Multi-Racial IRELAND?

 White Women (childbearing age) — 2 percent of World Population!

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By Liam Russell – Ireland First

Multi-Racialism … more commonly known by its politically correct euphemismmulti-culturalism”, is a social policy which has been implemented in Europe without the consent of European peoples.


 So… this is today’s Dublin?? 

More relevant to Ireland First, it appears to have been implemented by the Irish Government without any forethought as to the consequences. Without any study of places such as the United States in which the policy has already been tried. […with disastrous results. ELN Editor]

[Read: ]

Implementing a political policy which involves social change on a massive scale is recklessness on a magnificent scale. May I be so blunt as to say that only an idiot would put in place multi-racialism without any forethought, without any consultation with scientific experts, or more importantly, without even asking indigenous people?  Yes, only a magnificent idiot would do that.

Anytime I have come across questions of multi-racialism being raised, I have heard those questions immediately dismissed by liberals. This breed of despicable and intolerant individual holds that anyone who is opposed to multi-racialism is “racist”, but this view is a naive one … for this issue is far more complicated than they realise, and opposition (at least my opposition) is not about so-called “racism”.

There are many questions which need to be asked about this important subject, and when we are finished asking those questions, we will find that multi-racialism is:  a) right for Irish society, or b) wrong for Irish society.

  You Decide!

I will begin this important questioning process, which thus far, has been ignored by our society. I am not attempting to cover all the ground, rather I am just trying to stimulate thought and discussion which been stifled by naive journalists and politicians.

What happens to multi-racial societies?

First we should ask ourselves what happens to multi-racial societies: do they flourish,  decline or totally collapse? [Glad you asked!   Bookmark this website:

Liberals usually don’t even get to this point because they dismiss discussion of the issue off the bat as racist … but I think more intelligent readers will agree that this first question is important and one that should have been asked many years ago. For the answer perhaps we can look across the pond.

The United States has been a multi-racial society for some time and has not yet collapsed, but for all we know it may collapse in the future as a direct result of multi-racialism – this is something we must keep in mind.



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  1. Browser says:

    “Why bring in more immigrants when so many Canadians (Irishmen, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, British people) are unemployed?”

    “An easy one to answer. Because this is NOT about employment! It is about diluting the population and weakening the white Christian majority. The more squabbling, disunited, minorities the better. The easier to divide and rule them. All this prattle that we hear so constantly, about employment and economic statistics, is just a red herring to distract people away from the real goal — which is Diversity…. Diversity at any cost.

    Of course, other things get attached to the package to make it, overall, more attractive to various elements (business, religious, ethnic, and gullible college students) and to lure their support or at least their compliance.

    Also, while I absolutely agree with ranger’s definition of the multicultis as emotionally afflicted “fanatics” (many of them), that description applies only to the lower-level Useful Idiots who have been “converted” to The Cause and who have been turned against their own people. Those silly fools would be attracted to any trendy fad; they need an excuse for living, and have no idea what they are really doing.

    However, the sinister ideologues and manipulators behind the scenes, the people who set the agenda, and who control the Useful Idiots, are by no means wacky or mentally ill. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Don’t misjudge your enemy! This vast worldwide scenario that we see taking shape could not be so well conceived, so thought-out in every detail, and so impressively effective as it is, if it were conceived by deranged lunatics and nutcases. They are determined to reduce white majorities everywhere to a level where those whites can no longer present any threat or any resistance. And they are succeeding! The people who led a determined forty-year campaign to topple America’s immigration laws (and finally succeeded) were not preoccupied with issues about jobs and unemployment. It was a matter of ideology and personal/ethnic revenge.

    This worldwide phenomenon has NOTHING to do with employment statistics (although cheap third-world labor is an added benefit to seduce the owner class); and those baffled people who are striving to understand this in terms of employment are simply barking up the wrong tree. There is no answer to be found there. Wake up, people! That’s NOT what it’s all about! Your displacement is what it’s all about. Our hidden rulers (and I don’t mean our politicians, who are just front people) are electing a new, more dumbed-down, more manageable, forever disunited, public”.

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