Something Wrong In Britain


Something is wrong with GREAT BRITAIN and Western Civilisation. Badly wrong!

IMAGINE… if you will, that the brave warriors who fought to preserve Great Britain from tyranny during the Second World War have been resurrected and allowed to visit modern day Britain to see for themselves the fruits of their sacrifice.

First, they would notice that there are hordes of aliens in all British cities who are not British … and never will be.

MILLIONS of immigrants from Africa, Pakistan, India, China, Vietnam, Poland, Romania, The Caribbean, all combining to introduce cultures and traditions tolerated and regarded as “equal” – if not superior – to the British culture.

Among these hordes are aliens who attack, rape, including gang rape, murder British citizens throughout the realm. Immigrants who organise in gangs and who wage gang wars on Britain’s streets to control territory. Territory that is used to traffic drugs and sex slaves so to  make these criminal gangs vast amounts of money.

Flag of the United Kingdom, Union Flag (also r...

As the returning warriors walk around the cities, what would they make of the minarets dominating the skylines, or indeed, of the numerous once-Christian churches now transformed into Mosques where the two million+  Muslims can practice their Islamic faith? And would they be tempted to sample the culinary delights of 100% halal greasy kebabs and spicy curries consumed en-mass by modern day Britons from scores of restaurants and take-away establishments scattered in all British towns and cities?

How would they react to what passes for an evening out in British cities where hundreds of thousands of young Britons drink themselves into a stupor, many lying unconscious in the streets, not to mention the appalling levels of violence conducted by drunken louts, all now accepted as “normal” on a night out.

Imagine their reaction on hearing the news that Great Britain, once the world’s leader in many industries, simply doesn’t manufacture anything any more. That the motor car, motor cycle, engineering, coal and steel industries have all but gone or been taken over by foreign companies. And that’s before you break the news that major British companies built off the backs of  British workers over the years have relocated factories to foreign lands in the search for cheap labour. MORE…


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  1. Something’s Wrong in Britain – the link to “more” is now broken, so unfortunately, can’t finish reading that story.

    On the theme of “something is wrong”, however, I would like to recommend this video with Brian Gerrish on an organization called “Common Purpose”. It’s long, but I found it worth the watch.

    The organization is accused of training so-called “leaders” to act “outside” their “authority” and outside the authority of the state. Gerrish had tried to set up a training program in boat-building to revive an industry and give people jobs. All went well for awhile, and then suddenly everyone turned on him. Inexplicably, people associated with the project got bricks through their windows, threats and harassment.

    One man who apparently had been warned off the project told Gerrish the source of the trouble was a group Gerrish had not heard of called “Common Purpose”. Gerrish began an investigation and has come to believe that Common Purpose is some kind of Marxist “fifth column” invading what remains of Britain’s institutions and infrastructure, in order to subvert it and take it down from the inside.

    I think this interview is very important, and we need to keep our eyes and ears open in Canada.

    Kathleen Moore
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union

    1. Kathleen:

      The Green Arrow website, from which this article was taken, is now closed, BUT still open for review, and accessible through my sidebar.

      The “Green Arrow” simply began another Blog under the “The British Resistance” banner, also in my sidebar.

      Several of “Reconquistas'” writings can still be found below, and from which material I intend to re-post at some future date.

      Yes, there’s much to be said about “common purpose”, and Gerrish is to be commended for “outing” this little-known and secretive organization. It explains why police chiefs and other government authorities act contrary to what we would consider to making common-sense decisions affecting a wide array of ordinary citizens.

      I posted an article by David Icke revealing the existence of “common purpose” back on October 1, 2007 with a long 2 hr. video at the end.

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