crisis.

SEEK OUT experts on military strategies, public safety, diplomacy, economics and other pertinent topics who run the spectrum of race, class, gender and geography.

— When writing about TERRORISM, remember to INCLUDE white supremacist, radical anti-abortionists and other groups with a history of such activity.  More…


News Source: Society of Professional Journalists



Slanted// MSM News Coverage

SWEDISH Reporters Muzzled

Media Bias On Race Reporting

Race, Crime & Media

Mass Mind Control Through MSM

“News” Vs Propaganda

Turn Your Television OFF

White People Are Hypocrites

“Look at us, we have Black friends.  See … we’re not racists!”



1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
2. a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions or statements, belie his or her public statements.

HypocriteAUSTRALIAN Example

Disingenuous — means falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere.

“Keeping it real” is an important saying in the Black community, as Black people do not like those who give false impressions of what they are truly after.  […]

What Black people really find unbecoming is the (DWL) disingenuous White liberal: …that breed of White person who speaks a big game about hating whiteness;

..or “saving” Dafur and every NON-white person on the planet;
sk-brundage-family(2)100117 Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) International Airport. (Emily Elias/CBCCANADIAN couple bring back adopted Negro boy from HAITI.

[NewNationNews & Violence Against Whites could have enlightened these very naive and gullible Canadians from Saskatchewan  … BEFORE embarking on their guiltfest journey to Haiti.]


… helping narrow the “achievement gap” between Whites and Blacks by becoming a crusading White pedagogue;  … and by being a “champion” of diversity.

(U.S. White couple demonstrate their EXTREME virtue-signalling on how noble and virtuous they are >>

Population by Race

7,500,000,000 People on Earth (2018)
92% are Black, Brown & Yellow

[WHITE people on Earth?  Answer. Yes, just 8%.]
Only 2 percent are WHITE women of child-bearing age!


Disingenuous White liberals (DWL) suffer from a chronic case of White guilt:

“refers to the concept of individual or collective guilt often said to be felt by some White people for the “racist treatment of people of color by Whites, both historically and presently.”

[See: Blacks Owning Black Slaves

&  WHITE Slavery Did Exist]

These White liberals are what Black people find so despicable. These Whites do everything in their power to send their White kids to elite private schools, socialize with, and only live in neighborhoods full of other disingenuous White people.


Black people are only about 12.5% of the United States population, and though they overwhelmingly voted 96 percent for Obama in 2008, they still needed allies. The Blacks found their willing allies in self-loathing, self-segregating disingenuous White liberals.

However, there is no room in Post-Obama (BRA = Black-run America) for any remnant of Pre-Obama America. These disingenuous White liberal allies will soon be pushed aside to make room for the eventual “this is a Black world” that was shouted by a mob of Black people as they violently attacked a White family in Akron, Ohio.

[See: Violence Against Whites]

Black people look at (DWL) disingenuous White liberals as a major nuisance, because they’re so self-congratulating around Black people by trying to show-off how anti-racist they are, and how much they “care” about them (look at that above photo, again).  […]  Take for instance some famous disingenuous White liberals.

Amy Biehl

Amy Biehl WAS another gullible White American college student who hated apartheid and South Africa.  To prove her self-delusional credentials … Amy traveled to South Africa (1993) and volunteered to help all those poor Black Africans” YET she, herself, became another MURDER VICTIM by their hands. If she had studied apartheid more thoroughly to understand its functional purposes, she would have lived long enough to become a doting grandmother and taught her grandchildren to become race realists.

Read the story:


“We hope they will receive the support necessary to live productive lives in a non-violent atmosphere. In fact, we hope the spirits of Amy and of those like her will be a force in their new lives.”  <Linda Biehl>


Black people [12.5% of U.S. Population] know that White people look at them with suspicious eyes. High crime rates in the Black community and a rash of Black-on-White violence has made many people fearful of Black people…. but disingenuous white liberals remain blissfully ignorant to this reality. [Another example: Eve Carson?]


Disingenuous White liberals (DWL) would rather die than be called a “racist“, or even to consider harboring “vile thoughts” culled from indisputable “hate facts that might be construed as “prejudicial”.

Consider the case of a girl who was gang-raped by Blacks in 2007:

“The alleged White victim in a gang rape last year testified Friday that she didn’t report the incident at first because she didn’t want to be seen as a “racist”.

Three African-American (Negroes)… 17 year-olds—Nicholas M. Smith and Dontre R. Woods, both of Lockport, and Dartaine M. Ubiles of Niagara Falls, N.Y.—are on trial in Niagara County Court, charged with raping the girl in Woods’ home. “

This girl was so afraid of reporting a horrifying rape by 3 BLACK men – because she was afraid of being seen as a “racist” – that these men almost got off, much like the killers of Amy Biehl. >To FULL ARTICLE


Wanted: More “straight-shooters” like this guy.


Black VIOLENCE against TWO White families celebrating a “Mothers Day” outing in Savannah, Georgia



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‘Whiteness’ Studies

Italian Town Ejects All Blacks

English: The Muslim population of the world ma...

Brenda Walker

Here’s another example of why the “diversity-is-the-highest-good” ideology is untenable.

[PHOTOS of the African Foreigners]

Human beings are hard-wired to prefer the company of their own tribe, and happy-talk gibberish to the contrary doesn’t work. As sociologist Robert Putnam has observed, “Diversity decreases trust.”

A recent conflict took place in southern Italy, started by local kids shooting some Africans (illegal foreigners it appears) with air rifles.

Update June, 2014

UPDATE: Illegal Immigration is now a crime in Italy.

One reason why:

Rioting followed for a couple days, where cars were burned, buildings smashed and people injured including police. Hundreds of foreigners were finally trucked out by police.

Such is the effect of multicultural immigration. Despite decades of pro-diversity propaganda in Europe and America, human nature remains the same as it ever was.

People don’t want to be diversified, they want their culture left alone. As Thomas Friedman observed in The Lexus and the Olive Tree, “Few things are more enraging to people than to have their identity or ethnic sense of home stripped away.”


Are the African rioters Muslims?  Unclear — although they certainly behaved with the sort of magnified hostility and sense of entitlement for which the sons of Allah are famous.

It’s easy to imagine similar riots between unfriendly aliens and citizens growing into regional civil wars in Europe. The so-called “no-go zones” held by hostile Islamic invaders — places that are hazardous for police, firemen and citizens — expand with the growing Muslim population.  –SOURCE




Africa – Not Our Problem!

AUSTRALIA Meets With African Violence


Is Burlington Too White?

Happiest City In Canada

Is Racial Diversity Good For Canada?


White People Are Hypocrites

Racial Diversity – A CON Game

Crime & Illegal Aliens

Just so you know!

Former Detective Ben Cardoza (NYPD) revealed the following information he compiled from the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security reports:

  • 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
  • 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.
  • 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.
  • 75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.
  • 24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
  • 40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
  • 48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally
  • 29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1,600,000,000 annually
  • 53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.
  • 50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.
  • 71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or “transport coyotes”.
  • 47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of those 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.
  • 63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens
  • 66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66%, 98% are illegal aliens.
  • 380,000 plus “anchor babies” were born in the US to illegal alien parents in just one year, making 380,000 babies automatically US citizens. (1,041 EVERY day!)
  • 97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid by the American taxpayers.
  • 66% plus of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayersSource



Illegal Aliens Kill THOUSANDS Yearly

Criminal Minds & Open Borders

High Cost Of Illegal Aliens

Illegal ‘Immigrants’ Don’t Come Cheap

Illegal Aliens Get Red Carpet Treatment

The Culture of Critique

Reviewed by Stanley Hornbeck

“In The Culture of Critique, Kevin MacDonald advances a carefully researched but extremely controversial thesis: that certain 20th century intellectual movements – largely established and led by Jews – have changed European societies in fundamental ways and destroyed the confidence of Western man. He claims that these movements were designed, consciously or unconsciously, to advance Jewish interests even though they were presented to non-Jews as universalistic and even utopian. He concludes that the increasing dominance of these ideas has had profound political and social consequences that benefited Jews but caused great harm to gentile societies. This analysis, which he makes with considerable force, is an unusual indictment of a people generally thought to be more sinned against than sinning.


Perhaps most relevant from a racial perspective, he also traces the role of Jews in promoting multi-culturalism and Third World immigration. Throughout his analysis Prof. MacDonald reiterates his view that Jews have promoted these movements as Jews and in the interests of Jews, though they have often tried to give the impression that they had no distinctive interests of their own.

Therefore Prof. MacDonald’s most profound charge against Jews is not ethnocentrism but dishonesty – that while claiming to be working for the good of mankind they have often worked for their own good and to the detriment of others. While attempting to promote the brotherhood of man by dissolving the ethnic identification of gentiles, Jews have maintained precisely the kind of intense group solidarity they decry as immoral in others.


Prof. MacDonald quotes a remarkable passage from Charles Silberman: “American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief – one firmly rooted in history – that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of American Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called ‘social’ issues.”

He is saying, in effect, that when Jews make the diversity-is-our-strength argument it is in support of their real goal of diluting a society’s homogeneity so that Jews will feel safe. They are couching a Jewish agenda in terms they think gentiles will accept. Likewise, as the second part of the Silberman quotation suggests, Jews may support deviant movements, not because they think it is good for the country but because it is good for the Jews.

Prof. Silberman also provides an illuminating quote from a Jewish economist who thought that republicans had more sensible economic policies but who voted for the Democratic presidential candidate anyway. His reason? “I’d rather live in a country governed by the faces I saw at the Democratic convention than those I saw at the Republican convention.” This man apparently distrusts white gentiles and voted for a racially mixed party even if its economic policies were wrong. What is good for Jews appears to come before what is good for the country.”  Continue to FULL ARTICLE.

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