Is Burlington TOO White?

A mid-sized CANADIAN city received a complaint from a foreign-born BLACK woman, and her committee (likely comprised of other meddling foreigners), that one of Canada’s five top-rated cities to reside in…. is (gasp) apparently “TOO WHITE”!

The city of Burlington, Ontario was 99% White in the 1970s — today, the city is down to 90% White due to incoming NON-white foreigners and their progeny

English: The photo is of Brant Street in downt...
BURLINGTON, Ontario, Canada.

But, it seems the “joys of diversity” are just not happening fast enough for this BLACK IMMIGRANT interloper who notes this hideous Whiteness is a problem for her… and the other  foolish committee people.

[See: Canada’s Black Population]

Imagine for a brief moment (I did say “brief”) as a White Canadian having emigrated to Kingston, Jamaica and noting that city as being “TOO BLACK”. Now, further imagine the responses you’d receive from the local, less-than-polite inhabitants if you had uttered that complaint to them …aside from being incredulous to what they’re hearing from you.

[Another too White” story in Kelowna, B.C. … HERE]

If this race-related story had involved a question of having “too many blacks” in ANY given situation… that news item would have erupted like a gushing oil well all over the MSM media and then spread across the country like a raging tsunami containing the usual innuendos, references and cries of “RACISM” attributed to White people … of which, the interpretation still befuddles me. Instead, we have complete silence on the national scene.

This racially-charged story will remain a localized issue that won’t gain much national publicity because the racial component points in the opposite direction. (If you live in Canada, feel free to email a link to your friends and family members. (Scroll to bottom.) Circa late 1930s – 100% White 

The white liberal mind can be described as an impenetrable fog of naiveté, sentimentality, and moral self-righteousness whenever critical viewpoints are directed towards Blacks and other visible-minorities. It’s almost impossible for Lib-Leftists to override their own indoctrinated minds filled with liberal white-guilt to formulate a thought process that conflicts with other members of their hand-wringing, leftist herd.

Based on satire, the above photo is a prime example of how a fawning White couple present their false masks in the presence of Black people. The White couple’s hypocrisy shines forth when trying to satisfy the demands of a situation not representing their true inner personalities. They proudly demonstrate the pathetic “See, we’re not racist” reaction in the above scene. Their “badge of honour” is disingenuously earned by grovelling before the alter of political correctness, and haughtily awarding themselves a false sense of “moral superiority” over those other “less noble” White people.

Sadly, the above illustration is not too far-removed from most White people’s behaviour patterns due to mainstream media’s (MSM) gallant efforts in achieving one of their most desired goals of successfully embedding a white-guilt complex into the psyche of ethnic White Europeans.

Some Europeans are resisting this unwelcome and nation-destroying multi-racialist phenomenon from taking root in their own backyards :

“If You’re Black, Go BACK!”

Italian Town Ejects All Black Africans

Switzerland’s “STAY HOME” Advertisement

New Zealanders Against the ASIAN Invasion


Japan Prefers Racial Homogeneity

[Proportion of Visible Minorities for ALL of CANADA, 1981-2001Stats Canada]

[Update:  The official 2011 census confirm that NON-whites are a staggering 19.1% of our once near-homogeneous Euro-White nation.

Update for 2015: NON-whites (excluding Native Indians) now exceed 20% of Canada’s population. Our Euro-White population has plummeted from 95% White majority only three decades ago, to about 76% TODAY!

…read more:  A WHITE RACIAL Crisis

White Canadians are rapidly declining  in direct proportional numbers to the ever-INCREASING influx of NON-white immigrants. This unnatural phenomena will not cease until home-grown White Canadians (who didn’t asked to become displaced in their own country) demand that it stop!

Burlington, Ontario

The 7,000,000 (seven Million!) additional immigrants (87% who are third-world, NON-white) allowed to enter Canada since 1981 is perhaps one of the greatest immigration deceptions ever perpetrated on Canadians.

Highly recommended website:  Council of European Canadians

It’s a guaranteed certainty the above graphic blue bars will rise exponentially in 2016 > 2021 > 2026, and so forth. It’s your WHITE children and grandchildren who will suffer the consequences due to the wilful INACTION we take today. >ELN Editor]

“Any country which does not protect its majority population through limitations on immigration, invites the CONTEMPT of the immigrants who have entered its territory and who have become a majority in a part or the whole of its territory.

As Thomas Friedman observed in The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Few things are more enraging to people than to have their identity or ethnic sense of home stripped away.”

[What’s the percentage (%) of WHITE PEOPLE on Earth? ANSWER.]

To sum-up this “tail wagging the dog” story, we have an emboldened uninvited Black FOREIGNER from a 1% visible-minority group who implants herself into this peaceful, White Canadian community.

Then, she brazenly attempts to stampede long-standing Canadian-born residents into taking an undeserving White “guilt-trip” by announcing her displeasure of Whites of being  … “too many”!   What unmitigated arrogance (or utter stupidity) … in playing her contemptible “race card“!

Seeking to force “diversity” down the throats of an unreceptive segment of society, is the religious mission of rabid, agenda-driven ideologues. NONE of this apparent concern for “social justice” has ever been about virtue.  It’s about power.Elizabeth Wright

Another example of playing the race card:

Before proceeding, see this short video to hear how the “rules” of engagement are applied in this game. It’s from an American perspective but the theme remains the same wherever you live.

[….And slightly off-topic) but relevant to the brainwashing techniques used by gov’t bureaucracies of giving greater importance to NON-whites at the expense of White Canadians … are these disingenuous gov’t photos.

Note in the photo, the lone White woman receiving “prior approval” from the dusky “doctor”. Five (5) out of 6 faces in these photos represent visible-minorities in OUR 84% White country ?!]

P.S. One man’s opinion:

oops … also, NORWAY is “too White”!

Portland, Oregon is “too White”.

By Ken Peters

The problem is … Burlington is too White. Burlington, Ontario  2015

It’s also too white on city council. And it’s too white on virtually every single city citizen committee and board.

The 12-member Burlington Inclusivity Advisory Committee, which identified the PROBLEM, hopes to change that.

The “committee” presented six recommendations to the community service committee Wednesday that aim to make Burlington’s movers and shakers more diverse.

Burlington is a White community. Very White. Snow White,” said committee chairperson Ancilla Ho-Young. <Photo<  (Email:

That is not to say we don’t have people of all kinds of nationalities living in Burlington but they are invisible. They are not in the forefront, we do not hear from them. Our city council is not representative of the community it serves.”

Burlington’s seven-member (city) council is comprised of six men and one woman. None are a visible minority. Advisory committee vice-chair Brian Heagle noted the irony.

But veteran Burlington Councillor Jack Dennison wonders what all the fuss is about.

I don’t see it as broken. Anyone is free to put their $100 down and run for council,” he said. Dennison said in the past, the various city boards and commissions have virtually accepted anyone who has applied. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink,” he said.

Ho-Young, president of the Burlington Caribbean Connection (email her:, said the city’s ethnic numbers are growing. But that ethnic population is not reflected on city boards, committees and commissions, she says.

Ho-Young said her committee wants to encourage those bodies to actively seek out potential members from ethnic backgrounds.. (Translation: No White people!)   –Original Source


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