Australia’s Silent Invasion

CANADA, too.

and …United States

and …Britain

and …Ireland

and …Sweden

and …Italy

…oh, let’s include all of EUROPE, shall we?

But, JAPAN is doing something right!

Update: November, 2014 Australian Government finally clamps down on FOREIGN INVADERS.

It may be too late and too little, but this action is welcomed news!



  1. “It may be too late and too little, but this action is welcomed news!”


    I’m afraid this is already the case.
    The amount of black people in Melbourne has surged suddenly and even in the suburb where I live, which so far was considered almost exclusively White with a some of Asians, of cause.
    Certain government institutions where Medicare is located employ black bodyguard that gives me creepy goosebumps; just the way to looks me up and down.
    Lots of arrogant Indians are taking interest in some of our newly developing estates looking for land that they don’t look after.
    What is happening to Australia? !!!

    They Whites worked their asses off building up beautiful country and now the black and brown come over to a well established Australia to destroy it. Just look at some of the apartment blocks that are being recently built, probably for those immigrants; those buildings are eyesores !!

    1. Unfortunately, you may be right. When their tribal instincts really kick-in by grabbing the reins of power through the political process, there’s no turning back. “Demographics are destiny”… so the foreseeable future does not bode well for any White nation that allows itself to be conquered by uncontrollable, incoming masses of incompatible races.

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