50 Million AFRICANS Invited To EUROPE

 Here they come … like it or not!   Black Africans crashing through Spain’s gateway and heading towards Northern European nations where FREE WELFARE benefits await them!

(The above 50,000,000 (50 MILLION) figure is NOT a joke, nor a misprint. This intended GENOCIDAL act is designed to destablalize the European continent.)


An E.U.  “Job Centre” for AFRICAN migrants 

seeking work in EUROPE has been SECRETLY opened in the West 

African state of Cape Verde. The project is the 2nd phase of a Brussels tax-funded plan to invite more than 50,000,000 (million) AFRICAN workers into Britain, and other members of the 27-nation EU bloc.

SWEDEN yesterday>>      FINLAND today>>      ESTONIA tomorrow!


Read:   ( ESTONIA ) EESTI VABARIIK says: Kui oled Black, mine tagasi!  > or in English >> NO BLACKS, please!)

African “Refugees” – Threat to White Race

Italian Town EJECTS Black Foreigners

[SECRET PLAN to hustle NON-whiterefugees” from half-way around the world into WYOMING, USA … all by stealth, of course.

…and HERE.

The “advice” centre, based in the island-nation’s poverty-stricken city capital of Praia … follows a similar JOB CENTRE opened in the desert 

African state of Mali in October. The project is part of the EU’s controversial plan to “help” AFRICANS  find work legally in Europe.

The centre will provide details of job opportunities in ALL EU (European Union) states, including Britain, and will provide training and support for potential (African) migrants.

It is being heralded as a “pilot scheme” by E.U. officials for OTHER job centres across Africa, and Eastern Europe. But last night, the timing of the scheme to invite a new wave of migrant workers to Europe was called into question as hundreds of thousands fear for their own jobs across Britain and other EU states in the gloomy economic climate. UKIP political leader Nigel Farage asked:

“What the devil are we doing OPENING UP JOB CENTRES IN AFRICA when we have 400,000 projected to lose their jobs in the U.K. in the next six months?” 

English: Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage

Useful Idiots

RACE Diversity – The Con Game]

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

As people all over Britain and Europe face redundancy and unemployment as the recession bites, it is ludicrous that the EU is frittering away taxpayers’ money on such inappropriate schemes.”

[Read: “A Racial Program for the 20th Century“]

The project is part of EU Commissioner Louis Michel’s master plan for the “mobility of workers” between AFRICAN states and 

Europe.  –Source–  (For added emphasis, all underlined and bolded words and links are by ELN Editor)

Coming to YOUR town — and destroying 1000 years of European History in only one generation. What’s the percentage (%) of NON-white people on Earth?  Answer.]


Thousands of skilled and educated, indigenous IRISH people are forced to seek jobs in other Western countries while being replaced by hordes of incompatible, unskilled, and illiterate Black Africans !?  What utter suicidal madness!  A productive, Irish-born White family is forced to EMIGRATE to Australia to find jobs while tens of thousands (10,000s) of unskilled, low IQ African “enrichers” — the lower common denominator — are stealthily ushered into IRELAND for the sole purpose of committing genocide against the Irish people … and other indigenous White European peoples in their nations, too.

This sinister scheme is the product of those CONTEMPTIBLE elites who care nothing for the common man, and who treat us as their useful idiots.

Helping millions of Black Africans find JOBS in Europe?!” Do these champagne elitists expect us to believe this nonsense about “jobs” for Africans?? And, as if they really cared for these people! That is how much disdain they have for us, and how far they’ll push the boundaries of credulity.

>> Read: Blacks LESS Intelligent


One frustrated British woman’s profanity-laced diatribe in the video below demonstrates the seething anger that many Britons feel today, but most Whites are too timid to openly express themselves … as did Emma West.

…and how do America’s White children cope with these genocidal practices against them? See this next video.

… and the BEAT goes on:  http://www.dailystormer.com/black-attack-on-10-year-old-white-girl-to-be-investigated-as-a-hate-crime/

ANTI-whites are bent on DESTROYING Our European Roots https://trutube.tv/video/10606/This-is-Europa-Imagine-a-world-without-anti-whites


ESTONIA (Eesti Vabariik) says: >>> NO BLACKS, please!

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A White Racial Crisis


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AUSTRALIA Meets With Black Crime

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100,000,000 NON-Whites In U.S.A.

U.S. White People — An Endangered Species

U.S. White Minority SOON



  1. why are those political hacks and cowardly administrators still above ground and breathing ? Where are the Irish and British warriors who fought one another to the death, are they that pussified to the sycophants and negroid beats.

    1. didn’t the African countries demand that the European colonist leave Africa in the 80 and 90s? they hated white people. now they are moving up to white countries? corruption and incompetence didn’t work out and they want the Europeans to bail them out. but they will end up ruining Europe.

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