Destroying OUR Nation

Conservative Party poster from 1909, in which ...
1909 Conservative Party Poster


By Frank Ellis


One consequence of multiculturalism is that the WHITE (British) population — the people who can rightly claim this land as theirs — are now expected to act and to speak in ways that demonstrate their support and commitment to multiculturalism.

In other words, Whites, as victims of these ugly policies — policies espoused by Labour and which will be continued if the Conservative Party wins the general election, must show support for something which actively encourages their racial and cultural dispossession.

If they cannot bring themselves to state the vile lie – “diversity is our strength” – they must at the very least eschew any public criticism of the ethnic cleansing of Whites, especially if they work in the “Macphersonised” public sector.

Since 1997 the changes affecting Britain as a direct consequence of the imposition of the doctrine of multiculturalism have been deep and far-reaching. They have changed this country overwhelmingly for the worse. The Conservative Party has done nothing to stop this Soviet-style agenda from being imposed.


Multiculturalism has not led to the creation of some “rainbow-coloured utopia” in Britain. On the contrary, it has inflicted enormous damage: alienation, hypocrisy and isolation; bureaucratic and legislative creep; crime; diversity-damage; overpopulation and overcrowding; and the persecution of dissenters in ways that are all too redolent of the former Soviet Union and East Germany.

Alienation, hypocrisy and isolation arise from the fear of saying what you think. A country in which you feel unable to say what you really think because you are too frightened, or where you are not sure whether your interlocutor can be trusted, is well on the way to losing its freedom. When people no longer trust one another, the ties of genuine community as opposed to the unctuous, ingratiating version peddled by the BBC, Hollywood and diversophiles — are dissolved, and with them… society.


I note for example that many of the people who tell me that “diversity” is a good thing avoid this same “diversity” at every opportunity. They flee the inner city to lily-white neighbourhoods or the shires, they marry Whites and they socialise with Whites. Then outside of work they avoid NON-whites at all costs. All very sensible, yet very few will openly admit that they do not want to live among blacks and other non-whites. This is one reason why all government attempts to promote racial mixing in housing – and if any government thought it could get away with it to compel the same – are doomed to failure.


Multiculturalism has resulted in a huge increase of violent crime, much of it on a scale quite unknown in this country prior to the advent of mass immigration, especially non-white immigration. Gun and knife crime in our big cities is largely, but not exclusively, a black problem.

Wherever there are large concentrations of blacks, there is more crime of all kinds, but especially violent crimes. This pattern can be observed worldwide. The less intelligent who find it almost impossible to hold down a regular job – and for whom in any case there may be no jobs – seek status and rewards through crime and rapine. The glorification of gun crime, drugs and casual savagery exert an especially toxic effect on the low IQ black teenager who lacks the intellectual resources and self-restraint to resist the blandishments of rap and hip hop.


Diversity is a neo-Marxist concept which destroys any real sense of community. In order to impose the artificial construct of diversity on the unwilling indigenous White population, diversophiles and xenophiles seek to undermine the English language, the teaching of British history, our institutions and culture.  Continue to Read FULL article…. (Highly recommended)


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