Racial Diversity, NOT!

Small town in Minnesota receives wake-up call on the so-called “Joys of Diversity

By Val Koinen

Maybe you can help me out here? 

Maybe you can help me to see and understand the logic – the wisdom – of encouraging ever more racial diversity and multiculturalism in the once-White neighborhoods and you know – the ever-increasing pressure to bring even more blacks and mestizos into all of our majority-White neighborhoods, workplaces, entertainment and advertising, and social settings. 

Multiculturalism grant

Even the extremely irresponsible and ANTI-White practice of bringing groups of Nigerians and Somalians here from Africa and helping them settle in our towns. And working toward amnesty (a “path to citizenship”) for the Mestizo hordes of so-called “undocumented aliens” from Mexico and Central/ South America that are already in our country illegally.

Oh, maybe it’s just me. I guess I have to admit that I see this “diversity is our strength” and “beauty of multiculturalism” business as just a hugely hateful statement of the inadequacy and deficiency of us White people.

A put-down or slap in the face — implying that we Whites — really don’t amount to much by ourselves. But the thing that really amazes and befuddles me – what I find to be absolutely mind-boggling – is how all these NON-racially-aware White peopleall the so-called “anti-racists – can possibly think and state in public with a straight face, that our society would be so much better off if it was just a little bit more Negrified, or mestizo-ized. Just a few percent more like them (more racially mixed with the darker, non-European peoples). -continue HERE

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