Re-Colonizing Canada


English: An aerial view of the UBC campus.
U.B.C. Campus in Vancouver

Immigration Watch Canada

“So You Thought Canada Was Not Being Re-Colonized?” features a disturbing and revealing Vancouver Sun OP ED written by Henry Yu, a history professor at UBC (University of British Columbia).

As readers will see, there is not a great amount of logic in Mr. Yu’s OP-ED… but there is a considerable amount of arrogance.

Yu is Canadian-born of Chinese origin. He does not represent the ethnic Chinese who are making an effort to adjust to Canada, but he probably expresses the view of a significant number of those who want to re-create China here.

He (Henry Yu) clearly believes in having his ethnic group increase in numbers so that they can equal and out-number the White population of Vancouver.

Vancouver 1960 … BEFORE Henry YU and his ilk made their presence.

Good video of “pre-colonial” days up to 1976. (95 minutes)

He probably would like to see the same thing happen in the entire province of British Columbia and probably in as much of Canada as possible. He occupies a supposedly “objective” academic position.

However, he is obviously dedicated to using his position to promote high immigration of his ethnic group whom he describes as “people long-silenced“.

To him, Canada must do this in order to compensate for the “wrongs” he alleges it committed. He will not admit that accepting Asia’s excess population over a century ago would have meant suicide for Canada. He will not admit that it will mean the same thing today. More….

Population of Canada33,000,000 (Million)

Population of China1,321,000,000 (BILLION)

Updated: May, 2018


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