S.A. Afrikaners Seek Separation

Jan van Riebeeck arrives in Table Bay in April...
Jan van Riebeeck arrives in Table Bay in April 1652 ( Wikipedia)

By Jane Flanagan


Mr and Mrs Dreyers have just returned from the funeral of Eugene Terreblanche and are filled with quiet anger over the loss of “Oom Gene” (Uncle Gene), under whose command of the AWB they had served for almost three decades. Looking through their “reminders of the golden years for the Afrikaners” offers them some comfort.


These treasures remind me why Afrikaners belong here, why we could never leave, and why we and South Africa are one and the same,” Mrs Dreyers, a 64-year-old grandmother of five, explains quietly.

Her husband adds: “We fight to keep our land because our people suffered so greatly to win it. We fought wars and lost fine men for it, we worked this soil until our hands bled. We made this country what it is. Nothing bad can be done to us that does not serve to make us stronger.”

Like an increasing number of Afrikaans-speaking, White South Africans, Mrs and Mrs Dreyers believe the lawlessness in rural areas, which “claims the lives” (MURDERED!!) of two or three White farmers or family members EVERY WEEK, can only end with another separation of Whites and blacks. “A homeland for Afrikaners is what we want, and it is what God wants for us,” Mr Dreyers, 70, says, before expanding into the sort of rhetoric that made his leader reviled by both the black population and liberal Whites.

“We have learned our lesson: Black people cannot run a country. They inherited a priceless jewel and made it worthless. They have not got the wisdom – they will never have the wisdom – to run a country. We have tried to teach them, but they have not learned and they are not grateful for what we gave them. They wanted the whole cake, and now there are only crumbs left.”

Struggling to name a black person he did have any fondness for, Mr Dreyers, a retired tanner, can only offer: “I would have been happy to walk alongside Nelson Mandela, once he was freed from jail. But they must have had a good reason to lock him up in the first place.


All these attacks against White farmers and elderly Afrikaners are more than just about crime,” says 24-year-old Kobus de Lange, “otherwise why would they be so vicious? Is it necessary to pour boiling water into the ear of a defenceless old woman who can’t put up a fight? That is what happened to a lady who lives near me. What threat is she to a bunch of young BLACK robbers?”


The KK, too, believe a volkstaat [homeland] for the Afrikaners is the only way to prevent the country’s most serious race crisis since the end of apartheid from spilling over into civil war.

Segregation of Whites from Blacks is the ONLY way to salvational deliverance from danger!

Abraham de Wet, a recent recruit to the Korps, acknowledges that the ANC (African National Congress) government would never agree to such a solution.

“The last thing the blacks want is to be separated from the Whites. They cannot exist without us [Whites] being there to feed them and to employ them. Look at what has happened in Zimbabwe – the White farmers produced enough food to feed not only the country’s entire population, but people in other black countries, too. The black people in Zim have got all the land they ever wanted … and now they are starving.” –Full Article



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