White Woman Faces Job Discrimination

English: Kemptville (North Grenville township)...
Kemptville, Ontario, Canada


OTTAWA (Canada) –

A stay-at-home mother trying to re-enter the workforce after nine years away says she can’t understand why the federal government would stop her from applying for a job simply because she is WHITE.

Sara Landriault, a sometime family activist, says that with her kids in school full time she decided to start looking for work outside of the home.

While surfing on the federal government job website, Landriault says she found a position at Citizenship and Immigration Canada she felt she was qualified for but was blocked from submitting her resume because she was not an aboriginal or visible minority.

“I was flabbergasted,” Landriault said in a telephone interview from her home in Kemptville, Ontario just south of Ottawa. It was insane. I’m WHITE, so I can’t do [the job]?

[Editor’s Note: In the Cultural Marxist’s pecking order, White women (and their children) fail to understand that although they may be one notch above their own White men — they still remain near the bottom when compared to NON-white minorities who are often recent foreigners to Canada.]

Landriault says she has seen job postings in the past that encourage certain groups to apply.

Which is fine, it’s an equal opportunity position,” Landriault said. “But an equal opportunity employer does not stop one race from applying.”  […]  –Source

[NO, it’s NOT “fine”. The game is already rigged against White Canadians when code words such as –“equal opportunity position” — are placed in job ads.

That should be self-evident in today’s peecee Canada when double standards are often applied in this unequal playing field.  For example “Employment-Equity” programs do NOT mean “equal opportunities“. On the contrary … qualified White Canadian job applicants are repeatedly being discriminated against under this RACIST colour-coded quota system.

Affirmative action” or “employment equity” are code words used to discourage WHITE Canadians from even applying for government jobs. Instead, these coveted work opportunities are offered to NON-white foreigners who just recently landed on OUR soil. So “equal opportunity” becomes the BIG LIE placed out in front for all to see.  Learn to read the Cultural Marxist’s terminology before naïvely accepting their terms of references that are used against you.  > ELN Editor]




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  1. I can relate. I am a white woman who has held great jobs all my life. I moved to Ottawa 5+ years ago. I worked in my field when then became automated by technology, I was top of my field with 10 years experience. After this I found two temporary jobs that were contracts with low pay in government offices. I have not been able to find any work for 3 years now. I do not speak or write in French. The other reason is I am not a minority and it may be the bigger reason why I am not being hired. I will have to leave this city. I cannot live in my birth province there is no work there. I already lived out west but Vancouver they do not hire people who only speak English there. When I came to Ottawa some of the hospitals were English, its not the case anymore. They are all bilingual now at say 90% of the positions, even the Riverside. I was shocked. I even tried to volunteer there and they won’t hire you to volunteer except for the coffee shop at Riverside, if you are English. This is beyond pathetic and so unfair.

    1. Most White, English-speaking Canadians are unaware, or too afraid to admit, that subtle discriminatory practices have been in vogue for decades.

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