Canada Open To Immigrant Abuse


By PaxCanadiana

This article appeared in the Winnipeg Sun.

Though it is an argument as to why English (and French) should be mandatory for all potential immigrants, the piece does highlight how family reunification has been abused to sidestep such trivialities as language proficiency and pertinent job skills to import, what are — dare I say? — 2nd or 3rd-rate immigrants into the country.

Over the years, Canada’s liberal multicultural policy has encouraged family re-unifications, letting in members and spouses (within just six months) without demanding any language proficiency or educational qualifications.

The intent of this policy may have been benign, but the consequences have not been so benign. People have taken advantage of this policy to import into Canada their whole clans.

By waiving linguistic proficiency for family members, Canada has indeed helped spawn a scandalous spousal industry in its immigrant communities.

Imported spouses

Since they have grown so big, do most immigrant communities need wholesale imports of off-shore spouses? Not really. It is their greed that guides them to seek off-shore spouses from whose families they take huge amounts of money — called dowry.

Because people in India, Pakistan and elsewhere are so desperate to get their children — and later themselves — into Canada, they become willing victims of these sharks from Canada. In fact, there have been some morally shocking cases where Toronto-area immigrant men arranged fake marriages with their sisters in their native countries to bring them to Canada as their “wives.”


But the worst case of exploitation of this linguistic-requirement waiver has been its sinister use by immigrant families to bring in their elderly parents or relatives on the grounds of taking care of them.

In vast numbers of cases, these elderly people have been brought here to (Canada) serve as cash cows since they fetch old-age pensions for these families. Go to any mall in Mississauga or Brampton, Ont., and you will invariably find many of these (foreign) elderly people wandering around aimlessly and feeling lost.

The Springdale neighbourhood of Brampton, Ontario has a heavy Sikh population. So ubiquitous are elderly Indian immigrants in the area that you’d think it was a retirement community. After reading the above it makes sense now.

It’s apparent that they have been imported to take advantage of (OUR) old age security benefits, and to being a burden on Canadian tax payers with their (free) health care needs.

Indeed, waiting lists have increased in Brampton-Springdale, and a scarcity of patient beds has arisen because of the flood of aged East Indian immigrants. I don’t see how this benefits Canadians, or the economy.

[See: Canadian Generosity Vs. Stupidity

Foreign Seniors Displacing Canadians]

MP Ruby Dhalla
Former Member of Parliament Ruby Dhalla

This explains why the Brampton-Springdale Liberal MP (Member of Parliament], who is a Canadian born Sikh to Punjabi immigrants, had tabled a private member’s bill, Bill C-428, that would grant old age security benefits to immigrants after a mere three year (Canadian residency) period. It was due to community pressure and a desperate need to hold onto her (Ruby Dhalla) seat which she almost lost at the last election.

It’s not just the importation of elderly immigrants that is a problem. The importation of unskilled family members of working age is burdensome as well. We introduce these people into Canadian society, and (our) labour market…. only to dole out more millions of dollars just to teach them to speak English or French, as well as job skills training. Does this make sense?

Family reunification, along with the refugee system, has been the means by which otherwise INADMISSIBLE immigrants were able to get into Canada.

[See: Fed-Up Canadians]

Needing neither language skills, nor any pertinent job skills, the Canadian labour market has been flooded with unskilled immigrant labour.

Toronto is home to so many “new Canadians” that it leaves one scratching their head wondering how they even got into (our) country…if, we are to assume that the Canadian immigration system is geared to favour the “best and brightest” with a focus on job growth.

The writer of the article points out why this has been allowed to continue.  Since a pathetic three year residency is all that’s needed to turn one into an instant “Canadian”, these family class immigrants will become eligible to vote, and that’s what really matters now, doesn’t it?  —Canadian Immigration Reform— (All highlighted words by ELN Editor)


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