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White Woman Faces Job Discrimination

English: Kemptville (North Grenville township)...

Kemptville, Ontario, Canada


OTTAWA (Canada) – A stay-at-home mother trying to re-enter the workforce after nine years away says she can’t understand why the federal government would stop her from applying for a job simply because she is WHITE.

Sara Landriault, a sometime family activist, says that with her kids in school full time she decided to start looking for work outside of the home.

While surfing on the federal government job website, Landriault says she found a position at Citizenship and Immigration Canada she felt she was qualified for but was blocked from submitting her resume because she was not an aboriginal or visible minority.

“I was flabbergasted,” Landriault said in a telephone interview from her home in Kemptville, Ontario just south of Ottawa. It was insane. I’m WHITE, so I can’t do [the job]?

[Editor’s Note: In the Cultural Marxist pecking order, White women (and their children) have NOT realized that although they may be one notch above their own White men — they still remain near the bottom when compared to racial minorities who are often recent foreigners to Canada.]

Landriault says she has seen job postings in the past that encourage certain groups to apply.

Which is fine, it’s an equal opportunity position,” Landriault said. “But an equal opportunity employer does not stop one race from applying.”  […]  –Source

[No, it’s NOT “fine”. The game is already rigged against you when code words such as “equal opportunity position” are placed in job ads. That should be self-evident in today’s peecee Canada.  For example “Employment-Equity” programs do NOT mean “equal opportunities”.

Affirmative action” or “employment equity” are code words used to discourage WHITE Canadians from even applying for these government jobs. Instead, these coveted job opportunities are given to NON-white foreigners who just recently landed on OUR soil. So “equal opportunity” becomes the BIG LIE placed out in front for all to see.  Learn to read the Cultural Marxist’s terminology before naïvely accepting their terms of references that are used against you.> ELN Editor]



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